A Visit to the Bookstore

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Author’s note: I would like to take this moment and thank a very special friend. She has been my inspiration, my muse, my editor, and my friend. I wouldn’t have had the courage to write this without her. For the last year and half, she has meant more to me than I ever realized, and I will never forget my special lover and she will always have a special place in my heart. This story is dedicated to her.


She saw him the moment he walked through the door. She was at the front checking out customers at the local bookstore when the man in the blue shirt and jeans walked in and back toward the bookshelves. At first, she just caught a glimpse of him as she was counting change to the customer in front of her, she recognized him immediately, and had seen him come in a few times over the past few weeks, always browsing never buying anything. Knowing her break was coming up, she decided to take a chance and talk to him she been intrigued by his sexy walk and backwards baseball cap.

Moving into the store she wandered the aisles looking for the stranger. Eventually she spied him and from afar she started looking him up and down and soon the details of this man started to emerge. She first saw his rough beard, the brown hair covering his chin and jowls but giving the man an air of maturity. Inside that beard she saw his full red lips and felt a desire to feel those lips against hers. Next, she saw his eyes and in them she saw a kindness but also a fire behind them. Finally, she saw his hands, those big man hands that look rough and had a desire to feel that roughness on her soft skin. The rest of him was hidden but she lingered staring at his crotch, imaging his cock and wondering how big it was. It was at that moment she realized she was holding her breath. For some reason unknown to her was drawn to this man and felt an urge to touch him and explore her desire for him.

Confidently she walked up to him and asked, “excuse me sir, can I help you find something?”

“Ummm, I am just looking around, trying to kill some time before I meet my friends at the bar across the street,” he responded. As he answered, she saw him look her up and down and noticed that a small little smile shown through his beard. “Can you suggest something, I read just about anything?”

“I have something in mind,” she answered, having a devilish idea pop into her mind. “Follow me.”

Leading him through the store she took him to the Relationship section and grabbed a copy of the Kama Sutra and with a teasing smile handed it to him and asked, “have you read this?”

“What, why, no I never have,” he replied stunned at the offering.

“Well, it is full of fun ways to make love and I highly recommend it if you are into that sort of thing,” she coyly offered.

He responded by saying, “that would be nice, but I don’t have anyone to experiment with, I’m just a single guy that works too much.”

Naughtily she smiled and told him, “I would be happy to help you explore it,” and then added, “we have a lounge where you could relax and read for a minute, decide if it’s something you’d like”.

The man blushed slightly sincan escort bayan and grinned as he started to feel the vibes from this sexy bookstore employee he said, “Yes, can you show me the lounge area.”

Smiling she walked him to the back of the store, sensing his hesitation, she assured him, “you won’t be disturbed as we only allow one employee to go on break at a time and it just so happens that I have 30 minutes to kill. So, as I said before, would you like to explore the book?”

“I don’t know about exploring the book, but you have some things I’d like to explore,” he said. Then without missing a beat he dropped the book and pulled her close to him. “First I want to explore your lips,” he said as he moved in for a kiss.

Before she could react, their mouths were locked in a kiss, each moving to the opposite of the other, tongues darting in and out of their mouths. Her hands came up and she ran her fingers through the sides of his beard and his hands started caressing her back. Eventually one her hands fell to the front of his jeans, and she could feel the emerging hard-on she was creating and at the feeling of his growing bulge a slight moan escaped her lips.

After a moment they stepped apart and laughing they both smiling at each other and sharing the unspoken yet clearly understood message, they wanted each other. Without looking she reached the lock on the door and quickly locked it. This time she moved in toward him and kissed him, gently pushing him down on the couch. With a playful growl she came to him and for a third time they kissed. This time, as they were making out his hand found its way under her skirt and rubbed her lace panty covered pussy. More moans escaped her as he touched her.

After a few minutes of her on top of him, he raised his body up so that he could turn her around and set her down on the couch and told her to sit and lean back. Submissively she followed his command and as she did, his kisses left her mouth and trailed down to her neck. While he was moving his mouth down her neck, she felt his hands begin to push her skirt up and then as his rough hands slipped between her panties and her waist and smoothly, he pulled them off.

The scent of her moistening pussy filled the air, and he left her neck, got down on his knees and spread her legs and revealing her most precious treasure. Smiling he dove in. Hungrily he begins kissing her inner thigh inching closer and closer to her pussy. Then just as he was about to taste her, he moved to her other thigh just above the knee and again kissing slowly his way to her the source of the intoxicating scent in the air. While teasing her, he looked up at her and with their eyes locked together he gave her the most devilish of smiles. Her sighs and soft pleas told him what she wanted, and as it happened it was one of his favorite things to do.

