Andy and Stephanie Pt. 01

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Andy was in his third year of college. Junior year. Things were starting to get easier as he finished his most challenging courses he was hoping to find a girlfriend. He had dated a girl during his freshman year of high school, but hadn’t done much with the opposite sex since then. It didn’t help that he was short, skinny, and generally socially awkward and nerdy, but he hoped that his 3.8 GPA and $60K offer from a big 4 audit firm would give him a little credibility for the right girl.

And that girl, in Andy’s opinion, was Stephanie. Stephanie was also an accounting major, and a smart one at that. The two often vied for the top grade in any classes they shared. They were friendly, but nothing more than acquaintances, having worked together on a group project only once. But with a new term just starting, and Andy being next to Stephanie on the seating chart, he figured this was the time to get to know her better. She was single as far as he knew, and had been for quite some time, though Andy was convinced that wouldn’t last for long.

Although Andy was right about Stephanie’s dating status, he was unaware that her sexual life was quite busy. She was a bit of a jersey chaser, sleeping regularly with members of the basketball team and occasionally the football team. They weren’t the boyfriend type, but their sexual skills were unparalleled and she grew accustomed to a-spot orgasms while riding their seven to nine inch cocks. She had slept with a few non-athletes, but they were less than impressive, either in their sexual skills, their stamina, the size of their members, or in may cases, all of the above. To top it off, she was less turned on by them, which made the sex worse even if they were equally skilled.

The non-athletes Stephanie slept with also happened to be white, whereas most, but not all, of the athletes she slept with were black, given the racial makeup of her college’s basketball and football teams. While she preferred athletes to non-athletes, she felt that there were differences between the races in sexual prowess once the athlete prerequisite was applied. The white guys were more willing to go down on her, which she loved, but the black guys had a sexier attitude that set the mood for a multi-hour lovemaking session. In general, she loved the take-charge attitude of athletes, how they were confident and aware enough to know that she wanted to sleep with them. They didn’t ask for consent because they knew they had it. She didn’t like guys who asked for consent — it was a big turn off. She wanted guys to know whether or not she wanted to sleep with them and to act accordingly.

Andy was ignorant to all of this, however, as he started flirting with Stephanie. As the term went on, they became closer, with Stephanie considering him a new friend. Andy confided in his roommate, Mark, who was more popular with the women on campus, and asked him for advice.

“Dude, you know that she’s like a jersey chaser, right?” Mark asked.

“Umm, no, what does that mean?”

“It’s a girl who fucks athletes.”

“Oh…” Andy’s heart sank, “well, maybe she’s looking for something else.”

“I don’t know man. I suggest shoot your shot and move on. Be bold, ask her on a nice date and maybe it’ll be different enough for her that she’ll say yes.”

So Andy did just that. He asked her to dinner at the nicest bahis firmaları restaurant in town, an Italian steakhouse. For her part, Stephanie was interested. For one, she loved steak. But she was getting a little tired of being single. Wide receivers were great for fulfilling her sexual cravings, but they left a lot to be desired in the cuddling department, or the foot massage department. She wanted someone she could shop with, take to her parents’ house for dinner, and cry with when she had a rough day. So she said yes.

When she got back to her apartment, Stephanie told Whitney, her best friend, roommate, and fellow jersey chaser, about her upcoming date.

“Wow, I’m so excited for you!” Whitney exclaimed. “But don’t you usually date athletes?”

“Well, yeah…but I don’t know if I would call it dating!” Stephanie giggled. “I’m looking for someone more stable and mature. Andy is a really cool guy and I think we could have a real relationship and I haven’t really had that.”

Andy dressed up, wearing a button down shirt, sports jacket, and his best dress pants. Stephanie wore a conservative but stylish black dress that hit just above the knee — a far different look from her typical frat party attire. The two had a fabulous time at dinner, which ended up lasting over two hours as conversation flowed and laughter ensued. Stephanie was charmed by Andy’s easygoing but intelligent personality and Andy lost himself in her beautiful brown eyes. After the restaurant, they took a walk and she kissed him on the cheek as he dropped her off at her apartment.

Andy asked her to a movie the following weekend, but it was the same night as the basketball team’s big game against their division rivals, so Stephanie made up an excuse. She couldn’t miss the game and the party that followed. She spent Saturday night partying and getting railed by Derek, a forward on the basketball team who was one of her favorites. She went out with Andy on Sunday night instead, and they had a great time together.

Flirtatious texting and banter before and after class followed, and the two quickly became an item.


I love spending time with Andy. He’s so sweet and smart and we have so much fun together. I’ve never enjoyed spending time with a guy like I do with him. I don’t know how to handle our physical relationship though. We’ve kissed and that’s been fun, but I’m nervous about having sex with him. I know I’ll be disappointed. He just doesn’t turn me on in that way. Even if he’s decent, he can’t compare to Jamal or Derek or DeAndre. I don’t want to bring this disappointment into our relationship. Luckily he hasn’t pushed for sex at all, which I appreciate so much, but I can’t imagine that will last much longer. I guess I’ll tell him I want to save it for marriage. I’ll get older and I’ll settle down with him. I’m just not ready for that yet. He can understand that.

Also….I can’t stop fucking the other guys. I just can’t give that up. If I’m not having sex with Andy, it won’t feel like cheating as much. We haven’t said we’re exclusive after all. I just won’t mention it.


Andy and Stephanie started spending most of their time together, at his place or hers, with the exception of nights when there was a game and an after party. Stephanie continued having sex with members of the basketball team, kaçak iddaa often stopping by on her way home from Andy’s to give one of her favorite athletes a blow job or a quickie. Although they hadn’t declared that they were exclusive, they became known as an item on campus.

