A Wild Night Out

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“Oh, yeeeh,” Guy moaned as the stranger thrust his length deep into his ass once more. The man’s breath was coming in short pants as he thrust in and out. There was nothing romantic about this, it was animal lust, pure and simple fucking. Not that there was anything romantic about the alley behind the bar they had met. With his face pressed against the brick wall, legs splayed and ass impaled on the other’s cock, Guy thought back to how he had got her.

It was a Friday night, and he had been feeling horny, so had gone out. On a whim, he’d put his panties on, plain cotton with lacy edgings, rather than his boxers, to add an edge to the evening. He’d left his phone at home, not wanting to be contactable, and taking his id and cash out of his wallet, grabbed his wallet and headed to a bar he knew.

The evening had gone how countless hook ups had gone before. The two men had got talking, making it clear they were interested in each other, and beer followed beer as they talked the night away. They’d danced, bodies rubbing up and down each other, until the bar was closing, and they were one of the last to leave. After exiting, they took a few steps from the exit, before the other guy pulled him into a deep and passionate kiss.

Tongues entwined, they lost themselves to the world, and when they finally came up for air, most of the crowds leaving the bar had dispersed.

“God I want your ass,” the man, James he’d said his name was, “and I can’t wait.”

Grabbing Guy’s hand, he pulled him down the alley that ran beside the bar. Guy’s head was buzzing. The thrill of outdoor sex, the chance of being caught, along with the many beers he’d had were making his head spin.

Far enough into the darkness, James pushed Guy gently against the wall, and they kissed some more, hands running up and down each other’s chests. James was a big man, powerfully built, and Guy marvelled at the feel of his muscles under his fingers.

Breaking their kiss, James got down on his knees, and unbuckled Guy’s trousers, pulling them to the ground. He continued to try and get them off Guy’s feet, and not wanting to be encumbered by them, Guy lifted one loafer and then the other, allowing his trousers to come free. The guy casually tossed them over his shoulder, across the alley, before noticing Guy’s panties.

“Got myself a little girlie, have I?” he laughed, before pulling them down round Guy’s ankles, letting his cock spring free.

“Oh no, my mistake,” he laughed, taking guy’s dick in his mouth, the warmth of it causing Guy to gasp out loud.

Guy had to lean back, taking his weight against the wall as James sucked him off, the skill the other man massaged his dick with his lips and tongue made him go weak at the knees. Before long, he knew he was coming, and without holding back blew his load into James’s mouth.

“My turn now,” James smiled, licking his lips from the stray cum. Whipping his trousers off, he spun Guy around to face the wall, but not before Guy saw his cock, big and long and aching to be buried in his ass.

Spreading his legs, he allowed James’s fingers to explore his ass, probing and massaging him, preparing for the treat to come. The first thrust, when it came was unexpected, and the size of James caused him to cry out, first in pain, but then, as his ass adjusted to the size, in pleasure.

Which brought him back to the hear and now. His own breath was ragged now, both men reaching their peak, his ass thrusting back to meet James’s thrusts. His own dick, swinging free was hard again, but he resisted the urge to grab it, hands instead supporting his weight as he took James’s full length again.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he heard from behind him, and he felt James’s cock pulsing in his ass. Squeezing his ass, he milked James’s cock, feeling wave after wave of cum spurting into his ass, revelling in the feeling of fulfilment. After a moment or two, James’s cock finished, and he pulled it out with a plop.

Guy just stood there, breathing hard, head against the wall, his world spinning, partly from sexual release, and partly from drink. Taking another moment or two, he turned to thank James and see if they wanted to take it back to his house.

But James had gone. In the moment’s that he’d been recovering, James had done a runner. No biggie, Guy thought, they both got what they wanted, and that was fine by him. Reaching down, he pulled his panties up, feeling the cum oozing out of his ass onto the material, and he looked across the alley for his trousers.

Except these were not there. He hunted around for a minute, expecting to find them wedged behind a box, but with rising dread, he realised they were not there. James had taken them, along with everything in them, and he idly wondered if he had been mugged, or James had taken them as a joke, not realising what else was in them.

A flash of light from the ground caught his eye, and he realised it was his keys. Lying next to them was his id, both lying as if they had fallen from his pockets, and with a canlı bahis sigh of relief, realised that at least he hadn’t lost everything.

