Acorn and Oak

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I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind- Gabriel had gotten hot. Since our last summer together, Gabe had changed schools, dyed his hair, and started painting his nails. He’d gotten taller, and his tan skin had cleared up significantly. We had been close since we both started attending the summer camp in the first grade, but now I couldn’t stop staring at him, or noticing how his broader shoulders now filled out the tie-dye camp shirt that had been too big on him for years.

“So are you going to answer my question or what?” he asked, startling me out of my thoughts.

“Sorry, what?”

“Which cabin were you assigned to?” Now that we were 18, we had been hired as counselors, though truthfully it was just an excuse for people to keep going to summer camp once they had grown out of it.

“Oh. Acorn.”

“Boooo,” he lamented, “Acorns are assholes. I’m in Oak.”

“Yeah. You’ll have to come visit me sometime,” the words felt like someone else was speaking through my mouth. I had known Gabriel my whole life, but now talking to him felt different, like I was speaking to an intimidating stranger and I couldn’t quite remember how to move my lips. He smiled, though, and quickly responded, placing one hand on my knee under the table,

“Yeah? How about tonight, after lights out?” My eyes widened, but he just kept smiling. His hand moved further up my leg while he kept conversing with our friends and gently massaged my thigh. Just the pressure of his fingertips made me blush. I barely heard a word anyone else said during the whole lunch break.

That night, I lead the kids back to the Acorn cabin after the usual first-day ceremony, a moment where campers all sit around the fire and do some singing that harkens back to the summer camp’s roots as an interfaith community, but only in the least controversial way possible. I comforted one kid who was sad to be away from his parents for the first time, went through the cabin rules, and helped distribute the bunks, all while thinking about Gabriel’s request. While I was no stranger to sneaking out with him, this time seemed different, especially because of the way he grabbed my knee. Once the lights were out, I climbed into my bunk and waited, staring into the darkness, my heart beating rapidly. I heard the older counselors make their rounds, peeking into the cabins to make sure everything was in order, and then I waited 20 minutes longer. Gabriel and I had always timed it like that, to make sure the counselors were all asleep before we snuck out.

I leapt down from my bunk and pulled on some jeans and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a pair of tennis shoes. I eased the cabin door shut and crept to the fire pit behind the cabins, where I saw Gabriel standing in the light of his phone. We greeted each other casually and he led me into the woods, to a small clearing littered with broken bottles and cigarette butts where we sat on some large rocks and logs past teens had gathered into the area. “Want to smoke?” he asked, pulling a tiny bag of weed and a bowl out of his pocket.

I said “Sure” and he got to work, breaking the buds down with his fingernails and pressing them into the pipe. He did this meticulously, and I watched him chew on the inside of his mouth as he focused. This was a habit he’d had for years, and which lead him frequently to wince when he ate something particularly spicy or acidic. I became painfully aware of the silence, broken only by the sounds of the river nearby and the distant cicadas.

“How’s the new school?” I asked and he answered plainly,

“Bad.” He pressed his thumb over the bowl, packing the weed gently into place, and passed me the pipe and a lighter. While I lit up, he told me about his fling with some artsy girl at his new school. He said that they hooked up a few times after parties, even though she was dating someone else at the time, and that he was mostly socially ostracized. I handed him the pipe and worked up the strength to remark,

“That’s kind of hot though. Bad boy.” He smiled and I watched the smoke curl from his lips. The orange glow of the flame reflected in his dark eyes. His hand moved to rest gently on my knee, which I had been nervously bouncing (a pet peeve of his). We passed the bowl back and forth a few times, and I felt his intense gaze on me when I smoked.

“Do you want to shotgun?” he asked at one point, licking his lips.

I tried to fake a laugh to hide my nervousness and said “Sure,” as casually as I could. I watched him inhale deeply, his eyes only briefly leaving mine. He softly took the sides of my head with both hands and our lips met. I took his breath into my lungs, letting my eyes close, wishing I could inhale more of him, then pulled back and exhaled. Gabriel looked straight into my eyes. His arms remained firmly around my shoulders.

“I came out as bisexual this year,” he said. I swallowed. He continued, “I’ve always thought you were kinda cute.” I ran my hands down his back, feeling the ridges of his spine and the wet patch on his lower back where sweat had pooled, and he brought one hand to my face. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri He traced over my lips with his thumb.

