Adventures of a Pakistani Wife

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Kulsoom wanted to strike a full blow at the chubby face of her husband who reached climax on barely his 12th stroke. He was panting hard as he had climbed a mountain.

“Was it good?” Nawaz had the balls to ask his wife.

“Yes! Very exciting,” she said pushing away his plum body, whose weight now made breathing difficult for her.

Nawaz fell on the other side of the bed – panting hard. In less than five minutes he was snoring. But Kulsoom was wide-awake. A fire raged in her body. She was horny as hell. She wanted to kick the ass of her stupid husband who did not know how to fuck. She lay motionless in an attempt to calm her body. Time passed. She curled and turned on the bed – angry and frustrated. The clock struck twice. She wanted a glass of cold water. She was thirsty. She got up, wore her clothes and tiptoed out of the bedroom. The entire house seemed asleep.

It was a usual hot, oppressive summer night of Lahore. She realized this as she stepped out of her air-conditioned bedroom. The kitchen was on the ground floor – close to the bedroom of Nawaz’s parents.

Kulsoom ran down the stairs. Lights of the ground-floor lounge were still on.

“Who could be there? Is uncle still reading?”

Yes – uncle Zareef was lost in a book.

“You still awake dear,” Zareef asked his daughter-in-law as she glided into the lounge on her way to the kitchen.

“Just feeling a little thirsty,” she said while opening the fridge in the kitchen.

“Is Nawaz awake too?”

“No he had been sleep for more than three-hours,” said Kulsoom as she walked out of the kitchen with a bottle of water and a glass.

“I see,” said Zareef gazing at her firm, lanky figure, which exposed all the right curves and mounts even under her white crumpled baggy shirt and shalwar – the traditional baggy trousers.

“What a fool that he is asleep,” Zareef thought eyeing his daughter-in-law’s elegant figure as she gulped water.

Kulsoom’s almond-shaped face seemed to glow amidst the long, thick black hair, scattered over her shoulders. The 23-year-old girl looked stunning.

Unaware of the close scrutiny of her body by Zareef’s piercing eyes, Kulsoom poured more water in the glass. This time she drank it a little slowly.

“You seem really thirsty,” said Zareef. “Is every thing ok?”

“Yeh,” said Kulsoom thinking how she can tell this man that his son does not know how to use his seven-inch long tool. He had failed to give her a single organism during two months of their married life.

“It’s really hot,” she said trying to divert her mind from spasms of heat moving between her thighs.

“It’s burning,” the experienced 55-year-old man replied. He knew something was wrong. He could read it on her face. But what it was he could not tell.

“Take care of yourself child. You are my best friend’s daughter. If you have any problem, never hesitate to come to me. I am your best friend.”

Kulsoom was touched by these words. She bent and gave a tender hug to her father-in-law. He stroked her hair with one hand and petted the back with the other. She gave a small kiss on his bearded face.

“Thank you uncle,” she said. “I really love you!”

“No worries my child,” he said. “Now go and sleep”

Kulsoom ran toward the stairs and Zareef shut his book with a bang.

“What a lovely girl?” he thought. “How tender are her lips?”

He could still feel the nice smell of her hair and imagine the silky smoothness of her skin. “But she does not seem happy. What’s wrong?”

In her room, Kulsoom was still wide-awake. She was grateful for the kind words of her father-in-law. She liked him very much. She thought him as a man of good character and good appearance. Zareef had a handsome face. Thanks to the regular walks and careful diet, he has managed to keep his waistline in control – unlike his son Nawaz — and appeared much younger than his age. His had a trimmed grayish beard, which added to his personality.

The next morning, Kulsoom woke up with the shrill bell of the telephone, casino şirketleri which kept on ringing. She knew Nawaz had already left for work. So is her mother-in-law. But uncle must be in the house. He now mostly operates his business from the house, giving most responsibilities to his two sons — Nawaz and Shabeer.

“Why is he not picking up the phone extension?” she thought.

“Hello,” she shouted over the phone.

“Hi! It’s me.”

“Hi! When did you return from honeymoon? How was it?” Kusloom said recognizing the voice of her best friend Neelum.

“Oh Great,” Neelum said in an excited tone. “We remained locked in the bedroom most of the time.”

“And you call it great?”

“Of course. He has made me a real woman. Never missed an opportunity to take a ride on me – and that too a long one,” Neelum said.

“Give me all the details. Quick,” Kulsoom said giggling.

“Wait for the uncensored details until we meet. You tell me. How is your stallion? Is he fucking you well or you need some help from outside?”

“What do you mean?” Kulsoom said getting tense.

“Listen. I have big secrete to share,” Neelum said.


“I have not one but two good riders. You can share them with me.”

Kulsoom was shocked. She knew Neelum was dangerously bold, straightforward and addicted to flirtations. But returning from honeymoon with news that she has two men to fuck her was perhaps too much to expect from a newly wed girl.

