Anna Wants a Lesson

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Author’s Note:

This is another story of Anna and Kent. I will always suggest that you read the other stories of these two siblings, but it isn’t necessary to the understanding of this story. All individuals in this story are eighteen years of age or older. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


It had been about a week since my little sister rather suddenly forced her virginity on me. Anna and I had never been close. I thought we hadn’t been, anyway. It’s kind of hard to claim we’re not close when we had sex so recently, but that was the last time we talked, and I didn’t even say anything.

My shift as grounds maintenance for the city government ran from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and today was Friday. I was still very much in the whole fundamentalist religion thing. That was the way we were raised. I didn’t go to movies, or listen to popular music, or any music that had drums or electric guitars. I had myself been a virgin until Anna and I swapped virginity with each other.

Getting off work at 3:00 meant that I was getting home from work about the same time that Anna was getting out of school, so my Dad had suggested that I pick her up and bring her home on days she didn’t have cheerleader practice. I felt awkward now doing that, since my penis had been inside her, but she was still her surly, silent self while we were alone in the car, just like she had always been.

I went to my room like I always did, and my little sister went to hers, or the living room to watch tv, something. My little sister didn’t act like she remembered my penis inside her. I was thinking that she thought it was a dream, a very intense dream, but a dream nonetheless.

In my room, I was just laying on my back on the bed, legs off the end of the bed with my feet on the floor, hands clasped behind my head, considering masturbating to the memory of my little sister taking my load of cum inside her pussy. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and decided to wait until who I assumed was my little sister was done in the laundry room and went back upstairs before I started. I heard a very light tapping, three taps, on my door.

“Big brother?” It was my little sister, she never called me big brother. She barely used my name. “Can I come in? I want to talk to you for a minute.”

“Great!” I thought silently to myself. She wants to talk about ‘it’, what we did that night in the hotel with our parents asleep in the room with us. This is going to be awkward. Should I deny it happened, say she must have been dreaming? Should I apologize and promise it will never happen again? Should I pay her money to be quiet?

“OK, I’m decent” I called to her from my position on the bed. I didn’t sit up.

She poked just her head inside the partially opened door, and looked at me. Then she kind of smiled a little, stepped inside, dramatically spread her arms out as if anticipating a big hug from somebody and announce “Well, I’m not!”

Indeed, she was not decent. All of her clothing was in her hands, which she dropped immediately in a pile next to the door. She stood there looking like she had just won an Oscar for a few seconds, her cheeks flushed a slight pink, her eyes sparkling bright blue under her dark eyebrows and blonde hair. I could see goose bumps on her chest just above her little breasts as they raised and lowered a little more than normal with her slightly elevated breathing. Her nipples stood straight out from the small mounds of her breasts. “Want to play Captain Kirk again with me?”

She had growled “Captain Kirk” to me that night in the hotel with my parents in the room, just as she was impaling her hot, wet vagina on my penis, tearing through her hymen and removing her virginity and mine. I must have looked a little confused, because she explained “You’re about to ‘go where no man has gone before’, but someplace new this time.”

I had, of course, immediately sat up on the edge of the bed when she entered the room so dramatically, and so naked, and she had moved toward me as she was talking, and was now standing directly in front of me while I sat on the bed, her tender breasts just inches from my face.

“Teach me what to do with my mouth. I’ve never had a man in it before.”

For the current situation, I was close enough to a star ship captain, and more than happy to assume the casino şirketleri role. I grasped her wrists and guided her to kneel between my legs, and placed her hand on my already erect cock, which was uncomfortably trapped inside my pants. She felt it, kneaded it a little, then rubbed it, all through my pants, then looked up at me with that flush in her cheeks. She looked back at her trembling hands and fumbling, unsnapped and unzipped my pants.

At this point, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be masturbating today to memories of fucking my little sister.

I lifted my hips as she slid my pants and shorts down to my ankles, then lifted my feet as she took them completely off. Then she stood up, clutching my pants to her stomach and stepped back a step. Her breasts where heaving and she struggled to breath. She was staring at my erection. Surprise, hesitation, I don’t know exactly what her expression was.

“What’s wrong Anna?”

“I couldn’t see it very well in the dark, that night you let me use it to take away my virginity. I’m surprised that it fit, now that I see it in the light.” Her expression had changed. I could now see hunger in her eyes behind that almost childish face. I assumed it was how we were brought up, but she looked younger than her eighteen years standing there naked, staring at my rock hard penis.

Her head snapped up then, her eyes boring into mine. She looked a little angry. “Don’t ever call me by my name when we’re doing this. I’m Little Sister, you’re Big Brother when we’re playing with each other. Any other time I’m your normal little sister Anna and you’re my normal icky big brother Kent.”

