All A-Twitter Ch. 02

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Monday morning after that weekend that forever altered the relationship between my niece, Carrie, and me, I was back at my desk in my home office. Once I had all the technology booted back up I started going through my messages. There was the usual spam, a few clients wanting me to call them over some minor issues and questions, and one direct message in Twitter from Carrie: “I’ll tell you the whole story later, you big ol’ pervert” with a link to a YouTube video of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”

I replied with “You have this big old pervert’s attention. Love you!”

Her reply came back just moments later: “Love you too. On my way to class. Call you tonight.”

She did call, and she told me the whole story. I was so aroused by her story that I jacked off listening to her tell it. Because it was so sweet and hot I asked her to write it down so we could share it with you here.


I left my Uncle Al’s downtown condo feeling like I could fly. When the weekend began, I had no expectations of losing my virginity – that was supposed to be happening to my roommate, Lisa, while I stayed with my uncle. Instead, I spent the most glorious and romantic 48 hours of my life in a weekend filled with many firsts: The first time my pussy had been eaten, the first time anyone had kissed me with my juices on their face, the first time I had slept naked with a man, the first time I had ever been filled by a man’s penis, the first time… well, you get the idea. If that many firsts had happened with any man I loved, it would have been enough to fill my heart to overflowing with pure joy. The fact that it happened with my Uncle Albert, a man I love more than anyone except possibly my own father, was just too incredible for words to express.

All those thoughts of romance and love were driven from my mind the moment I walked into my dorm room and saw my roommate, Lisa, curled into the fetal position on her bed, sobbing. My first thought was that she was injured. Fearing the worst, I checked her for any visible bruises on her arms and legs where they were exposed by her long sleep shirt. No bruises. I coaxed her out of the self-protective ball she had rolled herself into and checked her face, fully expecting to see black eyes or a fat lip. She was unbruised, though the mascara had been smeared from her hairline to her chin. She looked awful. When she saw that it was me, she wrapped her arms around me and started a fresh round of sobbing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I stroked her hair and tried to calm her.

“Oh, Carrie!” she wailed. “It was J-Jason. We broke up”

“Did he hit you?” I asked, my anger starting to rise, “because if he did…”

“No,” she sobbed. “He didn’t hit me, but…”

“But what?” I wanted to find out what that scumbag frat boy had done to my roommate so I could kill him myself. I may have only been rooming with Lisa for a couple of months, but in that time I’d begun to feel like she was the sister I never had. Nobody was going to hurt her if I could help it!

“He turned out to be an asshole,” Lisa spat. “Letting him have sex with me was a total disaster and I kicked him out.”


“I’m not sure. Friday night, I guess. Sometime around midnight.”

“And you’ve been here, crying, this whole time?” I asked. “Lisa, it’s nine o’clock on Sunday night!”

“It is?”

I nodded. “I’m going to guess. You haven’t moved from this bed since Jason left here, have you?”

Lisa shook her head.

“You haven’t even eaten?” I asked incredulously.

“No,” she told me. The tears were still threatening to spill from her big green eyes.

I stood up, took her hands and pulled on her until she stood – not an easy task since Lisa is at least six inches taller than I am. “Shower. Now,” I ordered, giving her a shove toward the bathroom we shared with the other two girls in our suite. “You’ll feel better once you get cleaned up and I get some food in you. Then we can talk.”

“Aww, mom!” she whined.

I smiled at her back as she retreated. At least her sense of humor was coming back.

When I heard the toilet flush and the shower turn on, I started cleaning up the room. It wasn’t really messy. There were a lot of tissues in her trashcan, Lisa’s bed was rumpled and her bedside lamp had been knocked over. “Maybe I should go see if Jason has a fat lip,” I chuckled to myself. “It looks like my roomie got some punches in.”

When I went to straighten Lisa’s bed, I saw the red-brown stain of dried blood in the middle of the bottom sheet. That had to be changed! She didn’t need any reminders of that frat rat. I stripped the sheets from her bed, discovering in the process that her mattress pad was also bloodstained. I stripped it off as well, figuring that she could do without it for a while. With the dirty sheets in her laundry bag, I retrieved a clean set from her closet and set about making her bed. I was just putting a fresh pillowcase on her pillow when she came out of the bathroom. She had one towel wrapped around her body, under her armpits, canlı bahis and another wrapped around her head.

“Feel better?” I asked.

