Angel of the Night

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Author’s Note:

Kya the vampire first appeared in a story I published on Literotica titled “Existence in the Shadows”. This is not a continuation but a separate tale in Kya’s undead existence as she searches for blood and lesbian love.

The motion picture, “The Pianist”, was my inspiration for the middle section that explores the relationship between Martine and Kya. Against the backdrop of terrible human suffering, love, intimacy and compassion can exist in a world gone mad.

Warning: This story contains graphic passages of violence, blood sucking and F/F sex.

Finally, my deepest gratitude goes to my editor, Janiexx, for polishing and refining my story. Her contribution is invaluable and I extend my heartfelt thanks.


With her ultra sensitive hearing Kya heard the anguished cries for help. The hysterical female voice interrupted her feeding and she looked up in the direction of the sound. Something in the manner and tone of the pleas affected Kya. One of the cardinal rules for a lone vampire was not to get involved with the living, with the prey.

Kya had broken that tenet on numerous occasions by engaging in liaisons with both men and women. Some lasted for a night, yet others a week, a month, sometimes two.

Although an unusual occurrence among her kind, Kya’s human emotions remained intact after her conversion and proved to be both a blessing and a curse.

Kya gazed at her victim, undecided on what to do. The young man looked serene but the wounds on his neck trickled a tiny amount of blood as she had just started the feeding process. She should ignore the cries for help and continue until her thirst was slacked but the human side of her was exerting its control.

Since her arrival in Philadelphia, she’d frequented the clubs on Delaware Avenue. The establishments were a veritable smorgasbord of young men and women for a hungry blood sucker

Whilst nearly invisible in the dark corners of the crowded nightclub, Kya had spotted her quarry across the bar. A handsome and strapping young man, she entranced him with her beauty when she walked towards him.

“Hello pretty lady…” he’d grinned.

As corny a line as Kya ever heard but she had one motive only and when he gazed into her gleaming eyes, he suddenly felt very peaceful and detached from his surroundings.

Under Kya’s hypnotic suggestion, he’d guided her to his car and it was meal time. Anyone passing by the auto would assume that the two people inside were making out and nothing more.

However, Kya detested feeding on the living and rarely drained a victim until they expired. They usually awoke disoriented and weak, not remembering what happened.

The sounds of distress grew in intensity and Kya reacted, covering the distance with unnatural speed. She spied a black SUV and two shapes, one much larger than the other, engaged in an intense struggle.

“Get the fuck off me! Help! Somebody, help me!” the female voice screamed.

Kya lunged at the burly male attacker and threw him to the ground. The young woman gaped at Kya with an expression of total surprise.

“He tried to force me into his car…” the young women cried and buried her face in her hands.

Kya heard the man behind her and whirled around to face him. He was over six feet tall and 200 pounds, a sizable specimen but no challenge for an angry vampire.

“You fuckin’ bitch…I’m gonna break you in half!” he yelled as he charged her.

With her lightning reflexes, Kya sidestepped him and using his forward motion easily threw him into the car door, head first. The sickening sound of flesh and bone meeting metal reverberated in the air. As he lay motionless on the ground, she could hear his ragged breathing and reasoned that he probably had a concussion from the impact.

Kya turned in the direction of the car and the astonished looks of the young woman. Her top and skirt were torn but she looked none the worse for wear.

“How’d you…I mean you threw that creep…”

“Are you alright?” Kya asked with her lovely accent.

“Yeah but no thanks to that bastard,” she declared and kicked the motionless form.

The girl gathered her purse from the asphalt and flipped open her cell phone.

“I should call 911…” she said in a teary voice, but before she could dial the sound of a police siren could be heard in the distance. Someone had seen the melee in the parking lot and already called.

Kya was ready to make a hasty exit. The last thing she wanted was the cops nosing around.

“Let’s get outta here…I’ve got some coke in my purse…my apartment’s not far from here…we’ll be safe there,” the young woman pleaded.

Kya reluctantly accepted the invitation.

Because Kya was a mortal during the Victorian era, she had a hard time understanding why young people felt the need for mind altering chemicals. But it was a sure sign of the times that she started to notice in the mid 1960s

Kya followed the girl to her car, her instincts telling her to leave, canlı bahis but curiosity, that most powerful of human emotions, was exerting a powerful tug on her.