Then he took stock. He was a couple of miles from his flat, with no money, and no trousers, wearing women’s underwear. He thought about trying the bar, see if they could call him a taxi but he didn’t want to face the stares, the unasked questions of why he was in that state. His drunken mind convinced him that the best approach was to walk home.

Getting to the edge of the alley, he looked out, glad it was all clear. Taking off at a gentle run, he headed towards home. A couple of times he heard cars coming behind him, and he tried to hide in the shadows to avoid being seen. Once he managed it, letting a sigh of relief as they drove past, but the other the car let out a load toot and he get an ironic cheer from the passengers as they went past.

After about ten minutes he realised the exercise and the drink was a bad combination. He needed a rest, and finding a convenient lamp post, leant up against it. Closing his eyes, he drifted into a bit of a daze, which was why he didn’t spot the third car until it was nearly upon him. It was only when the headlights cast onto his face that he jerked awake, and quickly dash towards the nearest alley, trying to hide til the car had gone past.

Unlike the previous two, this didn’t drive past. Instead, it pulled up, and two men got out. Worried, Guy turned and ran a little, glancing over his shoulder, getting ten yards before realising that the two men were policemen. As a law-abiding citizen, he stopped, running from the law was a bad idea. He hoped they would take pity on him and take him home. His hopes were soon dashed when the older of the two, a man who looked to be in his mid-40s spoke.

“What do we have here, looks to me like a little prostitute looking for some work.”

“A male one too, by the looks of that bulge,” the other, a younger man, taller than his partner, probably mid-twenties, added.

“You know soliciting is illegal mate. We’re going to have to take you down to the station.”

At this point, Guy found his voice, “No, no, you’ve got it wrong, I’m not after anything, not selling anything. I just want a ride.”

“He wants to give you a ride,” the older man deliberately misheard, “we definitely need to take you in now. Unless you can think of anything that you can do to convince us otherwise?”

“Yes, yes, anything, I’ll do anything,” Guy stammered, his fuddled mind not catching on to the meaning.

“Anything?” the younger policeman smiled, “well in that case…” he added, stepping closer to Guy, before reaching down and unzipping his trousers.

“No, wait, I didn’t mean…” Guy stammered, finally realising what they meant.

“Too late,” the elder cop smiled, coming behind him, and forcing him to his knees, the tarmac harsh on his knees.

Turning his head back to face the younger man, he saw that he’d got his cock free, and was gentle stroking it to length. Guy saw it wasn’t long, a modest length, much smaller than the previous cock he’d been fucked by so recently.

Realising he wasn’t going to win, he resolved himself to the situation, and grabbing the cock in his hand, spat on it to lubricate, before rubbing his hand up and down. The other cop stood behind him, holding his shoulders down, but Guy had no thoughts of running now, his focus on the cock in front of him. Bending his head, he took the tip into his mouth, rubbing his tongue up and down the slit, causing the cop to hiss with pleasure.

Slowly, he took more of the cock into his mouth, the short length allowing him to take the full length without much gagging. Bobbing his head back and forth, he slowly sucked the guys dick, gagging only when the cock started to fuck his mouth, rocking his hips in and out of his mouth.

The other cop was in front of him how too, his cock out and in his hand. Guy saw this was much thicker, and longer than the other’s as well. Without taking the younger man’s cock form his mouth, he reached out with a spare hand and began to wank off the elder cop, feeling the heat from his cock and loving the way it bucked and grew in his hands.

Letting the younger guy’s cock fall from his mouth into his hand, trailing saliva down his chin, he took the other cop’s cock into his mouth, feeling it fill his mouth as he sucked. His other hand was massaging the young cops’ balls, sliding up and down the slick pole. He returned his focus back to the younger cop, taking him into his mouth once more, when the elder cops barked an order.


Guy automatically stood, letting the younger cops cock fall from his mouth.

“I didn’t tell you to stop,” the young cop sneered, and Guy realised they wanted him to keep sucking standing up, thus pointing his ass in the air. Bending at the waist, he manoeuvred himself into a position where he could continue to suck dick, one hand reaching past the cop to the wall beyond to steady himself, legs planted wide bahis siteleri to stop himself falling over.

The elder cop walked behind him, admiring his ass, before his large hands reached to the waist of his panties, and pulled them down.