Gabriel dropped the pipe on the ground, pulled my head to his, and our lips were together again. I had never kissed a boy before, but he made it feel easy. His tongue pushed into my mouth gently while his hands traced over my back to my hips. His breath still smelled and tasted like weed, and he moved to kiss my ear and neck. My heart was pounding.

“What if someone finds us?” I asked.

“We’ll be quiet.” His teeth grazed my ear. He lifted up my shirt and pulled it off, kissing my chest, licking and sucking on my nipples. My thighs twitched momentarily, and I felt my breathing deepen. I ran my fingers through his dark hair while his tongue circled around my left nipple, then grabbed his shirt and pulled it off over his head. We kissed again and I ran my tongue over the smooth surface of his teeth. I felt his shoulder blades moving under his skin, which was sticky from the summer heat. Being this close to his body, it was like I had never seen it before in my life. Every tan line, zit, and freckle felt new and exciting to me.

He broke the kiss for a moment to ask, “Want me to suck your dick?” And I emphatically agreed. Gabriel’s hands moved to my pants and I watched him struggle with the zipper. Our eyes met and we laughed gently. I looked around one more time to ensure there weren’t any other counselors nearby, then helped him pull my pants down. Gabriel felt my crotch through my underwear, kissed my neck, and got to his knees in front of me. In one swift motion, he yanked my boxers down and revealed my cock. Gabriel laughed, and gave me what might have been the most gleeful look I’d ever seen.

“What?” I asked (Was he making fun of me?)

“Nothing, nothing,” he reassured me, “I’m just finally getting to see it. I’ve been fantasizing about your dick for years; this is like my big break.” With that, Gabriel wrapped his hand around my dick and licked the head. He looked up at me with a glint in his eyes and proceeded to engulf the head of my dick with his lips and begin working his way down. It was my first blowjob, and the heat of his mouth felt like nothing I had experienced before. His hands cradled my balls and massaged them with increasing intensity while he bobbed his head up and down. Maybe it was the weed, or the fear of being discovered, but I felt myself approaching orgasm within minutes. I grabbed Gabriel’s right hand, which he had moved to my lower back, and he pulled my dick out güvenilir bahis şirketleri of his mouth. Gabriel looked at up at me and giggled, “What, are you gonna come?”

“Yeah,” I choked out.

“That was so fast!” Gabriel’s eyes were glassy but full of childlike wonder. Thankfully, he returned to my dick, sucking with increased vigor. I felt my muscles tense and thrust my cock deeper into him, emptying the content of my balls into his mouth. He swallowed like it was no big deal, and licked his lips again. “Yum,” he said, and we both burst into laughter. I felt like I was breaking the law, out in the open where anyone could find us.

Gabriel pulled my pants back up, spending considerable time tucking my junk back into my underwear like it all had to be nestled perfectly. He giggled again at the difficulty he was having with the zipper, then got to his feet. We kissed, and the thought that his mouth had just been full of my cum turned me on. I imagined I could even taste some faint saltiness left over, and I wanted more, so I reached for his belt.

With his help, I pulled his pants down and took in the sight of his cock. It was on the larger side of average, uncut, with a slight curve to the left. Moreso than the dick itself, I was excited by the idea of seeing his dick. It was like the secret thrill of hooking up with a stepbrother. We had spent so many summers wrestling each other, going swimming in our underwear, sleeping in the same tent, and now it was all falling under this new light. Now he wasn’t just Gabriel my childhood friend – now he was hot, and I was hungry for his cock.

I remembered what he had done when he was blowing me, and followed his lead. I explored his cock and balls with my tongue, tracing circles around his head and lines up and down the shaft. I savored the taste and texture of his cock and savored his precum. As his breathing sped and his muscles tensed, Gabriel twisted his fingers in my hair and placed his hand firmly on the back of my head. I let him guide me, swallowing my urge to gag, until my nose was buried in his wiry pubic hair. I moved my head up and down the length of his dick, quickening my pace as I learned how to coordinate my motions. Gabriel moaned once, then pushed me sharply back onto my heels. “Where do you want it?” he asked, stroking his cock quickly.

I wanted it everywhere, but I told him, “In my mouth,” and wrapped my lips around his head again. He quivered and shot 3 spurts of cum into my mouth. The taste was horrible, but I loved it because it was his, and I made myself swallow. I tried to hide the shudder as his thick seed slipped down my throat, but he noticed and laughed. “Sorry,” he said, “I don’t have a very healthy diet.” We collected the pipe and lighter he had dropped on the ground and smoked what remained, then spent the night climbing trees and building fires like we always did in the summertime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32