An Extraordinary Couple Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For several years, a friend and I made the rounds, living out some pretty terrific encounters. These stories are fictionalized accounts of what made life so much fun for her and me. I start somewhere in the middle. Maybe in a later chapter, we’ll go back to the beginning. Enjoy. Be in touch…

**This chapter picks up exactly where Ch. 1 ended.**


The hotel was a good distance, but he didn’t feel like sitting in a taxi in traffic. He walked a while. He was a soldier, or had been. He was used to a hike. Besides… it’s hard to approach pussy from the backseat of a cab. Out on the pavement, that’s where legwork always paid off.

He was hungry. He stopped thinking about food when the phone in his pocket buzzed. It wasn’t Helen.

“I’m Eve. We just met in the café. Please call me later. I’m alone. Take care! xoxoxo”

He closed his phone. It buzzed again.

“Ur cock and cum so yummy! Hehehe! Bye-bye!”

He put away his phone. ‘If I had a dollar for every text like that…’

He was near the hotel when he decided to buy a sandwich and read a newspaper. He took a seat in the back of a small deli. It was a familiar hangout. For all the nuttiness he enjoyed with Helen, he preferred most things to stay the same. Same restaurants, most days. Same hotel room, always. Same bookstores. Same gym. Same vice… but at least there the names and faces changed, except Helen’s, and some of the details were different, sometimes.

His phone buzzed again, vibrating in a circle on the table. This time it was Helen, succinct as always when she was about to be naughty.

“I’m going out. Hahaha! DON’T ASK!”

Of course he would ask. It wouldn’t be fun if he didn’t. And anyway, she knew he would and she would have ben disappointed if he hadn’t. Since she knew it was coming. Her reply was quick.

“I said NO! I’m not telling… except to tell you I know he’ll be better than you! Bye… Hahaha!”

He felt the familiar tingle—the tingle he needed, almost every day of his life-leave his spine and light up his balls. His cock was hanging weird and loose in his pants. He had to reach under the table and make an adjustment, otherwise he wouldn’t enjoy the sandwich quite so much (and in the right mood, he could love a good sandwich as much as he loved watching Helen slurp the cum off her own nipples.) Done. Adjusted. He sent a another text. “Ten o’clock?” (He never typed numerals, a habit many considered to be old-fashioned. Among the hyper-modern it was considered just plain rude, if not insulting. “Fuck ’em” was his standard, for just about everything.) “OK!” was the reply. He put the phone away.

He tried to read but he couldn’t concentrate. (The reader here might be thinking he was distracted by thoughts and images of what Helen might be up to, but no… They had been playing this game for a long time. Read the Author’s Note again. I said maybe we’d get back to the beginning some day… but not yet.)

He couldn’t concentrate because most days when he started with a blowjob, especially from a stranger, he was content, at least through the afternoon. He thought of texting Eve. But Eve had just sucked him off, and he liked to give new ones a week or so before he decided to follow up. It was four-thirty. He had time to kill with Helen not home. Where could he get more? He folded the paper and scrolled through his phone list. He got all the way to the Gs. Gladys. No need to scroll any further. Not only was she fun, she worked nearby. After weeks of chatting, they’d had one meeting. It was brief, but intense. She wasn’t a time waster. Why not give it a shot?

The café where she worked was around casino şirketleri the corner. She was wiping down a table and didn’t see him come in. He took a seat and cleared his throat when she walked by.

-My god! Hi!


She made a mock-angry face and snapped a wet cloth at him, missing him but making her point.

-Don’t you answer calls, mister?

She laughed and said she’s be back with a menu. He asked her to sit down, but she didn’t get off until six, and the place was full. He didn’t want to stick around, and asked her to come to the pub on the corner.

A little after six she came in and sat down with a sigh and a frustrated face. The carefree manner she had just ninety minutes ago was gone.


-I’m in these shitty work clothes. I need a shower.

-Let’s go shower.

-Haha… Drink first?

She had two and was sipping a third. He had water. He never had anything else.

-You’re quiet. I’ve never seen you quiet before.

-Never? We dated once. Maybe I’m quiet more than you know.

-What’s wrong?

-A guy.

She took another drink.

-Am I interrupting?