Without waiting for him, she took his head and guided it to her pussy and placed his mouth onto her swollen lips. With nowhere to go he began licking up and down her pussy lips then finally sliding his tongue lightly across her engorged clit. As he did this a moan eryaman escort of intense relief slipped from her mouth and he felt her juices begin soaking his beard. Wanting to increase her pleasure, as his tongue focused on her clit and the surrounding area, he slowly took first one then two fingers and slid them inside her drenched vagina. This caused an intense reaction as her body began quivering with an orgasm that he felt as much as heard from her. She could not stop her reaction, nor did she want to and for moment she basked in this moment, wanting his touch to last forever.

Soon however, just tasting this woman was not enough for him. He again kissed her body, this time moving back toward her mouth and with each kiss closer to her mouth he pushed her skirt further up. It wasn’t long before she helped by pulling it over head, exposing her gorgeous entire body. Before he got past her stomach, he slipped his t-shirt up and over his head and she saw his manly hairy chest. She wanted to feel that chest against hers.

As she lay naked on the couch, he continued kissing his way up her body, not hiding how much he wanted to feel those amazing tits. He first cupped her breasts in his hands and looked up at her again, eyes locking for the second time and this time he began rubbing his thumb back and forth over her hard nipples. With every caress she felt it through her entire body. His kisses made it to her nipples, and he slowly licked around her areola before he took her entire nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently, feeling her huge hard nipple in his mouth. Not wanting to play favorites, he repeated the process a second time on her other breast. After more moans from her he paused long enough to gaze at her magnificent chest, noticing that her breath was ragged from what he had been doing to her and he knew he still was not satisfied, he wanted this woman in the most primal of ways. And from her flushed cheeks, still wet pussy and heaving chest he knew she wanted him too.

All this time, her mind was hazy with that sex-brained desire and her need to feel him as exposed as she was. With nothing more than a look she beckoned his mouth back to hers and they kissed hard. She wasted no time and rubbing her hands all over his chest exploring his body. She felt his chest, shoulders, arms and down his back enjoying the sensations of him. Desiring even more and wanting to share the ecstasy he brought her she slid her hand down to the top button of his jeans and slipped her finger inside and unbuttoned his jeans enough to slide her hand inside and feel his cock, realizing how hard and turned on he was. Her body was throbbing and aching as she wanted him inside her. She heard him sighing in pleasure as felt her smooth hand wrap around his cock and began stroking it between their kisses. Feeling his cock in her hand and the pleasure she knew she was giving this man only served to increase the desire she had for him. His enjoyment was evident as he kissed her even harder as her stroking sped up. Her feminine hands, smooth and soft, felt amazing to him and for a moment they were both lost in sex fueled intoxication.

Wanting etimesgut bayan escort to give this man more pleasure, she pushed up against his chest forcing him to stand and she roughly shoved his jeans to the floor allowing his cock freedom and giving her complete access to that glorious piece of manhood. As he stood in front of her, she took him again into her hand and rubbed him softly before her devilish grin returned to her lips while she leaned in closer. She started by biting the tip and licking around the top, sliding her hand up and down his shaft, exploring with her hand and mouth. Licking and sucking on his hard cock caused it to grow thicker and thicker. Without stopping she knew his body was growing more and more tense. But before she took him over that proverbial edge she stood up and says, “it’s your turn to lay down on the couch.” Obediently he followed her direction and laid across the couch, cock standing at full attention like a flagpole begging for more attention.

With no hesitation, she straddled his body and slowly took his cock deep inside her burning hot pussy and allowed it to swallow up his raging hard-on. Deep inside her, he half sat up so he could take her in his arms his arms pull her close to again kiss her deep and passionately. Before long she broke the kiss and pushed him down so that she could, begin grinding on top of him sliding her pussy up and down on his hardness. For added leverage she took her hands and braced them on his chest allowing her to speed up and intensify her thrusts. He took this all in, watching her face and seeing the pleasure evident there before he got distracted by how much those amazing tits were bouncing up and down. He couldn’t contain the cry of pleasure that escaped his breath, it felt so good for him to be ridden this hard. His pleasure moan became a begging plea for her to bring him to the point of no return.

“I want to cum deep inside you,” he implored.

“Oh yes,” she cried! “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

Their mutual orgasms started with her, the pleasure rocking her body from deep within caused her juices to explode all over his cock. The moment he felt that he lost complete control and his own fluids were released in an explosion of semen that punctuated the moment and they both were in deep in orgasmic ecstasy. But she wasn’t done, as she felt his cock throbbing inside her she sped up her grinding even more. She needed to extract every ounce of energy this man possessed and in doing so she came again as her pussy clenched tight onto his cock, gripping it like a vice.

In this moment they both enjoyed the ecstasy, passion, desire, heat, and lust that they just experienced. She fell against him, and he held her tight, and they both enjoyed the moment of being connection this way.

After a minute, or five, they began remembering where they were. She looked at the clock on the wall and realized she has been gone from the sales floor for more than 30 minutes and he realized his friends were probably at the bar across the street wondering where he was. With nothing more than smiles and looks of happiness, each got redressed. Leaving the room, her asked her for her name and said, “I’d love to see you again.”

With that same devilish grin, she had given him several times already, she replied, “maybe we can take a walk in a park sometime….”

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