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This a spin off and occurs between Chapters 5 & 6 of Jake and Jessica and runs concurrently to events in Chapter 6 and has a few events after chapter 6 that were not told in Jake and Jessica chapter 7. This story line allows for character development between other characters in the Jake & Jessica Series. Please read Jake and Jessica Chapters 1 – 5 before reading this story otherwise you may be lost. Thanks to Todger65 for editing.


Anne and Jack: A Love Found.

Anne sat at home with her leg still in a cast. She was on very strong pain meds which meant she had to have help doing pretty much everything.

“Jess, can you help me upstairs?”

Jessica came and helped her up onto the crutches she was given. Anne slowly made her way up the stairs with Jessica behind her. She made it into her room and into the bathroom. She slowly sat down after removing her shorts and used the bathroom.

She called Jessica to help her once she was done and pulled her shorts back on. “I’m done, can you help me up?”

“Mom, I don’t know how you are going to be ok when I leave for Emory.” Jessica added.

“I’ll be fine, Jill will come and help and Jack if I need him to as well. You can’t put Emory off to stay and help me.”

“I know mom, I just don’t want something to happen to you. You could fall and hurt yourself even worse than you already are. Just do me a favor and keep your phone with you at all times.”

“I will Jess, I have LJ to keep me company so I will be ok.”


Jessica and Jake left for Emory and Georgia Tech the following day. Anne was sad at the occasion, knowing her two wonderful children were leaving and starting on a new adventure. She was thankful that they both had made decisions to go to college locally; especially in the wake of her losing Jim the previous month. The wreck was brutal on her. She had a broken leg, ruptured spleen and bruises to her ribs and a concussion. She also ended up having a C-Section as a result of the wreck which left her with the permanent reminder of the wreck that took her beloved Jim from her and little LJ.

Jill came over after Jack had gone to work. He was pulling a 12-hour shift flying the helicopter today. Jill had been her best friend and even considered her a sister as their two families bonded and became close.

“Anne, If you wanna get a shower I can help you.” Jill said, holding LJ in her arms. LJ was named after Jill and upon naming her both Jill and Jessica agreed that she should be known as LJ as to not confuse everybody.

“Thanks Jill, I just need help getting the cast wrapped up so I don’t get it wet. I can pretty much stand and wash myself.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so. I’ll help you wash up. I brought my bathing suit so it’s not a biggy.”

“Alright nurse Jill.” Anne retorted.

Jill went into the bathroom and changed into her bathing suit and came back out. Anne had pulled her shirt off and was working on her shorts. Jill came and helped her pull them down. They then wrapped her caste in saran wrap and taped it tight.

They moved LJ in her mobile crib to the bathroom and Jill stepped in with Anne. She worked on Anne’s hair while Anne maintained her balance bracing against the shower wall. As Jill did this, Anne began crying.

“Anne, why are you crying?”

“I’m crying because I feel useless. I shouldn’t have to have you washing me. It’s just shameful. I felt that way when Jessica did it last week and I still feel the same way.”

“If I was in the same boat, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to help me. We help each other if we fall down. I’m not going to let by best friend sit unattended and rot away because of shame or embarrassment. You would prefer it if Jack or Jake did it?”

“God no, that would be pure shitty if it was one of them.” Anne commented knowing what she was trying to say.

“Well, then it’s me that is doing it. Now turn around.” Jill said.

Anne turned and Jill washed her very well. She was thoroughly cleaned and Jill dried Anne off and herself. Anne nearly fell when she tried to get out but Jill grabbed her.

“Thanks Jill, I appreciate everything you have done and do for me. If I ever tell you differently, be sure to slap me.”

“That’s a promise I will be happy to make.” Jill said with a smile on her face.


Jill stayed and cooked supper for Anne and made a plate for Jack to eat when he came home. She changed LJ and got her fed before leaving to go home. She had to work tomorrow but would come back tomorrow night.

Jack arrived at 11 pm having gotten off at 10. He walked in and quietly made his way up and into Anne’s bedroom. Anne sitting up and holding LJ in her arms.

“Hey Anne” Jack whispered.

“Hey, can you put her in the crib for me?” She returned in a whisper.

Jack picked up LJ and took her to the crib in Jessica’s room which was to become Little Jill’s. He took her and changed her since she had a messy diaper. He closed the door and returned to Anne who was not in the bed any more. She had made it to the bathroom.

