Abigail and the Broken Pump Pt. 02

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As Jillian leaned forward to suck on Abigail’s breast, her tshirt rode up, showing the back of her bikini briefs, not that anyone was watching. They sat in silence, broken only by gulps from Jillian. Abigail closed her eyes and swallowed, relaxing and trying to put the craziness of this out of her mind. Daniel, her 42 year old husband was out cold as he usually was, claiming that he was exhausted from work and taking care of the family. Her older daughter at 7 was definitely out. She opened her eyes and looked down at Jillian sucking, eyes floating down the teen’s back and stopping at her panties, her mind drifting to wondering what the front would look like.

The au pair was being gentle, licking over her nipple on occasion, making this way more pleasurable than dealing with bites from a hungry infant. She squeezed on the breast a little as the flow slowed, taking a moment to focus a bit more on that nipple and pleasuring it. Abigail woke up from her reverie and stared at Jillian’s mouth, the attention somehow obvious to the teen and she looked up, her lips curling as she remained latched and giggled onto the teat making some milk spurt out the sides. Almost apologetically, she latched on again, squeezing on the breast while she did and sucking with more gusto now. Abigail let out a half yelp, her nipple engorged as the relief was turning pleasurable. Jillian continued for another minute while Abigail squirmed uncomfortable and excited, breathing down heavily onto the top of the teen’s head.

Reluctantly, Jillian let go, releasing the glistening saliva coated nipple and grinned at Abigail. Keeping her eyes illegal bahis locked, she stuck her tongue out and teased on the firm button, making Abigail thrust her breast forward much to her embarrassment and Jillian’s delight.

“Did I do ok?” Jillian asked, as she licked over the nipple again, taking her eyes from Abigail and to the object of her attention, the breast which jiggled just a little and the nipple which sat on it, erect.

Abigail didn’t reply but reluctantly moved her body to pull the empty breast away and bring the full one forward with one more of her back. It slapped against Jillian’s mouth making Abigail groan and immediately grounded her into why they were actually in this predicament.

Jillian too was reminded where this had started from by the feel of that warm breast and she touched it, squeezing and watching. Abigail squirmed as her breast was gripped and she began to express milk. She moved her back, trying to position her breast for the au pair. Jillian though had other plans as she grinned and moved her face back a little only sticking her tongue out to meet the leaking nipple. Abigail squirmed again and moved forward, opening her mouth to relieve her breathlessness.

“Jilly….” she said in a throaty whisper, almost panting.

“What?” the teen asked, eyes on the nipple as she squeezed some more and feigned indifference.

“God…..please.” her tone insistent.

“Oh this?” she asked as she licked under the nipple, taking in some of the milk flow.

Not able to take it anymore, Abigail took her big breast and with the other hand cradled and pulled illegal bahis siteleri on Jillian’s chin. The teen smiled and didn’t tease much more as she sucked, causing Abigail to let out a sigh and lean back just a little, pulling Jillian’s mouth with her.

Abigail swallowed, her mouth open as she struggled to breathe and noticed her heart pounding. She looked up at the light on the staircase wondering if all that mental panic she just had was somehow audible. It wasn’t and Jillian settled back into the rhythm they had developed on the other breast, the gulps audible but only in close proximity.

The first one was something new and even though it was just a few minutes ago, this felt slightly different. Jillian nursed slowly, taking time to notice how it felt warm and how the taste was sweet, not overly, just different. Abigail closed her eyes and relaxed, her thoughts meandering through her family and the three months since Jillian had joined them to help them with the baby. Abigail had been keen to go back to work soon and after a few interviews they had settled on the skinny blonde. She was sweet with their older daughter and which helped with the decision. Despite the age gap, the two had become friends, often mistaken for sisters or even a mother and daughter which would annoy Abigail but as she opened her eyes and lowered her gaze, it somehow seemed ok.

Jillian opened her eyes, and smiled, squeezing on the side of Abigail’s breast, trying to drain it. She shut her eyes again and Abigail, the fatigue of the day catching up with her, also felt her eyelids get heavy. A few minutes passed canlı bahis siteleri and they both opened their eyes, Jillian releasing the nipple and pulled away. Abigail lowered her shirt and they sat there for a moment in awkward silence, a weird maternal and sexual bond formed.

Abigail leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on Jillian’s wet, milky lips. She held it there, letting them both breathe and then pulled away. “Thank you.” she said and held Jillian’s hands, standing up and helping the teen up. They stood facing each other for a moment, Abigail, all woman with her shapely form, and Jillian, not quite as shapely, but taller and just as pretty.

“Goodnight!” Jillian said and Abigail squeezed her hands before letting go.

She walked upstairs to the bedroom feeling incredibly guilty and anxious thinking that Daniel would somehow know. This wasn’t cheating she told herself, rationalizing that this was the only way. Daniel was oblivious and in a deep sleep letting Abigail relax her racing heart. She got under the covers and thought back at what just happened. It wasn’t cheating but her heartbeats picked up again, her mouth opened and her hand rubbed over her shorts and then into them, confirmed her wetness. She lay there, touching herself, worried that her husband would wake up. Her manicured fingers rubbed over her pussy lips and Abigail’s thought was that she needed to clean her hair up down there….for Jilly. What was wrong with her? She didn’t know but this was way too exciting.

Abigail came, letting out a moan loud enough to make Daniel turn over but not enough to wake him up. She was winded, sweaty and shaking. This wouldn’t happen again though she told herself and rolled over, now aware how thirsty she was. She took a drink of water from the bedside table and wondered if tomorrow with Jillian would be awkward.

End Part 2

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