Adventures of Barberboi Ch. 3

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Petal continued to cum to me for tutoring every Saturday. Not only was she topping her class in physics, she was topping physically as well. We continued to switch as and when necessary. One moment she was on the chair figuring out the problems I set, the next I was atop her on the bed, before she insisted on pinning me and smothering me with her golden locks. My cunt burned with fiery passion every time I fantasised about that braid, or ponytail, or loosened tresses brushing my tits, being wrapped around my neck or brushing the softest part of my lower back and ass. More than once as we sucked and licked and flicked and fucked each other senseless, I pictured it shorn and strewn all around the bed we writhed upon.

Petal’s specially loved to use her tongue. She could curl it into a broad and wet paddle to scoop my cum juice from me, or she could turn it into a stiff board with which to tongue my ass. I would lie on my front on the bed or on all fours on the floor. Petal would ride my shaven head with her smooth wet cunt, and lean forward to fuck me with her magic tongue. Or else, she would nibble and bite my tits for what seemed like hours, sucking so hard that all the next week I would have hickies to remember her by. She would poke her tongue thru one of my nipple rings and pull it hard, hard, hard, upwards ’til I was screaming with pleasurable pain. At the same time she would pump my cunt with her fingers till I oozed slick and juice all over her and she could twist a hand inside and fist me. Oh, glorious, glorious fuck! Some Saturdays, after Physics she would stay late into the night and all day Sunday, so we could feast on each others’ bodies.

From me, Petal especially liked my toy collection – double-headed dildoes, which banged her ass and cunt together were her favourites. Oh, yes, wild thing… as long as no one else knew what we were doing.

Still, our relationship was hidden from the outside world, conducted entirely within the confines of my student room. Petal was so deeply in the closet that there was no way she would accompany me even to the safest of dyke-spaces. She said over and over that the day she came out to her mother was the day she would come out to the world.

Being out and proud, I was unable to stay out of circulation from the lesbian scene in town. Petal was my Saturday fuck, a joyous siren, sure enough, but not the only action in my life. As long as Petal stayed hidden from view, I pursued other interests as well. If you called me a slut, how could I possibly be offended?!? Petal was always co-operative. If I said I was going out Saturday night, she got dressed without demur and left without fuss.

At this time I started to notice a quiet, bespectacled woman in one of my classes. I guessed she was in her late thirties, older than most bahis firmaları of us students, and seemingly friendly with the lecturer. I wondered just how friendly, since my lesbo gaydar had been bipping off the screen ever since I had first clapped eyes on Susan Pinkerton, Senior Lecturer.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out. One Friday night, hanging out with buddies at the local gay bar, in walked Susan and the woman from my lectures. Susan was flirting with this woman, who was a little more reticent, but clearly enjoying herself. I noticed, however, that as Susan tried to unbutton her companion’s shirt, her hand was promptly removed. However, the top two buttons remained unfastened and I glimpsed the most magnificent set of rounded, full tits I’d ever has the pleasure of sighting. It’s crude and totally superficial, but I knew I just had to get up close and personal with those tits.

Contriving to move closer to the couple, I found myself sitting at the bar next to Susan’s companion. Nodding at her (and blatantly ogling her magnificent bazookas) I held out my hand and introduced myself. I have to own here that I was fairly breathless in my lust, and I had one thing on my mind. I had to be in bed with those magnificent breasts by the end of the night, and I didn’t care how, or with whom else. If it meant Susan had to accompany them, then so be it!

“Trina”, she returned my introduction. Susan leaned over and smiled at me, said hello, and pulled Trina proprietarily towards her. Yet Trina continued to hold eye contact with me, and turned slightly to include me in their conversation. My cunt did little flipflops and short shots of electrical lust caused my knickers and jeans to get moist. I was conscious that my cunt would be smelling of sexual readiness, and that my cheeks and neck would be flushing. At moments like this I tend to run my hands across my shorn head, to finger my ear lobes and trace the soft, bare skin around my ears. Trina watched my every move and smiled as I unconsciously brushed my other hand across my swollen left, pierced nipple. Her gaze rested upon my nipples pushing out from my light cotton tank top.

Susan leaned forward and whispered something to Trina, who nodded and smiled enigmatically. With that, Susan indicated to BOTH of us to follow her on to the dance floor. Tonight was not the night for slow-dancing, but getting hot and sweaty. We three brushed against each other in our revelry for over an hour, before taking a break for a recovery drink. It was then that Susan suggested that we move on to her apartment. Neither Trina nor I hesitated.

