Adam’s Little Sister Ch. 10

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“Thank God it wasn’t a heart attack,” Mom said as she greeted us.

Sue and I had rushed to the hospital, breaking every speed limit and barreling through red lights when we could, as soon as Mom had called.

“What do you, mean, Mom?” I asked. Not that I had wanted it to be heart attack, but we had just broken every traffic law to get here and now we found out it was…

“Indigestion,” Mom said. “Can you believe it? He was out with clients and began to feel faint and his chest hurt. Turned out his chest was sore from working out the day before and had a mild spasm and the food upset his stomach and together…”

“He thought he was having a heart attack,” Sue said.

“Actually, his clients did. Dad still thinks he’s indestructible but they didn’t want to take any chances.”

What a relief. I had really been surprised when Mom initially called from the hospital. Dad wasn’t just in good shape for his age, he was in good shape period. He worked out nearly every day and when mom and dad were by the pool, mom’s friends nearly drooled over his still muscular, athletic frame with tight abs and veiny, muscular arms. Dad was one of those guys who would be in good shape for life—it made him happy to stay that way.

When we took him out of hospital he was slightly amused and a little more than annoyed to have to be wheeled out in wheelchair. He took the rest of the day off to take it easy and milk it by having us do everything around the house for him and by Monday he was back to his schedule without missing a beat.


Ben Foster had been quite the lady’s man as a college and law student. And he’d enjoyed sex. Enjoyed it quite a bit. He’d been with older women, younger women…enough to be an experienced lover.

But when he met Lynn those other women melted from his mind. She was incredibly lovely; tall and statuesque, and he felt immense pride having her on his arm. She was a nice person as well, had a great smile and laugh, and combined with her looks, she was just the combination he thought would make him happy for life.

There sex life, somehow though, never quite got off the ground. She was willing if inexperienced; certainly never adventurous. The young Ben Foster thought this would change with time and like every father and aspiring career man, got lost in the joys and challenges of bringing up and taking care of his young family.

But the sex between him and mom never did quite get off the ground. Considering the cock-pleasing sex whore—and I say this with the greatest respect—that mom had become, it must have been a chemistry thing. Sexual chemistry with a relationship is either there or it’s not. With mom and dad it never truly was.

The same cannot be said for dad and his former secretary, Adrianna. What started out as simple flirting became a much deeper mutual attraction, and many of dad’s late nights were pleasantly spent with Adrianna, who never seemed to mind working late and would do anything for her appreciative boss. Anything.

Adrianna was not a small girl, but everything about her was sexy. Large, perfectly shaped breasts, strong muscular calves, long, shiny dark brown hair that she sometimes wore in a ponytail but most often up in some sort of bun arrangement. Her smile was captivating and her laugh—hearty and genuine—betrayed a girl who liked to have a good time.

More than once Ben had caught Adrianna’s furtive glances at him—held just a little longer than a casual look. She wanted him and knew it. The smell of her lust was unmistakable; even the tone of her voice was different when speaking to him. And her grey-blue eyes betrayed anything but business, though her demeanor to anyone else in the office was strictly professional.

She guarded Ben Foster’s business life like a pit bull. Her loyalty to him, his career and success, was respected. Other partners at the firm were certainly jealous of Ben. Lovely wife at home, smart, loyal secretary at work who was clearly there to serve him. Yes, to serve…

Ben had just finished with a long, exhausting case that the firm had won, but not without the usual sacrifice of late nights searching the law library for precedents and loopholes. He and Adrianna were alone in the office on a Saturday, which was not unusual when the paperwork of a case had to be complete and out the door.

Ben was in the office before her, wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He heard Adrianna come into the office and put her bag down. Turning to say good morning, his eyes had to take a moment to take in what he was seeing. Adrianna was wearing a tight T-shirt that accentuated her full breasts, a tan skirt with high heels that accentuated those shapely calves and…some sort of leather necklace that looked more like a choke collar. Her long hair was down and he’d never quite noticed how silky and beautiful it was. How did he miss that? What else was different, he wondered. Oh yes, she wasn’t wearing glasses, and her large eyes were simply beautiful and remarkably expressive.

They awkwardly maneuvered around casino şirketleri each other until dusk, when the work was essentially complete and they were both spent from the previous weeks of intense effort.

