Amy and The Swedish Coed

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Amy was nervous; she asked herself, “What am I doing here?” If it hadn’t been for the two glasses of wine and that nasty joint after work with Sherry, the office secretary, she would have taken another way home and she wouldn’t be in this uncomfortable position, questioning herself. It was pretty cold out as she stood in line outside trying to look nonchalant and avoiding all eye contact with the people walking by.

She originally had plans to go to dinner with Sherry but it turned out that after Sherry bitched and complained about her boyfriend the whole time at the bar, he called wanting her to go to a concert right away at Madison Square Garden.

Of course, being the wimp that she is she complied and was off within five minutes, leaving Amy alone at the bar in the middle of the city on a Friday night.

“Sorry about this Amy but I know if you were in my position you would do the same thing,” she calmly stated rushing to leave.

“Oh yea, definitely,” Amy lied.

Not that Amy minded that much, it wasn’t like Sherry was great company or anything but she had planned on having a nice dinner, a glass of wine and then schlepping back to Collette’s condo in SOHO and maybe doing some work before bed. Collette was the office manager for the company they worked for and she and Amy hit it off from the start of Amy’s employment two years ago. In fact when Amy came in from Boston for the quarterly sales meetings she almost always stayed with Collette. Unfortunately, Collette’s mom in California had an accident and she had fly out to be with her.

Amy wasn’t used to being alone in the city: it felt strange. Collette and sometimes some of Collette’s friends were her usual dinner companions but since she had to be with her mother in California Amy was on her own in the big city.

Collette enjoyed Amy’s company and always insisted Amy stay with her during these sales meetings. Amy was a little nervous staying at Collette’s alone but there was no way she wanted to pay the $300 a night a decent hotel was charging these days. Besides she promised Collette she would take care of her cat, Muffy while she was away. In that regard Amy felt like she really had no choice but to stay there.

With her little buzz from the wine and the couple of hits from Sherry’s funny cigg earlier that night she was in a curious mood. She felt all dressed up with nowhere to go, free of husbands and kids and even friends. When The Midnight Rambler flashed through her mind she immediately and unequivocally ignored it. However with her buzz on, the more she tried to ignore it the more she could plainly see in her minds eye the tacky flashing neon sign.

Amy could sometimes be impulsive and within seconds said to herself, “I’m going to do it.”

She told herself that she was just curious and was going to check the place out and that it would be exciting and fun, nothing more, nothing less. When else would she have the chance to do something like this? Her 12 year marriage was rock solid but truth be told it was also rock boring. Amy also thought about her college days and how she worked all the time to get good grades but never left room for fun. Amy thought that college kids today were all about having fun and experimenting with everything life had to offer whether it be drugs, relationships, exotic drinks or even their sexuality. Nothing was off limits for these spoiled kids. Deep down, Amy knew she was envious of their carefree lifestyle.

Just because her sex life was barren she didn’t want to be like some of the other wives she knew who were sleeping around and carrying on affairs behind their husband’s back. But she also thought just because Norman wasn’t interested in sex it didn’t mean she also had no interest, further aggravating her was the fact she just read an article in Cosmo stating she was now entering her sexual prime. “Whoopee,” she thought

Amy ruled out right away going to a club or bar, as she didn’t like the idea of men hitting on her. A compromise she worked out was to stop by the Midnight Rambler on the way back home to Colette’s. Since she knew no one would recognize her she could go have a thrill and observe the crazy scene and then walk back to Collette’s right around the corner. She told herself the fact it was a girl/girl bar had no real influence on her decision, she just wanted one more drink at a fun happening place without the annoyance of being set upon by a bunch of drunk oversexed men.

‘Oh God, I wished I had another joint,” she thought to herself.

She had heard about this bar several months ago while dining in SOHO with Collette and her friends, Sarah and Lisa. Amy was distracted reading the menu when Lisa started complaining about how The Midnight Rambler, which she felt was once a great old fashioned New York City dive bar, had been taken over by a bunch of dykes from New York University.

Sarah, correcting her said, “Lisa, technically speaking from what I have heard it’s more of a lipstick lesbian bar not a dyke bar.”

Colette then chimed in with, “I think your both wrong because I overheard students from NYU talking last week waiting for the bahis firmaları train and they said it’s a place where NYU girls go to experiment with their lesbian until graduation phase, or their LUG phase!”

