Andrea and Stix Ch. 04: Reconcile?

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Twenty minutes later Andrea was sitting alone on the edge of her bed wondering what had just happened. She was confused. She was confused whether she had cheated on Mike. Stix wasn’t a guy, so… but yeah, she had cheated. She was confused as to why she enjoyed Stix so much. Why did she find her association with Stix so erotic, so arousing? Two encounters with Stix had led to some sort of sexual activity. She was confused as to what Stix saw in her, why Stix would be attracted to her. She got into a pair of shorts and climbed into bed, he mind buzzing with questions.

It occurred to her that she had to face Stix tomorrow night at work. What was she going to say? How was she going to explain herself to Stix when she could not even explain it to herself? It was a restless night and in the morning, she thought it through. Maybe explaining that she didn’t know the answers would be enough for Stix. Maybe Stix knew the answers. Maybe Stix didn’t care about the answers one way or the other. It bothered Andrea not knowing but it bothered her more that she might have offended Stix by her actions. Maybe a nice apology would work. She practiced it all day.

“Stix, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just got confused. We’re good, right?”

It sounded like it would work. Well, Andrea hoped it would work.

The Friday night shift rolled around and Andrea held her breath as she walked into the club. Everyone was getting ready but Stix wasn’t in the locker room.

“Good evening, Andrea,” Gloria said with a smile. “Your partner in crime is already on the floor. She couldn’t wait for me to sing tonight.”

Andrea smiled back at Gloria. It was unusual, as in never, that Stix would leave the locker room before the song. She got dressed, listened while Gloria sing a quiet gospel ballad and they all headed to the floor. When she got there, Andrea looked around and saw Stix already at work. She wanted to approach her but between guests and her fellow workers there were just too many people nearby. She watched Stix all night, waiting for an opportunity to speak to her but that time never came. And at the end of the night by the time Andrea had gotten to the locker room, Stix had dressed and left. Andrea didn’t really blame her but she wanted to make it right so she decided to try again Saturday night.

But Saturday night was no different. Stix arrived early, busied herself all night and managed to avoid Andrea. Andrea felt she might have an opportunity at the end of the night as everyone walked down to the locker room together but Stix grabber her stuff from her locker, asked Gloria to hold any envelope that came downstairs and hurried off. Sunday would be another opportunity to talk to her.

Just like Saturday, Sunday started out the same. Stix was on the floor early and didn’t speak to Andrea. Stix did run over when a loose child got under Andrea’s feet while she was carrying a try of food. Maria was also there in a flash and when Stix saw Maria could help Andrea, she went back to her own job. Andrea had hoped for a minute that Stix would at least ask if she was OK, but she didn’t.

By the time Andrea got to the locker room Stix had left for the night. Andrea didn’t want to give up so she texted Stix

“I didn’t get a chance to talk to you tonight but I hope we can soon.”

She got changed and drove home, waiting patiently during the ride for her phone to ping to let her know Stix had responded. But the ping never sounded. She tried again when she got home and then actually called Stix but her call went to voice mail.

It was the same Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday. No calls, no texts. Andrea was frustrated. She just wanted to talk to Stix, try to smooth things out but it didn’t look like it was going to happen over the phone. Andrea decided to try a different tactic on Thursday. She decided she would drive over to Canalside and visit Stix at the store. She didn’t want to cause a scene but at least she could say what she wanted to get off her chest.

Thursday morning Andrea didn’t feel right about her plan. What bahis firmaları if she got there and Stix outright ignored her, didn’t respond or actually lashed out at her? But she figured she had to put this to rest so she got ready and drove off to see Stix. She parked in the same parking garage as before and walked to the store. There were butterflies in her stomach. She wanted to see Stix badly but was afraid of her reaction. She hesitated, continued walking, almost turned around but found herself at the front door of Canalside. She took a deep breath and walked in.

Looking around she saw someone in the corner by the register so she gathered her courage and walked over to say hi to Stix but when she got to the counter she realized it wasn’t Stix standing there.

“Hi. Can I help you?” the woman behind the counter asked.

“I was looking for Stix. Is she working today?” Andrea responded.

The woman replied “No. She usually works Thursdays but we switched off this week. Can I help you find something?”

Andrea was disappointed. She really wanted to talk to Stix and now it looked like it would probably be another weekend of the two of them not speaking to one another.

“No, but thanks,” Andrea replied and turned to leave. But then she stopped and walked back to the counter.

“Yes, there is something you can help me with.”

A few minutes later Andrea was walking back to her car. She wasn’t sure this would work but she was desperate and would try anything at this point. The rest of the day dragged by as Andrea anticipated her next move. Mike came home as usual, ate dinner and headed out to one of the guys’ house to watch the game. As soon as he left Andrea jumped in the shower, put her make-up on, got dressed and headed out. The timing was just right.

