A Weird One Ch. 10

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“I am welcome aren’t I” mom said as she took off her clothes.

Mary laughed and said, “Always room for one more slut.”

“Takes one to know one” mom said as she walked over and got on the bed with us.

It was a repeat of the last time. I ate Mary while mom sucked me and then I fucked mom while I licked Mary’s cunt. Next it was Mary turn to be fucked while I licked mom’s beaver. Mom and Mary sucked my cock at the same time alternating licks and sucks. I fucked mom’s ass while she had her face buried in Mary’s pussy and then Mary washed my cock clean and I fucked her while she ate my mom’s pussy and then while I rested I watched the two of them go sixty-nine on each other.

Watching your mom go sixty-nine with a woman you have just fucked? How weird was that?

Mom had to leave around ten and after she was gone and Mary and I were resting up Mary asked:

“You still want to see a gangbang?”

“No, I don’t want to see one; I want to participate in one.”

“A guy I went to school with in college just moved back to town a couple of weeks ago and after he got settled in he called a bunch of his old friends and we got together for lunch. Three of the guys there were guys I had pulled trains with. I can make it happen if you really want it.”


“You tell me when you can be available.”

“Anytime next week. I just need a couple of days notice so that I don’t make other plans.”

“Make it Wednesday then. That gives us a week to get ready for it.”

When I got home mom and dad were still up. Mom had showered before she left Mary’s so if dad wanted any that night he wouldn’t find any evidence of wrong doing.

“I went out for drinks with Mary Bagley tonight and she says she hasn’t heard from Tom lately. Have you heard from him?”

“Not in over a month.”

I’m sure that little snippet was for dad’s benefit because it added just the right touch to her evening out with Mary and was part of keeping dad’s mind at rest. If he thought she was out fucking around (and he would have given the fact that he thought he had me watching her when he was away) it would be doubtful that she was talking about Mary’s son. Of course he didn’t know about Mary’s (and mom’s) past so he wouldn’t think that an evening with Mary would be an evening of fucking around and there was also the fact that he wouldn’t have thought she would have had the time to in the relatively short time she had been gone. As soon as she heard the bedroom door close she said:

“You need to give me more notice when you are going to go over to Mary’s so I can get there a little earlier. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go and give your father his sloppy seconds. Of course they may not be sloppy, but they are still going to be seconds” and she headed off to bed.

As she walked away with my eyes on her sexy ass I had another one of my weird thoughts. Why didn’t I feel bad doing what I was doing to him by fucking his wife and his mistress? I loved him and he was a great dad so why didn’t I feel bad? The simple answer could be that I was just a hormonal teenager who loved to fuck and pussy was pussy and both of them had come after me. I didn’t go after either of them and was I going to pass up what was offered freely? Could it really be that simple?

My life was weird man; really fucking weird. But I was loving it.


I was caught up on my school work so I didn’t get up and head for the library on Wednesday. Well I guess that depends on how you define ‘home work.’ As soon as mom saw that I was still at home she pulled me into her bedroom and I ended up working at home. I guess you really couldn’t call it work although it was pretty tiring.

I couldn’t get over how much my mom loved anal sex. I did her four times before heading off to work and three of those times she wanted it up her butt. I ate her and then I did her missionary and then we went sixty-nine until she got me back up and she wanted me in her ass. She washed my cock, sucked me hard and then wanted it in the ass again. Another wash job followed by some sixty-nine and one more trip up the dirt road. Intermingled with all that there were rest periods and she fed me breakfast.

At work Fred had me on the metal shear for the first hour and then I powder coated for the rest of the shift. At quitting time I called Pam to make sure that we were still on and she told me to stop wasting time on the phone and get my butt over to her place.

“Not meaning to be a worry-wart, but are you sure that he made it out of town this time?”

“He called me when he checked in and gave me the room number in case I needed to call him.”

“I’m on the way.”

