All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

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I recently had the opportunity to experience two of my favorite fantasies and I can’t wait to share them with you!

My wife Ann and I live in a condo complex in a big city. She travels a lot for work and she is aware that when she is gone I sometimes like to wear her panties and lingerie. We recently met another couple living in the complex, Scott and Susan. We have gotten to know them quite well and have shared some good times. I recently found out that Scott and I shared more than that!

One night when the ladies were out over too many margaritas I let it slip that I like to wear women’s panties. To my surprise Scott announced that he had on a pair of Susan’s silky underwear under his jeans as we spoke! Nothing happened that night but I was determined to use this opportunity to fulfill one of my long-time fantasies.

The next time both wives were away, I called Scott and asked him to come over and to bring a pair of Susan’s internet casino panties. I told him I had surprises for him. When he got to my condo he pulled a pair of pink nylon high cut panties with lots of lace out of his pocket. I traded him a pair of Ann’s black bikini panties with a red bow on the front. We hurriedly stripped down and put on the panties. They felt so good on my skin and it was so exciting to know that they regularly covered the pussy of a beautiful woman! I had prepared for this evening by buying two white garter belts and some white thigh high stockings plus some porno movies and lots of beer.

When Scott saw the stockings, he was excited and said he had never tried wearing those before so he sat on the coach and I helped him put them on. I couldn’t help but notice how good his cock looked in Ann’s panties! Then he helped me (he was checking out my hard cock too!). After that we sat on the coach next canlı poker oyna to one another and watched movies and drank beer. We had been sitting there a half hour when Scott said he had to go pee. I said before you do that, have you ever gotten a little pee in the panties while you were wearing them? He said on accident maybe. I said didn’t that make them even sexier? When he said that it did I knew I had him. I suggested we wait until we just couldn’t hold it anymore. We would know we were ready when we could see a wet spot on the panties. He agreed.

After a while he began crossing his legs and I could tell he was really struggling to hold it in. Finally, I saw a little wet spot come up on the front of his panties and I couldn’t help but release a little into my panties. I reached over and began to rub the head of his cock through the wet nylon and he started to rub mine. It felt so good wearing another woman’s panties poker oyna and having her husband feeling my cock through the wet nylon! I took him by the hand and we practically ran to the bathroom. I opened the shower door and pulled him in then turned him to me and grabbed his panty clad ass and pulled him in tight. He looked dazed at first, but then he put his arms around me and cupped my ass.

He said he couldn’t hold it anymore and I told him to just let go. I felt the warm wetness soak through his panties and into mine and I let it go too! Soon both pairs of panties were soaked and pee was running down our legs and over the nylons. We were standing in a puddle of pee! I looked down and saw that the nylon panties were so soaked they had become transparent. My dick was getting hard again and so was his! I began to rub my crotch against his and he followed suit. The friction through the wet nylon was amazing! I felt the cum building up and then I exploded into the panties and Scott was right behind me! Both pairs of panties were soaked with pee and cum.

After we cleaned up I got new panties out and we slept together in them. I told him that I had more surprises for next time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32