“OK,” I gulped out.

Immediately her expression changed to that of a little girl who had just done something good and was being praised for it. She was cute when she smiled like that.

Before I could even blink, she stepped forward, the palms of her hands on my chest forcing me back into my reclining position on the bed with her straddling me. Her open mouth found mine and she forced her tongue inside. She was kissing me like she wanted to consume me, body and soul. I had never fantasized about kissing her; she was my little sister. My first thought was that I would never be able to use the excuse to dump a girl because kissing her felt like kissing my sister, because kissing my sister was definitely pretty great.

Her mouth tasted like cherry koolaide. Our first encounter she had been wearing a flannel nightgown, and I had not even seen her breasts, but they were now pressed hard against my chest. I could actually feel her nipples poking me. She was breathing hard, and her saliva was mixing with mine and dripping down my cheeks. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning as we made out. Her pelvis was pressed against my erection and I could feel her hips starting to press down in a slow rhythm against me as I reached behind her and firmly grabbed her butt with each hand and squeezed. Her girlish skin was soft and her muscles were firm. I could feel them tense in my hands as a little squeal escaped from her mouth and between our lips. She wiggled and dug her fingernails into my chest just a little, but continued to devour my mouth with hers.

She released my mouth from hers and pushed herself part way up with her arms. I could feel my cock pushing into the length of her pussy lips and could feel the moisture and heat it was putting out. I reached for my penis to guide it inside her, but she slid away from me, down, off the bed into a squat between my feet. She was looking directly at my cock and balls, her cheeks, chin and lips slick with a mixture of our saliva.

I sat up, put my hands under her arms and lifted her up and toward me, her little breasts moving toward my face. My mouth found one of her rock hard nipples and sucked it into my mouth.

Her skin was so soft, and had a slight fragrance of perfume. I had not touched so much of it bare in my hands before today. She gasped as her back arched and her head went back, pressing her tit hard against my face. Each flick of my tongue produced a sharp inhalation from her throat. She had her hands on the back of my head, pulling me toward her. I alternated from one nipple to the other. As one would become completely rock hard, I would move to the other and kept them both erect.

Finally she forcefully pushed herself casino firmaları away. Her hair was a wild looking mess, tears were streaming down her bright red cheeks. “Let me breath Big Brother, let me breath!”

It only took her a second to catch her breath. I guess that’s a benefit of being a cheerleader; they’re in such good cardio condition.

“I need you in my mouth. Teach me Big Brother.”

Putting one hand on each of her shoulders, I guided her back to a kneeling position between my legs, and I felt her body heat on my thighs as her velvet soft skin rubbed against me. She had her arms relaxed, an elbow on the inside of each of my calves, hands wrapped around my hard erection. She was staring intently at my cock, inches from her lips as I told her to hold it in one hand and lick it.

She was surprisingly obedient. That tongue felt fantastic on the head of my cock.

“Lick around the head, hold my balls with your other hand, not to tight, just rub them. Keep licking my cock, Little Sister, up and down and around the head.”

My god, this felt good. I was telling her what I thought would feel good, because I had never had oral sex before. She had never followed my instructions so well for anything else.

“Now kiss the tip. Move your lips over the head and keep licking.”

She took the tip in her mouth, working her tongue in circles around it.

“Let’s see how much you can get in your mouth.” She complied. “Up and down, the whole thing, then back out, put a little sucking on it. Little Sister, look at me while you do that.”

She tilted her head toward me and met my gaze. Her cheeks were flushed, eyes big, and mouth full as she sucked up and down on my cock. This was the prettiest she had ever looked to me. I reached down with both hands and started rubbing on her little titties, feeling her hard, hard nipples against my palms. She started moaning again as she continued to work on my cock, alternating licking and sucking.

She was good at this! Picking up some speed, she would gag a little when I as was as deep in her throat as she could take me in, then back to the tip. She kept her eyes focused on my eyes and she had a shy little girl look on her face, but with a penis in her mouth.

I tried to stand up, but she leaned on me, keeping me sitting on the edge of the bed, still with that little girl look. Without letting my penis all the way out of her mouth, she mumbled “Don’t you like it? You want me to stop? Your dick seems to like it. You’re so hard. I like it when you throb.”

I told her I wanted her on the bed with me inside her again.

Then she sat straight up, looked down at my hard, red, wet penis, and whispered “You can’t put it in me today. It’s not the right time. There are only a few days a month that you can put it inside me, no matter how much I want you to.”

She bent her head back down, and guided my penis toward her mouth again. With her lips just barely brushing the tip, she turned her eyes to mine and whispered, “I want to taste what you’re going to be putting inside me anyway. I want you to orgasm in my mouth, Big Brother.”

