An English Boy Gets Turned Out Ch. 05

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I am sorry for the delay in posting chapter 5, life and writers block got in the way.


Normally when I wake up I need to take a pee. But this morning it felt like I needed to take a dump. That feeling woke me up with a start as I recalled my ass was full of butt plug. Then the memories came flooding back. Instantly my heart starting beating faster, my cheeks coloured and I started to sweat as I realised the trouble I had got myself into.

I don’t know why I just started ticking off the problems on my fingers.

1- Everyone in my dorm thought I was gay.

2- Jaimie had pissed off one of the biggest jocks in the dorm and he would exact some revenge.

3- I had a butt plug up my ass. I was surprised that was not at the top of my list.

4- I had a nipple the size of a finger nail.

5- Another boy had played with my cock and I had enjoyed it.

6- Another boy played with my ass and I enjoyed it.

7- I had a butt plug up my ass.

8- I was getting an erection remembering this stuff. That doesn’t count it’s only my morning wood.

9- Mr Tobias could track my movements with the butt plug up my ass.

10. I had to study gay porn.

11. I had a butt plug in my ass and I had to keep it in until I get to work tomorrow except for taking a dump.

12- I had an orgasm at the hands of another man. Well not technically, in fact I had wanked myself off and I had been forced to let the other man play with me. So I’m not gay. Phew thank god for rationalisation.

13- I told Mr Tobias I was gay. That doesn’t count because he forced me to. I am STRAIGHT. I don’t like men. I came back to the point I made to myself yesterday. I had spent 10 years at an all boy’s school and not once had I had a gay thought. So I was not gay it was just the situation I found myself in.

14- I had a butt plug up my ass.

All these rushing thoughts came to an end when I realised I needed to get out of bed to pee as well as take a dump. Normally I wouldn’t give it a second thought. I would just walk out to the washrooms in my t-shirt and shorts. But this morning I had to make sure my shorts would not show the large black rubber thing hiding in my ass. I then had the stupid thought that a butt plug is like an iceberg because only one tenth is visible the rest is hidden in the depths.

I found an extra-large t shirt which hung below my shorts giving me an extra layer to hide the butt plug. I opened my door and went out into the corridor, could feel my ass rolling as I walked with an unusual gate and my feet were spaced a little wider to compensate. I made it to the bathroom unseen.

I went into one of the stalls praying no one else would come in. The sides and the door were only three quarter size leaving a gap at floor level and a view over the top for anyone tall.

I pulled down my shorts and sat on the loo. The T-shirt hung over my lap keeping everything hidden. I reached my hand down and into the bowl and started to pull. I could feel my ass stretching and being pulled down and then the back of my hand touched the water in the bowl and I realised this was not going to work.

I half stood up in a very inelegant squat over the toilet. It was certainly not an attractive pose but then I certainly did not want anyone to see me at that moment. I quietly prayed no one would come into the bathroom and find me like this. In a bid to move things along quickly I pulled the plug straight out. It was painful as the lube had dried and was not easing the movement of the plug. It felt as if it was stuck solid and I grasped the base with both hands and pulled some more. Then with a jerk it stretched my hole to the max and it was out. In the same second I lost my grip and it fell into the toilet bowl with a loud splash. I quickly reached down into the loo and picked up the now slippery butt plug.

I sat down on the loo and went about my business. At the same time dabbing the plug with loo paper to dry it. That was a pain as the paper stuck to the black rubber and then was difficult to pull off.

This is probably too much information for the story, but normally when I take a dump, I sit down and a few seconds later it’s all over. This morning I was waiting and waiting and waiting. The one morning when I want to get out of their as fast as possible I have to wait. I suppose it was all backed up deep inside because of the plug.

Finally it was all over. I could go back to my room. But even that was no longer simple. I had no lube so it would be painful to put the plug back in my arse, but if it wasn’t in my arse I would have to carry it and someone might see me carrying this sex toy for pooftahs, which would make them think I was a pooftah when I am not.

I went to the door of the bathroom and looked out. Luckily because it was fairly early on a Sunday morning nobody else was up and I made it to my room unseen.