“What a week, huh?” Ben said, settling into his office chair, Adrianna on the other side of the desk.

“Seriously,” Adrianna said, “like a roller coaster—a long one—but we’re at the end of the ride at last.”

“We should at least celebrate with a drink, do you think?” he asked.

“That would be awesome,” she replied, opening his liquor cabinet and pouring them each a double shot of Jameson’s. Ben had loved the taste and sensation of Jameson whisky since his law school days.

“Mmmm,” Ben said at his first sip. “Love that.”

“There’s practically nothing I’d rather taste going down my throat,” Adrianna replied, tasting the strong flavor.”

They sat in silence for a moment, looking at each other and drinking their shots. After a few minutes the whisky began to take effect.

“Practically nothing?” Ben said, taking the bait.

It was time.

“Practically.” She confirmed.

“What else would you like going down your throat tonight, Adrianna?” Ben said. He knew he was being bold, but the way he said it actually sounded playful; challenging.

The weeks spent working in synch had apparently broken down some unspoken barriers between them. “Anything you want” she said softly but purposely. She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. Thoughts rushed into her head.

The months she’d spent watching domination videos and masturbating herself over and over until she fell asleep. The lingerie she’d bought for the right person to see and appreciate…the right person who never materialized. The scenarios she’d dreamed up in her head but that had only led to frustration without the right person to share them with. This was her opportunity to make her fantasies come true…she hoped.

“Anything?” he replied.

“Yes, Mr. Foster,” she said. For the first time he wondered why he hadn’t recalled her ever speaking his first name.

“You’ve never called me Ben, have you, Adrianna?” “No.” she said flatly. “I’d call you sir if I could. In my fantasies, I always call you sir. And believe me sir, I have such vivid fantasies of being controlled. Being told what to do…having all choice taken from me. So many men want control, or think they want it, but then have no idea what to do with it.”

“Of being controlled by whom?” he said, cutting to the chance and ever grammatically correct.

“You of course.” There, she said. “I dream of you commanding me like you command a courtroom.” She hoped she hadn’t gone too far. She bit her lip and felt her pussy get moist at this all-or-nothing gambit.

Ben believed her. And at moment he felt more powerful and adventurous than perhaps at any other time in his life.

“And if I were to agree to control you, what would you want me…” he stopped in midsentence, realizing that he was doing exactly what the other men—sheep—had done. Ben Foster was no sheep. “OK, so you’ve agreed that you want to be in my control.”

“Yes,” she said.

“And you want me to control you, dictate your actions”

“Yes, Ben, yes,” she said, feeling his power, feeling like the witnesses he’d brought to their knees when necessary. She wanted to be on her knees for him.

“And you will do whatever I say, and do it without question or hesitation, is that right?” He said, pouring another shot of Jameson’s in her glass.

“And you will state here and now that this is of your own volition. That I did not coerce you in any way to behave this way?”

“I’ve already worked that out,” she said. Taped to the underside of your desk is a sealed letter from me stating that you in no way coerced me to do anything and that, in fact, exactly the opposite occurred. Not that you’ll ever need it.”

“Drink this, Andrianna,” he said, handing her another shot of Jameson’s. Any inhibition she may have had, evidently, was thin at best anyway.

“Yes sir,” she said, dutifully draining the glass.

Ben sat back a moment and toyed with her, gauging his power and her level of desire.

“So if I said I want you to suck my cock all the way down your throat, you’d do it.”

“Just order me to, sir,” she replied.

“And if I want you to tongue fuck my ass…”

“Of course,” she said, her head swimming and her pussy beginning to tingle.

“And if I want to stick a vibrator in your ass, along with my cock…”

“Oh please,” she said, nearly begging him to begin, “anything…everything.”

“Come over here, Adrianna,” he said. I want to taste those big tits of yours.

Adrianna nearly few out of her chair, sliding over the desk to stand in front of him.

“Sit on the desk,” he commanded her.

“Yes sir.”

Ben literally ripped her thin shirt open and pulled the most luscious set of tits he’d ever seen out of her bra. He alternately sucked on one tit, lightly biting the nipple casino firmaları and running his tongue around her areole, and squeezing her other nipple between his fingers. His cock was beginning to make a familiar tent in his pants. He squeezed her tits hard, fascinated by their size and firmness, then lifted his head to kiss her mouth. An enveloping kiss that seemed to engulf her whole body. He ran his tongue inside her lips, over her teeth; swirled it around inside her mouth. My God, she thought, this was a man who knew how to kiss. Not hard, and many men mistook for passion, not soft or tentative. But with conviction and experience. Just the kind of kiss she knew he’d give her.