“Are you alright casino şirketleri in there?” He asked as the door was pulled to.

“Yeah, can you help me up?”

He came in and pulled her up and gave her one of the crutches. She stood and brushed her teeth with Jack beside her. He then made sure she got back to the bed.

“Thank you Jack. I didn’t wanna try and take her to the crib without someone here.” She said once she was back in the bed and covered up.

“It is no problem Anne. If you need anything, just text my phone as it will be with me. He kissed her on the cheek. Good night Anne.”

Anne lay there and drifted off to sleep.


She awoke with a fright and yelled. “Ahhh!”

“Anne, are you ok?” Jack came rushing in wearing only a pair of boxers.

“Yeah Jack, just a bad dream.” She said while sweating there in the bed.

She lay back down as Jack returned to his room that was the spare guest room now. She fell back to sleep and didn’t wake again until morning when she heard LJ fussing. Jack came in with LJ who was fussing loudly.

“Somebody wants their mommy!” Jack said as he moved over to Anne in her bed.

“Give her here.” He handed LJ to Anne.

“Mommas here Little Jill.” She continued to fuss but started to calm down some.

“I’ll make you some breakfast before I have to get dressed for my shift.”

Jack left and made her some scrambled eggs and toast before he got a shower. Anne had LJ in her other crib which happened to be in Anne’s room. Jack stopped by her door before leaving for work.

“Need anything?”

“No, I’m good thank you though.”

“Alright, I’ll be back around 5pm. Call if you need me, I love you Anne.”

Jack left leaving Anne alone with the LJ. She changed LJ around 11am and took a nap while LJ did the same. She woke up needing to use the bathroom. She managed to get up and make it to the bathroom. She used it and returned to her bed and fed LJ again as she woke up being fussy.

“So little Jill, We are alone.” She rocked LJ in her arms while feeding her trying to get her to sleep. She had the TV on and was watching a movie but had the volume muted. LJ fell asleep again and she put her back in the crib. She watched the movie until it ended at 4:30pm.

Anne got up and went to the bathroom. She finished using it and went to get up. She lost her footing and slipped falling and hitting her head on the tub. She was knocked out.


Jack walked into the door and heard crying from upstairs. He proceeded up the stairs and into Anne’s bedroom. LJ was crying very loudly.


He said as he picked up LJ. He got no reply so he walked over to the door of the bathroom and peeked in. He was horrified as he saw Anne on the floor unconscious.

He went back to the crib and put LJ down and went for Anne. “Anne! Wake up!” He pulled out his phone and called 911. He told them the address and told them he found his sister unconscious and she appears to have fallen.

He just held her until paramedics came and moved him to begin working on her. They got her on a stretcher and took her down and proceeded to the hospital. He called Mike.

“Mike, I need you to get to North Fulton Hospital. I just got to Anne’s and she fell sometime during the day. She was unconscious and didn’t wake up. Oh god.”

“Ok Jack. I’ll call Jill and we will be there. I’ll call Jake and Jessica.”

Jack rushed to the hospital after getting LJ in the car seat. He made it to the hospital and waited. Jill showed up about 30 minutes later just as a doctor came out. “She is awake now. She has a bad bruise now and probably has a concussion from the fall.”

“Oh thank god. Can we see her now?” Jill said and asked. The doctor nodded and they went in to see her.

Jack went to Anne. “What happened?”

“I fell as I was getting up. I’m sorry.” He just put his head on her chest.

“Please don’t do that again. I can’t lose you Anne.” Anne put her hands on his head.


“So, I will have the next two weeks off.” Jack told Anne. “You’ll just have to suffer under my constant care.”

“Great.” Anne retorted. “This is embarrassing you standing here helping me pull up my panties ” Anne said.

“Well, I’m your big brother. I just know I can’t stand to see you fall and get hurt again. You could have died on this floor last weekend. Hell, Jessica was crying her eyes out when she heard. She lost Jim, she can’t lose you to.” Jack said trying to convince her that she needed the help.

“I know Jack. I just feel exposed standing here in front of you. But nonetheless, I’m glad you are here.” She kissed him on the cheek.


Anne allowed Jack to pamper her for the next two weeks with him taking care of various chores and changing nearly all of LJ’s diapers. Jill came over every other day and gave Anne a shower and talked with her. At least there was one thing Jack didn’t have to do.

“Jack, can you come in here?” Anne said as Jack had his door open as he was in the guest bedroom.