“Actually you are all wrong,” added the waitress, a perky brunette named Elisa who was quickly slamming drinks down on the table. “What I hear is happening is that the bar has become real popular with Connecticut and New Jersey housewives who come in during the weekend to live out their lesbian fantasies reliving the college days they never had, and let me tell ya, judging by the license plates on the cars it seems to be attracting a pretty good crowd.

At least it’s a more upscale crowd. After work at night I use to have to dodge all the used rubbers along the sidewalk from all the customers doing the nasty in their cars.”

In unison the three women let out “Eeeww gross, that’s disgusting!”

Elisa continued, “Now I just have to avoid all the finger and dental dams on the sidewalk.”

“OK, I just lost my appetite” Sarah responded.

They all had a good laugh. Amy’s reaction was more of a surprised and quizzical one. She didn’t get it and it was obvious to the others.

“Amy, you do know what finger and dental dam are used for don’t you?” Sarah sarcastically commented. Sarah was always giving Amy a hard time. Amy couldn’t figure out why but felt it had something to do with the fact Amy was by far the prettiest at the table and even at her age of 42 attracted lots of attention from the men when they went out. Sarah was still single at 36 and living in the city alone. Amy thought to herself that at his point Sarah had probably alienated every male in the city.

Colette felt sorry for her friend and knew she lived a somewhat sheltered suburban life so came to her rescue, “You know Amy, when two woman have oral sex and they use a piece of latex to cover their… ahh well you know their privates.”

Amy not wanting to seem ignorant said, “Oh yea, that’s right, sorry guys I’m kind burnt out from work today, and my God this drink is making me dizzy, what’s in it?” It was a nice effort to segue to another topic but it didn’t fool anybody. They all knew Amy could be very naive.

The conversation quickly turned to the next subject and the girls were now talking about the latest Desperate Housewives and how bad the season had been so far.

Amy however was thinking about The Midnight Rambler and wondering if the stories about the place were true. She thought to her self, “Do women really come from out of town to pick up these young college girls? Why would these girls be interested in older woman? Why are their so many housewives experimenting like this?”

When she started visualizing what was going on inside the cars parked outside the Rambler she absentmindedly tipped over her glass of wine spilling some on Sarah.

“Aahh, you idiot, look what you just did, Oh man now I’m going to have to have this dry cleaned.” Sarah yelled

“I am so sorry Sarah, here let me help you I can’t believe it, I’m such a klutz sometimes,” Amy said, helping put towels on the spill.

Sarah stormed off to the ladies room in high drama pouting and being as obnoxious as she could. Amy was genuinely sorry but also felt Sarah made way too big a deal of the situation. This night stood out for Amy but not for the spilled wine so much as for the talk of The Midnight Rambler.

Amy just recently had been going through some soul searching regarding her life. Having been married for 15 years and having brought up two wonderful kids with her husband Norman she has recently been finding her life less than fulfilling.

Norman, a trial attorney had lost interest in intimacy and sex a few years back. He wasn’t a bad guy at all and Amy knew it was just as much her fault as it was his but still she nonetheless felt resentful. She wasn’t sure at whom or at what but at the ripe old age of 42, she felt there should be more. What she was hearing from friends and from the television shows like Oprah was the exact opposite of her situation. Instead of being her peak sexual years filled with fun and experimentation they were becoming a dry windswept wasteland of frustration.

Amy had always taken pride in her appearance and was very pretty. She enjoyed the attention of men and surprising to her an occasional woman. In college she could have dated almost anyone she wanted to and never lacked for male companionship. She was of Jewish/Israeli heritage and had an olive complexion with big brown eyes and thick jet-black hair. She did some modeling in college but didn’t really like it so quite after she made enough to pay for her first car. She was always requested for the intimate apparel modeling or the swimsuit shoots as she had just about the perfect size body.

She was attracted to Norman because he was in many ways her opposite. He was at the top of his Yale graduating class, plain looking but elegant and mild mannered. She also liked the fact her father approved of him, and not just because he was Jewish, which wasn’t always an easy feat to accomplish. In what seemed like a flash kaçak iddaa a wedding date was set and her married life began. Thinking back on it Amy knew it was a hasty decision. Not that things were bad but she often thought about how things might have been.