At 8:00 she pulled into the parking lot at Anna’s Place, took one more check in the mirror, stepped out and headed for the front door. As usual Jo was on duty and, when she saw Andrea walk up, the cigarette in her mouth almost fell out.

“H-hi Andrea,” she stuttered.

“Hi Jo,” Andrea replied. “Is Stix inside tonight?”

Jo seemed flustered.

“Err… yeah she is, but…”

Andrea just brushed past Jo and walked through the door.

“… she’s with someone,” Jo finished to no one in particular.

Andrea stepped inside and let her eyes adjust to the dark. She could see two people in the corner… Stix’s favorite table. She had come this far and she wasn’t going to turn around. She took a deep breath and headed towards the corner. It was like someone turned down the volume as Andrea walked through the club. Women would stop talking and just watch Andrea walk by. By the time she got to Stix’s table there was dead silence in the club.

Stix was sitting there staring into a drink while her “someone” was talking a blue streak. Her friend was smaller but tough looking, dark-skinned, maybe Hispanic. She had apparently not noticed Andrea standing there until something, probably the lack of noise in the club, caused her to look up.

“Oh shit,” she muttered. Stix had apparently been barely listening and didn’t react. A nudge got her attention. She looked at her friend, then turned and saw Andrea standing there.

“Oh shit,” she muttered. Andrea stood before her dressed in the red dress and the thigh-high lace up boots she had tried on when she visited Stix at Canalside. Stix shook her head and smirked.

“OK. You have my attention.”

“Can we talk for a minute?” Andrea asked.

Stix turned to her friend and asked if she could give her a minute to talk to Andrea. The friend nodded, said “I’ll be over there,” and got up. As she passed Andrea she looked her right in the eye.

“Don’t fuck with her,” she said coldly as she passed Andrea. Andrea tensed at the words but figured she had come this far and couldn’t back down now.

“Can I sit down?” Andrea asked.

Stix just nodded her head towards the empty seat and Andrea joined her.

“I had a big speech ready. I had a really good explanation of what happened the other night but I don’t kaçak iddaa think there’s anything I can say. I’ve missed you, missed talking to you, and missed our closeness. If you want to tell me never to bother you again, I won’t like it but I’ll respect your wishes but I had to tell you how I felt.”

Stix didn’t respond. Andrea thought maybe she was considering what Andrea had just said. Maybe she was thinking of how to respond. Maybe she was counting to 10 before blowing off a bunch of steam in her direction. She wasn’t sure. She could hear a slow ballad in the background and took another chance.

“Dance with me.”

Stix looked at her.

“Dance. With. Me.,” Andrea repeated and held out her hand towards Stix. Stix took it and followed her out to the dance floor. She roughly pulled Andrea close, maybe as a sign she was still displeased, but started dancing anyway. Stix’s hand ran down Andrea’s back and across her butt.

“Good choice not to wear a bra and panties,” she whispered to Andrea.

“Someone would have just stolen them if I did,” Andrea replied.

“Maybe someone would have just held on to them until…” Stix replied, and then moved her lips close to Andrea’s ear “…they fucked you.”

The comment stirred something inside Andrea, something she felt with Stix before. And as if what she said wasn’t bad enough, Stix bit Andrea’s ear lobe as she pulled away. The bite sent a shiver through Andrea’s body and it didn’t go unnoticed by Stix.

“Is that what you want?” she whispered in Andrea’s ear. “Is that why you’re here? You want someone to take care of you? You want me to take care of you like I did the other night? Is that it?”

Andrea was on edge now. Just dancing with Stix started the process of sexual attraction that she didn’t understand and now Stix was just reinforcing it, as if she was reading Andrea’s mind. It was primal. Her clitoris twitched with every word Stix breathed into her ear. She could feel her juices starting to flow, not unlike the walk to her car from Canalside. Her nipples tightened and became so sensitive that every sway during the dance made her want to grab them and massage them.

“What would you like me to do to you?” Stix whispered Andrea. “Should I spank you for your behavior the other night? Or should I let myself get turned on by how you are dressed?” With that Stix let her hand slide down across Andrea’s backside and down to the hem of the dress, slowly and softly running her hand across the bare skin between the hem and the top of her boot. And for a brief moment she let her hand slide across Andrea’s front and slipped a finger gently between her labial lips. And then, while staring intently into Andrea’s eyes, she slipped her finger into her mouth and then kissed Andrea.

“You taste good,” Stix whispered. “Can I get more?”

Andrea didn’t know how to respond. Part of her wanted to scream “YES!” But part of her was unsure if Stix wasn’t just teasing her. But she didn’t have to answer. Stix brought her lips up to Andrea’s ear and whispered.

“Is your car outside?”

Andrea nodded and Stix grabbed her hand and headed towards the front door. They passed Jo on the way out.

