A Wrong Time

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Tim was twenty five years old and had been married to Jane for just a year.

They lived with Jane’s parents in St Johns Wood, London. It wasn’t too bad for him with regards to privacy as his father in law worked away a lot and his mother in law, like any woman who was married to a rich and successful man, was a lady who lunched. She was on several charity committees and spent most days out of the house.

The house itself was a huge Victorian property in one of the nicer parts of London. Toby was slightly overwhelmed by his in-laws especially his wifes’s mother who at fifty two years of age spoke extremely politely and was a very straight laced type of person. Toby felt he had to be on his best behavior at all times when he was in the house with her.

Hopefully it wouldn’t be for long as the reason they were living there was so they could save for a modest property of their own.

When Tim first met Jane in a bar in Central London he had no idea just how wealthy her parents were and in fact they had started living together well before he met them. After the wedding his parents in law wouldn’t have their daughter spending married life living in his pokey little flat so they insisted that the young couple move in with them until they could afford their own place.

Tim worked for one of the private banks in the City and was about to take a very important exam in the next few days so his manager told him to go home at lunchtime and do some revision.

It was just after one thirty when Tim stepped out of St John’s Wood underground station and made his way on foot down the leafy avenue towards his in law’s home.

When he got to the house he cursed as he saw his mother in law’s car in the drive. It looked like the window cleaners van was parked outside too.

‘So much for peace and quiet to work on my revision,’ thought Tim.

He decided to use the back entrance seeing as his mother in law was in rather than search through his briefcase for his keys.

Opening the back door he saw that there was no one in the kitchen and wondered if indeed she was out.

Then he heard a faint moan. Walking on through the house the moans were getting louder and there was a sound of rhythmic slapping, like flesh on flesh. casino oyna It seemed to be coming from the sitting room.

Putting down his briefcase gently not to make a noise he moved closer to the sitting room door that was open slightly.

On looking into the room he had to stifle a gasp. There on the bottle green leather sofa was his mother in law naked except for her six garter black satin suspender belt, black stockings and wearing her black high heels. She also wore a string of pearls around her neck. What was more surprising was the fact that the eighteen year old black window cleaner was between her thighs and giving her the fucking of a lifetime.

Her legs were wrapped around the young boy’s waist and she was urging him to fuck her harder.

‘Oh God, yes. Go on, I’m nearly there. Good boy, that’s it…oh my,’ she cried.

Suddenly she looked up and she saw Tim standing there, looking on.

She was about to scream but an almighty orgasm took her breath her way and her eyes went to the top of her head as she came.

Tim thought that this was the time to beat a hasty retreat and walked upstairs to his bedroom.

Inside he undressed, hung up his suit and tie then threw his shirt and underwear into the laundry basket before turning on the shower in their en-suite bathroom.

Soaping his lean body he could not help but think about the way his straight laced mother in law looked being fucked.

He stroked his not inconsiderable sized cock as he remembered how her large breasts heaved with every stroke of the window cleaners young black cock as it assailed her pussy.

Tim’s cock was soon up to it’s optimum nine inches of solid hardness, something that Jane loved about him.

He stopped fantasising and decided to towel off and get down to work.

He stepped back into the bedroom with the towel wrapped around his waist and was shocked to find his mother in law sitting on the bed opposite the bathroom door. She was wearing a long silver silk dressing gown but by the way her legs were crossed he could see she was still wearing her stockings and high heels.

‘Well Timmy, did you enjoy the show?’

‘Er…I I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have pried,’ he stammered.

‘Well. What am slot oyna I to do?’ she said standing up from the bed and walking towards him. ‘I can’t have you telling anyone, can I?’

As she walked on Tim backed up until he was against the wall. His mother in law came right up to him and pushed her body into his.

Tim could feel a stirring in his groin and was pretty sure she would soon.

‘There’s really only one thing I can do Timmy and by the look of it it I think you might enjoy it,’ she said as she felt his erection press into her through his towel.

‘I’m just going to have to fuck you,’ she declared.

With that she pulled him round by his shoulders with a force that took Tim by surprise, dragged off his towel then pushed the naked Tim onto his bed.

Tim just lay back and watched as his mature mother in law peeled off her robe and stood with her hands on her hips in her black satin six garter suspender belt, sheer black stockings and her high heel shoes.

She was still wearing her pearls and had that just fucked look about her with an expression that meant she wanted more.

‘The poor boy didn’t even get the chance to cum and I didn’t get to finish what I needed,’ she said. Tim was like a deer caught in the headlights. He couldn’t believe his respectable mother in law was about to rape him.

With that she got up on the bed and straddled Tim’s thighs. Taking his now hard cock she began to gently stroke it.

‘Jane did tell me you were very well endowed but I didn’t believe her as she’s only ever had this one.’

It was true, Jane was extremely shy when they’d first met and a virgin, something Tim adored about her.

Now her mother was playing with his cock and his breathing was getting heavier.

‘So, I figure the way to stop you telling anyone, especially Jane, is to fuck you,’ she said.

She lifted up slightly and rubbed his cock against her dripping wet pussy lips and with one slick move impaled herself fully on him.

‘Oh God Timmy, you are a big boy. I don’t think I’ll be using the same firm to clean my windows from now on now that I’ve found a ready supply of this at home,’ she said as she began to ride him.

‘Oh god, I’m cumming already,’ she announced as she canlı casino siteleri bounced on his big hard dick.

Tim could feel her pussy walls constrict on his cock and her juices flowing over his cock and balls as she shuddered to her orgasm.

‘Mmmm, I’m sure there are more for me with that beautiful cock of yours,’ she said as she kept riding him, her large breasts bouncing on her chest as she did so.

She leaned forward until her face was up close to Tim’s, her breasts resting heavy on his chest.

‘I own you now young man. I’m going to have you when ever I feel the need to satisfy my desires and they can often be quite perverted.’

Her hips were moving on his cock, rising up almost as if it would pop out but then descending slowly and continuing a slow and sensual pace driving Tim mad as he now needed to cum.

‘I may even have you naked on the sofa just like you saw me. I’ll have you on your back with your legs wide open and I’ll fuck you hard up the arse with my strap on.’

This proved too much for Tim. He groaned as he shot wads of cum into his mother in law’s pussy as she milked him of his cream.

‘Oh, I think you quite like that idea Timmy.’

She climbed off him and got off the bed. ‘Wait here, don’t move,’ she said as she walked out the door. A minute later she returned with a little blue pill and a glass of water.

‘Here, take this. It’s your father in laws and even they don’t work for him any more but you’re going to need it this afternoon. You’ve got a lot of orgasms to give me.’

With that she pulled on her dressing gown and said, ‘Take another shower and come to my room in an hour. You may be surprised to see what I’m wearing for you.’

She leaned down and kissed him full on the mouth then walked out of the room.

Tim groaned at the situation he had gotten himself into then took the Viagra and swallowed it, his cock already growing in anticipation.

An hour later he walked nervously to his mother in law’s bedroom, his hard cock bouncing in front of him. He knocked and the door slowly opened.

‘Come in,’ she told him. He stepped into the bedroom and gasped. His mature mother in law was wearing a shiny black PVC basque with shiny stockings and high heels but he couldn’t take his eyes off the shiny black eight inch strap-on she had around her waist.

Tim’s mother in law saw where his eyes were glued to and she knew that he was hers to do whatever she wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32