ANR Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: These are fantasies of mine at a real-life adult video store in Dallas named Adult New Releases. The setting, environment and devices described are all real. These stories describe extremely unsafe sex practices which is why I am “living them out” thru these words. In a perfect, disease free world, I would absolutely submit willingly to each and every one of these. Have amazing, mind-blowing sex everyone, just be safe out there.

This particular book store has an arcade right as you walk in, movies and toys to the right and a hallway leading to the left that has preview rooms for couples or individuals that want to pick their own movie to watch. When you walk into the arcade, it is laid out in a square with rooms primarily on the inside of the square. Each room has a leather couch, some are a full size couch and some are love seats. Each room has a big TV to show your selection and another big TV showing quick snippets of other channels so that you can switch to another video right away. What attracted me to this arcade is what is inside of each room. I was completely shocked when I first saw it. Each room has one of 7 different items in the room. They are always located in the inside corner of the room, by the door, next to the couch. They items are one of the following:

* A floor to ceiling slab of wood making a makeshift wall with a glory hole cut out and a stool to sit on (you are still in the same room, but can enjoy the anonymity of the glory hole if you so choose and then if you want more, you don’t have to change rooms). The stools are toilet seats on metal legs so I imagine someone can lay under it and eat your ass or you can partake in scat fetishes.

* A square stage with a stripper pole.

* A massage table but with no head rest.

* A smaller, square, lower to the ground massage table, better for being bent over and fucked.

* A large rig with a harness that you can lay in on your back, be suspended in mid-air at waist height and have your arms and legs strapped in.

* A platform with a large “X” made out of wood with wrist and ankle straps so that you can be tied up and restrained while standing (either face forward or facing back)

* A stockade (for those that don’t know what a stockade is, it’s an old device used to display criminals in the middle of town. It had two pieces of wood with holes for your hands and head that were big enough for your wrists and neck, but too small for you to pull out when the top piece was fastened to the bottom piece.) When in the Stockyard, you face the couch and your ass is facing the wall with the door on it putting you parallel to the back wall of the room.

Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

Chapter 02 — The Glory Hole Wall

After going to my favorite adult video store last night and getting tag-teamed from both ends on a massage table by a pair of strangers and then throat fucked by another, I was excited to come back again tonight to try out another room and another interesting device in one of the rooms. Tonight, I decided on one of the rooms with the Glory Hole Wall built into the room.

While most of the rooms were strictly on the inside of the square (rectangle) hallway, there were two rooms right inside the entrance of the arcade and two on what would be the very back wall that are on the outside walls of the square.

Again, I surveyed the talent here tonight and noticed that it was extremely busy on this Saturday night. There were a lot of men roaming about, some paired off and talking, some (like me) that were walking around and many of the rooms had red lights instead of green lights above them signaling that they were in use and money was in the machine.

I walked to the back of the hallway and as I did, I saw a man with a hat on, looking down and playing with his phone and, of course, my eyes went directly to his crotch. I saw a tremendous bulge in his jeans with an almost clear outline of his cock. It was positioned to go sideways and extended far enough that if you put your hand in his right pocket, you would be grabbing a big handful of cock at around the lower head / upper shaft portion. He was standing on the wall next to one of the rooms so when I walked down the hall towards the back wall, I was walking towards him and my eyes never left his bulge once I spotted it. I was subconsciously casino siteleri licking my lips and as I got closer, I looked up and realized that I had been caught staring.

He smiled at me and my eyes never left his as I walked to his right and right into one of the rooms with a glory hole wall. Before I could even turn around, I heard the door being closed and I knew that he had followed me in.

I walked behind the wall and sat down on the stool, facing towards the hole in the makeshift wall. I saw him walk over to the machine and put some money in and I stood up and reached toward him and gave him a five and told him to add that to it as well. He added the money and as he did, I returned to my stool and pulled out my bottle of poppers. I inhaled deeply in both nostrils, basked in the warmth it provided as it ran thru my body and waited, looking thru the hole.

Now the hole isn’t a perfect circle, but instead, it is about 4 inches wide and about 10 inches tall with a rounded top and bottom. This allows people of different heights the ability to stick their cocks thru to receive their semi-anonymous blow-job.

I saw him step up to the hole and undo his pants. I was salivating at just the view of his hard cock thru his jeans and couldn’t wait to see it unwrapped and ready for my service. His belt came open, his button undone, his zipper sliding down and then finally, he reached in and pulled out one of the best cocks I’ve ever seen, be that in real life or in porn. He stroked it and I realized that it wasn’t even fully hard yet, but was so large; it never really shrank or shriveled like some guys do. I couldn’t help marveling at it, drooling over it, needing it in my mouth.

