A Weekend Retreat

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We arrived early in the morning at a paradise resort off a little island we had discovered the year prior. We selected a room close to the beach so that we could enjoy the cool sea breeze, coming through the many windows. The sea air arouses the animal in us. We had encouraged each other to purchase very string bikinis that were made of almost transparent material. Therefore, upon arriving to our hotel, Maria insisted that we shave our pubic hairs. We had never shaved our pubic hair before. To avoid any nasty nicks, we decided it would be easier if we shaved each other. I was first.

I sat on the bed and spread my legs very far apart giving Maria easy access. She further spread my pussy lips, making sure that all my pubic hair was going in the same direction. Then she generously applied shaving cream. As she shaved my hair, I became very aroused. My pussy was starting to get very hot and I could feel my juices starting to flow. Maria carefully stroked the hair from my pussy, noticing the building heat. When she had finished shaving me, she wiped the excess cream from my pussy. Her mouth eagerly found my pussy. She took the soft folds between her teeth and gently chewed while sucking my sweet juices. I rose from the bed, straddling over her head so that her tongue could gain deeper penetration. As she sucked and tongue fucked me, I spread my pussy lips farther apart to give her more access to the pulsing flesh. My body soon shook in the pulsing heat of an orgasm.

Eagerly I moved her to the edge of the bed. I pulled up her skirt and played with her through her panties. I wanted to return the wonderful experience she had bahis firmaları just given me. Removing her wet panties, I further stroked her public hair and pussy, heightening the experience to come. As I lathered the shaving cream over her thick tangle of hair, I started to get wet again. I felt my pussy throb with growing desire to have her again, wanting to caress her naked body with my body.

As I continued to shave her, I could feel her respond. Wiping the excess cream, I moved behind her so that I could place my fingers up her welcoming ass and play with her sweet pussy lips. She moved me beside her and started to play with my hot wet pussy. Simultaneously we slid our fingers into each other’s pussy and moved in rhythm to our kissing. We were so close to coming. We had to pull our fingers out and taste our individual sweetness. We leaned back, spreading our legs, welcoming our bodies to be racked over with waves of orgasmic passion. The moment was so intense that my pussy sprayed out it’s cum in a fountain of sweet wine.

We both needed more. I maneuvered Maria to the edge of the bed again and removed my dress. It felt wonderful, finally being naked. Maria spread her legs wide again for me. I stroked her pussy flesh to wetness. She removed her shirt then her skirt. Reaching down to me, to encourage me to join her on the bed, were we laid back and started playing with each other again. Our fingers were not enough this time, we needed more…

Maria reached next to the bed, and pulled two bottles from our “toy” box. We inserted the glass neck of each bottle deep into each other’s pussy. We felt our inner fleshes hold kaçak iddaa on to the neck of the bottle and we thrust it in and out. I rolled off my lover and maneuvered to my side so that I could have clean access to her beautiful taught nipples. Feeling another orgasm nearing, we maneuvered ourselves over our individual bottles and thrust our pussies down on their long necks. Increasing the momentum, we again orgasmed, together.

Maria removed the bottles and again reached into our “toy” box. She pulled out her new toy, Samurai Penis, a long thick penis on the shaft of a vibrating sword. She maneuvered me on my stomach and I thrust my ass at her. She inserted the sword to its hilt and started to move it rhythmically in and out as she nibbled on my tight ass. She had turned the vibrator to its highest speed. I could feel my ass jiggle and felt the orgasm swell inside threatening to melt me as it boiled over. I quivered with the aftermath.

I rolled over and reached into our “toy” box, taking firm hold of my double razor. It’s a big black penis with two heads. I nudged her into the same position that I had held, just moments before, and inserted the large penis into her welcoming hole. I pumped in and out as I played with her dripping pussy. I placed my mouth on the second head of the penis and started to suck in rhythm to the thrusts. Maria reached down and grabbed a small pacifier of her own. As I sucked and fucked her, I felt her body tensing up almost ready to erupt. I slowed my movements, teasing her. Wanting to bring her to the very edge. I rolled her over to her back, and as I continued to fuck her I sucked on her soft kaçak bahis round mound of breast flesh. She moved her breast closer to my mouth as she softly moaned. I felt the nipple under my tongue respond to my attention.

Maria insisted that we share the orgasm together. She positioned her ass facing mine and placed the other end of the double razor into my welcoming whole. We moved back and forth, thrusting the large black penis deeply in our asses. As we approached orgasm, Maria decided to do some teasing of her own. She pulled away, and removed the double razor from my ass. I groaned with despair. I was almost ready to cum. I wanted to cum very badly. She rolled me over and grabbed my foot. She first sucked on my big toe and then gradually sucked each toe in turn. This drove me crazy, I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to cum. She guided my toe inside her hot pussy. I slid down, back onto the bed so that I could have her foot in my pussy too. We played footsy, feeling the hot juices flowing freely from each other.

Maria giggled, “Don’t you cum yet. I’ve got something special for you.” I could hardly wait, what could be more special then cumming with my sexy girlfriend, feeling her body racked with an orgasm that is mirrored with my own. From our “toy” box she pulled out a set of lace gloves. She placed one of the lace gloves on her hand and started playing with my already hot pussy.

I didn’t want to miss out in the mutual enjoyment; therefore, I placed the other lace glove on my hand. First I played with her hard nipple, while kissing her. She pushed me back down on the bed and we started again playing with each other. It was only moments, when both of our bodies were overcum with intense heat as our bodies shuttered with the orgasm. We laid there in each other arms, knowing that we were going to have a very enjoyable weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32