Adventures of the Naked Fisherman Ch. 18

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Aaron woke up first from the nap and looked beside him and Gus and Mark still resting soundly. He went to the kitchen and pulled the fresh filets from the fridge and got them prepped for dinner along with the guac and side of pasta. He set the table on the deck and poured three glasses of red wine and made his way back down the hall to wake his guys for dinner. He opened the door to find Mark nursing on Gus’ flaccid dick as he snored beside him.

“Put a little more effort into it, Mark. Dinner’s ready and we’re about to get a great sunset.”

Mark took Gus’ whole dick into his mouth and sucked up his balls for good measure. The fisherman stirred and grabbed Mark by the armpits to pull him up for a nice kiss. Mark fit well on top of Gus; their torsos aligned almost perfectly.

“Dinner and sunset boys, out on the deck, everything is ready,” Aaron said, “I’ll see y’all out there.”

Gus and Mark continued kissing for a few more moments before Gus lifted Mark into his chair so they could go have some dinner. It had been a nice solid nap for all three of them, and they felt refreshed, which was good thing considering that a suburban side of beef would likely be requesting their sexual energy in an hour or two. They took their places at the table on the deck and toasted one another and their catch, which Aaron had expertly prepared. They took a sip of wine and made quick work of the fresh fish.

“So I saw Bill when I was in town, and he wants to come over tonight,” Gus shared.

“Nice! I look forward to meeting, him, and seeing this massive cock for myself,” Mark said.

“He’d left a note under my windshield wiper that he’d stopped by when were were out on the boat – he’s really horny – and is itching to get out of his family house,” Gus offered.

“Did he say when he’d be here?” Aaron asked.

“Just that he’d head over here after dinner tonight, not sure on a specific time,” Gus replied.

The men watched the sunset over the sound and finished off a couple bottles of wine. They were usually beer guys, but the wine was perfect for the evening. The mid-70’s temps, slight breeze, and the warm head of a coming wine buzz suited all three of the naked men well.

Aaron stood up and looked at his men, “I’m ready to claim my prizes for winning the competition today.”

“Well marine, you want the massage first, or the rim chair first?” Gus asked.

“Massage, please,” Aaron responded and walked back into the house.

Gus made quick work of the dishes and joined his marines in the bedroom.

Gus and Mark took their places on either side of Aaron who was laying face down in the middle of the king bed. Mark had grabbed a couple bottles of the massage oil from the sex den and the men got to work. They started at Aaron’s feet and oiled up his entire body, softly rubbing the nice smelling oil into his sun kissed skin. The oil made it easy for them to move through Aaron’s thick light brown leg hair with their fingers.

Mark spent a little time using his hand to massage around Aaron’s missing pinky toe. “I’d forgotten you lost this toe the day we got blown up, Aaron, what does it feel like?”

“I don’t really feel anything there, no ghost appendage or anything, do you have ghost limbs, Mark, I’ve never asked you that before?”

Mark, using his strong and dextrous hand to rub oil deep into Aaron’s calf, responded, “Yeah actually, I do. It’s more pronounced with my right arm than with my legs, but my mind does still respond as if I had all my limbs, it used to really freak me out. At this point, I’ve gotten used to it.”

Gus listened to Mark as he pressed oil into his sexy Marine’s hamstring with long and deep strokes.

“The dreams, PTSD, and waking up as a triple amputee, though, I’m still not used to. If I wake up and try to run, or move, well, you’ve seen it Aaron – I just end up discombobulated and screaming on the floor,” Mark continued.

Gus hadn’t yet experienced a PTSD episode with his Marines, but both of them had talked about it, and he knew it was a very real thing. He listened to his men recount the day of the attack, and could feel the tension rise in Aaron’s back and neck muscles under his hands. When they finished, the room fell silent.

“Roll over Aaron, let’s get your front rubbed down,” Mark commanded.

Aaron rolled over onto his back, his beautiful and scarred body bare and sprawled out before them. Mark and Gus oiled up his front side, making sure every crack and appendage received attention. Mark spent some quality time massaging the tender areas on the insides of his husbands legs, where his balls rubbing had kept hairless patches of skin. Gus used his big paws to work Aaron’s muscular chest into submission. Aaron sighed and breathed heavily at the tension leaving his muscles.

Aaron was gorgeous, his hairy defined body glistening beneath the hands of his lovers, he was a caretaker by nature, and being pampered like this made him shine.

“Come finish me off with a kiss boys,” Aaron commanded.

“What, bahis firmaları no happy ending?” Mark questioned lifting his face from his husbands balls.

“The happy ending to this massage is for my two sexy men to connect their mouths to mine so we can feel and share each other’s love face to face.” Aaron responded.