Then he turned her around and ran his tongue up the line of her back, licking up the tail of the dragon that she had tattooed from under her arm to the small of her back. All the while, he was holding and squeezing her tits. Adrianna’s head dropped back, her long dark hair falling over him. “Oh, Godddd…that feels good,” she murmured in a throaty voice as he wet her back with his tongue, running his hands up and down her sides and holding her tits when his hands reached back up.

“Get off the desk and stand in front of me, facing the desk,” he said.

“Yes, Ben, yyess,” she said, barely coherent.

Once she did, he unzipped her skirt and watched it fall to the floor. No panties.

He bent her over the desk and ran his tongue down the crack of her ass. It tasted exquisite.

“Spread your ass cheeks for me,” he said.

“Yes sir” Adrianna said, pulling her ass checks apart and exposing her tight pucker.

Ben teased it at first, running little circles around it. He could smell her pussy juices. Had he looked, he would have seen her pussy just glistening with them. He ran his tongue in tighter and tighter circles, ultimately sticking it further and further into her ass. Adrianna pulled her ass cheeks as far apart as she could to give his tongue total access.

He alternated flicking his tongue in and out of her ass with long, slow entrances and exits, taking what seemed like minutes to let his tongue fully explore her ass, then slowly pulling it out only to start again. Most men barely tolerated licking her ass, but he, only he, seemed to revel in the pleasure it brought her. Indeed he did. He loved to feel her quiver and hear her loud moans as his tongue ravaged her ass.

“Oh, yes, oh God, please, that feels so good, baby …that feels so fucking good. You’re making me just crazy…”

While he tongue fucked her ass, Ben turned up the heat by sticking first one, then two of his fingers in Adrianna’s now sopping pussy. He could feel her bear down on his fingers with her vaginal muscles, and he felt the ridges on the inside top of her pussy. He knew enough pressure there and she could blow. He was right.

“Sir, may I, please, may I cum for you?” she begged him, her jaw quivering as the words spilled out.

“Not yet,” he said firmly, punctuated with a sharp crack of his hand on her ass.”

She didn’t know how she could hold on. Her orgasm was coming hard and fast. She felt the tingle in her ankles run up her calves and into her thighs.

“Nnnn…can’t wait much longer Ben. Please, pl…let me cum, need to cum.”

Without saying a word, Ben bent Adrianna over further and removed his tongue from her ass, replacing it with his thumb, and took her clit in his mouth, sucking it hard. There was no choice for Adrianna anymore.

Grabbing to edges of the desk for support as her knees went weak, Adrianna felt her orgasm rising like a Phoenix, making every part of her tingle. She could literally feel the orgasm in her eyelids, causing her eyes to flutter.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. Cum…cumm…cumming so fucking hard…grrrrrr…ahhhhhh!”

Ben held her legs tight and continued to suck her clit right through her orgasm, until the last drop of energy drained from her and those big tits rested on his desk.

“Now turn around, get on your knees and suck my cock, just like you’ve dreamed.” she heard him say. He was a whiz at sizing up people’s inner-most feelings.

When Adrianna turned around, Ben could see her neck and forehead gleaming with sweat, and it turned him on even more. Looking into his eyes, she undid his belt and zipper, pulled down his boxer briefs and released her prize.

Adrianna started sucking from his taint to his balls and back, then lavished his balls with her hot, wet tongue. She went back to his ass again and gave him a rimming that took his breath away, inserting her pinkie just a little for added pleasure. Ben’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head. Then she went back to concentrating on his balls. She moved his hands up under his shirt, shivering as she felt the ridges of his stomach muscles.

Ben lightly stroked his cock until Adrianna took that job over, twisting her hand around his thick, hard cock as she sucked his balls. Reaching over, Ben poured a little of the Jameson’s on his cock, which Adrianna easily sucked off by taking güvenilir casino his cock deep down her throat.