-No. He stood me up, twice. Last week and last night.

-Nice you gave him a second chance.

-Asshole doesn’t know what he’s missing.

-Tell me what he’s missing.

She tossed a wadded up napkin at him.

-Like you don’t know.

-I know I know.

He winked at her.

-Tell me anyway.

On the hotel bed she was naked, on her knees, her head down on the pillow. She waited for him to fuck her. He didn’t. With his left hand he held the head of his cock against her, rubbing the head up and down the outside of the slit that was already soaked, giving the room a natural, even animal smell. She moaned. She told him to put his cock inside. He ignored her. With his right hand he caressed her hair, letting the long, soft, black strands fall through his fingers. She told him a second time to fuck her. He yanked her hair. Her head lifted off the pillow.

-Oh, god, YES! Hurt me, daddy! Hurt me and fuck me like a bad girl

She was a bad girl, every inch one, and on their way to the hotel he had reminded her how bad she was. She laughed hard when he recalled the first story she ever told him. (He had no interest in women who couldn’t tell stories. For him, words and sex went together like coffee and doughnuts.) As the story went, her boss was driving her home but pulled into a motel parking lot. He whipped out his cock, a full nine-incher. She was too shocked to stop him when he forced her down on it. She was also too greedy to stop when he insisted they go into the motel. She sucked him off, drinking every stream he fed her. Inside the room, he fucked her until midnight. He had a wife. She didn’t care. They fucked there once a week for a year. It hooked her on monster cocks, gave her a mission. God bless the Internet.

As he always did, he asked her to confirm how big her boss’s cock had been. She showed him with her hands held apart, a finger extended on each hand. Lucky girl, he said. Bet I get lucky again tonight, she said back. Once they got to the room, she was naked before he had his shoes off. Every inch a bad girl.

Now here they were, as before. He had been her angry daddy, catching his little slut daughter peeking at him through the shower curtain. Now, he had something else in mind. He relaxed his hand and was caressing the hair again, but roughly.

-Oh, no, baby. Daddy isn’t going to fuck you tonight.

-Oh, please fuck me daddy! I need daddy’s big cock!

He pulled her hair again. She let out a scream. It could make casino firmaları her cum, in the right mood. She was almost there, but it wasn’t her party anymore. (Had it ever been?) He pulled harder than he had the first time.


He let her hair go. Her head fell to the pillow. She left it there, he hair splayed all over, already wet with sweat. He slid three fingers into her cunt. Her head shot up.

-Oh! Fuck! That’s fucking deep, daddy! AAAGGGHHH!

He pulled his fingers out.

-I said be quiet.

Her head dropped again. Her hips squirmed. Small rivers of sex ran down the back of each thigh.

-Will you do what daddy says?

Her face was still in the pillow.


-That’s a good bad girl.

He slipped three fingers into her again.

-It’s not daddy’s cock you want tonight.

Her head came up.

-It is, daddy! It is!

He moved his face to her ass and licked her there as he forced his fingers deeper.

-Oh, god, daddy! Fuck me now! FUCK ME NOW!


He spoke to her, fingering her slowly. She liked his stories. She liked everything raw, on an edge. He was about to give it to her everything she liked.

-Daddy’s going camping. Come with daddy.

He licked more.

-You and daddy all alone in the woods. Daddy can fuck you and you can scream all night, can’t you?

He licked.

-YES! Yes, daddy! I can scream! Oh, fuck yes I can scream like a bad little girl!

-But daddy has to go outside to pee. Will you be scared all alone in that scary little tent?

-Yes, daddy! I’ll be so afraid!

-And you’ll be happy when daddy comes back?

-Yes, daddy! I’ll be so happy!

-Happy because bad girl know she’s about to get daddy’s big cock.

He fingered her, and she leaned back as deep as she could, squeezing his fingers. Her pussy was finely-tuned. It had a grip. He knew only a few women who compared (although Helen was and always would be the Queen.) Her imagination matched her cunt.

When he met her, they chatted online, frequently. When the finally exchanged phone numbers, she sent him a doze messages a day, all naughtier than the last. Once she sent him a photo of a werewolf. It had a note: “Wouldn’t this have a huge cock? Hahahaha! I wish!!” She was about to find out. He kept his fingers deep and raised himself higher on the bed, leaning over her back. He whispered in her ear.

