Airport Ch. 02

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Once the flight has reached its level altitude, all the lights were out, with the exception of a couple reading lights, I decided to continue on with my teasing. I turned around a couple times to look at him and catch his attention. Once I got it I smiled at him a couple times. It was the best smile I could send his way letting him know that I did not have the purest of intensions in my mind. A few minutes later I got up and turned around. My movement got his attention and he looked up in just enough time to see me give him the most naughty winks ever. I paused for a few more seconds, gave him a couple more smiles and started walking towards the back of the plane. I was walking slowly. I did not have a plan but wanted him to following me. I don’t know what I was going to do when he followed but that would come later.

I reached the back of the plane and noticed that one flight attendant was dozing off and other was reading. I paused and tilted my head back just enough to notice that he was following me. I started breathing heavy. I turned around and gave him a smile hoping that he would see it in the dark. The flight attendant noticed what I was doing and became curious. I waited for a few more seconds and walked into the lavatory. I shut the door but did not lock it. I was breathing heavy and very fast. I was very nervous. I was hoping to meet him in the back of the plane and kiss him but don’t know why I ran into the lavatory. My next thought was interrupted when the bathroom door was slowly opened. He opened the door; we looked at each other for a few seconds and smiled. He seemed nervous and tested to see what I would do by leaning forward. I quickly moved myself back and climbed on top of the toilet seat and kneeled down. He got the hint and quickly came into the bathroom and closed the door and locked it.

We stood there for a few seconds just looking at each other. My heart was beating fast. My cleavage was heaving in front of him. I was feeling all wet between my legs. I didn’t know what would happen next. Being the man that he is, he slowly moved closer to me and started kissing me on the lips. Gently at first then I felt his tongue touch my teeth. We kissed for a minute or so, his hands feeling up my arm and my shoulders and casino şirketleri my face and my hair. My hands explored his broad muscles and his rugged daddy face. God this man was making my pussy melt. My hands quickly grabbed his cock from his pants and I started to massage it. It started growing pretty fast and I was impressed how thick it felt. It didn’t feel that big but it was thick as a base ball bat handle.

I felt his hands caress my butt. He slid his hand under my loose shirt and under my skirt and grabbed my panty-covered butt. His other hand was exploring my large breasts. I had started stroking his cock with one and grabbing onto his butt with the other. As we kissed deeper I started to unbutton and unzip his pants. I needed to feel a man’s cock in my hand right now. Once his pants were around his legs and his boxers were down too I started playing with his cock. My hands traveled down to his balls and I got shocked. He was shaved bare. This man was shaved like a porn star. The other shocking thing was that his shaved balls were huge. How can a man have a normal 6″ long penis with thickness the size of my wrists and balls so big that one could barely fit in one hand. Oh this was going to be fun. I loved feeling his hands going up and down the crack of my ass inside my skirt.

I felt him free my breasts from my bra and started to suck on my nipples. He sucked licked and scratched his teeth against my hard nipples and drove me crazy. I was stroking his fat cock and bumping its thick mushroom-like head against my pussy. I did not want him to stop rubbing my crack so I kept gyrating my ass to feel him against my ass better. Such a sexy feeling it was. He finally whispered in my ear and told me to stand up on the toilet seat. I slowly did so I won’t fall down. My crotch was now in line with his mouth. I knew what he wanted to do. Daddy wanted to taste his baby girl’s pussy. He did not waste time and pulled my skirt up, slid my panties down and shoved his tongue on my clit hard. He sucked, chewed, nibbled and blew into my clit over and over again until I had several tiny orgasms. Then he shoved his tongue in my pussy. Because there was no room for me to spread my legs, my legs were closed and my pussy lips were tight and close together. casino firmaları Having his meaty wet tongue shove inside my pussy in this manner made me shiver and I came again in gushes. I could see his face was all wet with my sexy baby girl pussy cream. He could not get enough of my cunt so he tongue fucked me and chewed on my clit and made me cum. His one hand would not stop sliding up and down the crack of my ass, which was driving me crazy. I had to shove a collar of my top into my mouth to keep me from screaming out loud.

It must have been for a good 15 minutes that this man tongue fucked me real good. I could not believe this dirty ol’ man though. He insisted on poking my butt with his finger and every time I push by ass back to take his finger he could shove his tongue deeper into my pussy as if that was possible. He finally stopped teasing me and pressed his finger into my butt. When I pushed back he simply let his entire finger slide inside my tight little butt hole. I put my fingers in his soft hair and pulled his face into my pussy deeper. I almost passed out from the intensity of this stranger man tongue fucking the day lights out of me with his thick finger moving in and out of my virgin ass hole. I was always curious about anal play but never in my life would have thought that my first time would be with a stranger on an airplane. The feeling was strange and yet very good. It was such an intense feeling to have a finger up my anus that I finally bucked, whimpered and came. My pussy juices were all over his face and he was lapping them up real good. I felt weak in my knees but felt so good.

After a few minutes of remaining quiet and catching our breaths, we both looked at each other and smiled. He helped me down slowly. Instead of standing in front of him I sat down on the toilet seat (closed) and was face to face with his crotch. His thick cock was in front of me and looked like he needed a relief. His mushroom-like huge knob was almost purple and his thick cock was veiny and pulsating. His large heavy balls were huge and hanging like large bags of golf balls. This old man was well hung and large and very horny and this dirty girl was horny for his cock. As I cupped his large balls with one hand, I put my other hand güvenilir casino on his butt and took his entire thick cock in my mouth. Since he was only 6″ long but thick as hell I could feel the tip of his cock in the back of my throat but my mouth was stretched wide to accommodate his fat huge daddy cock. I sucked him hard, I squeezed and massaged his huge balls and, only fair, I returned the favor by sliding my finger up and down the crack of his ass. That is when I was totally surprised. His ass crack and butt cheeks were totally shaved. This daddy was a dirty sexy ol’ man and I fell in love with this daddy. I was in heaven. The feeling and smell and taste of his cock were incredible. The feeling of his anal ring around my finger was amazing and how his ass hole responded to my probing was very exciting. I kept on massaging and kneading his balls and bobbing my head on his fat cock. A few minutes later I felt him stand tiptoe. A few seconds later I felt his hands grab my head and caress my hair. I felt his hands hold my hand by my two sides just above the ear and start to gyrate his whole pelvic area making him fuck my mouth with his cock. I have never felt anything like that. It felt like my mouth was a horny pussy that was being fucked by a meaty cock. I started doing things with my tongue and my mouth that I never thought I knew how to and in a few more seconds I felt spurts and spurts of thick white creamy cum hit the insides of my mouth and my throat. He came for almost a minute and ended jerking himself several times to make sure that all of his juicy cum got dumped into my mouth.

We finally broke our bond, kissed for several more minutes and stood there masturbating each other. We knew there was not enough room to actually fuck so we did the next best thing. The next 10 minutes were spent in me stroking his cock and his balls and fingering his ass hole and him bumping his cock against my pussy and fingering my ass hole while sucking on my nipples or kissing my lips. Finally I came one more time and felt my pussy juices drip down my thighs. A few seconds later he spurt another gob of cum hitting me directly on my pussy and my belly. A few minutes later we kissed and smiled at each other. This daddy then took a few napkins, doused them with hot water and cleaned his baby girl nicely. We both did not say a word but got dressed and left the lavatory. I was so exhausted that I spent the rest of the flight sleeping and I am sure I had a big broad smile on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32