The young woman was visibly shaking as she took the wheel, unable to get the key in the ignition. The sound of the sirens was growing nearer and forced Kya to take charge when the girl fainted with her head against the steering wheel. Cradling the frail figure in her arms, she ran to the nearest alley and the comfort of the shadows.

As Kya hid, she gazed at the youthful face of the girl. With her slim body, raven hair and strikingly pretty features, she looked very much like the British singer, Amy Winehouse. As her nether regions started to warm, she realized that she was attracted to the girl.

Kya went through the young hottie’s purse until she found her photo drivers license with the address. Almost immediately, she caught the flashing lights of the police cars in her field of vision and with the figure in her grasp, took off.

Kya found the girl’s apartment on a quiet side street. Inside, she procured a wet towel and tenderly wiped the sleeping face. The young woman reminded her of someone, someone from the past but for the moment it eluded her. Slowly the eyes opened and a smile graced the lips.

“Thank you…” she whispered.

As she became more oriented to her surroundings, the lovely girl looked around and realized she was in her apartment.

“How on earth did we get here?”

“I carried you,” Kya answered.

“All the way from the club…but that’s impossible…”

“Not for me…” Kya replied.

The girl gazed with wonder at the sexy vampiress. She was nattily attired like most of the young women who frequented the clubs with skin tight jeans, spaghetti strap T shirt and designer shoes. But, her unearthly beauty was captivating, the long brunette hair, alabaster skin, glittery dark eyes and…pointy teeth?

“I’m Diane,” the young women said shyly.

“Kya,” the pretty vampire returned.

“That’s an interesting name. What nationality is it?” Diane asked curiously.

“It’s of African origin,” Kya replied in her British accent.

“African? But, you sound like you’re from England…”

“A long time ago, I lived there…”

“A long time ago? You don’t look old enough to be in the clubs. Are you even twenty years old?” Diane asked.

“I assure you, I’m a lot older than I look…” Kya said.

She watched the effect her hypnotic, soothing voice was having on the other girl and saw a range of emotions pass across Diane’s face. Did she have any idea who she was dealing with, Kya wondered? Or maybe she thought the tantalizing seductress was one of those Goth idiots who pretend to be vampires, complete with fake fangs…

Now that Diane appeared to be sufficiently recovered, Kya got up to leave, the less contact she had with the human race the better.

“I must be on my way,” Kya stated.

“Please don’t go,” Diane begged.

The earnest look on the girl’s face appealed to Kya. Not since her brief encounter with Brianna had she experienced the incredible feeling of warmth that sex brought to her otherwise empty body.

But Kya’s blood lust had been not been sated and she needed to find a new victim. The dawn of a new day was only a couple of hours away, time was running out.

“Don’t go Kya…please?” Diane implored.

“I must…I…need to do something before…”

“It’s the middle of the night. Can’t it wait?” Diane asked earnestly.

The girl’s appeal stirred Kya’s human emotions but her growing need was fast approaching intolerable. On the extremely rare occasion that she waited too long, Kya would lose control and suck her victim dry, causing their death.

“Do you know what I am?” Kya asked, breaking another rule of the undead.

“Yes, I know what you are…” Diane said, catching Kya off-guard.

“Than you know what I am capable of…” Kya stated forcefully.

Diane stared at Kya.

“You rescued me Kya…he was going to rape me…I owe you my life…do you need my…you know…blood…”

Kya was thunderstruck. Diane was offering herself, her essence and it was an incredibly intoxicating experience for a vampire. Kya wanted the girl now, wanted to taste the sweet blood of youth.

“You don’t realize what you’re saying. I won’t be able to refuse such a gift…I will take you…take what I want and you will be powerless to stop me.” Kya said reproachfully.

“Will I die…will I become like you?” Diane asked with trepidation, and her body shook with anxiety.

“No,” Kya replied tersely, still having a furious internal debate with herself.

The tremendous desire to feed on the innocent girl was too powerful an allure for Kya to ignore.

“Will I die?” Diane asked again, now more fearful.

“No…I would never intentionally harm you. Afterwards, you will sleep…when you awake, you may feel a little weak. You will have to trust me…”

Kya silently conveyed the sincerity and bahis siteleri truthfulness of her words telepathically.

