Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 26

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“How was your week Alene?” Sabrina wondered as she placed a cup of tea next to Alene.

“Nightmarish, I keep having bad dreams…” Alene gazed at the floor below her, her eyed bloodshot, she was skinnier than ever before, a shell of her former self.

“Still can’t sleep?” Sabrina asked, her voice full of concern, “this is our fifth meeting Alene, you want to tell me you didn’t sleep for over a month?”

“Not really, I sometime get a short nap but it’s never longer than a few hours and I wake up screaming and crying.” Alene took a sip of the tea, a futile attempt to gain a small measure of comfort. “Can I be honest Sabrina?”

“Of course you can Alene. Your opinion in this room is not judged.” Sabrina said, trying to put on a positive smile for her patient.

“I stopped having sex, I am no longer sexually active…” Tears started forming in Alene’s eyes, the words felt like hot knifes as the left her pale lips.

“I have to admit I am concerned with what you just said. You strike me as a very sexual individual, am I right.” Alene nodded yes, she was once a goddess of sex but now… now she is a broken shell…

“I want to hear about your social life, are you going out with the girls? When was the last time you took any of them on a date?” Sabrina talked in a slow, deliberate voice, she considered every word that left her ruby lips, when she finished silence filled the air as Alene thought about the question. Sabrina used the time to adjust her bra, she felt it was too tight like her breasts were growing bigger recently.

“I think it was a few days before Jen’s visit.” Alene said in a hesitant voice.

“You mean before the rape?” Sabrina shot at her, secretly gauging her reaction. Alene nodded in silence, tears started to stream down her face. Again, Sabrina noticed and reacted. “I seem to have upset you Alene, I am sorry, here, wipe the tears,” she handed a box of tissue paper to the now weeping girl, “please go outside and take a few moments before we move on.”

When Alene returned to the room Sabrina set in her chair with a small booklet by her side, “Well Alene, there are some bad news and some good news. Please take a seat,” Alene did as asked and listened attentively to what Sabrina had to say. canlı bahis “The bad news is that I have concluded my assessment of your mental state and I have the results. I am going to say a few words that might come off as scary and offensive but please understand that they are only labels to help us find a way to overcome this ordeal.” Alene nodded and listened carefully, “I have diagnosed two problems, the first is post-traumatic stress, you probably know it as PTSD, have you ever heard of this?”

“I did,” Alene rubbed her face as if trying to hide it, “but doesn’t it only happen to solders?”

“That is a common misconception,” Sabrina explained, “it can happen to anyone who goes through a traumatic event. On top of that you seem to suffer from depression, an issue that probably stems from your traumatic stress. I believe you understand depression better than PTSD, right?”

“Right, and the good news?” Alene asked, she felt devastated by the diagnosis and reached for any thread of hope she could.

“The good news is that both of those disorders seem to manifest with low intensity and are both treatable.” Sabrina smiled at Alene, looking for a reaction that didn’t come. “I know this is hard to take in, but I believe we can solve this and get you back on track, but before we move on I have to ask you something Alene. The most important thing is that this choice comes from you, I can’t force you into anything, you have to decide we are going to fix this and get you back on your feet. Do you want to fix this Alene?”

“I do, I want nothing more in this life then to fix this.” Alene exploded into tears, her lean body shivering with each whimper of her breath. Sabrina comforted her for the remainder of the meeting. “We are not going to try pills and drugs. Let’s start with giving you breathing exercises, they will help calm your nerves.”

When the meeting concluded Alene drove back to her house. All the way there she exercised her breathing, she felt it was relieving the stress off her heart. The house was empty, Angie, Nadia and Nicky went out for errands. Now that magic was out of their lives the girls were always busy. Alene felt exhausted, she poured herself a glass of Feigling and went to the living room, sat in her chair bahis siteleri and looked aimlessly at the black TV screen, practicing her breathing.