The men obliged and joined their mouths into a three-man kiss. The delicately explored each other’s tongues and lips, while breathing in each others breaths. The tenderness of their togetherness exuded love. They were in love.

A rapping on the front screen door interrupted their moment and boys pulled back and smiled, knowing that Bill had arrived. They all got out of bed and went to the kitchen naked and Gus grabbed the door.

“Hey Gus…wow…good to see you,” Bill said, letting his eyes slowly take in Gus’ hairy body from head to toe.

“Hey Bill,” Aaron said from behind Gus in the kitchen, “Can I offer you a beer?”

“Sure, sounds great,” Bill responded as he followed Gus into the kitchen.

“And you must be Mark,” Bill said, extending his left hand to grab Mark’s, “I’m Bill, you might have heard about me from these guys.”

“I might have heard a little, or should I say big, something about you, Bill,” Mark said laughing, “Nice to meet you.”

Both Aaron and Gus were pleasantly surprised that Bill wasn’t the slightest bit awkward with Mark. Often times people would stare, or act differently seeing a triple amputee, but Bill treated him like a normal person.

“I guess I’m a little over dressed for this party,” Bill said, taking a swing of beer.

“By all means, feel free to join us naked if you want to,” Mark replied.

Bill set his beer on the bar and pulled his t-shirt over his head. His built chest and nice belly made all three guys take a deep breath. He was a little sunburnt, just like them, and his big tool was already getting excited behind his shorts.

“You know I told LeAnn I was coming to see you boys to play some cards and plan out a fishing trip for this week, and she just smiled and told me to have fun, and to tell you boys hi,” Bill said, undoing his belt.

The three men’s eyes were fixated on Bill’s crotch as he slowly unbuttoned his pants, and zipped down his zipper. His massive meat was pressing hard against a fresh pair of tighty-whiteys.

“Holy fuck,” Mark offered, “Gus, Aaron, y’all weren’t telling fish stories, he’s packing a baby’s arm in there.”

The men all laughed and Bill blushed as he removed his shorts and underwear and unleashed his rock hard dick.

“Going a little stir crazy at the family compound, Bill?” Aaron asked.

“A little, also, just got horny as hell thinking about you guys down here, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head, I needed to come get in on the action and so I could have a relaxing week,” Bill replied. “So have you guys done the rim chair thing yet, I’d like to see that?”

“Well alright, let’s get to it then,” Gus responded. “Aaron’s won himself a half hour ride on that chair, so he’s first up.”

“I’ll seed some of my time over to our friend Bill, so he can see what it’s all about,” Aaron said, winking at Gus, knowing how much he loved Bill’s amazing ass.

Mark led the way down the hallway, followed by Aaron who massaged his shoulders on the way. Bill was next, followed by Gus who had a hand clasped around each of Bill’s cheeks. All four men were standing at full attention.

Mark paused in front of the door so Bill would have a chance to read the sign. Bill chuckled and read aloud “The Naked Fisherman’s Sex Den.”

“Once we’re in here, Gus is in charge,” Aaron said, and the four men entered the room.

“This is a rim chair,” Gus said, holding up the stool like structure he grabbed from the corner of the room, “And that, is the sex sling,” pointing to the middle of the room, “Over there in the closet is the glory hole, on the bed over there are the toys if you’re feeling adventurous, and all the lube, poppers, and oils you might need are over there on the dresser,” Gus said pointing across the room.

Bill’s was in awe. Gus laid down on the floor next to the sling and put the rim chair over his face. “Hop on marine, you won this fair and square,” Gus said to Aaron who gladly obliged. Mark and Bill watched as Gus went to work on his lover’s asshole. “Oh fuck, Gus, you’re so good this, your tongue feels so good,” Aaron moaned.

Mark, situated to Bill’s right, reached over caressed Bill’s ass with his hand. Bill moved closer to him and turned toward him putting his thick meat right into Mark’s face. Mark opened his mouth as wide as he could, stretching his jaw out, and then began slowly licking the Bill’s meat. Bill watched Aaron’s dick pulse with pleasure in front of him as he groaned at Gus’ tongue going in and out of his asshole.

Mark began moving his mouth over Bill’s cock and slowly eased his beer can dick down into his throat. Bill was amazed that Mark could fit him all the way in kaçak iddaa his mouth without his teeth scraping or any gagging. Bill let out a sigh, and grabbed Mark by the back of his head and started moving him back and forth, enjoying the sensation of the first real blow job he could ever remember having.