As I pushed open the door my phone started to ring. I put the plug down on my bed and picked up my phone. My heart sank it was Mr Tobias. “Sammi why isn’t illegal bahis the plug in your ass? It’s been out for over 20 minutes. Remind me what your instructions were.”

“Mr Tobias it could only be out for 10 minutes. But I can explain Sir.”

“I don’t care about your excuses. Understand this, when you come into the store tomorrow you are going to get punished. For every minute that plug is out of your ass over 10 minutes you are going to get a stroke, I’m not sure yet whether it will be my hand, a paddle or a crop. It’s already been out of your ass for thirteen minutes over the 10. So how many stokes are you going to get tomorrow?

“13 Mr Tobias.”

“Wrong answer Sammi! You better get it in quick because it’s now 14 strokes. Leave the phone on speaker, I want to hear you put it in.”

I threw the phone on my bed, I felt for the lube in my bedside drawer and grabbed it. I picked up the plug and was about to lube it when I saw it still had bits of toilet paper stuck to it. I didn’t want to put it in my ass like that so I set about pulling it off.

“What are you doing Sammi? It’s gone very quiet and the plug is still telling me it has not gone back into your ass.”

“I’m sorry Mr Tobias but it’s got loo paper on it and I am trying to take it off.”

“Put your phone on video and show me.”

I turned the phone to video and pointed it at the butt plug. “That was stupid to stick loo paper on the plug.”

“It fell in the loo and I had to dry it, Sir.”

“Times wasting and you are up to 15 strokes now. Get it in your ass now!”

I picked up the plug and smeared it with lube.

“Sammi I want to see what you are doing. Make sure the phone is pointing at your ass when you insert the plug.”

I wedged the phone so it was pointing towards the bed. I lay back and lifted my legs pointing my bottom directly at the phone. I put some more lube on my fingers and spread it over my ass. I did not copy Jaimie’s actions and did not push my fingers up my butt hole.

I then reached for the butt plug and lined it up with my hole. Then I started to push, it was easy to begin but as the plug widened my ass began to struggle to expand with it. I pulled it back out a little way and then pushed it back in. Again it could only go so far and so I repeated the in and out action over and over. Each time it went in a little further.

“Sammi, you are at 20 strokes now.”

I guess that was the encouragement I needed as I gave it hard shove and I felt my ass hole stretch painfully and then felt the relief as it half closed over the narrower neck of the plug.

“Good boy, Sammi. You are beginning to do as you are told. You need to be quicker but you will learn that. I think the twenty one stokes I am going to give you tomorrow will serve as a reminder that you need to do as you are told and not to waste time. What are your plans for the day?”

The question took me by surprise. I had not really thought about my day. I had some studying to do for my course and of course I had some studying to do for Mr Tobias.

“I just have some studying to do Mr Tobias.”

“Are you meeting anyone?”

“No Sir.”

“When will your roommate come back?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“Sammi I want you to study the videos in the nude.”

“But what happens if my roommate comes back and sees me?”

“I am sure you will think of something to say. To make sure you are studying in the nude I want you to send me a message when you start your gay porn studies and then I want you to send me a selfie every 15 minutes to show you are nude.”

“Mr Tobias I am really scared my roommate will catch me, I don’t want him to see me naked and he might see my butt plug.”

“Sammi, I have told you before not to talk back to me. The reason I am making you study in the nude is because your plug was out for longer than it should have been and you seemed reluctant to put back.”

“But Sir you are going to beat me tomorrow. Why are you punishing me twice?”

“Sammi I can do what I want with you because you are a submissive little gay boy and you won’t stand up to me because it turns you on so much. Look down Sammi. What do you see?”

“I see my willy, Mr Tobias.”

“Is it hard or is it soft?”

“It’s hard, Mr Tobias.”

“Why is it hard Sammi?”

“I don’t know Mr Tobias.”

“Don’t be so stupid you are hard because you are turned on. Now tell me why your little willy is hard.”

“My willy is hard because I am turned on.”

“What’s turning you on Sammi?”

“I don’t know Mr Tobias.”

“Yes you do Sammi. I am not going to discuss this anymore with you now. But when you come into the office tomorrow you will tell me why your pathetic little willy is hard every time you speak to me. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I’ve got other things to do so I am logging off. Now don’t forget to send me your selfies!”