She joined a gym two years ago and worked out four times a week doing both cardio and free weights. This became her new hobby since the kids were in school all day. She looked younger than her 42 years with just a few lines just recently appearing around her mouth and eyes. Her height was 5’8″ and she had an athletic build, nice bubble butt, shapely legs and a flat stomach.

Her breasts were ample, a little more than a handful one of her boyfriends commented once. What really set them apart however were the dark meaty bulbous nipples. Amy was always somewhat embarrassed by them and she received quite a few inquisitive stares in the locker room of her gym but the men she dated found them extremely sexual and erotic, always mauling, squeezing and loudly sucking on them when making love. She remembered one boyfriend who made her keep her bra on during sex so he wouldn’t cum so quickly. As he got toward his orgasm he would rip the bra off and orally maul her tits with the inevitable ejaculation following. Amy didn’t mind this so much because as it turned out he had a nice thick 10″ cock that sent her into multiple orgasms whenever they had sex. Unfortunately, he also had an IQ of 10 so he wasn’t around for that long.

It was a freezing cold night now as she waited in line. She was curious and looked around at the other people in line trying not to stare. There were two college age girls in front of her, a pretty blonde and a red head and a few older women behind her all bundled up. Amy couldn’t believe there was actually a line on such a cold night.

The door opened up, the music blared and Amy saw two girls walk over to what must be the summer outdoor seating area but was now just another trash strewn cement patio with a few rusting tables strewn aside. They huddled near one of those rusty outdoor tables with the dirty table umbrella’s jerking too and fro in the cold winter wind. The two girls lit up a cigarette and continued with their animated discussion.

Amy, looking over at them noticed one of the girl’s faces in the lights of a cab that had just pulled up and she was struck by her looks. The girl returned Amy’s gaze as she conversed with her friend. Amy was entranced at how she gracefully dragged on the cigarette holding it so girly yet exhaling the smoke so forcefully like a man, with tendrils of smoke streaming out her nostrils as she raised her chin. What confused Amy so much about this scene was that she was a strong anti smoking advocate and hated the smell of cigarettes yet found watching this attractive girl so enthralling.

Amy couldn’t remember who the girl reminded her of and it bothered her because she seemed so familiar. Then all at once it came to her; she reminded Amy of Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods wife. Amy a few months back was in bed been perusing through one of Norman’s golf magazines; Norman was working late once again. There was an article about Tiger Wood’s and his family in it and she was struck with Elin’s beauty. She even cut out the picture and put it in her nightstand drawer, as she liked the sexy Nike outfit she was wearing. Amy thought it was odd how every so often she would take the picture out of her drawer admiring not only the outfit but also Elin’s natural beauty.

It looked like Elin was snobby although she hated to make judgments from just a picture. She had a cute nose but it turned up slightly and a big mouth full of big white teeth. She had the prerequisite strong jaw but Amy was surprised that her eyes weren’t the usual deer in the headlight variety; no she thought her eyes exuded a certain provocative sexuality and she felt Tiger was probably a very lucky man.

The girls finished their cigarette and as Amy watched them go back into the club the blonde turned and smiled at Amy. Amy quickly looked away but on this very cold night she couldn’t help but feel a burst of warmth. Amy knew it was probably just a passing friendly gesture but with feelings of guilt and confusion coursing through her body she had to again resist the urge to turn and run away.

She then had to remind herself, “I am just here to have a quick drink, observe the scene and then walk home. I am only in New York once and a while so I might as well take advantage of it when I can. This is how you stay young!” She then thought of the typical boring night in her suburban neighborhood and new that what she was doing was the right thing.

As the two girls reached for the door to go back into the club the door flung open and two middle-aged women came walking out laughing arm in arm with a beautiful young girl in between. As the women passed by Amy couldn’t help thinking how they looked so mismatched with the older women all decked out in expensive clothes and jewelry while the younger girl was so casual with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, a Northface jacket on and no jewelry at all.

The door lady then let kaçak bahis in the next two girls in line and motioned for Amy to go in but then held out her hand and said, “That will be twenty five dollars Miss.”

Amy was somewhat puzzled and said “But you just let them in and didn’t charge them why are you charging me?”