I parked one block over and then walked over to Pam’s house and she answered the door naked. She led me through the house to her bedroom and then it was pure assed suck and fuck until ten and then I left to go home. I wanted to stay the night but Pam wouldn’t hear of it. She told me that a lot of her neighbors were very early casino oyna risers and she couldn’t take the chance that any of them might see me leaving in the morning.

Dad was in bed, but mom was up when I got home.

“Out spreading pollen again” she asked.

“Have to do my part.”

“Was it my mystery lady?”

“Not tonight, but if you are a good little girl I’ll have a treat for you tomorrow evening or Friday morning. I’m seeing your mystery lady tomorrow evening.”

“What do you mean by “If I’m a good little girl?” You want me to be bad, not good. Besides I’m not good, I’m great and you had better not forget it.”

She came over and rubbed my cock through my pants and then said goodnight and went to bed.


School was school and at lunch Gail joined me and we made a firm date for Sunday and I told her that I might even call her Saturday depending on how my Friday meeting with Natasha went.

“You really think something might come out of it?”

“It is possible. I still don’t know, but I am considering it.”

When I got to work Fred put me on the sheet metal shear. There was a man I didn’t recognize on the turret lathe and Fred introduced me to him. He name was Evan and he was one of the Johnson Brothers new hires. Just before the end of the shift he came over to me and said:

“I understand that I have you to thank for my job.”

“Who told you that?”

“That’s the word going around. You talked your dad into taking advantage of all the out of work people from Johnson’s to start a second shift.”

“Yeah. Right. A nineteen year old kid making decisions like that.”

“You can “aw shucks” all you want son, but unless you are calling your daddy a liar you have the thanks of a whole lot of people. See you tomorrow.”

I stopped by Marge’s office and she told me that she would meet me at her place in fifteen minutes. I parked a block over (I was becoming a very cautious young man) and then walked back to Marge’s place. There was a note taped to the door telling me to come on in.

She wasn’t naked when I got to her bedroom, but she was working on it. She beat me, but only just barely.

I went down on her and then we went missionary. She sucked me hard and I did her doggie. A sixty-nine got me ready again and it started cowgirl and ended missionary. As we rested I told her that she had a secret admirer and she wanted to know who.

“My girlfriend. She likes the way you taste.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

I told her the story omitting the fact that it was my mom.

“She wants to get the taste right from the source. She was upset when I told her that you didn’t swing that way.”

“Well I’ve got news for you stud. I’ve been known to munch a carpet or three. So when are you going to get me and my secret admirer together?”

“Ain’t gonna happen. I’ve got a good thing going right now and something like that could ruin it for me.”

“Not doing could ruin it for you.”

“How’s that?”

“If I wanted to do it bad enough I could cut you off until you make it happen.”

“Doesn’t really matter. She wouldn’t do it anyway. It was just sex play talk.”

“You had better do me one more time so you will have a heavy coat of me on you.”

I didn’t spend the night and when I got home mom and dad were in bed. I wondered if mom would try to suck my dick in the morning while dad showered. I smiled at the thought and of course I didn’t wash my cock before going to bed.

I wasn’t even asleep yet when mom crept quietly into the room.

“I wanted it as fresh as I could get it motherfucker” she said as she pulled the sheet back and went down on me. She sucked me until I was hard and then she handed me a pair of her dirty panties.

“I have to meet her motherfucker; you just have to get us together.”

She left my room and I ended up leaving cum soaked panties on my bedroom floor for her to pick up in the morning.


School was school and at lunch time Gail joined me and we finalized our date for Sunday. She was flat out up front that it was going to be a Starlight date and she wanted me to pick her up as early as I could. I told her that the time would depend on the outcome of my talk with Natasha and I reminded her that she might even hear from me on Saturday.

Gloria and Tina had both called in sick and so I was told that I was going to have to help in the office that day. I was put to work entering invoices into the computer. Marge stopped by and asked me in an almost whisper:

“Did my secret admirer like my gift?”

“She ate it up” I wisecracked.

“I’ve got lots more and I’d like to give it to her from the spigot if you catch my drift.”

“Not a good idea. I’m pretty sure that I’d end up losing you both if I set it up.”