God, how Adrianna loved a hard cock in her mouth. Just the thought of it made her pussy tingle. Ben was right, she had imagined this moment, with this man, in her dreams, waking up to find her sheets wet with her pussy juices. Woken up horny, frustrated and alone, masturbating just to survive and not for the sheer pleasure.

But not tonight. Tonight Adrianna had the object of her every desire’s hard cock in her mouth and as she relished her prize, she couldn’t help but rub her own pussy, and begin to get into a frenzy. Deep, deep down her throat she took him. She loved the unmistakable gurgle she heard coming from his throat, the gurgle of pleasure. He was holding her hair up, out of her eyes, watching her suck his cock. She loved that.

“That’s it, Adrianna…God that’s it. Take it all the way down just like that. That feels fucking amazing.”

“Stick your finger in my ass, girl, do it now.”

Adrianna rubbed her pussy one last time to get her finger good and lubed, then carefully inserted in into his asshole. Ben shuddered. With her finger firmly implanted, she resumed sucking and stoking his cock with her other hand.

Ben’s quad muscles tightened; he could feel the cum rising up from his balls and out his shaft. Spurt after spurt into Adrianna’s mouth didn’t deter her in the least. She kept sucking until the well was dry.

[Author’s note: If this was a porn Ben would be hard and ready again in 30 seconds—if that long. It’s great to have time between takes. But let’s assume that this is real life, and though Ben is a strong and robust man, he still needs some recovery time.]

It got weird for a few minutes. Perhaps both of them wondering about the door they’d opened and to where it would lead them. On the other hand, they had worked together for quite some time and had built up a comfort level that was solid. In addition, they were both excited that they had found an outlet for the unrequited passion they both felt and needed to express.

Ben could not get over how he had missed how incredibly sexy Adrianna was. What a powerful sexual aura she exuded…with the right person. She was the definition of sexy to him. Smart, funny, charismatic and with a passion that, once revealed, was endless.

For her part, Adrianna had always found Ben attractive. It was in his smile, his lightning-quick wit and supportive nature, his lust for life and passion for…passion. It didn’t hurt that he was built like a brick shithouse, too, and worked hard to stay that way. She liked a man who was aware of his physique, without going overboard, and knew how to use his body to give pleasure. He was a rare find and just what she needed.

Making their way to his office couch, they found themselves kissing and touching each other all over. Adrianna pulled a small, thin vibrator out of her purse and turned it on. The new batteries hummed to life and she rubbed it along Ben’s stomach and chest, up the side of his neck, looking into his eyes with an expression that was both playful and excited.

Taking her hand in his, Ben directed the vibrator to Adrianna’s lower neck and upper breasts. As she released in into his hand, she leaned in to kiss him, feeling absolutely no inhibition whatsoever; he could do whatever he wanted—in any way he wanted, and she would be satisfied. She smiled at the absurd comical thought of him driving a truck up her ass.

She wouldn’t be that far off.

Still locking tongues with her, Ben rubbed the slender vibrator around Adrianna’s sensitive nipples, sending shock waves into her. Everywhere the vibrator went, his tongue followed. Across her breasts, down her stomach, the small of her back…up her sexy calves to her pussy. There he let it linger just inside her entrance as he licked designs on her clit. She felt like jello, quivering all over and losing all control.

Ben positioned Adrianna on her side, moving the vibrator from her pussy to her ass and back, each time coating it further with her juices. Finally, he let it sink into her ass while he licked her pussy with long, powerful strokes of her tongue.

“Oh my God, baby, you’re making me crazy…making me…making me…oh my G…..”

Ben was fixated in Adrianna’s choke collar. He knew from college anatomy class—since every lawyer is a frustrated physician—that he didn’t want to deprive her of air, but of blood. That if he pulled that collar just right, the lack of blood to her head would put her in a different place, intensifying everything she felt. Restricting her air supply even for a short time would make it hard for her to breathe. Restricting the blood flow to her head would make her crazy…in a really, really good way.

So when he lifted his head up and pulled the collar to the base of her neck and tightened his grip, Adrianna felt like she was going into a trance; where all she could feel was the pleasure he was giving her. It seemed through her eyes as though things went from color to a sort of sepia tone. She felt as though things were moving in slow motion, and as though she could hear her own heart beating, or the wings of a fly fluttering. Like she could feel every cell in her body—and they all felt pleasure.

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