“Wow, Mark, that feels fucking amazing,” Bill said cocking his head back and looking up toward the ceiling while Mark moved slowly back and forth on his dick. Mark enjoyed the taste of the steady stream of pre-cum leaking out of Bill, and made sure to swallow it all each time he pulled back to the tip.

Aaron’s whole body tingled while his fisherman dined on his ass. His cock, too, was leaking streams of pre-cum that landed in Gus’ fur below him. Gus enjoyed the feeling of the pre-cum slowly making it’s way through his chest hairs and hitting his skin. He gripped his lovers thighs with his hands and forced his tongue as far into Aaron’s hole as it would go.

“Oh fuck, Gus!” Aaron yelled.

Mark let Bill out of his mouth and they both looked over to watch Aaron squirm and moan.

“Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!” Aaron said, and then stood up from the rim chair, “And I’m not ready to cum yet.”

Gus grinned, took a deep breath, and wiped his beard through the hole in the rim chair, “Who’s next?” he asked deviously.

Bill and Mark looked at each other and smiled. Bill reached down and picked Mark and carried him over to the rim chair, placing his ass in the bullseye. Gus held Mark’s thighs tightly and started slowly teasing the crack of his ass. Mark shuddered and let out a deep sigh.

Aaron used to pull the rim chair out on a pretty regular basis but it had been more than three years since Mark had last had the pleasure. He loved the way Gus tenderly ate him, opening him up slowly and using his facial hair for extra pleasure. “You’re amazing fisherman, goddamn,”Mark uttered between moans.

Bill turned toward Aaron and tackled him back onto the twin bed, knocking the toys onto the floor in the process. He kissed him desperately and squeezed him as tight as he could, groaning into his bearded mouth. The men kissed as Bill pressed himself down on top of Aaron with his full weight. Aaron welcomed the passion and returned the pleasure forcing his tongue into the back of Bill’s mouth while wrapping his arms tightly around him. After a frantic few minutes, the men came up for air and looked into each other’s eyes.

“I’m so lucky I met y’all,” Bill offered.

“We’re lucky too,” Aaron replied, smacking Bill’s ass, “Leave it to our fisherman over there to bring us all together.”

The men looked down from the bed at Mark enjoying Gus’ probing tongue while the red tip of his dick oozed clear pre cum into Gus’ fur. “You should have seen what a bumbling idiot I was when I first met Gus,” Bill said, “I literally fell over and spilled my beer.”

“He does seem to have that effect on people, doesn’t he?” Aaron replied. “I swallowed his cock in the fitting room of a Bass Pro Shop,” Aaron said, laughing.

“No shit?” Bill laughed.

“No shit, he got me all hot and bothered and I couldn’t help myself,” Aaron responded.

Gus, speaking from under Mark’s open hole said, “You guys talking about me?”

“Yeah fisherman, just about how we’re all really lucky, and how you’re hot as fuck, that’s all,” Aaron said.

“Bill, ready for your turn?” Mark asked from the rim chair, “Gus has a way of getting me close to cumming just by eating my ass, and I’m trying to last a little longer.”

Bill had been fantasizing about the rim chair since Gus told him about it earlier this afternoon. He never knew that he liked his ass played with, eaten and fucked until he met Gus. His thick cock had been hard off and on all day just thinking about it. “You know I am,” Bill replied.

Gus took another deep breath and readied himself for the next piece of cake. He knew this piece was extra sweet, and he often thought about Bill’s perfect ass in moments of boredom and horniness. “Bring that big ass over here,” Gus ordered.

Aaron picked Mark up, and placed him in the sling and Bill popped a squat onto the rim chair, “Get you some, Gus,” Bill said.

Gus ran his hands slowly down Bill’s back and used the tip of his tongue to tease the full length of Bill’s crack. Bill let out a deep groan and his body erupted in goose bumps. Gus felt the goose bumps under his fingers and with his tongue kept the tease going.

Aaron looked down into his husband’s brown eyes looking up at him comfortably from the sling. He bent down to kiss him and his cock met Mark’s eager hole.

“Fuck me slowly, baby, I’m ready for you,” Mark said.

Aaron lubed up and pushed into Mark with care, keeping his gaze the entire time. Using the straps of the sling, Aaron pulled Mark onto his dick and slowly pushed him off. Each time his head almost popped out of Mark he would pull him back onto his dick until his pubic hair met Mark’s crack and he was fully embedded.

“Aaron, kaçak bahis I love you, you feel incredible inside me, keep fucking me, just like that,” Mark said still holding his lover’s gaze. Aaron obliged and continued to slowly and methodically fuck Mark as Gus ravaged Bill’s hole on the floor beside them.

Bill’s deep voice coaxed Gus on as his passes became more penetrating, “Yeah Gus, get that tongue up inside of me.”