I was uncertain how to proceed. I wanted to get dressed in normal clothes and get on with my life without a butt plug making its illegal bahis siteleri presence felt. I certainly did not want to stay naked watching gay porn and get caught by my roommate. We had not had much contact but from what I knew he was a lady’s man. He was always pulling chicks and sleeping away from home. One thing I knew for certain he would not be happy sharing his room with a pooftah.

But I was scared of disobeying Mr Tobias. Every time I tried to stop what was happening he just steamrollered my wishes and I just seemed to get in deeper and in more trouble.

10 minutes later I found myself in the same position, naked and plugged. The only change being my hard on had disappeared and my willy was back to its short self. Procrastination was getting me nowhere. In fact it was putting me in the worst of both worlds. I was still nude but not studying porn and about to piss off Mr Tobias if I did not send him a nude selfie in 5 minutes.

I finally decided to do as I had been told by Mr Tobias. His threats were real and punishment was certain. On the other hand my roommate may not come back this morning or even today.

I quickly started the porn video on my computer and I shot a selfie of me from the front showing my nude body and the back of the laptop screen. I sent it to Mr Tobias hoping it would satisfy him. I started to watch the porn. There was the twink and the older man on the screen. The young man was working on the cock and balls of the older one, he was just using his mouth and his hands were clasped behind his back. Then the older man rolled back a little bit, raising his ass up to the waiting lips of the twink. This instantly reminded me of Jaimie licking my own ass and how much pleasure it had given me. My willy started to get hard again. I was watching closely and was absorbed in the video and nearly forgot the selfie.

I sent another one; basically the same picture as before.

I started to fast forward through the video. I stopped at every change of scene or position and tried to imprint the images to my memory. How sick is this. I am filling my head with gay images when I want to fuck women. I shrugged my shoulders as I realised what a sick situation I was in, but there was not much I could do about it.

Just then I received a text. It was from Mr Tobias. “I can’t see if your lower body is naked. I can’t see the butt plug and I can’t see the screen. For all I know you are doing uni studies wearing shorts. NOT HAPPY.”

In the office Mr Tobias smiled to himself as he watched Sammi open the text. He had been observing closely from the cam on the laptop and he could also watch the video Sammi was watching. He was really enjoying messing with this innocent little Brit. He was so easy to play.

“Oh Fuck” thought Sammi when he read the text. He decided he would take the next one from behind. If he twisted round he would be able to get his bare back side and the screen in the picture.

He sent that picture immediately and carried on watching the video.

Another text arrived. “The picture is not very clear. Put the phone on the bed behind you and stream a live video to me. It’s easier for you because you won’t have to stop watching porn to take a selfie.”

I did as I told and sat back down in front of my laptop. By now the twink was getting fucked in missionary position. I sped through that and watched as the older man pulled out and turned him over and entered him from the rear. I watched that for a few seconds and then sped forward to the next scene. The man pulled out and the twink turned round. His head was level with the man’s cock and his mouth was open. The man groaned and shouted take my cum and he spurted all over the twink’s face and into his mouth.

Just then another text arrived. “I can see you fast forwarding through the video. Stop. Re-watch the video from the beginning. I will ask you questions about the dialogue so you can’t speed through the video.”

Fucking hell he was evil and he noticed everything. I went back to the beginning of the video and started re-watching the scenes again. I put my headphones on because the dorm walls were very thin and I did not want my neighbours to hear me watching gay porn.

After 5 minutes I was bored stiff, no pun intended. Watching porn for long periods is very dull, but I had to concentrate to avoid punishment tomorrow. I came up with a new expression. As boring as watching spunk dry. I even wished I was back in one of my boring seminars at uni.

Just then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. There was my roommate walking around me pointing his phone at me. I slammed the screen down on my laptop pulled off my headphones and stood up.

“It’s not what you think.” I said.

I would have been better off remaining on my bed because of course when I stood up I was stark naked. Thankfully I did not have a little stiffy as that would have really made me look gay.

“Sammi you are a disgusting faggot. I have been filming you for the past 5 minutes watching that revolting porn. canlı bahis siteleri I’ve also got a video of you taking a selfie of your ass and sending it to someone. You are a SICK PERVERT!”