“I do trust you…but…will it hurt?” Diane asked

“Not if I put you into a trance…” Kya answered as the overwhelming urge to “kiss” the young hottie saturated her being.

“Lie down…it will be more comfortable for you…I’ll be as gentle as I possibly can,” Kya’s hunger had reached the point of no return.

Diane obeyed Kya and reclined on the sofa.

“I trust you, Kya,” she whispered.

The vampire, her face gleaming with demonic intensity, moved toward the young woman with cheetah nimbleness, her eyes taking in the submission of the other woman. Kya’s full red lips grazed Diane’s flush cheek in their inexorable trek to her throat. The heat from the living tissue bathed Kya’s face and she gloried in the exquisite feeling.

For a minute or two Kya lightly licked the velvety skin that she would puncture with her needle sharp fangs. The girl shivered uncontrollably from the sublime sensation; it was time. Gingerly, she sank her teeth into the yielding flesh, finding the throbbing vein

Diane gasped and arched her back when the points of Kya’s dagger like incisors invaded her neck. As Kya bit deeper, she recoiled in pain but then relaxed, a look of pure pleasure flooding her face. She was caught in Kya’s vise like grip and offered no resistance whatsoever.

“Take as much as you want,” she whispered in Kya’s ear. “I love the feeling that you need me like this…”

Diane’s words inflamed Kya’s desire. As she sucked harder, thin rivulets of blood jetted into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh…oh…oh…oh…” Diane moaned in ecstasy.

Kya felt the tremors of pleasure pulse through her victim and she knew that, despite the intense high she was experiencing, Diane would soon be asleep. She felt her body go slack but she continued extracting the warm, rich fluid until her thirst abated. Finally, she stopped, raised her head and licked her blood smeared lips. Nothing satisfied her more than a willing donor.

But, an intense feeling of shame enveloped Kya. Diane had suffered a traumatic experience earlier and instead of leaving to find another victim, she took advantage of the helpless girl. Regardless of the fact that Diane proffered her life’s blood, she should have declined and searched for fresh prey.

It was the supreme dichotomy of Kya’s earthly life: part of her was ruled by her baser vampire instincts while the other by her intact human sensibilities.

Kya held the sleeping girl and kissed her cheeks and forehead with gratitude. Diane had willingly given her the sustenance she required and she felt very protective towards the resting figure in her arms.

Then, Kya remembered. The resemblance was unmistakable. Although tears were impossible, an awful feeling of sorrow resonated throughout her body. Martine, the name conjured memories of a young damsel in distress, rescued by Kya only to meet a much darker fate.

Warsaw Poland, 1943:

Warehouses lined the deserted snow-covered street of the train depot as Kya stayed in the shadows to avoid being seen. It seemed rather pointless given the fact that her heightened senses detected no one.

Kya’s clothes were shabby from the journey and she realized that to blend in with the citizenry, she needed to find some in better condition. She looked in each window and while most of the buildings were starkly empty, one at the far end of the tracks looked promising.

With her sharp night vision, Kya saw hundreds of suitcases neatly piled from floor to ceiling against one wall. In the center of the floor were piles of clothing, shoes and personal items of every type and description.

Kya easily forced the lock on the door and once inside found a dress, undergarments, shoes and a coat in remarkably good condition.

The war in Europe meant little to Kya’s vampire instincts but it made existence difficult. Having to move from city to city to avoid the bombings, the Nazi purges of the local citizenry and finding viable mortals to satisfy her hunger, made her undead life very stressful.

Kya detested the Nazis. Prior to Hitler and National Socialism coming to power, she prowled the myriad of nightclubs in Berlin. The decadence of the city was the stuff of legends. The inhabitants were easy pickings and it was during her sojourn there that she discovered the joys of intimate female companionship.

The street was still empty as Kya bent the lock back in place and went in search of fresh prey. She wandered through the city encountering only slow moving armored vehicles from which she promptly stayed out of sight.

At the end of one broad boulevard near the city center, Kya saw a high stone wall that extended for as far as the eye could see. There were buildings on the inside but she couldn’t find any ingress to the interior.

Perplexed by the sheer oddity, Kya eventually encountered a locked gate with several soldiers guarding the entrance. In spite of her bahis şirketleri growing thirst, Kya knew that a sole sentry on duty was the ideal situation for feeding and kept to the shadows.