“You are joking,” Kulsoom said.

“No! Not at all, I am a liberated woman now. And I would not have asked you to join us in such a straightforward manner, had I not been told that Nawaz is a pathetic fucker.”

“Who told you this?” Kulsoom said in a small voice.

“Nasir – my husband’s friend and our partner. He knows Nawaz well. They are college friends and fucked a couple of girls together. Nasir calls Nawaz a man of just a dozen strokes.”

“Bullshit,” Kulsoom shouted back feeling a bit humiliated, though she knew that Neelum was telling the truth.

“Listen, Nasir saw you at my wedding and is dying to suck your tits, lick your cunt and fuck both your holes.”

“Shut-up,” Kulsoom said.

“Oh yes I am shutting up because Nasir has already attacked my pussy. Ahhh He is such a good licker. Give yourself time to think. Talk to you later Ahha bye,” said Neelum.

Kulsoom stood speechless as she hung up the phone.

“Is Neelum gone nuts? Is she joking? Is she really fucking her husband’s friend?”

She was pondering on these questions when she heard a soft knock at her bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Her father-in-law walked in slowly.

“Subah bakheir (Good morning) Uncle,” Kusloom said straightening her dress.

“I have something important to discuss,” Zareef said in a grave tone.

“What is it? What’s the matter?” Kulsoom said observing his stern face.

“I accidentally heard your telephone conversation. It was shocking.”

“Uncle please”

“Is it true Nawaz fails to satisfy you?”

Kulsoom was thunder-struck.

“No need to feel ashamed, or get afraid. Answer my question in yes or no.?”

There was a pause as they both looked at each other.

“Is Nawaz doing justice to your pussy?” Zareef said looking into his daughter-in-law’s eyes.

Kulsoom was shocked the way uncle used the word pussy. It appeared too coarse the way he said it. She was speechless.

“Give me an answer. In yes or no.”

“No!” she said and hung her face down blushing with shame.

Kulsoom was a virgin when she got married. She and Neelum were both die-hard liberals and bold in their ideas, but barring some innocent flirts they stayed away of practical sex until they got married. But marriage changed Neelum’s life – erasing the gulf in her dreams and reality.

For Kulsoom, a good fuck was still a dream.

“Tell me, is your pussy hungry for a strong dick? Do you desire a lengthy session of fucking which takes all your heat, all your passion out,” uncle casino firmaları said in a strong whisper.

Kulsoom with her dropped head stayed quite.

“Tell me. Yes or No?” said Zareef in a menacing tone.

“Yes,” slipped out of Kulsoom’s lips, but she did not dare to lift her head.

“Listen I am not angry at you. I am your friend. You have a legitimate need,” Zareef said ogling the shape of his daughter’s round, firm breasts hidden under her white shirt.

“Elders are there to help the young ones. I am here to help you. I will make sure that Nawaz gets a proper treatment the soonest, the better. But until he gets ready to satisfy you, some one else should take care of your pussy and lovely body. Not many father-in-laws will have such care for their daughter-in-laws.”

“Yes,” Kulsoom hissed sensing what he wanted, but was not mentally ready to accept it.

“Your caring friend has given you a proposal. She wants you to fuck her husband and their partner. But it will dishonor the family,” Sharif said. “Others will come to know that my daughter-in-law is being fucked outside because there is no man in this house to satisfy her.”

“I can never dream doing such a thing,” Kulsoom protested.

Zareef smiled. “My child in life often the pussy, not morality leads the way.”

“I have an alternative proposal,” he said after a pause.

Kulsoom, who was starved for sex, could guess her uncle’s proposal.

“I think I can protect the family honor until Nawaz learns to fuck you well.”

“What do you mean?” Kulsoom said though she clearly understood the explicit message.

Her nipples were already standing erect after so much of sex-talk. The possibility of the fuck has brought moisture in her unused cunt.

“My old dick can satisfy you. If it fails, other options are open for you. I will then not stop you.”

Kulsoom lifted her head and stood erect before her father-in-law – showing the full bulge of her breasts concealed under her kamiz.

“What kind of a man are you? What kind of a father are you? You want to fuck your own daughter-in-law. It’s insane. It’s incest,” she said trying to control her conflicting emotions.

“You need it,” the old man said.

“You are mad. You are dirty pervert. How can you say such a thing to me? Have you no shame? Have you no honor?”

Zareef was shaken by Kulsoom’s tirade. Has he committed a blunder? Has he moved too fast?

“Get out of here at once. Nawaz will kill you if he came to know about his father’s proposal.”

Zareef hurriedly went out of the room. A smile came on Kulsoom’s lips on seeing her father-in-law hurrying away. “Poor guy! Wanting to help a damsel in distress with his old dick.”

After five minutes she dashed into the bathroom to take a bath.