Back at Susan’s campus apartment, we three wasted no time getting down and going down. I had to get to Trina’s tits before I burst with frustration, and so have to confess I got a little rough. kaçak iddaa Not that Trina objected, oh no, those still waters were being well and truly stirred. I backed her against the wall of Susan’s living room as soon as we entered, and ripped her shirt open. The remaining buttons flew off, and those tits were finally in my face. I started to devour them, lapping and sucking and twisting and…

Let me describe in detail. All my lovers have demonstrated that I am a Tit Mistress. Every one has been through multiple cums when I get going. With Trina, I pressed her against the wall, my hands moulding her delectable orbs. How full and soft to the touch they were, while still firm. Her nipples were huge, the areolas behind them plump and puckered. Oh, I gasped, this woman has had at least one child! The telltale little bumps surrounding the nipples were pronounced and dark. Sometimes simultaneous firmness and softness happens to tits after they have been suckled by a baby.

With one hand I mashed and moulded her right tit. I drew all five of my fingers together, meeting them in a pinch at her nipple. I pulled that nipple out l-o-n-g – as far as I could pull it, until I heard little wincing sounds, then I completely flattened my hand, and with a flattened palm, rubbed around and around the nipple. All the while I was swirling my tongue around her left nipple, flicking and biting and sucking it d-e-e-p into my mouth. Trina, in response, raised her knee and placed it between my thighs and started running her hands all over my shaved hair – tracing her fingers over the baldy patches… tickling behind my ears and nape. Right then I wished I had shaved it close all over, and thought about next Wednesday’s barbering…

I then reversed my attentions on her tits – and finally, placed my left hand to the side of her left one, and right hand in the corresponding place on her right one… pushed them together – HARD – and continuing to squeeze, took both nipples into my mouth. I now worked them entirely with my mouth. Trina’s breathing became short and shallow as the signals from her mammaries transferred to her inner sex.

I knew that behind me Susan was humping herself. I could hear the hum of a vibrator, and hear the slurping of moisture, and the panting breath of a masturbating woman. She was a gracious hostess, knowing that soon we three were going to have even more fun together, but allowing me my delicious starter.

Susan let out an animal-like moan at the same time as Trina slumped down the wall, shuddering from cumming. I picked Trina up and carried her to the sofa where Susan was waiting. Susan was naked, but Trina was still wearing her skirt, and I was fully clothed, although my jeans were sopping wet in the crotch and my tits were straining my tank top. The uppermost thought kaçak bahis in my mind was the delightful anticipation of those gorgeous tits being thrust against my cunt…

Susan smiled enigmatically, and I knew it was my turn to be used. My cunt and ass tingled in anticipation. Susan undid the buttons on my jeans, and pushed them down over my hips and pulled them off. My bush came into view, and she gasped “My God, with such short hair on your head you have a magnificent bush down here… ” Turns out she loved burying her face in pubic hair and licking the drops of juice, or better yet, running her teeth down individual hairs, causing fuckjuice to sliver down her chin as she did. I pulled off my top.

Susan took control. She pulled Trina up to a sitting position and spread her legs… her skirt still on but pushed up, exposing her snatch. It was as if Trina was a slut, too hungry to bother getting undressed, but above her skirt, fully exposed where she had already been pleasured. Then Susan pushed my head between Trina’s legs. I could smell her wantonness, and her cunt was there for my eating.

Susan, meanwhile, had strapped on a harness and cock. She raised me onto knees, ensuring my ass was pointed out. Next thing I knew, as I was flicking Trina’s clit with my tongue, I felt a sharp slap across my ass. I was being paddled with a pingpong bat, the rubber causing my ass to sting. I jolted forward and sucked Trina’s clit deep into my mouth as I felt the shock! So, Susan was beyond vanilla, eh! I wondered just how far she went, but for now, I lost myself into the intense stinging and sharp pain of the paddling I was receiving. Oh but it felt soooooooooo good. I thrust my ass back, and wiggled it in the air. I removed one hand from where I had them clasped around Trina’s waist, pulling her closer to my face, and traced a finger along my own crack. I dallied at my asshole and rimmed it with my finger. Susan placed the bat, meanwhile, on my back so I knew she had put it down. What next? It wasn’t long before I knew… a whip cracked the air, and then I felt its controlled force across my ass. Jeeeeeeeeeeez. This gal knew what she was doing, for sure. She knew exactly how hard to lash me to cause intense pleasure, but no harm.

I moaned and screamed with each lashing, five in all, and felt my cunt dripping. My tongue was buried deep in Trina… her thighs grasped the sides of my head, and she was jerking back and forth when I felt the tip of Susan’s chickcock on my ass. Oh, god, I moaned, and she thrust it in. I was lubed as hell, but she had made sure it was extra lubed for a slippery fit. She pulled back, then shoved it in again. And again. And again. And again.

I am only aware that she was still thrusting when I came in a screaming orgasm, just as Trina shook and thrashed her head back and forth. I lost consciousness momentarily and slumped, my head still wedged between Trina’s thighs, my body limp and sprawled on the floor. Briefly, as I went limp, I thought of Petal and her coming out…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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