“Sorry lady the college girls get in free, so unless you can show me a student ID it’s going to be $25.”

Amy hesitated and then begrudgingly pulled out twenty-five dollars and handed it over. As she looked down she noticed her hands were visibly shaking.

“Thanks,” the door lady said, “Oh, and don’t forget to relax when you get inside.”

Amy was assaulted by the loud music as she entered the club. She went over to the coat check and dropped off her bulky coat and scarf. It was a hectic scene with girls dancing with girls in one room and groups of girls just hanging out together in another room laughing loudly having fun.

Amy confirmed to herself that since she saw only women it probably was an all girl club. With this confirmation Amy started to get cold feet and again wanted to leave but instead took a deep breath and ventured in thru the crowd toward the bar at the other end of the club. She ordered a cranberry and grey goose and meandered over to the far corner where she could put her drink down and hold up the wall for awhile.

As she put her drink down on the table she heard from behind her.

“So was it worth the wait in line?”

Amy turned around and came face to face with the smoking (in more ways than one) blonde.

“Oh, yeah, I…I guess so.” Amy answered somewhat embarrassed while thinking, “Did this chick know I was watching her outside?”

She continued, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, my name is Camilla. It’s Swedish for who gives a fuck. Ha Ha…”

Amy laughed and said, “Oh, Hi… my name is Amy.”

Camilla continued, “Well Amy it doesn’t look like you’ve been here before are you new?”

Because the club was so crowded and loud Camilla came right up close to Amy’s ear. Amy could feel her cheek ever so softly brush up against hers and also could smell her perfume. It was definitely not a cheap scent!

When Camilla backed up and looked at Amy for the answer, Amy noticed she didn’t back up that much and was now almost nose-to-nose with her. Amy ordinarily liked her personal space when conversing with people but as she took a look around and saw the crowds of people in the club all huddled together all having fun she decided she liked the intimacy. Also with the music so loud Amy felt totally anonymous. She noticed a distinct shiver running up her back, it was a feeling that caused her some excitement on the one hand but also anxiety on the other hand.

Amy nose to nose with Camilla was worried about her breath or that maybe a piece of food was stuck in her teeth or perhaps a stray nose hair was visible. “Is this the price of getting old, Amy thought? I mean these thoughts would never have even crossed my mind when I was in my early twenties fending off obnoxious boys.” And then it struck her, “Why do I care so much?”

Amy looked straight into the beautiful big bluish/green eyes of Camilla and in the loudest voice she could muster said, “I guess you could call me a rookie!” This was a bold risk for Amy and she felt energized for taking it. Camilla smiled at her and Amy couldn’t deny that even up close Camilla was flawless. Her teeth were sparkling white, her blonde hair was natural and soft and her skin radiated youth and vigor

Camilla reached out and placed her hand on Amy’s forearm slightly squeezing it and yelled, “In that case we’ll have to haze you!” Amy laughed but then Camilla said, “I have to go find my friends, are you going to be here for a while?”

“Oh…sure, ya that’s fine, I’ll see you a little later.” a somewhat dejected Amy responded. With that Camilla turned and morphed into the crowd. Amy felt like the floor had just came out from under her. She told herself that it was ridiculous to be disappointed and that even though she felt a slight attraction to Camilla, she was a married woman and nothing was going to become of it. Besides Camilla was in college, way too young to even know what she was doing. She reminded herself, “I am not a fucking lesbian!”

Amy, still confused made a beeline to the restroom. Once inside she checked herself in the mirror wondering why Camilla gave her the brush off so quickly. She checked her outfit fixing her shirt and flattening it out where it had bunched up while also straightening out her bra. Even at 42 Amy saw in the reflection a pretty hot woman. When the bathroom emptied out and Amy was alone she moved closer to the mirror looking for any food particles in between her teeth, she then checked her breath against the mirror, and finally tilting her head up and turning sideways she looked to see if any stray hairs had popped out of her nose. She then thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t have been so bold conversing so close to her breathing right into her beautiful face. Maybe it was a turnoff for her.” She thought, “Maybe Camilla took off because I have bad breath!” Again Amy caught herself being too introspective, looked at herself in the mirror and thought, “OK, stop this right now, your just being paranoid, go out there and have a good time, you deserve it!”

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