An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 : The Party was boring … but now …

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be a 4-chapters-story.

Thank you all, and enjoy!


Just when I was on my way down the hallway to pick up my coat – I desperately wanted to leave, never before had I seen so many fucked up jerks, accompanied by cocky bitches, at one party – I crashed into an opening door, creating a surprised “Ouuhh, ouch … shit!” from both sides the door. I looked up the door, ‘It’s the toilet — some stupid seemingly was in a hurry to get out,’ I thought by myself. Rubbing my hurting right elbow I started to bitch, “What the heck are you…” when a face appeared from behind the door, and I held my breath, “Dana? How could you be here? Why didn’t you call…”

“Hush, baby,” she smiled, “whoever Dana is, it’s certainly not me.”

“You must be kidding, Dana … your hair, your eyes, that cute little nose, plus your weird sense of humor…” I grabbed her by the hand and drew her with me into the light-flooded kitchen, she giggled all the way, that silly little tease. Abruptly I stopped under the dome light, turning to face her when she ran into me, our bellies and breasts meeting painfully, her hands running around my waist for support. Instinctively I tried to back away but it was of no avail, her arms held me too tight, her sly smile commented my unsuccessful attempt whilst her hands fell to rest on top of the swell of my buttocks, thus raising some unexpected, and unwanted, tension. I couldn’t avoid to inhale her sweet scent… “You look alike but you don’t smell like Dana,” I frowned, meanwhile she started to quietly rub her breasts against mine, while her grey green eyes broke contact and her face crept towards my left ear. Because she had to lean even closer against my chest that movement caused our respective left breast to plunge into each others valley in between. A heatwave crawled its way … southbound to my loins.

“Tell me darling, who’s that mysterious Dana … your lover?” Muttering right into my ear, her hot breath sent shivers through my entire body, down and up again, causing every tiny hair to rise. And goose bumps. Somebody was moaning, I suspected it could have been me.

“Don’t you be cocky, I’m not a les…” suddenly my mouth was too dry to continue, and could this hoarse voice be mine? I tried to clear my throat, only of no avail, I croaked, “Dana’s my sister … my older sister.” It seemed to be somewhat important to me to determine that I was younger than Dana – you better don’t ask me why.

“You’re trying to mix me up with your sister, darling?” The slut was breathing into my ear, again, “Your slyness is impressing — at first you trapped me behind the restroom door, as soon as this attempt didn’t work to your favor you decided to seduce me in the kitchen then?” I literally could ‘feel’ her bright smile. Again, her constantly breathing into my ear caused another wave of heat to pile up the one already present in my groin. I felt hot, and damp, and dizzy. Desperately trying to remember why I’d attempted to escape her tight grip before, and why I should dislike to have her so canlı bahis close to me, I sensed the tip of her tongue crawling down over the auricle, finally placing a butterfly kiss behind the lobe of my ear. Now – that wasn’t exactly what I actually needed to calm down, for that very spot is one of my most receptive. So: More … Much More shivering, some more moaning, I didn’t care anymore of ‘who’ and ‘why’, the hard disc behind my fringes seemed to be off duty anyway, and all this felt far too good. Oh my — me…feeling good? With a woman’s touching, kissing, groping like that? Aroused beyond belief, by a woman?? I couldn’t believe what was happening here and then. But undoubtedly – I wanted more.

And I got more, in an instant. Our abdomen collided, and I felt my hands moving all over her firm butt, tenderly squeezing, kneading the unbelievable soft, quivering fleshy globes, every once in a while softly spreading those luscious cheeks. When did these hands of mine move towards her derrière, all by themselves? I tried to convince myself that the only reason for that unusual behavior was to gain some support, relieving the weak knees of mine and loosen the tension in my thighs, compressing whilst slowly rubbing against each other, to and fro, seemingly on their own will. Both our heated bodies trembled in each others arms, every once in a while I heard my stockings rustling with the movements of my thighs, and I realized that the changed aura, now thick and a bit musky, that enveloped us was caused by our mutual arousal. ‘HER’ entire front had been urging against mine in slow motion mode since she’d licked my ear, and now she must have sensed and accepted my submission, she bucked once and shoved her left knee between my thighs, thus pressing her left thigh into my vulva, I sunk my teeth into her neck to repress a noisy grunt. She couldn’t have cared less of my attack, solely hissed shortly, and once more sharply when I returned her favor accordingly, she groaned loudly whilst immediately started humping the thigh I just had offered to her. Out of the corner of my half-closed eyes I saw, through the haze created by my, or our lust, a hand grabbing the door knob to silently close the kitchen door, obviously tending to grant us some privacy. I just opened my mouth some more to thank our unknown accomplice when a tongue shamelessly invaded my mouth and tried to clean its depths. I bit onto the tongue tentatively and was delighted to hear her squeaking, but far too soon the both of us had to open our mouths even wider than before to catch enough air to breathe. Meanwhile down south our swollen tits were wildly bouncing against each other’s through the sweat-soaked shirts, our nipples teasing, bending the other’s with the momentum whilst tenting the filmy material of our shirts, while the action farther down below heated up to a frenzy. The moments of tenderness and/or finesse had long been forgotten – right now the both of us were just passengers riding the waves of our lust, pure, primeval lust, each rubbing and humping like dogs in heat, constantly moaning, thrusting hard against quivering thighs, the scent of our overheated sexes overwhelming, bahis siteleri thus heightening our needs even more, my sopping cunt violently riding the tensed, protruding muscle-bundle on top of her thigh, the crotch piece of my thong had long ago disappeared inside my labia, constantly stirring my throbbing clit and my pucker with each and every movement, creating the friction that finally sent me over the edge, “Ooouuuhhh … mmmmhhhh … aaarrgghhh … Oh My GOD, now… yes, NOW, YESSSSS … Ooaargghhhh …” Only an instant later, panting fiercely, she started wailing, then screaming, high-pitched, ear-piercing, a wave of her hot juices literally drenched my skirt as well as my stocking underneath in an instant and mixed with mine then, united the streams freely running down my thigh, eeeeeww … that tickled, but I was too spent to just smile … until we slowly collapsed to the ground, both wildly shaking in each others arms but still holding each other tight, lovingly tight.