“A little,” she replied. “But now I’m hungry.”

“Lucky for you that I just happen to have a secret stash of cookies,” I smiled. “Does tea sound good?”

“Hot chocolate, maybe?” she asked hopefully.

I’ll nuke some water. By the time you’ve got some clothes on, I should have your ‘feast’ prepared.”

I wasn’t quite right about that, but considering that ‘dressed’ amounted to a clean sleeping shirt and nothing else, I can be forgiven for my missed guess. Anyway, it was only minutes until we were seated side-by-side on my bed, mugs of hot chocolate in hand and a box of cookies on my bedside table. Lisa was devouring them ravenously.

“OK, Lisa,” I began. “Tell me what happened. From the beginning, and don’t leave anything out. I’m trying to decide whether castration is good enough for your ex-boyfriend.”

“Only if I can help,” she said. “He took me out to Applebee’s around 9 o’clock. Nothing too fancy, but dinner was pretty nice and Jason was actually pretty sweet during dinner and on the way back to the dorm. He held my hand as we walked, opened doors for me and acted like a gentleman. I guess it was about 10 or 10:30 when we got back here to the room and we started making out. That part was nice. I really like being kissed.”

“He had my top off pretty quick, and pretty soon my bra was out of the way, too. I think he’s had some experience with bra clasps, because he barely even fumbled. I pulled his sweatshirt over his head and we hugged and kissed for just a little longer. I really loved the feeling of my nipples rubbing against his chest.”

Listening to Lisa tell her story was getting me wet as I remembered the wonderful sensations of my own hard nipples grazing against Uncle Al’s naked skin as he held me. “So far, so good,” I told her. “So what went wrong?”

“I guess I should have known something wasn’t really right when he didn’t play with my breasts. He just went straight for the snap of my jeans. I was naked in no time. I mean, I wanted to end up naked with him, but I wanted something more than just to be stripped, you know?”

I nodded.

“So the next thing I know, Jason has a rubber on his, um…”

“Cock, I said. “Just say it. We’re big girls here.”

“So he has a rubber on his… cock… and I’m pinned down to the bed and he’s pushing himself into me. It hurt, Carrie. It really hurt!

“Bastard,” I muttered. “Did you tell him you were a virgin?”

“Yes. I kept asking him to go slower, to be more gentle, but he just pushed himself into me and started humping away like a dog. Fortunately he only lasted a couple of minutes. Then he rolled off me.”

“Was that when you threw him out?” I asked. I really hoped she had.

“No. He was still hard, so he rolled another condom onto his cock. This time he rolled me over until I was on my hands and knees and he entered me from behind. This time didn’t hurt, really, but my pussy wasn’t that wet and he was really rough about it. He made about three deep strokes into me and then he pulled out and started trying to shove his, um, cock into my… my…”

“Did that jerk try to fuck your ass?” I growled menacingly.

Lisa nodded. The tears were starting again. I really was going to castrate Jason if I managed to find him. “So?” I asked, deciding to let Lisa finish telling her story.

“He started to poke that thing into my, er, butt hole, Carrie,” she sobbed. “And it hurt ten times worse than when he pushed into me the first time – into my pussy. All at once there was this searing pain and it felt like part of me actually ripped, and I jumped away from him and started kicking and screaming. I think I got him in the balls with one of the kicks, ’cause he was on the floor clutching his crotch long enough for me to take his clothes and throw them out into the hallway. I pulled him up by his hair and shoved him out the door and yelled at him that he was an insensitive prick and if he ever came near me I would cut his nuts off!”

“Good for you!” I cheered. “Did anybody see that?”

“I honestly don’t know,” Lisa sighed. “I think there were a couple of girls out in the hall. They can spread the word to stay away from him.”

“That sucks, Lisa,” I said, putting an arm around her to show I cared. “A girl’s first time should be special and that idiot ruined it for you. I should go kick his ass right now.”

“Forget him. He’s not worth it,” Lisa sobbed as she threw her arms around me. “Just hold me. I need to be hugged.”

So I hugged her as she sobbed into my shoulder. I didn’t know what else to do but try and comfort her by stroking her back and telling her that it was going to be alright. Her sobbing slowly ebbed but she continued to cling to me, though not as tightly. After what seemed like forever, Lisa pulled her head away from my shoulder and I kissed her on the cheek. She smiled at me, her big green eyes already less full of tears than they were.