“You could end up losing me anyway if I don’t get what I want.”

“True, but I’d still have her. If I got you together with her I could very well end up with only my hand slot oyna to keep me company.”

“Come on stud; don’t be such a spoil sport. I’d be willing to bet that you would get a real charge out of watching us.”

I smiled as I thought “If you only knew.”


I picked Natasha up at seven and got a smile from her mother and a scowl from her dad. I took her to Angelina’s for dinner and we talked. She pitched hard for us to get back together, but I told her that I was still a whole lot leery and then I bit the bullet and told her why.

“You are young, healthy and curious. You are not going to go five days a week for the next three and a half years without being hit on by dozens of guys and eventually you are going to go out with guys.”

She started to interrupt me, but I cut her off.

“You can deny it all you want, but I know that eventually you are going to date and being as curious as you are you will eventually give it up to some guy.”

Again she started to interrupt me and I said, “Let me finish. My worry is that if we try to put things back together I’ll only end up losing you to one of the guys you hook up with.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you. Not ever.”

“You can say that sitting here with me now, but you are in a different world up at Western. You like sex and you are curious about what it would be like with other guys. It will happen Natasha. You need to know this. I didn’t break up with you because you got laid up at Western. I broke up with you because it was Eddie you fucked. I am not opposed to you experimenting while you are up there, but I am worried that when you do you will fall for someone else. That is why I am in no hurry to get back together with you. The uncertainty of it all.”

“Are you saying that if you could be absolutely certain of me being yours you wouldn’t care if I dated?”

“You will be spending two-thirds or more of the next three and a half years up there. You will be watching your friends and classmates going out on dates and having fun. It would not be natural for you to sit in your room looking at my picture and waiting for the weekend. You need to get out and if you date you will eventually find a guy you might like to try something with. It is the natural order of things Natasha.

“When you went off to Western I expected it to happen and I wasn’t concerned about it because we had a connection or at least I thought we did. I wasn’t worried about losing you. At least not until I found out that Eddie was also going to Western. And that is the reason I’m not sure that I want to patch things up between us. Your relationship with Eddie is what soured things and still sours things even though you say you are done with him.

“Didn’t matter what I said or what he did you still hung with him even though you knew that I hated it. When you were with Eddie you didn’t care what I thought. That’s the killer Natasha. What if you meet and get attached to another guy like you did with Eddie? I don’t want us to put things back together only to have things fall apart again.

“You have three and a half years to go at Western and I don’t think we should do anything until you graduate and come home. If you still want me when that happens fine, but until then I think we should just go our separate ways.”

“That won’t work for me Bobby. I need you, but I do admit to being curious. How about a compromise?”

“What sort of compromise?”

“We are a couple from the time I get home Friday until I leave to go back on Sunday and we are a couple whenever I’m out of school for holidays and other breaks and we let the time we are apart work itself out. No matter what we do during the week the weekend is ours. Yours and mine. Will that work for you?”

I looked at her and thought about it and then said, “It could work, but I’m always going to have questions. I expect that there will be weekends that you won’t come home because of lab work, group projects that need to be worked on and the like, but because of what you did with Eddie I will most probably be thinking that the real reason that you didn’t come home is that you hooked up with some guy and didn’t want to leave him to come home. That’s the legacy of Eddie Natasha; a lack of trust on my part. Can you live with me always being suspicious?”

“I won’t give you any reason to be suspicious. If I have to stay at school on a weekend I’ll invite you up to spend the weekend there with me. I’m dead serious Bobby; I’m yours for life if you will have me.”

Maybe I was being foolish, but as I sat there looking at her and remembering Pam telling me how Natasha cried while she hugged my picture I decided to take the chance.

“All right. I’ll buy into your plan. What you do Monday until you leave to come home Friday is your business, but the weekend is mine. There is one caveat though. I hear that you so much as look across the room at Eddie and I’m gone and for good.”

“I told you Eddie is history and I meant that.”

“There is one more little canlı casino siteleri catch to this however. What I do Monday until you get home Friday is my business. Agreed?”