Curious about who or what was on the other side of the wall, she scaled the edifice with skilful agility and dropped down on the other side. She prowled for hours, encountering only SS patrols with their fierce dogs. The animals barked furiously, detecting her presence but she easily eluded the humans.

Kya’s hunger was nearing the unbearable stage and she would take what she needed by force, if necessary. Just when she thought she might be better off in the city proper (she had seen several cafés that looked promising) she heard the desperate cries of a female voice.

Kya cocked her head in the direction of the sounds and reacted. In a blind alleyway, two SS soldiers had cornered a young woman. One was grabbing at her coat while the other held his gun on her.

“Let’s have some fun before we shoot her…” The soldier with the rifle said in an evil tone.

The girl struggled mightily with her attacker but she was no match for the much larger man and he successfully pulled her coat down until it imprisoned her arms against her sides.

The look of terror on the girl’s mien changed when she defiantly spat in the soldiers face eliciting a hard, back hand slap that rendered the poor thing unconscious.

“It’s better this way Fritz…” the rifle toting soldier declared in perfect German and drew down on the unconscious figure in the snow.

Kya charged like a wild animal, knocking the soldier with the weapon senseless. The other soldier stared in astonishment but when he reached for his side arm to shoot Kya, she grabbed him, forcing him against a brick wall.

“You’ll die for this…” he bellowed at her in German.

“No, you will…” she declared in a voice from hell that brought a look of utter dismay to the man’s face.

With his body pinned, Kya held his head to one side and drove her fangs into his neck. His screams filled the air around them as she forcibly restrained him, taking the nourishment she required. Gradually his struggles to free himself grew weaker until his body went limp and the sound of his heart beat dimmed until it could no longer be heard.

Kya had drained her victim but she was completely without remorse, such was her abhorrence for the SS man. She let go and the soldier fell in a heap at her feet.

Kya bent over the girl and gazed fondly at the pretty face as she slowly regained her senses. She adjusted the young woman’s coat, freed her arms and helped her to her feet. When the girl saw the SS men lying on the ground, her look of terror returned.

“You did that?” she asked incredulously. The young woman spoke German without an accent.

“Yes…” before Kya had a chance to say more, the girl was pulling her arm in an agitated manner.

“Quickly, follow me…I know a safe place…there’ll be reprisals once they discover what happened.” The panic in the young woman’s voice was evident

The dark haired girl took off with such speed that it surprised Kya. They zigzagged through streets and alley ways until even Kya lost all sense of direction.

When she stopped before a seemingly deserted looking house, the girl stood motionless, head bent forward attentively as though she were appraising the safety of the situation. Taking Kya by the hand, she led her down a dark staircase until they emerged onto a covered walkway between two buildings and another set of stairs.

At the bottom, the young woman opened a door and pulled Kya inside. In the nearly pitch black room, the girl lit a candle and the bleak surroundings saddened the hardened vampire.

The walls were covered in peeling paint and cracked plaster. A weather beaten wood table, chair and metal cot occupied the tiny space. On a dusty windowsill sat a decrepit ironstone wash bowl and pitcher. Except for the candle, there was no discernible heat source.

The girl plopped wearily on the cot and pulled a brownish lump from her coat pocket. It was a moldy looking potato.

“Sorry, but I’m so hungry…” the emaciated girl said apologetically.

As Kya stared, the girl tore into the spud, or what once passed as a spud, ravenously.

“Where did you get it?” Kya asked in German.

“The garbage dump at the far end of the Ghetto…I snuck over after curfew but got caught…want some?” she offered.

Kya shook her head. As the pale girl ate, she watched with fascination. The poor dear was dressed in tattered clothes that literally hung from her skinny body.

“Who are you? Where are you from? I haven’t seen you before…” the young woman asked between bites.

Kya introduced herself.

“Martine,” the lovely girl replied.

In the very dim light, Kya saw the yellow star on Martine’s coat and suddenly it all made perfect sense to her.

Kya felt Martine’s eyes resting on her as she gnawed on her snack and although discovery of her true identity distressed Kya, she was fascinated by the young girl. Her human side drove her to seek a familiarity with mortals. The fact that Martine showed bravery in the face of certain death intrigued her.

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