Zareef was worried. He made a move, which had misfired. How is he going to face her? She looked so sexy — he wanted to rip apart her clothes and devour her. But he could never force a woman in to submission. It was not his style.

He was pacing up and down in his room when there was a soft knock on the door.

The proud figure of Kulsoom walked in – clad in red-color full sleeves kamiz and shalwar and a black dupata (big scarf) rapped around her. After the bath she was looking fresher than ever. Her hair was still wet, giving her a sexier look.

“Uncle can we talk?” She asked.

“Go ahead,” Zareef said in a shaken voice.

“Uncle you know how I respected you. I thought you really care for me. But your proposal – it is so disgusting. Just think of its repercussions. How can you justify it on moral and religious grounds?”

Oh she has taken a bath and changed her clothes. And now she is asking for a justification to get a fuck. Zareef saw a chance for himself – a chance to fuck this sexy young girl. His confidence rebounded.

“What other justification you want when you have a hungry pussy and there is some one who promises to take good care for it,” he said in an earnest voice. “And in matters of heart, physical güvenilir casino needs – there is no, morality, no religion. It’s your body, if you are not hurting any one else – you can do what you like with it.”

“Is this enough?” she said looking straight into his eyes.

“You are young and you deserve a good fuck,” Zareef said.

And what about the repercussions?

“Don’t worry about repercussions. Trust me I will handle it all for you. It will be our secret — our family secret,” he said in a voice now shaking with desire.

“You really desire your daughter-in-law so desperately?” she said slowly removing her duppata and throwing it on the floor.

“More than anything in world.”

She stood erect ready to offer herself to the old man.

Zareef slowly moved toward Kulsoom and encircled her narrow waist in his strong arms. They looked into each other’s eyes and then were locked in a deep kiss. Their tongues rolled and explored each other. Like two lovebirds they stayed in this position for minutes. Zareef’s hands were wondering over hips and breasts of his daughter-in-law who felt as her body was on fire.

“Nawaz had never kissed me like that. He never touched me like that as you are doing uncle,” Kulsoom said in a husky voice. “You are so much in control. So smooth and professional, while he so tactless.”

She was now kissing the neck of her father-in-law, eating his earlobes, driving the man mad with lust.

Zareef with one mighty stroke tore open the front buttons of Kulsoom’s kamiz exposing her white milky breast covered in a flimsy black bra.

“Suck it jani (dear) suck my nipples,” Kulsoom implored her father-in-law.

Zareef’s stuffed a nipple and large portion of breast in his mouth and rubbed the second wildly with his hand, driving Kulsoom crazy. In minutes they were tearing away each other’s clothes.

“I love your touch. I love the way you suck. Please don’t stop,” Kusloom shouted as she fell on the double bed. Zareef had now buried his fingers deep inside the pussy of his daughter-in-law and was sucking, biting her nipples.

Kulsoom’s shrieks were becoming louder with every new bite, every stroke of fingers. Uncle was an expert. She grabbed his eight-inch steel hard cock. It is bigger than Nawaz — and Kusloom thanked her stars. She started pumping it and playing with the big balls of her husband’s father.

“I hope it won’t leak with the touch of my hand?” she said as she rubbed the cock.

“It won’t before it bursts you open,” Zareef said now licking her shaven armpits.

“Oh How I want your dick. Please insert it inside my hungry cunt. Show me how a man fucks a woman. Let’s not waste time. The maid will be here shortly. Fuck me now. Fuck your daughter-in-law. Violate the honor of your son’s wife. Please do it,” she said.

Kusloom’s dirty talk was making Zareef mad.

Zareef shoved his organ inside the dripping pussy of Kulsoom. With one stroke he was deep inside her. A loud aah came out of Kulsoom’s mouth. Sharif lay still for awhile on top of his daughter-in-law with dick buried inside her. Kulsoom felt the throbbing of the organ. She was in bliss. Then slowly, Zareef started to move – masking long slow strokes. Kulsoom counted one, two …. Twelve. Zareef continued the movement. Her legs rose higher, pointing toward the sky and she started matching Zareef’s strokes with the movement of her hips. They both were in heaven, breathing heavily but maintaining their rhythm.

“I love it jaan (my life). Go on. Please don’t stop,” Kulsoom shouted.

“Daughter I love you,” that’s all Zareef could say.

Kulsoom was at the verge of her first organism of her life during a fuck. Ah Ahhh. She released her juices. One wave after another as Zareef pounded her pussy mercilessly.

Ah … oh my God. …I am through” Kulsoom screamed clutching to Zareef’s body with full might.

It was then Zareef sprayed his seed deep inside his daughter-in-law’s cunt – one burst after another. After the thunderous organisms, the old man and the young woman lay motionless for minutes.

“I can never forget this,” Kulsoom whispered. “Thank you.”

Zareef smiled. “It is just the beginning. You deserve more and you will have more,” he said planting a kiss on her cheek.


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