She got up from her side of the table and came over to me and kissed me.

“Now” she said, “All you have to do is take me somewhere and make love to me to seal the deal.”

I didn’t expect it, but I should have been ready for it. We were half way to my car when the familiar “Hey asshole” came from behind me. I thought for sure that the limp Eddie was carrying around with him would have convinced him to stay the fuck away from me. I turned to see him standing there with three guys. As I stood there looking at him I knew that I was fucked. I didn’t have shit in my bag of tricks. I was totally fucked. I handed my car keys to Natasha and told her to lock herself in the car and I tried to get set for the hurt that was coming my way.

“Won’t matter what kind of tricks you come up with this time asshole. No way you can take all four of us” and he gave me a nasty grin. A voice from behind me said:

“He doesn’t have to take all four of you. In fact he doesn’t even have to take one of you if he doesn’t care to. However we are willing to let him have which ever one of you he wants and I and my friends will take care of the rest.”

Even as I turned to look behind me I saw Eddie’s three buddies take a step back and then hustle away leaving Eddie standing there all by himself. He didn’t even know they had fled. When I looked behind me I saw five men with some women and children. I didn’t recognize any of them. One of them stepped forward and said:

“You have more friends than you know of son and we’ve got your back. If you want we will stuff him in the trunk of a car and drive it out into the woods and leave it.”

I turned back to Eddie and he tried to look brave, but a quick look around him showed that he was all alone. Two of the men walked over to Eddie and one of them said something to him that I couldn’t hear, but I got a good look at Eddie’s face and I’d swear that it had turned white. He turned and scurried — yes, scurried — away. I turned back to the man who had spoken and thanked him for his help.

“No need for that son. Like I told you, you have more friends than you know of and we watch out for our own.”

He offered his hand and I shook it and then he and those with him headed into the restaurant. One of the last was a girl who looked familiar to me, but I couldn’t quite place her. She turned to me and said:

“You don’t have a clue as to what just happened do you?”

“I have to admit that you are right.”

“They are here tonight to celebrate. Thanks to you they don’t have to sell their homes and move. Daddy wasn’t kidding Bobby. You have more friends now that you have ever had before in your life. And daddy meant it when he said that they have your back.”

It was then that I recognized her. I didn’t know her name, but she was two grades behind me in high school. She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek and said:

“Thank you. Now I don’t have to move and give up all my friends” and then she followed her family into Angelina’s.

When I got into the car Natasha asked, “What happened and who was that girl who kissed you?”

“Something that I didn’t do just saved my ass from a beating and I don’t know who the girl is” and then of course I had to explain the whole thing to Natasha.

“So those guys who came to your rescue were guys who worked at that place that went out of business? And they think that it was you who got them new jobs?”

“That’s what it looks like.”

“That’s neat.”

“What’s neat?”

“My guy is a hero.”

“Yeah. Right.”

I pointed the Impala toward the Starlight.


It isn’t very romantic of me to say this, but my reunion with Tasha didn’t have bells ringing or stars bursting. It was simply sex. Great sex, but no better or no worse than the sex that I was having with all the other ladies who had been taking care of me.

Tasha sat next to me on the drive and played with my cock so I was hard and ready when we got to our room. I went down on her until she begged me to fuck her and then I did her in the missionary position. We both got off and then Tasha went to work with her mouth to get me up again and the second time I did her doggie. Some sixty-nine followed by some cowgirl that flowed into the missionary with both of us getting off took care of the third time.

She wanted to go again, but I begged off. I told her that I had to get up early because I had to work the next day and I did have to have her home by midnight to keep her parents happy. The real reason of course was that I didn’t dare short my mom for the second week in a row so I needed to be in my bed when she came calling in the morning.

Saturday morning mom woke me in her usual way and she commented on the taste.

“It isn’t bad, but it isn’t my mystery woman. Who is this one?”

“Your daughter in law to be.”

“Damn! I was hoping that mystery woman was going to be my daughter in law. So who is my daughter in law going to be?”

“You don’t need to know that just yet. It may not work out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32