-But it’s not daddy in the tent now.

-Oh, daddy! Who?

-He comes up behind you, you’re lying there, waiting for daddy. You smell him.

-Yes, daddy!

-He’s wild. His hair smells like a dog, like a wolf. Maybe he’s a man, maybe not.


-His hot breath is on your neck. He’s spreading your legs.


She was jack-hammering back and forth on his fingers. The sweet-and-sour wet spot on the bed was spreading. He was still close, leaning on her back, whispering.

-Feel that huge hairy dick now?


-He’s going to rape you with his wild huge wolf dick.


-But it’s not rape.


-You want daddy to stay away!



-Let him fuck me! I want it! I want it! I WANT HIS WILD DICK!!

-Remember my big dick, Gladys?

-I do, baby! I do!

-Here it comes! Ready for daddy’s big wild wolf dick?


He did. He mounted her, standing high over her arched ass. He angled his cock down and drove it home like a descending missile. It slammed straight through the mouth of her cunt güvenilir casino and bore into her. She got all nine inches of it, wall-to-wall, on the first shot.


Gladys came everywhere. She was a squirter, and it poured out now, drops and streamlets in every direction. He stood over her, driving dick down and deeper. The familiar reverse sucking sound of an evacuated pussy grew louder every time he struck bottom. She was bottomless, she said once. He took it all the way now. He even acted the part of the wolf.

-Hoooowwwwwllllll!! Hooooowwwwwwllllll!! Take that big fucking dick, girl! Take it!

The howling nearly killed her. She screamed a climactic YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Juice shot into the air. He fell down hard on her and kept it all the way inside her, humping like a dog, giving her no break. He growled and barked and pulled at her tits. He was pounding now like a machine. She had almost nothing left.


She screamed as loud as she could. He shoved her face into the pillow and fucked her harder, until she gave in and collapsed. He eased off her and rolled her over.

Her tits, her face, her stomach… all splotched red, overheated, glistening with sweat. She had tears in her eyes. He was on the brink, and told her to open her mouth.

-This wolf cock has a load cumming. Eat it, whore.

She opened her mouth and waited. She watched him jack the length of his cock. He dangled his balls in her mouth.

-You want to drink this wild cum, don’t you, whore?

-I do! Make me drink it, baby!

He knelt on the bed and aimed his cockhead at her mouth. Two short streams hit her thickly on the tongue. He slid his head in and she closed on it. He fucked her throat until he was empty. She grabbed his shaft and held him in place until she finished slurping what he gave her.

The room clock read nine-thirty when Gladys came out of the shower. He was on the bed, naked, his cock hanging down to the mattress. She was drying her hair with a towel, laughing.

-Aren’t you going to put that thing away?

-I might need it later.

-Oh… Who are you staying here with?

-A friend. She’s out for a while.

-Does she know you have—

-We don’t keep secrets.

-Should I go?

-Maybe soon.

Gladys was a terrific kisser. They shared a long one as she left. His phone buzzed not long after. He had another message from Eve. He ignored it. Gladys texted a thank you and a note she had a day off coming soon. Nothing from Helen. He hit a button and her phone started ringing. When he got no answer he disconnected. He called again. She answered.

-Not now.

She ended the call. He re-dialed. No answer. He re-dialed again. There was an answer, but silence. A few seconds later, she spoke.


She was breathy. He heard other, deeper breathing.

-You said ten o’clock.

He heard a voice, deep, muffled. Helen spoke into the phone again.

-Later than that.

She tried to muffle her next words, but couldn’t. He heard everything.

-Oh, god. Mmmmmm! God yes!

He felt the tingle, spine to balls again.


-Later! Mmmmm! What?

-Are you-


She was gone. His cock has risen again. He flipped the phone onto the bed. Standing up on the mattress, he could see himself in the large wall mirror, and he jerked off for a while, thinking of the last time he walked in on Helen and a man, that time a black man, in this same hotel. He jerked faster, and felt that third load of the day bubbling up from his balls.

He couldn’t wait for her to come home. He couldn’t wait for her to come. He didn’t wait.

She would come home soon. She would come soon. She was coming now, and so was he.

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