“See, told you we had a prozzie on our hands. Look at this ass, still wide and dripping from your last customer. Such a dirty whore. Still, that doesn’t bother me, saves me the time to open you up.”

Without warning, the cop stepped right up to Guy’s ass, and wrapping his hands on either side of his ass, thrust his dick deep inside. Guy tried to call out, but with a mouth full of dick it came out a gurgle. The elder cop pulled back, before thrusting forward again, pulling Guy’s ass onto his dick, forcing him to take the full length. The dick slid easily into Guy’s ass, which was still wide from James’s earlier fucking, and still lubricated by his cum, making a sucking noise as the cop thrust again.

The younger cop was thrusting with more speed now, and Guy’s jaw was sore from stretching to take it in every time. He could feel the younger man coming, and so doubled his efforts, tongue licking and slurping for all it was worth. Here he was, being fucked from both ends in an alley, and loving it.

With a final thrust, he felt the cop come. Warm gloop filled his mouth, coating the back of his mouth, the taste bitter on his tongue. Not wanting to offend, he swallowed the load, as the cop pulled his dick out of his mouth.

The elder cop was still thrusting away, his dick, wider than James’s, stretching his ass with ever thrust. Guy’s own dick was betraying his enjoyment, cum leaking from the tip as it swung back and forth in time. The younger cop was leaning against the wall, dick still out as he watching his partner fuck Guy.

The position Guy was in was causing his legs to ache, the cop’s hands on his hips the only thing keeping him upright. He was in a daze, his eyes focused on the wall in front of him as he felt the cop finally blow his load, cum spurting into guy’s ass. Guy thought that would be it as the cop pulled out sloppily, but before he had chance to stand, the younger cop, recovered from the blowjob and hard again, took his place and pounded away.

After the large cock before, the younger man’s dick slid into his ass without problem, and Guy squeezed his ass, trying to pump the man to coming so it could all be over. Not that he wasn’t enjoying it, but it had got to the stage he just wanted to collapse into his bed.

The young cop came, pulling out as he did to spray Guy’s ass with his cum, the warm liquid splashing both cheeks before slowly dripping down his legs. It took Guy a second to realise it was over, and stretching his aching back, stood to standing again.

Both the cops had put their dicks away, leaving him aware of his state of undress again. Quickly, he pulled his panties up to provide a modicum of decency, feeling the cum on his ass squish against the material as he did.

“So, are we done now officers?” he managed weakly.

“What do you think?” the elder said to his partner.

“I think after that demonstration we have no choice but to take you in. Anyone sucking cock that well and taking two dicks in their ass must be a streetwalker, and we need to keep this town decent.”

“But you said…” Guy tailed off, realising it would be no use, as they guided him towards to cop car.

A short 10-minute drive later, during which Guy looked out to see them drive by his apartment, they were at the station. He got out, his ass sticky with cum, him panties sticking to the cheeks, the cops doing nothing to hide his state of undress.

They took him by his arms, guiding him into the deserted station, with only a night duty cop.

“What do we have here?” the man leered.

“Drunk and disorderly,” the younger cop said, as they booked him in, “going to put him in holding cell two, help sober him up. Kick him out in the morning when he’s learned his lesson.”

“Cell two hey,” the duty cop mused, “yeh, that’ll help teach him a lesson,” he chuckled.

Guy didn’t really pay much attention to their discussion, his head hung with the shame of what had happened. The glow of being fucked had faded, his ass was aching from where it had been pounded, and all he wanted to do was lay his head down and sleep. He followed them down the corridor to the holding cells, and as the elder cop unlocked the door, the younger spoke to Guy.

“You’ll stay here for the night, and then will be released with a caution in the morning. Let this be a lesson to you.”

With that, he pushed Guy into the dark room, and locked the door and left. Guy peered at them as they walked down the hall, past all of the other cells, currently empty, and through another thick door into the station beyond.

Suddenly feeling alone, he felt himself start to sob.

“Well hello,” a deep voice startled him to silence, “who have we disturbing my peace, in my cell at this hour.”

Guy looked up, crouching bahis şirketleri to cover himself, as a large muscular black man stepped out of the shadows. This man was stacked, his arms were bulging muscles, his chest like a barrel, and his thick legs looked strong as tree trunks.

“Well,” he said, as Guy remained quiet.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Guy stuttered, heading towards the other cot in the room. “I’ll just stay over here out of your way; you’ll not even know I’m here.”