“That didn’t take long,” Jo thought to herself.

Andrea climbed into the back seat of the SUV and Stix was on top of her in a flash, pressing her lips against Andrea’s. Andrea kissed back with passion. Remembering the other night, Stix lifted Andrea’s hands above her head and kept kissing her. After a few minutes Stix broke off and looked around. She grabbed the shoulder belt and rapped it first around one of Andrea’s wrists and then the other, effectively tying Andrea’s hands above her head. She then took Andrea’s leg and hooked it over the headrest of the back seat.

Andrea was pretty much immobilized now, her legs spread obscenely and her breasts, which had fallen out of the dress when Stix first pounced on her, presenting a beautiful sight for Stix. She lowered her mouth on one of Andrea’s nipples and sucked it into her mouth and then gently bit it. Andrea moaned. Stix switched to the other kaçak bahis nipple and gave that one the same treatment.

Stix then started moving lower. Andrea’s dress had ridden up on her and she was fully exposed to Stix, who took advantage of it. She started by kissing Andrea’s inner thighs, first one and then the other. Andrea squirmed and tried to get Stix to concentrate on her clitoris, even going so far as hooking her free leg behind Stix and pulling her towards her pubic mound. Stix didn’t need any help and dove right in, causing Andrea to cry out with pleasure. She shifted to open herself up for Stix, whose tongue probed Andrea relentlessly. Andrea wanted to pull Stix’s face in even tighter but, with her hands bound above her head, the best she could do is raise her hips to meet Stix’s ministrations.

Stix responded by slipping one finger, and then two, into Andrea’s vagina. Andrea grunted as Stix slid her fingers across Andrea’s g-spot, shifting occasionally to make sure Stix was hitting the right spot. She didn’t have to do that very much as Stix knew her way around Andrea’s vagina pretty well. While her tongue concentrated on Andrea’s clitoris, her fingers sped up her massaging action on her g-spot. She could tell Andrea was close. Her breath became ragged, her thighs closed on Stix’s hand and he body tensed as if it was willing, maybe even demanding, an orgasm. And it worked. Andrea let out a soft cry and her orgasm spread through her body like a warm but pounding wave, crashing time and again in her body. Her hands gripped their bindings. Her legs tried to close bit to no avail as Stix kept her fingers and mouth in place. After a minute or so, Andrea’s body seemed to melt in place with every muscle relaxing at the same time.

Stix waited a minute or so before slowly sliding her fingers out of Andrea’s vagina and then, as if to tease her, slipped the fingers into her own mouth.

“You taste great, babe,” she said as she smiled at Andrea.

But Andrea had a distant, even blank, look on her face. She tugged her hands and then looked at Stix.

“Can you untie me?” she asked.

Stix leaned over and unwrapped the seatbelt from Andrea’s wrists, then unhooked her leg off the headrest and sat back smiling at Andrea. But Andrea wasn’t smiling back.

“I have to go,” is all she said.


“I have to go,” repeated Andrea.

Stix was confused. She hadn’t gone looking for Andrea tonight. She was just as happy talking to her friend until Andrea showed up.

“Andrea, talk to me,” Stix pleaded.

“I don’t know what to say, Stix. I just have to go.”

Stix couldn’t contain herself any longer.

“I’m tired of you type, Andrea,” she said to Andrea with a rage building inside her. “You’re just another girl looking to ‘walk on the wild side’ and when you’re done you just drive off to your husband and house with the white picket fence around it.”

Stix turned and grabbed the door handle but, before opening it, she turned back to Andrea.

“I’M TIRED OF BEING HURT BY GIRLS LIKE YOU. I’M TIRED OF BEING USED BY GIRLS LIKE YOU!” With that Stix jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut.

Andrea sat there stunned. “Used’? “Hurt”? That wasn’t her intention. She curled up and started to cry. She felt Stix had been a good friend and she never thought she would do anything to hurt her. But there it was… raw and emotional… for Andrea to digest. She lay there crying for a few minutes until the door popped open. Andrea’s heart jumped for a moment but then was disappointed. It was Jo.

“Are you alright?” she asked Andrea. Andrea just started to pull herself together, pulling the dress over her exposed breasts and trying in vain to pull the hemline down low enough to cover herself.

“I’m fine,” she replied.

“Did Stix hurt you, ‘cuz if she did I’ll bust her ass,” Jo replied.

“No, I hurt her,” Andrea replied as she pulled herself out of the car.

“I don’t think so. She ran past me like her ass was on fire,” Jo chuckled. “Are you OK to drive?”

“Yeah, Jo. Thanks. I’m fine,” Andrea replied and she climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Well, I hope the rest of your night goes better than it has so far,” Jo replied and she shut the door for Andrea, who started the car and drove off.

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