“Thanks, bahis siteleri Carrie,” Lisa whispered. “I’m feeling better.”

I leaned in to kiss her on the cheek again, but she was moving to kiss my cheek. Somehow it all worked out that our lips met – awkwardly, to be sure, but they met all the same. We both pulled away, momentarily stunned by the mouth-to-mouth contact. I’d never kissed another girl on the mouth, and by the look in her eyes, neither had Lisa.

“Your lips are really soft,” she said quietly.

“So are yours,” I told her. I had to admit, the softness of Lisa’s lips was almost as much of a surprise to me as our accidental kiss.

“Er, Carrie,” Lisa began. “Have you ever…”

“Kissed another girl?” I asked. “No.”

“Me neither,” she said.

“Too weird?” I asked.

“I can’t tell,” she muttered. “It wasn’t that much of a kiss, was it?”

“Are you sure we should do this, Lisa?” I asked. Sure I’d watched some lesbian porn on the internet, and I certainly was open-minded enough about the concept of other people having gay sex, but I could’ve said the same thing about straight sex until this past Saturday morning. Like a lot of things, it’s a different issue when it’s happening to you personally.

“We can always stop if either of us gets uncomfortable,” she suggested as she took my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine. Her kiss was tentative, but it was more than just a peck. She backed away, holding me at arm’s length to gauge my reaction.

I was a little stunned by what I was feeling. Maybe I should’ve been revolted. Maybe I should’ve been scared. Maybe I was a little nervous, but mostly I was starting to get turned on. My panties were already starting to get damp from the lubrication my pussy was oozing out and I could feel how hard my nipples were. I couldn’t look Lisa in the eye, though, so I looked down. Her nipples were very apparent under the thin fabric of her sleep shirt. I had the sudden urge to feel them.

Not knowing what else to do, I leaned in toward Lisa for another kiss. This time our lips opened and our tongues met. Their dance was gentle at first, but the passion increased quickly. The kiss only broke when I felt her hand on my breast and started to pull away from her.

“Too weird?” she asked. I could see the fear of rejection in her eyes, but I had no intention of rejecting her. I fumbled with the knot on the sash of my sweater, unable to untie it fast enough. I wanted it out of the way. I wanted her hands on me and there were just too many layers. With Lisa’s help, the sweater was quickly discarded and I pulled her to me for another kiss. She put her hand on my left breast and did her best to squeeze it through my shirt and heavily padded bra. Both of us began to breathe more heavily and the urgency of our kisses escalated as well.

Next, I reached to fondle her D-cup breasts, much larger than my own A-cups, and covered only by her thin sleep shirt. Her hard nipple bored into my palm as I squeezed the first breast other that my own that I have ever touched. I felt a fresh surge of wetness expelled into my panties as Lisa let out a low moan into my mouth – we were still kissing. Feeling braver, I captured that hard nipple between my index and middle finger, pinching only slightly. That’s something that I’ve always enjoyed, and apparently Lisa enjoyed it too. She threw her head back and moaned. Her eyes were closed and her whole body shook. Had she just cum from me playing with her nipple?

Since she had her head rolled back and I was feeling so sexually powerful from the thought that I had made her cum, I started kissing my way down her neck from just below her ear, trailing kisses to her collarbone. I had to move her sleep shirt collar aside just a little to reach it, but it was worth it. Lisa wrapped her long arms around me and continued to shake as more pleasurable waves crashed over her body.

As I moved up to kiss her lips again, Lisa lay back on the bed, pulling me off balance. Since I’m so much smaller than she is I couldn’t fight the momentum and ended up half on top of her, our feet hanging off the side of my narrow twin bed. I propped up on one elbow and kissed her again. At the same time, my free hand began to roam her body over her shirt. I rubbed her flat stomach in lazy circles, each one getting larger and reaching closer to her tits, until I finally bumped the bottom of one. She took my hand and placed it lovingly between her breasts, then let it go. I rubbed more lazy little circles in that valley, struck by the contrast between her firm ribcage and the delightful softness of her breasts.

I pulled away from our kisses to watch Lisa’s beautiful face. Her eyes were half-closed. I continued to watch her face as I moved my hand from between her breasts and over the swell of the one farthest from me. Her eyes stayed closed as I gently caressed the soft globe, the little smile on her face getting more blissful as I kneaded her flesh. When I captured the hard nipple between my fingers again, her smile fluttered bahis şirketleri away as she bit her lower lip. I twisted the hard nub gently, testing her reaction. Her eyes stayed closed, she licked her lips and then her enigmatic smile returned.

