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It was 1941 and I had just returned to London on a 2 week furlough from France where I was serving with the British Armed Forces. The reason for my leave was that my Mother had passed away suddenly and it was necessary for my 22 year old sister Annie ,and I to make all the required arrangements for her funeral.

On arriving home Annie met me at the door obviously distraught at the loss of our Mother. She was cradling her 3 month old daughter, my niece, in her arms. I placed my arms around both of them whispering words of encouragement to my sister.

When we were inside she placed her daughter, Julia in the crib turned to me and said “Come and give your big sister a real cuddle” I placed my arms around her and pulled her to me. Despite never really being attracted to my sister I could feel my penis starting to erect and I am sure that she felt it also.

Let me describe my sister, she is not drop dead beautiful as is described in many stories. She is short, about 5 foot 1 inch tall, pleasantly plump, and what could be best described as homely. Her breasts are not overly big, probably about 34C, and I am sure that without a bra and following the birth of Julia would sag. Despite all of this she is my Sister and I love her dearly.

Annie’s Husband is a Pilot in the Royal Air Force and had been seconded to the Royal Australian Air Force as a Training Officer where he was instructing Australian pilots on the vagaries of the Spitfire Aircraft. Unfortunately he could not be released to return home to attend his Mother-in-Laws funeral.

We talked most of the day and caught up on all the news of our friends whom I had not seen since I enlisted at the outbreak of hostilities in September 1939. During the day Annie breastfed Julia on a few occasions but was very coy about showing her breasts. She would undo her blouse and maternity bra placing her nipple in Julia’s mouth and pulling her blouse around her breast so that nothing could be seen.

In the evening I went to my old room at the rear of the house where my bed was already made up. Our home was a typical older London dwelling, one kitchen, sitting room, three bedrooms and a detached bathroom/laundry out the back. I heard Annie leave the house heading for the bathroom and a short time later heard the shower start. Having not had a woman for nearly 2 years I lay there thinking of my naked sister showering. I suddenly had the urge to spy on Annie and I crept out of the house and moved towards the bathroom.

The window to the laundry/bathroom was opened about 1 inch and bending down I could look directly into the shower. Looking in I saw my sister washing and spending what seemed to me to be too long massaging her breasts. Her hands moved down and she started to move her hands up and down her genital area. Her eyes were closed and it was obvious that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Of course, by now I had a massive casino şirketleri erection and I started to masturbate to the visions of my sister.

Annie’s fingers started to move in and out of her pussy, suddenly she started to moan “Ronnie” her husbands name, “Fuck my cunt, fuck it hard I’m going to cum” She started to convulse and was completely oblivious to anything else except her pleasure. Of course by now I was on the verge of my own orgasm and with a groan I shot my load all over the laundry wall.

Quickly I wiped myself with my handkerchief and returned to my bedroom. A few minutes later Annie came inside and went straight to her room. I lay in bed thinking of the events of the past day before dropping off to sleep.

About 4am I awoke to the sound of sirens and Annie shaking my shoulder. “Quickly” she said “there is another air raid and we should get to the cellar before the bombing starts.” In the cellar was a double bed and a crib, a small chest of drawers and a cupboard containing a few food items.

Annie lit a candle and placed it on the set of drawers. I could see her silhouette as she stood in front of the candle and it was obvious that she wore only her nightdress and nothing else.

She said “We should try to get some sleep as the bombing could go on for ages” After placing Julia into the crib we got into the double bed and I moved away from her to avoid contact as my cock had started get hard again. Soon I began to doze vaguely hearing the bombs exploding probably about 5 miles away. I awoke to the whimpers of Julia wanting to be fed. I lay there pretending sleep as Annie brought Julia into the bed.

Annie pulled the nightdress she was wearing off one shoulder to allow Julia to suckle, as she found this most awkward, and thinking I was asleep she pulled the entire top of her nightdress down leaving her breasts exposed. I was laying on the right side of Annie and Julia was suckling on the left. Peeping through semi closed eyes I could see Annie’s right tit just inches from my mouth.

This was too much for me and I moved and took the nipple of the right breast into my mouth. I thought that Annie would push me away but she placed her hand behind my head and pulled me to her. “Suck me Jack, please suck your sister’s tit’ Suddenly I felt a gush of warm liquid and I was aware that I was sucking and drinking my sister’s milk. I found the taste not unpleasant and continued to suck for about 5 minutes when no further liquid was coming out.

I continued sucking for a few minutes until Annie pulled away and got out of bed to place Julia in the crib as she had dozed off during the feeding. As she turned to return to the bed Annie’s nightdress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and came to the bed naked. It being a cold night she cuddled up to me her naked body causing my semi erect cock to get even harder.

