An Evening in Cozy Arm(pit)s

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After the sleazy evening movie, Brenda invited Vicky to her friend Hanna’s apartment, where she would be waiting for them. In the cab, Vicky put his arm around her shoulders and was feeling her smooth shoulder skin, lowered his head, kissed her plump shoulder and nuzzled near her armpit folds.

Brenda was wearing a halter neck dress, showing her thick armpit stubble. Vicky knew that lots of armpit love was in store for him as Brenda and all her intimate friends are crazy about armpits. He tried to take in her armpit smell, but Brenda gently stopped him.

“The whole night is yours, for you to enjoy. You can enjoy our armpits any way you want” – she cooed, while kissing his ear.

Vicky said “I will enjoy the armpits of you two together.”

They engaged in a light kissing which soon became deep, but Brenda pulled away, as the cab drew near the pavement.

They were almost embracing each other when Brenda and Vicky went upto Hanna’s apartment door. Brenda kissed Vicky again. This time with lot of tongue.

Both Hanna and Brenda are well built women, fair skinned, with large armpits, always wearing open type sleeveless blouse or dresses showing lots of shoulder and waist flesh. As Brenda and Vicky entered the apartment and closed the door, Hanna ran with both hands raised, towards Brenda.

Today, Hanna was wearing a light blue short sleeveless vest with large armholes. A large area of her shining shoulders and underarm area was visible. She has a thick jet black jungle of armpit hair, which she loves to display.

Hanna and Brenda tightly embraced each other, with their heads buried in each other’s shoulder. They were rubbing their noses on each others’ fleshy shoulders, and licking their shoulder skin. This went on for some time. Then they found each other’s lips for a soft but sensuous kiss.

Seeing two sleeveless bloused ladies embrace and kiss each other like this, he had an instant hard-on. Their gorgeous armpits are visible, with their large boobs, tightly crushed against each other.

After a long time they loosened their embrace, raised their armpits, and signalled to Vicky to sniff their armpits. Vicky brought his nose to each of their armpits and sniffed to his heart’s content, but resisted the temptation to lick or kiss those lovely armpits.

They then embraced Vicky in turn, and Vicky kissed them hard, and planted lots of kisses on their armpit folds, licking and sniffing the area around the folds.

Then Hanna put on a movie on vcd. Brenda and Hanna sat on either side of Vicky, who put his hands around their open backs and in their armpits. They put their hands around Vicky’s neck. Vicky could smell their armpits easily.

As the movie was showing bahis firmaları heavy underarm kissing and licking with lots of kissing and sucking sounds, Vicky lowered his head and started to kiss, lick and suck each armpit in turn.

They put some perfumed oil in their palms, and held his d**k in their palm and continued to oil-squeeze it. After the movie, Brenda and Hanna were frantically giving each other tight hugs and kisses. They were licking, sniffing, sucking and taking the taste of each other’s large smelly armpits.

Then Brenda came to Vicky, and clasped him in a tight and lusty embrace. Vicky took off her halter-neck dress and clutched her boobs. He licked her pointed nose and smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit.

She said “Take the strong aroma of my bushy underarms, it will heat you up.”

As he was thoroughly enjoying her both armpits, shoulders and the sexy folds of her waist, Hanna came and embraced him from behind, and they started mutual underarm sucking, tasting, kissing, licking and armpit biting and munching sessions amongst the three of them.

During all this Vicky took off the sleeveless blouse of Hanna, while kissing her armpits.

Hanna pressed her huge boob in Vicky’s armpit and rubbed it there. Vicky clamped tight his hand, trapping Hanna’s boob in his armpit.

At one time Vicky caught hold of Brenda from behind, and put his d**k in her right armpit. She clamped tight her hand on her side and squeezed. Vicky pumped and pumped. She went wild and did the same in her left armpit.

Again he buried his face in Brenda’s armpit and pulled her face in his armpit, and continued with exchanging deep and wet armpit-kisses with her.

Then he clasped Hanna from behind and let her have similar fun in her plump and sweaty armpits. Later, with Brenda, he had lots and lots of armpit eating, kissing and waist biting, nose biting & kissing.

With Hanna he got aroused by her plump wide back, and kissed and licked it for long, then wetted her pretty nose with his saliva, then took her wide armpits in his mouth, biting while lustily kissing it.

Hanna loved it, pushed her armpits very hard on his face, getting more of his kisses and bites in her armpits, letting him taste her plump armpits.

The sexy and salty taste and aroma of the large, fleshy and hairy armpits of the two ladies drove him mad.

His forceful bites, licks and lusty kisses in their armpits, made them wild. Now they were almost fighting and wrestling amongst each other to get hold of the armpits to lick, bite, taste, sniff, kiss and munch.

Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, kiss & hug, hug & kiss, taste, lick, sniff, lick & smell, smell & lick-.. it went on kaçak iddaa and on..