I kind of laughed a little to myself at “orgasm in my mouth”, but I was happy to please.

“I love how your mouth feels on my dick, Little Sister, and I want you to taste my cum, but before that, I want us to learn something a little different, together. Come up on the bed with me.”

Her face told me she was confused, but like a good girl, she crawled up on the bed as I slid myself back and rested my head on the pillow. She was on all fours, and started to crawl between my legs. I stopped her. “Bring your soft little butt around here to me. Straddle my face.”

There was some fumbling and shifting around involved, but in a few short seconds we had the mechanics of it worked out, and she was straddling my chest, pressing her soft belly to my chest, her nipples were pressed firmly into my belly. One of her little hands was holding my cock as she stroked up and down the shaft and head with her mouth and she fondled my balls with her other hand.

As she had swung her long, slender leg across my face, I got my first real, up close view of her pussy. There was a soft, almost invisible tuft of hair directly above it, but her pussy itself was totally smooth. Her pussy was almost porcelain white, brightening to bright güvenilir casino pink around the inner edge of her lips. The lips seemed swollen, and her clit was protruding from the top of them. All I could think was that I wished I had my cock inside that beautiful piece of womanhood.

I was amazed at how much heat I could feel radiating from her pussy, even before my lips touched it. I could smell that scent of her like I had gotten that night in the hotel, but it was so much stronger now with my face against it. As my tongue pushed between her lips, her fluids gushed out and brought into my mouth a taste I had never imagined. I liked it. I could tell she did too from her gasp and the movement of her hips.

I licked the length of her pussy and she took my dick fully into her mouth. I ran my tongue over and around her clit as she swirled her tongue around the tip of me, holding it just inside her mouth. We soon fell into a rhythm, moving together, our bodies moving in rhythm with the other’s oral ministrations. I could feel a pressure in my balls as she massaged them and sucked my dick further and further into her throat. Her groans and moans as I sucked her clit between my lips indicated she was getting close too. I increased the speed to my lips and tongue. She matched my pace with her mouth and hands.

As I felt my insides contract and release, I heard a scream deep in her throat that told me she was cumming too. She had my penis fully engulfed in her mouth, lips sealed tightly around the base. She had both her hands underneath me, grabbing my butt and digging her nails into it, pulling hard toward her face as the muffled scream grew in her throat as my whole body jerked and spat cum into the back of her mouth and throat. I let out a loud groan, thrusting my hips toward her face as she ground her pussy hard against me.

The world stopped. The world disappeared, leaving only my face against her pussy and her mouth engulfing my penis. Time stopped, oxygen ceased to exist, and all I knew was this feeling of utter pleasure.

I slowly began to realize that the world had not actually ended when my penis made a wet plop as it fell from between her lips. She was completely limp, her full weight on me. I opened my eyes, and all I could see was a perfectly round little puckered hole between her soft, glowing bright white butt cheeks. Without even thinking, I reached up with my tongue and licked her hole, and she wiggled and giggled and mumbled almost imperceptibly something about giving me thirty minutes to stop that. Then she giggled again, and rolled sideways and back and somehow ended up with her face against my chest, her leg over mine and resting her knee on my now soft and sticky penis. The bottom of her foot felt cool against my hot inner thigh as it slowly caressed up and down from knee to groin.

“Mmm, Big Brother, you make me feel good.” She was running her fingernails across my chest and down my belly, and it felt really nice.

“Little Sister, you’re very good and deserve to feel good.”

After a few minutes of lying in each others’ arms, I looked down at her. Her eyes were almost closed and she had a little bit of a smile on her lips, along with a drop of my cum she had let escape.

“What happened to my cum?” I asked.

“What was I supposed to do with it? I swallowed it.”

“Well, you missed some. It’s still on your lips.”

At that, she stuck her tongue out and wiped all the way around her mouth and found the missing cum. She made a small production out of making sure to get it all in her mouth, then an exaggerated swallow, then opened her mouth wide and swirled her tongue around her mouth to prove it was swallowed.

“It tastes salty, but I like it. It’s fun, and when you were about to squirt I felt you tense up and then all of a sudden you were jerking and my mouth was full of it. I’ve had orgasms before, playing with myself to get them, but Big Brother, I’ve never had one like that. It was a-MAZING! Could you tell?”

“The scream coming from inside your chest was kind of a hint that you were having a good time, but you didn’t let that stop you from making sure you got me to cum in your mouth, Little Sister.”

She tilted her head up, looking into my eyes, and in a pleading voice said “I’ve never had so much fun playing with you before. Can we do it again? Now?” and rolled over on top of me, pressing her open mouth against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth and grinding her pelvis against me. I felt the familiar sensation in my groin, and I didn’t need to say out loud “Yes, we can do it again. Now.”

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