Gus now had the joy of the third dousing of pre-cum oozing through his chest hair as Bill leaked onto him from his mammoth cock. His mouth had been doing all the work for the last half hour or so and his jaw was tiring so he rolled his tongue for one final jab and pushed as far as he could into Bill. Bill moaned and reached under the rim chair to hold Gus head forcefully in his crack. Gus retracted his tongue and Bill relaxed and slid off the rim chair, tossing it aside and smashing his face into Gus wet beard. The men made out on the floor while their comrades fucked in the sling beside them.

Gus slid his left hand across Bill’s beefy chest, toying with his nipples as he passed them. Bill ran his fingers through Gus’ pelt, working the three deposits of pre-cum into his chest, before running his hand down Gus furry belly and grabbing his perfect dick. Bill slid down Gus body and started making love to his dick, kissing the tip, swirling his tongue, and then deep throating him until his nose was buried in Gus’ pubes.

“You’re a lot better at that than you were when we first met,” Gus said sighing. Bill didn’t stop to respond verbally, but responded with continued expert cocksucking, while looking up into Gus’ eyes longingly. Once he started receiving a steady stream of pre-cum, Bill came up for air. “You know what I want, Gus,” Bill said eagerly, looking to his left at Aaron still slowly fucking his husband in the sling.

“You want a turn in the sling, Bill?” Aaron asked.

“I think I do, I really need a cock in my ass right now,” Bill replied.

“I want to try that cock,” Mark said, pointing to Bill’s erect log.

Aaron lifted Mark out of the sling and laid on top of him on the bed, kissing him while Gus and Bill made adjustments so Bill could float next. Gus helped Bill get situated in the sling and then took a step back. To his left, his sexy Marines lovingly traded kisses, directly in front of him, a sexy slab of beef with the perfect ass begged for his dick.

“I’m a lucky man,” Gus said aloud stepping toward Bill’s splayed ass.

Mark and Aaron watched from the bed as Gus worked some lube into Bill’s hole with two fingers. Bill needed dick so bad that he would have foregone the lube and when Gus placed the head of his dick at his opening, Bill begged him inside.

“Please fuck me, Gus, I need it, I need you in me, right now, don’t hold back, fuck me like you did in the bed of your truck, fuck the cum out of me.”

Gus held the sling straps and pulled Bill’s willing ass around his cock. Bill let out a scream of pleasure, “Oooh fuck yeah, that’s what I need.”

Aaron and Mark watched with lust as Gus gave Bill just what he’d asked for. The clanging of the sling’s chains increased as Gus picked up his pace. Bill’s tongue hung out of his mouth as Gus pounded him. The sound of Gus’ big hairy nuts slapping Bill’s meaty ass filled the room. Bill’s huge dick bobbed back and forth at stiff attention, harder now than it had been all day. Sweat dripped down Gus’ face as continuously slammed into Bill, both men grunting and groaning.

“Holy fuck, that’s so fucking hot,” Mark said from the bed, “I want in.”

Gus slowed to catch his breath and stave off orgasm and looked over at his Marines on the bed. Bill, breathing heavily, said, “Fucking hell, Gus, you’re a machine, you feel so good in me.” Bill’s enormous dick had Mark salivating.

“Can I get in on this ride?” Mark asked.

“Yeah buddy, come on,” Bill replied.

Gus and Aaron helped Mark lube up and ease himself onto Bill’s massive meat as he lay floating in the sling. Mark screamed in both pleasure and pain as his ass met Bill’s pubes. Bill released his hands from the straps and wrapped his arms around Mark, pulling him in for a kiss as Gus re-inserted himself into Bill. Bill and Mark groaned into each other’s mouths as Gus started to pick up the pace.

Gus got back up to the speed and force he’d been using on Bill’s ass before Mark joined the fun, and was fully pounding Bill while Mark rode Bill’s throbbing cock. Aaron stroked his cock beside the sling, in awe of the site in front of him. Mark used his arm to push himself upright and balanced on Bill’s meat while Bill re-grasped the sling straps.

“You guys are so fucking hot, I wish y’all could see what this looks like from my vantage point,” Aaron offered stroking his cock a bit faster.

“Keep fucking me Gus, you’re gonna make me cum, I’m almost there,” Bill said.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Mark said, as Bill’s dick pulsed furiously against his prostate.

“Me too, I’m there, I’m aaaahhhhh,” Gus said slamming deeply into Bill. He reached out in front of him and wrapped his arms around Mark, pulling Mark’s back against his chest as he erupted into Bill, “Aaaaah, fuck yeah, ahhhhhh.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32