“You need some help?” casino firmaları Jack asked as he came in.

“No, can you sit down please.” He did as asked and sat next to Anne in the bed.

“I’ve been thinking!”

“Did it hurt; I know that must have hurt!” She swatted at his head as he was being a smartass.

“I’ve been thinking, what would happen to LJ if something did happen to me. If I were to die, she would lose her mother and she has already lost her father.” She was crying at the mention of Jim.

“I’m re-writing my Will as it needs to reflect the current state of affairs in this family. If something happens to me and I’m unable to make decisions about my health or care, I’m giving you Power of Attorney over me. If I die, I’m giving joint custody of Jill to Jessica and Jake and making all three of you her Legal Guardians. I thought that I would give that responsibility to Jill and Mike as they are her Godmother and Godfather but Jake and Jessica would be loving and caring parents to her. I’m naming you, Jessica and Jake the heirs to my estate. You would get the home.” She said as she looked at Jack in the eyes.

“Okay Anne. It makes sense as a just in case.” He leaned in and hugged her.


“It feels good to be free!” Anne said to her class in front of her. “Thank you all for the get well cards you sent me. I know I’ve missed you all. Now, let’s continue where Ms. Adams left off.”

Anne returned to teaching in October. She truly missed her class and was ready to continue her teaching. She put LJ in daycare and picked her up when she left school. Jack decided to stay there with Anne to help her out. She put Jack, Jill, Jessica, Amy, Jake and Mike all on the list of people who could pick up LJ from daycare as a precaution. She did as she promised and re-wrote her Will to reflect the new reality of her life.

She began to develop a routine of coming home and feeding LJ and cooking supper. Anne found it nice that Jack had stayed and was helping to fill a void in her life.

Yet the void of Jim could never be filled. Anne cried silently in her sleep as she wished she could feel the rough skin of Jim. She wished that she could look into those black eyes that Jim had and see the care and compassion that he had for her. She truly missed him.

Anne stood in front of her mirror looking at her nude body. The scars were there from her various procedures that were done to her. Her chest had scars from being cut open. She could still the scar from where metal cut into her left rib cage. The scar from her C-section with its horizontal scar across her belly. Her Leg also had visible scars. She would be turning 40 in December and wondered if she would ever find another man to be her lover.


Anne came home late as she had a PTA meeting at 6:30pm. Jack was holding LJ in his arms and she was bright and beautiful with her blue eyes and dark baby hair. “Hey Jack! Little Jill, mommy is home.” She moved close to him and rubs her nose into LJ cheek.

Anne smelled food! “Did you cook?”

“Yep, we are having Chicken Alfredo with Garlic bread and a bottle of red wine.” Anne was flattered as her brother had made a nice meal.

“You shouldn’t have cooked all of this for me.” Anne replied. “But thank you.”

He put LJ in her high-chair so she could eat her baby food. Anne sat across from Jack. She started eating as Jack was feeding LJ. “This is so good Jack. Where did you learn to cook?” Anne asked knowing their mother Susan never taught him to cook anything.

“Amazingly you learn a lot more in the military than how to kill and survive. I learned a lot of cooking being in Japan. The meals were usually Asian in nature but when you wanted something different and good tasting, you learn to become a pro, especially if you are cooking for a date.”

“So I’m your date tonight?”

“You and LJ! I got to take care of my girls.” Jack said winking at Anne.

“You’re sweet Jack, how you never put a ring on a girl is beyond me.” Anne said with a smirk.

“I did!” Jack blurted out.

“What!?” You never married, mom would have told me.” She looked at Jack.

“I did marry back in 2004, she was a business lady named Nishi and that was when I was assigned to Hawaii. We dated for about 6 months before we got married November 20th.” He began to get emotional and he began to cry.

Anne got up and went around to Jack. She hugged Jack and said, “It’s ok, you don’t have to talk about it anymore.” She had never seen Jack like this. He was always her strong older brother.

“Yes I do! You see, I’ve never told anyone about what happened to her. She was on a business trip to Phuket, Thailand and was there when the tsunami hit. She was killed that day. I was worried sick and didn’t hear anything from her. My CO came to my home in Hawaii on December 31st. He told me she was killed by the waves. Her parents claimed her body and she was returned to Japan. I never got a chance to meet her parents and she never got a chance to meet you or mom.” He had a steady flow of tears coming down his cheeks.

