A Warmer Bed

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Big Dicks

Louis felt good.

Moreso than usual considering he was asleep. He felt himself tingling from his stomach all the way up to his head. He squirmed as he felt wonderful sensations around his throbbing 7 inch long nearly 1 3/4 inch thick cock. Louis’ tanned 19 year old face was flushed red as he felt himself being aroused to new heights, as he panted and moaned as he slowly became more aware of his actions and surroundings.

His blonde hair was matted with sweat flat onto his crown and head and the rest of his lithe body heaved long heavy breaths of exertion of the amazing sensations ticking his nerves and causing him to awake to feel them renewed.

“Mmmmmm,” he moaned now half awake, stroking his own chest as he pinched his nipples playfully and bit on his lower lip from the heightened sensations, “fuuuck…”

Louis wakefully reaching down to stroke his erect, slick member. However his hand happened to bump into something, temporarily derailing his libido and arousal as he felt uncertainty. With half mast eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness, he moved his hand around the protrusion that came down and firmly, if not oddly pleasant, onto his navel which was firmly attached and surging warm fluid into him.

Trailing it back, he suddenly saw the slender and attractive form of his mother, standing over his bed while absentmindedly stroking her own breasts and moaning. A surge of fluids dripped from a thick, knotted tentacle that was pulsating and throbbing out of her nether lips.

“M-Mom?!” He started to struggle to move, but another pulsation of liquid flowed into his navel and body, causing him to moan and fall back, continuing to pant with exertion, “w-what are you-?”

“Shhhh,” Louis’ mom cooed, running her hand over his smooth leg and feet, lightly playing with them while she watched her son writhe and masturbate to her unnatural molestations, “you’re going to grow up soon, my little Louis. Because of that, mommy won’t be young and beautiful anymore. I’m pendik escort going to make it so that we’re never apart and you’ll always be with me, even if you’ll have to grow up again and again.”

As soon as she said this, another strong throb and pulse poured liquids into Louis, causing his eyes to roll back into the back of his head as he panted, masturbating faster, stroking his soaking and throbbing member. Before too long, he moaned loudly, his cock throbbed and shot thick wads of cum that cascaded over his chest, collecting in a thin pool of cum.

As Louis began basking in his afterglow, he suddenly felt his mom glide his feet up towards the now cum-spittle dripping, wide open lips of her pussy, with unknown flexibility allowing her to guide his toes into her wet tunnel. The throbbing, tight squeezing of her pussy heightened his arousal and excitement to new heights even as his ankles were pulled up in a inhuman swallowing motion her vagina created.

With more conscious awareness, Louis suddenly realized his predicament as he felt the umbilical tentacle pour more liquid into his body, numbing his cognitive processes with overwhelming stimuli that poured into him, causing him to unconsciously cum and wrack his body again in a breathtaking orgasm.

“M-M-Mooommmmmmm,” he tried to protest, but instead moaned aloud with the sensations as the tendril tugged him along with the swallowing throat of his mothers’ vagina, as he could feel his calfs start to be deliciously squeezed and massaged in a wet flesh blanket. Louis attempted to free himself by consciously reaching for the meaty, pulsating tendril that constantly fed his body milk and strange sensations. But instead began to wrap his fingers around it, another pulse of milk flowed into him, silencing his resistance as he became more attached to the strange limb, and began to stroke it softly with tenderness of knowing it belonged to his mother.

“That’s it sweety,” his mother said huskily, cooing as she felt his escort pendik feet slide through her cervix and the end of his well toned calfs enter her pulsating, squeezing, flesh tunnel as it expanded accordingly with surprising flexibility and no pain, “come into mommy. Let mommy make herself a nice warm bed for you to sleep in.”

“That f-feels good mom. Don’t s-stop!” Louis said as he began feeling flushed red all across his formerly tanned body. His nipples oddly enough began leaking fluid of its own, causing him to smile in a blissful visage as he began squeezing and kneading his pecks, reaching down with his flexible body and sucked on his left nipple, hungrily sucking out the liquid. As the warm liquid hit the back of his tongue, he then confirmed he was producing milk. “Mmmmmmm!”

Ecstatically, if not still lethargically delighted, Louis began to suck on both of his nipples from one to the other as his navel continued to feel delightful pumps of milk inside his body and instinctive tugs from the tendril itself while her mother slowly swallowed him up her vagina.

“Ohhhh baby,” Louis’ mother rubbed her stomach as it began to bloat and expand outwards, as her son’s legs curled up inside her womb as his thighs began to stretch her incredibly, “you’re making mommy so wet and hot, Louis! Mmmmmmm!”

“Oh mom!” Louis began moaning and panting as he felt his thighs contract into his mother’s pussy with effort, feeling his legs curl and fold inside a warm flesh blanket, pulsing and massaging him delightfully, “it feels so awesome! Mmmmmm!”

Louis felt himself in a never-ending cycle of being swallowed, slathered in cum and juice, massaged, and fed a constant stream of warm milk that did wonders to his body. His pecks slowly became more baggier and less muscular as they became more like girl breasts than man’s pecks, dripping and filling with milk as he sucked and squeezed them. His once masculine voice became more high pitched as he moaned and squealed like a girl. In all pendik escort bayan this, he still had his cock hard, throbbing, and discharging cum onto his chest.

“Oh mommy!” He yelled out in a high pitched girl tone as he smiled blissfully with eyes closed, his cock now being inhaled by the voracious nether lips, delightfully grinding and kneading his member as his hips followed up and into his mother’s tight, flesh tunnel. Inadvertently, he helped along with the unbirthing as he stuck his hands inside the massaging tunnel, as he began to curl up and into his mother’s womb, massaging him and squeezing him along in the amazing ride of his life.

“Oh Louis!” Louis’ mother turned and laid onto his bed in one motion, rubbing her writhing and contorting belly. It stretched and moved in an erotic fashion as Louis’ body filled her womb past the 9 month mark, making her unbelievably bloated but not too large as she neatly “folded” her child inside as he changed and swallowed up into her. As her lips delightfully sucked on Louis’ developing breasts, Louis cooed and mewled at the feeling as his own milk sprayed onto

his chest and into his mother’s love tunnel.

As Louis opened his eyes hazily, he noticed the pulsations of milk surging into his body, his climaxes, his full-body massage and folding into the warmth of his mother’s vagina and womb, and his neck clamped down by the nether lips as his long blonde hair cascaded onto the bed’s wet sheets. With one last moan from mother and son, the son was swallowed into the fleshy depths of his mother.

As Louis breathed and lapped at the tunnel, he could feel it caressing and kneading him as he made his way into a liquid filled sack, oddly enjoying the warmth of being in his mother’s womb once again. As his hair floated gently in the pink liquid, he felt himself inhaling and exhaling it, smiling blissfully as his changing body continued to be wracked with warmth and orgasms within his mother. He couldn’t ask for a better bed than inside his mother.

As Louis’ mother calmed down, she began rubbing her engorged tummy, smiling with flushed worn cheeks as she smiled and placed a blow kiss onto her tummy.

“Sweet dreams, Louis…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32