Hanna and Brenda were now tightly hugging each other with lots of lusty kisses. They were hungrily licking and tasting each other’s armpits. Then Brenda came to Vicky, and he clasped her in a tight and lusty hug, and licked her sharp nose and perfumed silky smooth shoulders, and gradually penetrated his nose in her left armpit.

She said “Sniff the smell of my armpit as lot of sweat is now there. Enjoy the musky taste and aroma of both my armpits.”

As he was thoroughly enjoying the taste of both the smelly armpits of Brenda, and her sexy, smelly shoulders and waist folds, Hanna pulled him and drew him into a fierce hug. Her perfume made him more lusty and hard. He started kissing and licking her bare shoulders and waist.

Kissing and licking women’s waist & shoulders is very arousing, particularly if her shoulders are broad and round, and waist is fleshy, and having little folds.

Hanna raised her hands and invitingly put forward her armpits to Vicky’s face. He buried his face there, and pressed his armpit on her face. He tightly kissed her both armpits in turn, without stopping, drawing in the sexy aroma in deep breathes, and deep tonguing and tasting both the armpits.

“Your armpits are so very very tasty’ – he murmured to her.

She was also kissing and sucking his armpits. Vicky made both her armpits slippery with saliva. Her armpit taste and smell is great. Then he rubbed his d**k in both their sexy waist folds. Hanna encircled his d**k in her waist folds, and kept pressing the folds, while Vicky pumped vigorously.

Brenda brought out her long tongue and licked away at his and Hanna’s armpits while pulling at his d**k. Hanna and Brenda then held each other in a tight hug, with lots of lusty armpit kissing and biting.

Vicky could not hold himself, pulled Brenda in a tight embrace and started tasting, licking and kissing her shoulders and armpits.

“Mmmmmmmm, the taste is so great.” Her perfume made him mad.

Hanna jumped and tightly hugged him from behind, kissing his back and kissing Brenda also over his shoulder. They started mutual underarms-kissing.

Then their friend Maria entered, wearing a shoulderless sleeveless blouse, and joined the party. Vicky knew her well. So he pulled her to him and raised her one hand and put his face in her armpit. She let go of her hand, it was dangling, keeping his head inside her armpit.

He sniffed the fleshy, smooth and perfumed armpits for a long time, then tongued both her armpits in turn, tasted, kissed and sucked both her armpits.

Maria cried out in passion-“Oh! Oh! For a long time I wanted armpit- kisses from you, see kaçak bahis how tasty are my ripe armpits” – and pressed her armpits repeatedly on his face. Maria’s armpits are very sexy. The pits are concave and smooth. She always cleans and perfumes her armpits.

She knows Vicky loves the musky sexy aroma of both her sweaty armpits. She gets aroused by smelling her own armpits, and craves for his wet lips on her wet armpit flesh. She slowly got rid of her shoulderless blouse, and offered her wide armpits to Vicky’s hungry mouth. Vicky was now sucking on her wide, sexy armpits, munching her armpit flesh.

After planting lots and lots of love-bites and lusty kisses on Maria’s armpits, Vicky engaged in a wrestling hug with Hanna and Brenda in turn, and made their armpits red with his sensual bites and kisses, while Maria kissed their armpits in turn.

Hanna’s sexy friend Linda called over phone and asked them to come to her apartment as she was alone. They went there. Linda loves western dresses. She was wearing a short sexy vest, which revealed a lot of her armpits, arms, shoulders and waists. Her shoulder skin is soft and glowing.

As they entered, Linda showed her plump underarms to them, by pretending to do her hair. The muscles of her bare upper arms are very arousing. Linda’s armpits alongside her large boobs are d**k raising.

After some preliminary talks, she made known her intention to have armpit-fun together. She said she loves her armpits to be fondled and kissed. She craves for lots of armpit-kissing.

All of them first sniffed and kissed her armpits briefly. Then she held out her hand to Vicky, with the other hand raised above her head.

“Come, taste my armpits. Kiss ‘n lick them hard, munch those little hairs, sniff the lovely aroma. The more you taste, the more you’ll like them” – she said.

Vicky hugged her tightly at the waist, and she pressed his face to her exposed armpit. Vicky tore open her sexy vest. The black lacey bra was cutting into her shoulders, tufts of hair were jutting out of her ripe pits. He lustily kissed, licked, sniffed and tasted her slightly hairy armpits for a long time.

Brenda tightly embraced Hanna and they kissed, bit and tasted each other’s armpits, and lapped with their tongues.

Maria kissed Linda’s waist and licked it away. Linda was very much stirred. She cried out in passion. All of them changed places and went on and on with armpit-kissing and licking. Vicky lingered on Linda’s armpits longer than others, as he liked to taste her armpits with his nose, lips and tongue.

Vicky sniffed and tasted Linda’s lusty armpits endlessly. He went mad with lust. The pungent smell and taste of those armpits were very intoxicating. After a long time of sniffing and tasting, he stopped, only to get some breath.

Others then asked Vicky to lick, kiss and taste each of their armpits in turn, for much longer times. Vicky went crazy with excitement…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32