Alene didn’t notice time, it was dark outside when she heard the door open and the girls came in. “Hello Alene,” they said in unison and walked into the house, it was clear to Alene that they were all exhausted form the day’s work. “Hi girls.” Alene said in a plain voice, Angie and Nicky nodded at her and wished her a good night before heading right into their rooms, both girls knew that Alene’s condition meant no sex in the foreseeable future.

Nadia walked to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of Feigling, it was the girls’ drink, they loved it. “How was your day Love?” she asked as her body dropped into the chair next to Alene, it was clear both girls had a nightmarish day.

“It was crap, Sabrina said I had issues, mental issues.” Alene repositioned herself in her seat, retracting her legs into a fetal position, she felt as if the words crushed her soul.

“Well… She always tells you that, I know you will make it Alene,” Nadia made a move and rested her hand on Alene’s shoulder with the hope of comforting her lover.

“Whatever.” Was all Alene felt like saying. Nadia felt her lover tensed to the touch, as if closing up to her.

“Well, we seem to have found a moment alone Alene,” Alene could swear she heard a faint hint of happiness in Nadia’s voice, “have you thought about my offer? Will you marry me? Will you make our day a little better?”

Since that night when the offer was made Alene didn’t think about the subject, she was dead scared of it and her mind was screaming ‘RUN!’ Alene didn’t know what to do, she tried breathing for a moment before speaking but once she opened her mouth any self-control she had was lost.

“Leave me alone Nadia,” Alene’s voice was full of delirium, “I… I can’t…” she jumped to her feet, her face a dark mask of fear, “NO! Leave me alone Nadia, I can’t deal with your childish games right now, just go away!”

Nadia was shocked with Alene’s answer, her eyes started tearing and her voice whimpered, “But… don’t you love me?” Nadia didn’t wait for an answer, she got up on her feet and stormed to her room. Before Alene had a bahis şirketleri chance to grasp what she did Nadia was back with a suitcase, “Hope you’re happy Alene Raven!”

Nadia didn’t give Alene a chance to answer, she slapped her hand across Alene’s face, the clash of skin was extremely noisy, “I hate you for this Alene.” was the last thing Nadia said as she slammed the door behind her.

Alene had no time to recover, Angie and Nicky came down the stairs. “What happened Alene? You and Nadia had a fight?” Angie asked.

Alene felt like her world was falling apart, and now this, she just wanted to die, “Go away. Leave me” she whispered, feeling her grip on reality fade.

“Is everything okay Alene?” Nicky asked, the girls feared for their lover.

“LEAVE NOW! GO AWAY” Alene shrieked with rage and grabbed a chair from the kitchen, she threw it at the wall and it collided with a deafening crack. Angie and Nicky needed no farther persuasion, they went to their rooms and a moment later were out of the house. Alene was by herself.

Alene was Rage, she took another chair and walked over to the TV, smashing the screen and causing sparks to fly everywhere. She had no idea what was happening to her, she just felt a need to destroy anything in her path. She grabbed the table and tried to flip it, it was a heavy oak table, yet Alene gave it her best. With tears running down her cheeks she gave up and fell to the floor by the table, crying her heart out as the night lingered on and on…

Alene woke up, her head filled with pain. She had enough experience to know she was having a hangover; the bitter taste of liquor still filled her mouth. She noticed the radio was playing songs. “And oh my love remind me, what was it that I did? / Did I drink too much? / Am I losing touch? / Did I build this ship to wreck?” Florence sang, bringing the memories of last night and the tears back into Alene’s eyes.

Abruptly, the doorbell rang. “Go away!” Alene yelled instinctively but the bell sounded again. Getting up was a straggle for the broken Alene, she limped to the door and said, “Nobody here! Go away.” The bell started ringing nonstop, Alene cringed with pain as the noise overwhelmed her poor brain. “OK, OK, you win.” She yelled and swung the door open.

Jen was wearing a skimpy “fuck me” green dress, her finger still on the doorbell. Alene’s mental state slowed her reaction speed to a crawl.

“Jen? What are you doing here?”

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