An Unplanned Event Act 01

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The workweek had been brutal, but thankfully it was over. It seemed like Friday took its sweet time in coming around, the kind of week where it feels like Monday happened twice. Lynn didn’t have any plans for the weekend besides long and glorious sleep on Saturday, well into the afternoon. Tonight, however, was up for grabs.

She was restless and feeling a bit adventurous. She wanted to do get out and do something, but she wasn’t exactly sure what. She filed through her mental Rolodex of friends and running buddies before picking up her cell phone and calling Mona. She decided that she felt like dancing. It would be a great way to put that vicious week of work to rest. As luck would have it though, Mona wasn’t answering her cell phone. Lynn left a brief voicemail about plans for the night and kicked off her shoes as she entered her apartment door. She decided she’d take a nice hot shower while waiting for Mona to return her call, so she carried her shoes to her bedroom and began to undress.

She stood in front of her oval, wood framed mirror and admired her body. She was a wonderfully full figured woman with luscious curves that hinted at the soft pleasures her body held.

She turned sideways, just a bit, and then around as best she could, looking over her shoulder to admire her plump, round ass. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri The very same ass that was the topic of so much contention when she was growing up, the ass that her brothers and sisters used to tease her about, was now just the kind of ass that her brothers liked on a woman and her sisters wished for themselves. It’s funny how things turn out; she smiled to herself and gave her ass cheeks a nice slap with both hands. It was a long trip, but she’d learned to love that ass with the help of an ex boyfriend or two.

The showerhead blazed to life with steaming hot water and Lynn cupped her hands beneath the stream and splashed it onto her face, combing her hair backward with wet hands. She stepped forward into the showers spray and let the water bead her face and skin with a steady flow of powerful, heated droplets that massaged her skin. She took a moment to simply enjoy the constant drumming of the shower water on her flesh. It felt so good, like the constant massaging of thousands of tiny little fists pounding away a week’s worth of tensions. She exhaled softly and the water bubbled and danced off of her lips, leaping back into the spray and running down her chin. She reached for her mesh shower sponge and jasmine vanilla body wash, sat on the mat and began to lather up her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri arms and torso.

The aroma of the jasmine vanilla scrub combined with the heat of the shower and ran through her senses as she gently scrubbed her luscious, supple curves, running the sponge along the length of both arms and across her shoulders and down to her big, perky breasts. Her tits were full and wonderfully round, with light sepia areolas and sensitive pink nipples. Her nipples were so sensitive, in fact, that each time she ran the shower sponge over them, they tingled and in the time it took her to wash her body she became quite aroused.

She could feel it starting, the tingling, that had run down from her happily teased nipples to the reservoir deep within her vagina. The heat had begun to project itself from the inside out, to her pussy lips, which had begun to swell in tune with her growing arousal. She licked her lips and began to massage her nipples with her fingers and in no time at all, they were perfectly erect. Taking her left breast in her hand she brought the nipple to her mouth and began to suck on it gently as her fingers on her free hand began to traipse down to her fully blossoming vagina. Her lips already engorged and hungry, her pink clitoris began to peek out from beneath güvenilir bahis şirketleri its’ hood.

She closed her eyes as her nipple dropped from her lips and she slipped a finger into her pussy. She liked to taste her wetness and so she fingered herself for a moment, to get her finger nice and coated with her juices before sucking it clean. Her lips were sensitive to the touch, tingling each time her hands wandered over them. She stood, grabbed the snaking showerhead and resumed her seated position, this time, with her legs spread wide. She leaned back, resting her body on her forearms and elbows and trained the shower’s head on her throbbing pussy. She intensified the stream on the dial and the water began to beat directly against her pussy lips and clit in a constant rhythmic flurry. Her head rolled to and fro in ecstasy as the water pounded between her thighs in a thundering beat.

She began to massage and rub her lips and clit with her hand and fingers, occasionally slipping a finger inside of herself as she built up to the coming crescendo that had now begun to surge forward from deep within. A squeal escaped her lips. She sucked in a mouthful of air and bit her bottom lip. Her thighs began to shake as she clenched and squeezed her pussy muscles in unison with the drumming of the shower water directly against her throbbing clit. With both hands massaging, rubbing and pinching her nipples furiously, she came in a soundless rush of dizzying, ear-popping orgasm that forced her legs tight together involuntarily, squeezing out every last drop of sensation from her quaking pussy.

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