“That’s not how it works sonny,” the man said, laughing, “You’re in my cell now, so what’s in it for me to let you have that nice cot, and those comfy sheets.

“But… please…” Guy stammered, just wanting to put his head down and sleep.

“Now I heard what those cops out front said you’re in for, those frilly knickers you got on seem to confirm it, so I’m sure we can come to some kind of…ah… arrangement.” The man laughed deeply.

“You scratch my… back,” he said, the pause pointedly referring to something else “…and I’ll scratch yours.”

Guy glanced over his shoulder, but the grill to the door was well and truly shut.

“You’ll get no help from them,” the man laughed, “why do you think they put you here in the first place.”

Sighing, ass still sore from the poundings it had taken, Guy knew he had no choice. Smiling in triumph, the black guy unfastened his trousers, letting them fall to the floor, before scooping his cock out of his underwear.

Despite himself, Guy gasped. It was much larger than any of the cocks he’d taken tonight, or indeed ever, the flesh swelling and growing as he watched. Even though it was not yet fully erect it must have been 8 inches, and wider than most, and still it grew as the man caressed its length.

“Come on then boy,” the man said, and guy crouched to his knees in front, the mound of flesh taking up his entire vision. Reaching out, he felt the warm cock jump to his touch, and he slowly ran his hand down its length.

“In your mouth,” the man said, head tipped back, a small gasp of pleasure emitted as Guy took the tip into his mouth. Even the head stretched his mouth, and he slowly took an inch or two more into his mouth, his hand caressing the rest of the length.

Slowly he worked more in, and had got about half way down the shaft before gagging. Pulling his head back, he took the cock from him mouth, the black shaft trailing saliva down his chin. Taking a breath, he took it back in, and tried to take more of the length. This time, when he stopped, the man wouldn’t let him pull out, instead he slowly pressed Guy’s head forward, causing him to taken even more of the cock in. He was about ¾ down, and couldn’t take any more. The pressure on his head released, and he slowly took the cock from his mouth, saliva and cum dribbling down his chin once more.

The slick member slid back into his mouth, and the man slowly rocked his hips, as Guy massaged the shaft with his mouth.

“Mmmm,” the man moaned, and with a final rock of his hips, spurted strongly into Guy’s mouth. Wave after wave came, his mouth full of cum, and he forced it down. The man pulled his dick out of Guy’s mouth, trailing cum over Guy’s face.

“On the bed,” the man said, and Guy obediently moved over. Quickly, the man pulled Guy’s panties down, laughing as he saw the cum stains on the material.

“Busy boy,” the man said, stepping up behind Guy.

Pulling him to the edge, Guy’s ass in the air, the man massaged his dick to length again.

“Looks like you’ve prepared for me,” he laughed, seeing how stretched the ass in front of him was. Without pause, he pushed forward, his massive dick straining to enter Guy’s ass.

“Ahhh,” Guy moaned, as the man forced more of his dick inside. Despite the earlier attention, his ass was still not stretched enough for this huge dick, and he could feel it straining deep within him.

The man pulled out, and then pushed forward again, forcing his full length into Guy’s ass, who felt he was being impaled. Slowly, he began to fuck Guy, pulling back slowly, before thrusting forward powerfully.

“Thwack,” as his groin slapped into Guy’s ass, burying deep within him.

“Ahhh,” Guy moaned as he was split in two.

He continued in this fashion, drawing out his pleasure, slowly fucking Guy. The pain Guy had felt initially felt was dulled, his ass now glowing in pleasure, and despite himself was feeling turned on, his own dick hard as he was fucked.

The pace increased, the black man panting as he neared climax. His thrusts were not as powerful now, but coming faster, pulling only halfway out before thrusting forward again.

“Yeh boy, take that,” he moaned, as he thrust forward once more. With a final thrust he came again, his massive dick pumping more cum into guy’s ass. He stepped back, his big dick swinging free, leaving Guy’s asshole gaping, cum tricking out onto the bed beneath.

“I think you’ve earned that bed,” the man laughed, pulling his trousers back up before sauntering back to his own bunk. For Guy, he just collapsed where he was, so tired he didn’t even pull his panties back on, lying on the bunk, his legs resting on the man’s cum, coating his skin. Eventually he drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32