“I nearly drowned güvenilir casino myself in booze and ended up getting a DUI by Honolulu Police before I got myself straight. I nearly drank myself to death just so I could be with her. I told my CO I needed a change and that is when I got transferred to Japan. It was a year later that Nishi’s mother came to the base and hugged me. She found out that her daughter had married as the paper work showed it. She found me to give me a hug.” He was still shedding tears. “You are the only person I’ve ever told outside of Hawaii.”

“I’m sorry Jack, I know how hard it is and I understand why you didn’t want to visit and be hounded by me or mom about why you hadn’t settled down.” She just hugged Jack even harder.

“The truth is Nishi is the only other woman I have ever loved besides you and mom. That is why I was worried sick about you when I heard about the wreck and why I was a wreck when I found you in the bathroom that day. Thank you Anne for listening to me and allowing me to cry on your shirt.” She just wiped away the tears on his cheek and kissed his left cheek.


Anne had came home with LJ and got her settled in for the night. Jack was working tonight and wouldn’t be home until late. She made herself some Hamburger helper and also fed LJ and gave her a bath. She was getting bigger by the day as growing babies always do. She lay LJ down upstairs and came into the living room and decided to watch some TV. She watched an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles and was about to turn the TV off and go to bed when the local news teased a story.

“Tonight on the night watch, a Police helicopter was hit by gun fire when it responded to a call for help from officers. Plus,” Her heart nearly fell out of her chest. Jack had been most likely the pilot shot at. She waited and watched the story.

“First on the night watch report. An Atlanta Police Department aerial unit was shot at when it responded to a call to assist officers in the search for several suspects who robbed a Family Dollar on Cascade Road in Southwestern Atlanta. The helicopter received gunfire from an assault rifle. The helicopter made an emergency declaration and was allowed to land at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport as it had sustained damage to its engine. The report stated that a total of 10 rounds from an AK-47 style assault weapon hit the helicopter. The pilot and co-pilot were not injured.” The report had Anne in tears. She knew it was Jack who was flying the helicopter. She watched the rest of the news and waited for him to arrive.

He opened the door at 12:10am as softly as he could. He closed the door and proceeded to go to the kitchen when suddenly the lamp in the living room clicked on scaring Jack.

“Jesus Anne! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” As he looked at Anne.

“No, how was your night?” She asked seeing what he would say.

“Oh, it was alright. We responded to several calls but nothing to major.” Anne approached him.

She moved to hug him but instead softly slapped him. “Anne? What the hell?”

“You just lied to me. I watched the news, were you flying that helicopter, weren’t you?” Jack now knew he was caught and he didn’t want to worry her.

“Yes, I was the one flying.” He said as Anne was crying. “I didn’t want to worry you.”

“Why did you lie? You were shot at and had to make an emergency landing for fucks sake. After losing Jim, I can’t lose you!” She beat on his chest as she cried. “I can’t lose you Jack! You’re all I have left. I need you!” Jack lifted her chin and looked into her eyes as she looked back.

He didn’t even think as he lowered his head and made contact with her lips kissing her. She returned the kiss that he initiated as she opened her mouth to him. They shared their tongues and tasted each other for who knows how long. Anne parted from him shocked at what she had just done.

They looked into each other’s eyes and just stared knowing they just crossed a line. Jack finally spoke. “I’m sorry Anne; I should not have done that.”

“But you did Jack. I also allowed it.” She just hugged him as he had his arms around her as she cried.

“I need to go to bed Jack. I’ll see you tomorrow Jack.” She said as she walked to the stairs and went up.

He heard her door close and he just went and sat down on the couch in the living room with his hands on his head thinking ‘What The Fuck did I just do?’ He stayed there for over an hour thinking before he went upstairs and fell asleep.


Anne awoke with dried tears on her cheeks. She felt like shit considering how her emotions were playing with her. She got up and went into Jessica’s room and got LJ and held her. She checked her to see if she had a messy diaper and indeed she did. She changed her and was thankful she was still asleep.

Anne got a shower and went to Sandy Springs Middle School and taught her class. She was thankful that the classes she taught kept her mind occupied. Her day ended at 4:15pm and she knew she would have to face Jack sooner or later. She figured she might as well get it over with as he had the day off. She got home and didn’t see Jack’s Ford Edge in the driveway. She double checked her phone and there was no message from him or missed call. She went inside and saw a note on the table near the door.

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