“I can explain.” I tried to tell David my roommate.

“Don’t bother. You are moving out of this room, I am not sharing my space with a fag. You get out of here now.”

“But where will I….”

Just then the worst thing that could have happened, did happen. Have you ever shit your pants when you’ve been scared or nervous. Well neither have I but it is a thing isn’t it? My ass muscles must have relaxed due to the nerves and I had this horrible slipping sensation as I felt the butt plug slide out of my bottom. I squeezed by ass cheeks together and tried to stop the descent but that only made the situation worse.

So there I am standing naked in front of my roommate trying to persuade him I am a normal guy and suddenly his eyes are drawn downwards and he see this big black object appearing from my bum, it moves with increasing speed until it hits the floor with a slapping sound and bounces and rolls on the floor before finally coming to rest midway between the two of us.

“That’s it get out now. I will call you and let you know when you can come and pick up your stuff. If I ever see you again I am going to give this video to the dean and get you expelled. Now get the fuck out!”

I walk over to my cupboard to get some clothes. David stops me.

“I told you to get out now. Get your stuff later!”

He bends over and picks up the clothes I had worn yesterday off the floor and throws them at me. “Put them on and get out.”

I quickly put on the twinky looking outfit and he smirks to himself. “Who’d have thought the prim little English boy was a fag. Well more to the point why on earth did I think you were straight. It’s pretty obvious you like to get fucked up the ass.”

“Take your gay shit with you and I will tell you when you can come over.”

I quickly packed away my laptop and stuffed the butt plug, nipple clamps and pump in beside it.

“Wait! What’s that perv?” David asked as I was putting away the pump.

“It’s a pump.”

“What do you pump with that? I know you’ve got a tiny dick but not even that would fit in there.”

“It’s for my nipples. My boss wants me to have bigger nipples.”

That was the most stupid thing I could have said. Now David knew I had a boss and I was doing gay things for him. It just confirmed to David that I was a faggot.

“That’s sick! If anyone told me to do something like that I’d punch them out.”

“Take your sick stuff and get out of here!”

“Where can I go?” I asked.

“I don’t give a fuck! All I know is you are not staying here with me. You little Motherfucker!”

I grabbed my backpack and left the room. I felt sick to my stomach. My life was in ruins. I walked to the end of the corridor and then down the steps out of the dorm. I was lost in my own world, I did not see or hear anything outside of myself. I found myself outside and decided to walk into the local park and find somewhere to sit. I needed to try and take stock of the situation.

I found a bench with no one nearby and plonked myself down. The first thing I needed to do was to find somewhere to stay tonight. I did not really know anyone well enough outside of my dorm and I could not go back there. Why did I have to come to the US for college, if I was back home I could also head back home. Even more why did I ever go that book shop? Why did I let Mr Tobias bully me into doing these depraved things.

My flatmate was not wrong. Who wants to share a room with a pervert who uses a butt plug, pumps his nipples, wears a cock ring and watches disgusting gay porn?

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck What do I do? I thought I would try and find a really cheap motel to stay the night, I did not have much money as I was still waiting to get paid by the book store.

My phone started ringing, I saw it was Mr Tobias and I just let it ring. I should have done this before, if I had not listened to him I would not be in this mess. I might have pissed off the president of the College but at least I would still have my pride and no one would think I was a poof.

The phone rang again. Again I let it ring.

Mr Tobias was sitting in the office. He knew exactly what had happened he had watched it unfold on playback. He had watched David the roommate come in through the door. In fact he had seen him before Sammi, because the webcam on the laptop had the door in view. He had seen the expression change on David’s face as he realised what his flatmate was doing and what he was watching.

He had watched Sammi jump up and he laughed so hard when he saw the butt plug slide out of Sammi’s bottom. That was too funny. But the picture had gone dead soon after that as Sammi shut the laptop.

He was able to track Sammi’s movements using the GPS on the butt plug. He was also aware the butt plug was not in the boy’s ass.

He was thinking about how he could take advantage of the situation. He knew he could use this to quicken the process of turning Sammi into the perfect gay sex toy. He smiled as he started to imagine Sammi as the best little bottom focused only on giving pleasure to more powerful men.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32