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We both know why I’ve come. We’ve been in this place before, but this time, it’s different. This time, I’m not scared. This time, it’s all about you. We kiss, passionately, and as you begin to undress, I tell you “No…let me. Don’t you raise a finger to undress yourself.” I start to unbutton your shirt, not wanting to break away from the kiss that we’re sharing. Removing your shirt, I run my hands over your round belly and through your chest hair. Starting to kiss down your body, I kiss your neck, nibble your nipples, while I unfasten your belt and undo your pants. I let them fall to your ankles, and rub my face on the cotton confines of your groin. Slipping my hands into the waistband of your boxers, I gently pull them down, exposing your eagerly awaiting sex for me to smell, kiss, lick and suck. And those I do, one at a time. Sucking your cock into my mouth, I feel the soft sponginess of you, taste the muskiness of your pre-cum. I start to undress myself. Shirt, gone. Pants, unbuttoned. My hard bahis firmaları cock straining against my shorts is almost too much for me to bear. But this time, it’s all about you.

Your scrotum catches my attention, hanging there, just below your penis. Your balls call me, and I oblige by sucking one, and then the other into my mouth. You taste like heaven. Musky man heaven. I cannot seem to get enough! I help you out of your socks, removing your pants and shorts. You are now there for me to see. All of you. I want to experience you, fully.

Standing, I remove the rest of my clothes. We are now naked, standing face to face. Kissing again, I break away to ask: “Fuck me?” It’s more of a plea than a question. You have me lie on my belly on the bed, exposing my round ass for you. You take the lube, and squirt some into my ass hole. Preparing me for my first taste of man-sex, you insert one finger, and then another. I have never experienced such pleasure. And then you pull them out. I know kaçak iddaa what’s going to come next.

And then I feel it. The tip of your rock-hard cock head at the entrance to my ass. You slowly but insistently push into me. The pain is almost too much for me to bear, but you slowly, slowly push yourself into me fully. And then you wait while my ass muscles relax to your girth. Then it starts. You pull almost all the way out of me, then push yourself back in. Slowly it starts, but you work up your speed, rocking in and out of me, taking me to pleasure places I never knew existed. Laying down on top of me, you kiss my neck, and search for my mouth. We kiss, albeit awkwardly, until you pull out of me fully and have me turn onto my back. I turn willingly, knowing that you will soon again be inside of me, completing me, filling me completely with your cock.

Enter me again, you do. This time, when you lie on top of me to kiss me passionately, my cock is pressed between our bodies. I feel your kaçak bahis chest hair tickling my cock, feel our tongues intertwined, feel your cock moving inside of me.

You break off the kiss to give one final grunt, let out a final scream of release as you fill my guts with string after string of your long-awaited cum-load. Deeply you fill me. Fully, you fill me. As your climax recedes, I realize that I, too, have cum, and our bellies are slick and sticky with the combination of our mingled sweat and my seed.

So long we have both waited for this moment. And now, we are fully satisfied. I don’t know what kept me from this for so long. Was it the guilt of married-life interfering with my deep, carnal desires? Was it the uncertainty of what was to come? Who knows? All I know now, is that I am so glad that I finally succumbed to my fantasies, and so glad that you allowed me to live out such fantasies.

Laying on the bed, side-by-side in the afterglow of love-making, we kiss again, laughing at the joy that we have just shared. In that moment, I know that I will be coming back, again and again, to fulfill these desires.

It was everything that I had been dreaming of. Everything I’ve been longing for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32