“Jack” she whispered, “I casino firmaları haven’t had a man for such a long time, could we pretend for tonight that we are not brother and sister but lovers. With all this bombing going on this may be the last fuck that I will ever have”

I was surprised and aroused by the language that my sister used and I turned to face her in the bed my now stiff eight inch cock pressing into her belly. I felt her reach down and grasp my cock in her hands gently rubbing it up and down.

“If you keep doing that” I said “I will cum and you wont get that fuck that you want so badly until I recuperate”Annie moved down in the bed until her face was at cock level. She opened her mouth and I felt rather than saw my cock disappearing into that warm open place. She moved her naked body into the kneeling position and without breaking the rhythm moved one leg until she had her knees on either side of my head. “Suck me, suck my cunt” Annie said. Because of the blackout I could only dimly see the outline of her cunt in the light shed by the candle, however, raising my head I could feel the hairy opening of Annie’s Cunt. I reached up and opened her vaginal lips and I started to kiss and push my tongue into her vagina using it as though it was my cock. I pulled back and took her clitoris into my mouth and gave a strong suck. Annie got such a surprise at this attention to her cunt that she jumped in ecstasy nearly causing a nasty injury to my cock.

Gently pushing Annie off my cock I manoeuvred her until she was laying on her back.
I moved on top of her in the classic missionary position moving my cock to the opening of her cunt. She was well lubricated and I felt my cock start to enter her. After I had entered about six inches I felt some resistance to my entry. “Jack” Annie said “you are fully in my vagina and your cock is pressing against my cervix, I think if you take it gently you can push your way directly into my womb”

I pushed and felt the elasticity of Annie’s cervix start to give and I felt my cock moving into her womb. This was too much for me and I increased my speed feeling my orgasm building. “Harder Jack, fuck me hard Jack this is so goooooood” The movement of my cock into Annie’s cunt was causing air to enter and every push I gave caused little cunt farts. “Fuck me Jack, fuck me, I’m coming” Annie moaned.
“Oh my God, Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Gooooooooooooood eeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that is gooooooooooooood”

This demonstration of Annie’s orgasm sent me over the edge and I shot a good load of my jism directly into Annie’s receptive womb. We lay together in each others arms until my cock went soft and dropped out of Annie’s cunt and as the bombing had stopped we fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to Annie gently massaging my balls and Julia goo gaaring in her crib. “I have to feed Julia” Annie güvenilir casino said getting out of bed and getting Julia out of her crib. Still naked from our night games Annie returned to the bed sitting up and placing Julia on her breast.

I reached across and started to rub Annie’s bare thighs, ever so gently moving up her thighs towards her cunt. Annie moved and opened her legs to give me greater access to her now swollen clitoris. She lay in the bed with her head thrown back and her eyes closed, suddenly her hips started to rise and fall as though she was being fucked. “Jack I’m cumming” she said “fuck my cunt with your fingers”

As she started to orgasm I moved down and took her Clitoris in my mouth sucking and moving my tongue over her distended organ. She placed Julia on the bed as she started to thrash around lost in the throes of her orgasm. Her moaning was almost unintelligible but sounded like “fucking shit that is sooooo goooooood” After about thirty seconds she pushed me away pulling herself into the foetal position her own hands pushing on her clitoris crying “No more, no more, my cunt is too sensitive”
Annie lay there for about 5 minutes and then picked Julia up and placed her back in the crib.

“Let’s go and have a shower and survey any damage” Annie said. We went from the cellar back into the house and looked around and fortunately apart from a few small cracks in the plasterwork there was no other bomb damage.

After showering and breakfast we went to the funeral parlour to arrange for our Mother’s burial which was to be next day.

Returning home we sat and talked for a great part of the day and listening to the radio.
That evening and because of the blackout conditions we decided to go to be early and retired to Annie’s double bed where we fucked and sucked and fucked some more until we collapsed from exhaustion.

After the funeral the next day and when we returned home. For the next two weeks we sucked and fucked in every position you could imagine until it was time for me to return to my Unit as my leave was over and I had to return to France. Before I left Annie and I lay naked in each others arms pledging our deep love for each other.

About four months later I received a letter from which started off “I have some bad news and some good news”. The bad news it appeared was that Ron, Annies Husband, had met a woman in Australia and was not coming back to here after the war. The good news was that she was about four months pregnant with our child. Of course I was rapt at this news and after the war was over I returned to London to see my 3 year old daughter/niece.

I am now 78 years old and as I relate this story my 28 year old Granddaughter is sitting between my legs gently massaging my cock which although is not as hard as it was 60 years ago when I fucked her Grandmother can still rise to the occasion when necessary. I have had a great life and do not regret any part of it. Unfortunately my sister died two years ago and I have moved in with my 59 year old daughter / niece and my granddaughter where I am sure my needs will be taken care of for the rest of my days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32