After School Session Ch. 02

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First series, would greatly appreciate feedback and critique..

Enjoy! PS.. All characters involved are 18+.


This is what I’ve been waiting for all day! But honestly, since yesterday the only thing on my mind was Ms. Wilson’s amazing curvaceous figure of about 5’4″ consisting of a long torso and longer legs; me pulling on her shoulder length, chestnut brown hair and 36D breasts but what if I’d never be able to experience the mind blowing sensations I felt yesterday. Lost in my own thoughts and fantasies, I mindlessly walked until finally arriving at her English class. She wasn’t there, and in a state of panic I hoped she wasn’t ducking out on account of me. But much to my relief she quickly walked to her desk a couple minutes after the late bell rang. Seeing her behind the same desk where we ravaged each others’ bodies was almost too much to bear, I had began breathing faster without even realizing it while my moistening crotch became hot. Hoping nobody heard my irregular breathing or smelt the fumes of my arousal, I had to conscientiously slow my breathing and clench my legs close together.

The class seemed to roll on as usual, except Ms. Wilson never even glanced in my direction. When I raised my hand to answer a question, she didn’t even try to hide how uncomfortable it was to look at me. But luckily no one appeared to notice the tension between us, differing from our usual friendly conversation and often looks at one another. I eventually took the hint and halfway through the period I solemnly accepted she would never speak to, possibly not even look at, me ever again. I was heartbroken, to say the least, and longed to make everything better by caressing her face and kissing her lips, to the point I almost did despite the fact we’d have a full audience. The only things I cared about were if she, in true, had abandoned canlı bahis me and didn’t feel any scope of emotion for me besides regret. With this in mind, I began to feel nauseous and my stomach felt as though a rock was pulling down on it.

Class was pure torture! I awaited the dismissal bell to ring, but with a minute or two to spare I heard her voice call my name, “Lily, I’d like to speak with you after class.” My heart soared as my stomach was doing somersaults. I couldn’t help but hope with all my might that this could be her about to ask for more, but it all crashed down when I figured she could be a decent enough person to tell me alone that she didn’t reciprocate the same feelings. When the dismissal bell at last rang I gathered my belongings and trudged my way, past fellow students, to her desk.

I prepared myself for the worst and demanded of myself not to cry in front of her. As the last students shuffled out of the classroom, she walked behind them and shut the door before clicking the lock. She even went as far to look around in the classroom until she asked, “are you okay?.. With what happened yesterday?” I stammered like an idiot and fidgeted with my hands, but it was all I could do to not drop my jaw. “Of course I’m okay with what we did yesterday! It was absolutely amazing and I don’t know about you but I’ve never felt that way before!” I started running to her and threw my arms around her. I was disappointed by a sudden push on my chest, then a very serious face looking back at me. I wasn’t out of the danger zone quite yet, and knew some persuasion was in order to convince this was the right thing to do.

After 27 minutes of talking about yesterday, I finally convinced her that what we did wasn’t a mistake. Then came the hard part of trying to make her believe it was okay to continue our relationship, whether bahis siteleri friendly or sexual; obviously I was rooting for our highly sensual encounters to become a continuous affair. After 16 minutes she was warming up to the idea and I took this small window of opportunity to reach up and caress her cheek, suddenly plant a delicate kiss on her lips then move my arms to the nape of her back to pull her against my body. Only at first did she try and retreat out of my arms, making my grip on her body all the more tight. But sometime in between the third and fourth kiss, she looked up at me to which I responded with the words, “do you want me to stop?”

She giggled and looked down in either embarrassment, shame or perhaps both then rewarded me with a cute smile and big kiss; inspiring a wide grin to sprawl over my face. At this point, I couldn’t begin to fathom how much I absolutely adored her, I couldn’t comprehend how this adoration would grow into a deep love and respect. I’m sure she didn’t even know the emotions we were feeling. The only thing I did know was her hand was traveling farther down my body as our make-out session became more aggressive and passionate. All of which brought a gasp to escape from my mouth, as she continued to search my body with her hands then she ventured to pull her lips from mine and start kissing down my neck. When I arched my back up in response, she seized my breasts through my 36C sized bra.

By now, my occasional gasps turned into low moans that were constantly leaving me. It felt as though I had no control of my body and the sounds it produced, this woman had taken over not only my thoughts, but my body as well. I couldn’t understand the vast emotions that dominated my entire being! As her lips went further down to my breasts I almost screamed from the surreal pleasure that swept over my body. bahis şirketleri She suckled and nibbled all around my nipples, and when she finally bit down directly on my left nipple I groaned out her name, “Ms. Wilson!” And after ten minutes of this constant teasing she lowered her mouth to my panty line and ripped off my skirt before kissing over my panties, she had to have noticed how drenched I had become as she giggles then firmly licked my slit through the thin cheeky panties. I gasped and squirmed, causing her to grip my thighs to keep me in place.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I needed the sweet relief that I was so anxiously awaiting! Voicing this she smiled at me then pulled my underwear completely off, exposing my wet pussy. She came closer and drew in deep breaths which when exhaled cause me to violently shiver and clench my teeth. Without warning I felt her mouth enclose around my clit and she started to suck, I yelled and gasped, “OH GAWD IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD!!” But as quick as it started she withdrew to light licks along my lips, adding to a climax that was soon to come. And after a minute she suddenly sucked in my clit, I jerked and spasmed, before she again withdrew. This time I was frustrated and I couldn’t help myself from saying, “please let me cuu-” cut off as she fluttered her tongue against my clit. I shrieked in delight and ecstasy! In seconds I was squirting an inordinate amount of cum. I shocked not only myself, but Ms. Wilson seemed surprised at my over the top orgasm that she bestowed on me.

I reached up and pulled down on her neck to clash my lips with a sloppy, passionate kiss. My body was drained, but I desperately wanted to return the favor. As if she read my mind, she whispered into my ear, “I have a meeting in five, but tomorrow I want a proper thank you,” followed by a seductive wink. She straightened herself up and put the few clothes that came off back on, in two minutes she was out the door and on way down the stairs.

I was in disbelief at what just transpired and optimistic about tomorrow’s after school session!

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