All of a sudden the door opened, and in came a handsome blond stranger, grinning broadly, “Hey, I’ve noticed you’re done, at last. Nice, thrilling sounds by the way. Should’ve taped it, but wasn’t prepared properly.” The grin grew even broader, the bulge in his jeans was just impressing, my pussy instantly started to quiver of excitement, expectantly awaiting some dessert. With his beaming teeth we could have turned the lights off, but neither of us was in the mood, or felt strong enough, to move any except our still exerted heaving chests. And his eyes … oh my gaawwd his eyes, glued to mine, sparkling blue eyes, so intense the look … I was lost in his eyes, my head a swirling carousel …

The slut I was holding so tight suddenly backed away a bit, what confused me and ripped me off my trance, I faced her and our eyes met again, with a bright, compelling smile she snuggled even closer to me until our lips met, softly, so tenderly, lovingly. Oh my, this delicate kiss melted me, excited me beyond any expectation with its overwhelming tenderness, considering she’d literally raped me a few minutes aback, forcing me into my very first lesbian encounter, including a more than violent orgasm whose afterglow still drifted through my entire being. My tongue hesitantly scouted over her soft, sensual lips, silently begging for admittance, it was granted. I explored her mouth with curiosity, I’d never kissed a woman before, not alike that, that is. Her sweet lips … unbelievable soft, and wet, the feeling nearly unbearable, totally different to male lips. My tongue slowly moved farther into the warm, wet cavern, breaking new ground, eager to taste and learn more. Then the tip of her tongue met mine, welcoming it with heartbreaking tenderness, both tips moving slowly around each other before starting to softly slap the other’s. Meanwhile we both were softly moaning into each others mouth, our hands caressing each others cheeks while our kiss deepened and grew more passionate.

We had to break our kiss for air, and her mouth approached my ear again, “I almost forgot about it – I’m Rachel, and it’s been sheer pleasure to meet you darling,” her bahis şirketleri breathing in my ear, again, and her seductive voice had me shiver.

I needed revenge … in return placing a slight smack onto her ear that caused Rachel to jump a bit, “Hi raping Rachel, I’m Dana’s sister, you remember?” I tried to appear somewhat serious, but failed to suppress a grin. Shit!

“Welcome back to earth, dears,” his dark voice caught our attention, again, “You two seem to be the only guests in here daring to enjoy another one’s company. I’ve been so annoyed about that stuck up crowd that I had planned to make a leave…” I grinned and thought by myself, ‘and so we are three.’ I still smiled when he continued, “…but then I noticed your, err…infighting and decided to guard the door for a while instead – just to avoid any unwanted…ahem, disturbance.” That grin was too cute. “Can I get you something to drink, ladies? Or would you rather prefer me to disappear?” He smiled innocently, now. ‘NO! Please don’t…’ my thoughts pleaded inaudibly … should he leave that charming grin would disappear with him…and, even worse – that bulge. I re-scanned our attractive stranger, ahem … everything was still in place. We shouldn’t let him go out alone onto those dangerous streets in a state like this, he might hurt himself, seriously, or his highly stressed jeans would give up eventually … deciding to shelter him appeared absolutely appropriate to me.

I turned to Rachel and caught her with licking her lips, “A drink could work wonders, but not in here, what do you think? By the way…I guess our hero earned some cookie, right?”

Rachel ‘Wetlips’ started to smile lasciviously, before she turned to face ‘our hero’, “Could you recommend a nice place around here, not overcrowded, hero with no name?”

“Ooh – sorry, it didn’t appear proper to introduce myself, you know…earlier – my name’s John. Now let’s see …” he smiled back at Rachel, not one grade less lasciviously, “I s’pose every place around here will be overcrowded right now, but…” he attempted to show pure concentration on the subject, but we both knew he was feigning, “…I know about an apartment just five minutes away, by feet that means, it should be empty right now.”

I decided to fit in, “What do you mean – ’empty right now’?” The grin was switched back on, “Well … as long as I’m here…”

My eyes met Rachel’s, both of us snickering, and I asked her, “Deal…?”

“Fine with me.” She replied.

“Deal, smart John, let’s leave here, we need some fresh air,” the both of us in unison.

“Oooh, I love the scent in here.” Smart John, again. The bulge suddenly disappeared, and was replaced with a cute ass the moment John turned around to lead us out.

… will be continued in ‘An unexpected Consecration’, Ch. 2: An Apartment in Heat

Author’s EndNote:

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This is my story, I wrote it, and stealing is lame. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. This story is now perfectly self-edited (bring it). All of my characters, in all of my stories, are over eighteen, or older any time they get naked and have intercourse.

Thanks for all the favorites and feedback, hope you enjoy. your comments will be appreciated, so don’t hesitate.

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