Emboldened by her acceptance of my touch – and growing more eager with lust – I bent down and put my mouth over her left nipple, my teeth catching it softly through the material of her sleep shirt. I pulled at it gently before I let it go. When I looked back at her face, she had sucked her lower lip between her teeth again. Damn, that looked sexy! Lisa began to sit up and I rolled off beside her, disappointed at the thought that this beautiful experience might be coming to an end.

“Too weird?” I asked.

“Nuh-uh,” she said as an almost evil grin crossed her face. “Your turn!”

She stood, and I thought – hoped might be a better word – for a moment that she was going to strip off her sleep shirt. Instead, she grabbed me by the knees and turned me on the bed so that my head was up near the pillow. Then she lay next to me, propped on one elbow like I had been just moments earlier. Her long red hair, still damp, fell around our faces, shutting out the world. She was biting her bottom lip again in that sexy way. Her fingers moved to the top button of my blouse and I could see the question in her eyes. So far it had only been kissing and all the touching had been over our clothes, but now things were about to escalate.

I was perfectly happy to let them. I nodded, looking into Lisa’s deep green eyes as she smiled down at me. I could feel her fingers fumbling with the button and I fought the temptation to do it myself. Fumbling or not, there’s something extremely arousing about your lover undressing you and I wanted to enjoy it. When the first button finally opened, Lisa moved to the next, moving down to plant a kiss on the newly exposed skin. Her slightly damp hair trailed across my face and I was lost in the coolness and the sweet scent of it.

The next button was undone and I felt a sweet kiss between my breasts just above the band of my bra as Lisa continued. She was taking her time, whether she was wondering when I would stop her or whether she was just reveling in the newness of kissing my skin, I’m not sure, but by the time she reached the last button of my blouse, she had my hips squirming. She pushed the material aside and tenderly kissed my bellybutton, briefly dipping her tongue in it. A mini-orgasm rippled through me – a brief jolt of pleasure that caused my pussy to squeeze another puddle of juices into my panties – and I moaned out loud.

Lisa returned to kiss my neck, dragging her cool hair across my exposed skin in a way that made me tingle all over. Her hand returned to my chest, tracing the edge of my bra, dipping ever so slightly under the edge of it, teasing me as she kissed at my neck and collarbone. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her back up to me for another deep kiss.

“God, I love kissing you, Carrie,” she sighed when the kiss finally dissolved. I could only give a happy little moan as a response. I loved kissing her, too. I let my arms fall back on the bed, willing her to continue exploring me in whatever way she saw fit. She moved back down to plant little kisses on my chest, nibbling gently just above the tops of my bra cups and letting one hand brush along the silky material covering my breasts. It was maddening to me because I wanted to feel more, but the heavy padding of my bra made it impossible to feel much more than the pressure of contact. I found myself pushing up toward her hand, trying to increase that pressure.

Lisa sensed my need, sliding a hand under me to reach for the hooks that held my bra together. I arched my back to give her room. She was a little awkward, but I didn’t care. Once she had the hooks undone and my bra was loose, I sagged back onto the bed and she moved her hand around to my front again, this time just below my bra. She moved her hand hesitantly under the cup, both of us holding our breath as her fingers moved toward their first contact with the bare skin of my breast. My nipples were hard and aching in anticipation of her touch. It felt like forever before she managed to nudge the bra cup out of the way and cover my entire breast with her soft hand. Squeezing gently, she rolled my little tit around on my chest. I moaned as I felt another shockwave start in my pussy and roll through my body.

I moved my hand up her arm, then to her beautiful face as she smiled down at me. Lisa half-rolled on top of me, placing one of her long legs between mine and putting more of her weight on me. It freed her other hand, and she moved both hands languidly over both breasts at the same time. Her thumbs flicked back and forth across my nipples and I moaned as another ripple of pleasure coursed through my body. A twinkle came to her eye as she studied my reaction, pleased that she had caused my moans and squirms. She bent to kiss me again, then left a trail of kisses down my neck. As her mouth moved lower on my chest, Lisa slowly pushed the cups of my bra out of the way and moved to take a hard nipple into her mouth, alternating between my breasts, her fingers busy tweaking the nipple that wasn’t in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32