After Meeting Online Ch. 02

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Now it was about 1 month after having meet with Trevor that I was again able to get together with him.

You see, I was now “between contracts”. I had finished my previous one but had not been able to secure another, or at least the agencies that I was working through had not been able to place me.

Trevor and I exchanged e-mails every few days, just to keep in touch. He advised me that he was taking a particular Thursday off and would I be free to join him. Yes, I was able to see him and so we made plans.

I would leave for his place after my wife had gone to work. He actually lived a considerable distance away so I wouldn’t arrive until about 10:00 am.

Trevor came out to greet me as I arrived, and showed me in. This time, after having entered his house Trevor turns and stands in front of me and puts his arms around my neck and pulls me in to a slow kiss. This time I am more receptive to his advances and I put my arms around his waist and pull him closer.

We break off the kiss and Trevor suggests we go into the living room. I sit on the couch and Trevor sits beside me. I have turned slightly to face him, and he I. Now it is September and the weather is warm so I am wearing shorts and a sports shirt. Trevor immediately begins to rub his hand up my leg. At the same time he leans into me and begins to kiss me. I put my hand on his leg but his body prevents me from much movement at this time. His hand goes further canlı bahis up my leg, under my shorts and begins to rub my now stiff cock. With that he mutters, “Hell, let’s just go straight up to the bedroom”.

I was thinking it could have been fun on the couch but then who am I to argue with a good idea.

We head over towards the bed. Once again Trevor is in front of me putting his arms around my neck. We begin to kiss and then one of his hands reaches down between us to rub my crotch. I think we found it difficult to kiss and try and remove clothes at the same time so we broke of the kiss. Trevor works my shorts down and they slide to the floor. I have a pair of loose fitting boxers on with a loose opening at the front. Once my shorts are down my cock seems to have worked its way out and is pointing at my partner. Trevor immediately gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth. I am busily taking off my shirt while enjoying his mouth on my member.

It’s not long after that that we are both undressed and once again on the bed.

Trevor and I are basically the same size in all respects, about 5’7″ with 6 – 7″ cocks.

Lying together on the bed we are once again kissing and enjoying each other’s bodies.

We take turns leading and being lead; kissing and licking, caressing, massaging, and sucking. At some point Trevor asks me if I have fucked or been fucked. I tell him that I have not; it is not something that I bahis siteleri have necessarily wanted to do.

He asks, “Have I ever had someone stick a finger in me?”

“Well yes, once before but that was all.”

Trevor had been rubbing his hand on my ass and over my hole applying gentle pressure so I knew that he was interested in proceeding further.

As Trevor was playing, he maneuvered himself so that as I was lying on my back and he had gotten between my legs and in fact he was resting my legs up on his. He was kneeling and had raised my body somewhat. I realized what he was doing but did not say anything, I was trusting Trevor to respect me but I was also interested in what exactly he wanted to do. He had positioned himself so that his cock was at my hole. As he leaned forward to kiss my body I could feel his cock pressing against my hole, trying to gain entrance. I was nervous and although I was not resisting, I was not relaxing enough for much penetration.

Several times he would press forward but without much success. I recall talking about this and suggested that maybe some cream or gel might help things along.

I don’t think Trevor was too concerned about entering me because he continued to play with the rest of my body. He was indicating an interest but leaving it to me to allow it to happen or not.

It is once again my turn to play and I eventually get Trevor on his front. This time I sit between bahis şirketleri his legs and rubbed my cock along the crack of his ass. I would lie forward and rest my cock between his ass cheeks as I worked on his back and the sensitive spot on his shoulder.

I am not interested in fucking him or really trying so I don’t pursue that, but letting him know that I am at least open to providing closeness in that area.

Our attention to each other goes on and on. Once again I think we spend 70 or 80 minutes in long sensuous kissing and cuddling, sucking, and massaging, enjoying each other’s body. Totally relaxed and unrushed. I can’t say that I have spent that much time in bed pleasing or being pleased by a woman. Now it might be different if I were to have had an affair with a women but I have not had that experience.

We eventually got around to masturbating each other to completion.

Lying on the bed, we gently stroked each other and then agreed that a shower was in order.

Having a shower with plenty of room to move about is great. We did however remain rather close and we continued with our holding, and caressing, and kissing. Soaping up each other’s body was a pleasure and I noted that Trevor spent a little extra time washing my ass and surrounding area and applying pressure to my hole. I did not resist or discourage him from doing so. After toweling off it was time for me to get dressed and begin my trip home.

Once again we had enjoyed a very relaxed and sensuous time together.

We ended my visit with some hot kissing and rubbing of bodies together, each knowing that this was not to be the last time that we got together.

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