The last party of the school year was a big — and exclusive. The fraternity houses banded together to rent a club downtown and about 10% of the student body could get a ticket to the Last Bash. Of course, all the frat bros and sorority girls got one automatically, including extras to hand out to people they deemed hot enough to be included. Everyone else had to wait for the lottery — with odds of roughly 5%.

“Let’s sign up for the lottery for the Last Bash,” prompted Andy.

Stephanie knew this party was too big to hide from her boyfriend. “Oh, uhh, I actually already have a ticket sweetie.”

“You do?!? How?”

“I got invited by a friend,” Stephanie responded.


He sounds so disappointed…poor guy. Stephanie thought. “Jamal from the basketball team. We have a couple of classes together. Wasn’t that nice of him?”

“Yeah totally, just as long as he doesn’t think it’s a date or something. I’ll sign up for the lottery but I probably won’t win.”

“Oh, uh no I think he’s just being nice. He said he had several tickets he’s handing out. Hey, I don’t have anything to wear…will you help me pick out a dress for the party?”

Andy coupled Stephanie to the mall and after some persuading on her part, bought her a $300 purple mini dress and a $150 pair of 4.5″ high heels.

Of course, Stephanie actually was going as Jamal’s date, and Andy did not win a ticket. She was dressed to kill, wearing dress that hugged her curves and featured a deep v-neckline to highlight her 34DD breasts. She danced with Jamal and other guys all night before Jamal ordered a cab to take them back to his place, where they fucked for hours before she took an Uber home at 4am.

Andy spent the night at home, anxious for the first time in their young relationship. He trusted her, but this was a big party and he knew the guys would be after her all night. Her dress was very sexy and he was confused as to why she wore such a slutty dress to the party when she dressed so conservatively around him. He finally jerked off to her Facebook pictures and fell asleep.

After finals, they were making out in the back seat of Andy’s car when he put his hand on her breast.

“Uh oh, here we go,” thought Stephanie.

“Do you want to, uh, go back to my place?” Andy asked.

Stephanie was actually feeling a little horny. He was a good kisser. But she did not want to have sex with him because she was afraid of repercussions to their relationship if she didn’t like it. And Jamal had said she could come over.

“Uh, I’m actually getting kind of tired. How about I come over tomorrow night?”

She couldn’t reject him entirely. This would at least give her some time to think about it.

Andy agreed, and dropped her off at her place. She went in, changed out of her conservative t-shirt and jeans and into a crop top, mini skirt and heels for Jamal, and took an Uber to his place.

Jamal was one of her favorites. A forward on the basketball team, he was 6’7″ with a dick to match. He had actually measured it for her — as an accountant the numbers were kaçak bahis meaningful to her — and it was 9 inches long and 4.5 inches in girth. His length hit her a-spot perfectly from any position, and his average girth allowed her to ride him as hard as she wanted without feeling sore the next morning. With other guys, she usually had to blow them for a bit to get wet enough to take their fat dicks but she was always ready for Jamal — and he was always ready for her. After two hours of loud, animalistic sex, and 4 orgasms for her, he came into his Magnum XXL condom for the second time. She laid her head on his thick black chest for a few minutes before he kicked her out and she called an Uber home.

When she got home, Whitney greeted her.

“Well, how was Jamal?”

“Amazing, as always. Fuck, he’s such a stud…but I have a problem…Andy made a move on me tonight. I pushed it to tomorrow but its going to come up.”

“Oh boy…yea this was inevitable though. I mean, why not just have sex with him? You really like him, right? He’s cute enough. How bad can it be?”

“It isn’t that I think it’ll be bad…well, I kinda do, but I’m afraid if he doesn’t live up to DeAndre or Derek, that I’ll see him differently and it will ruin our relationship.”

“I see…but how long do you think you can keep this up? I mean, you’re gonna have to stop at some point if you stay with him.”

“I guess…I’m just not ready to give it up just yet. I think I’m gonna tell him I want to wait until marriage.”

Whitney laughed, “I guess…that’s one way to do it. Heck, he’ll probably buy it. You’re kind of a size queen right?”

Stephanie giggled, “well…I do tend to fuck really big guys. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was with a guy smaller than like 6 inches.”

“So how big do you think Andy’s dick is?”

“That’s a good question…I have no idea.”

“You mean you’ve never felt him up while you were making out?”

“I didn’t want him to get any ideas…”

“Let’s ask him! Come on!” Whitney urged.

“Okay, but you text him.”

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Why don’t you send me a picture of what you’re working with so I can prepare 🙂

Andy answered that he was excited too, and he sent a dick pic.

“I can’t really tell how big it is from that angle. Ask him to send another one, with a ruler measuring length and a tape measure for girth,” Whitney said.

Stephanie texted him accordingly, and Andy obliged.

The measurements came in at 4.5″ in length and 4.5″ in girth.

“Wait, he’s not even five inches!” Stephanie exclaimed as Whitney laughed.

“I’ve never fucked anyone that small,” Stephanie commented.

“I guess you are a size queen,” Whitney replied.

“I can’t see myself fucking a dick that small, so if that makes me a size queen then count me in.”

The following evening, Stephanie put on another conservative outfit and went to Andy’s. He served her homemade pork chops with a baked potato, and they watched a movie. After the movie, he started kissing her and she stopped him.

“Look Andy, we can keep kissing, and I love making out with you, but this is as far as I want it to go. Our relationship is really special to me and I want to save sex for marriage,” she explained.

“Oh, uh, yeah, I guess that makes sense. I’m sorry sweetie,” Andy replied.

“Thanks for understanding babe. I just think it’ll be so special if we focus on us now and save sex for later, don’t you think?”

“Sure sweetie. That sounds fine,” Andy sighed disappointedly.

And that was that.

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