He stepped forward and the cock came thru the hole like a perfect present to me. I grasped the cock and started stroking. I had to guess that the cock was probably around 8 inches, maybe more in length with beautiful veins running down the shaft and a beautiful circumcised head that sat upon the shaft with great power.

I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, stroking it with one hand and sucking on the rest. With the poppers coursing thru my body, I took it slow at first, slowly sucking on the cock, trying to become familiar with every inch of the skin. I lifted up the cock and ran my tongue up and down the shaft of the cock and then took his cock head back in my mouth and began kissing and licking the head, essentially French-kissing his cock head. I heard him say, “That’s a good cock-sucker, take it all now.”

I reached down, grabbed some more poppers and inhaled and asked him if he wanted some. He said yes so I passed them thru the hole and then immediately went back to sucking on his cock. It was weird, sitting there on a stool, sucking his cock thru the hole. I felt like I was cheating. A cock-sucker is supposed to be on their knees, submitting to the power of the cock in front of them and the owner of the cock. I got down on my knees and began to really suck on this magnificent cock in front of me.

He pulled his pants down more and moved as close to the wall as he could and told me to suck on his balls. I lifted up his cock, laid it on my face and began to lick and suck on his big, hairless balls. I heard him moaning and calling me names. He told me to put his cock back in my mouth but to keep playing with his balls and making sure that I had plenty of saliva on them while I did. I spit on his balls and started rubbing it around with my hand, massaging them with my palms and fingertips before taking his cock back in my mouth.

I began to bob up and down on his cock, trying to take as much as I could in my mouth and down my throat, gagging myself on the cock. I sucked on that glorious piece of meat for at least ten minutes before he said he was getting ready to blow. I pulled off and said that I wanted him to cum on my face so he pulled back a little and started jerking off as I continued to rub on his balls. I felt them contract up into his body and then large amounts of cum spewed from his cock and hit me squarely in the face. I moved my head around trying to get it over as much of my face as I could. I had several blasts hit me square in my eyes and even up my nose, but I didn’t care. The heat from his cum was amazing.

He finally stopped cumming and I tried to take his cock back into my mouth to clean him up but he said something about canlı casino being too sensitive after cumming and I heard him stuffing his cock back in his pants, zipping up and fastening his belt.

I heard the door open and close and I began looking around for the toilet paper to wipe my face off and then I heard the sounds of the door being opened again. He must not have closed it all the way when he left. I found the toilet paper and picked it up only to have it taken out of my hands.

Then I heard a man say, “this dude is covered in cum, he can’t even open his eyes!”

“Keep him that way,” another said. From their voices, I got the impression that they were black and my cock jumped at this idea. I love big, black cock and I love how domineering black guys can get, especially in a group as they try and one up each other.

“I’ll put some more money in the machine,” I heard from yet another voice. Three? There were three guys in the room and here I was covered in cum and unable to see.

The guy that was around the wall and had told his friends that I was covered in cum told me to strip, but to be sure that when I removed my shirt that I don’t wipe any of the cum away. I said that might be a little hard and then I felt hands on the neck opening of my shirt and it was torn open, creating a large hole in my shirt. “Now, it shouldn’t be a problem,” he said.

Oh man, what was I getting into here? I removed my torn shirt and my jeans and he took them from me. He pushed me back down on my knees in front of the hole in the wall and grabbed the top of my head and my throat and said, “Open wide.”

I opened up my mouth and I felt a large cock press into my mouth. The guy holding my head pushed me forward and said, “Get some of that big, black cock white boy, choke on it.” He slammed me up and down on the cock and I tell you, if I had a gag-reflex I would have been puking everywhere. The cock was much larger than the big one I had just got done sucking and I strained to keep my mouth open wide enough for it. He slammed forward and the guy holding my head pushed me towards it, fucking my face with the big, black cock.

The cock moved away and another one replaced it, also large, this one uncircumcised. Again, I was used as a pocket pussy, my mouth slammed up and down on the cock. They were talking dirty to me, telling me what a good faggot I was and how hot it looked to see my white mouth taking their black cocks. They asked me if I liked being used by black guys and I mumbled yes thru the fucking I was receiving in my mouth. I felt some different hands on my head now and the first guy let go. Shortly after, the cock in my mouth was removed and a new, big cock was pushed thru the whole. This one was longer, but not as thick as the others and actually made it easier to suck.

I felt a second set of hands on my head and now, with four hands on my head, I was pushed forward till my mouth forehead was on the wall and my mouth was fully in the hole. The third guy slid his cock all the way forward and down my throat until I felt the wiry hairs of his pubic hair tickling my nose. They held me there as he held his cock in my expanded throat. I felt the lack of air becoming a problem and started to struggle, worried that I was going to be suffocated by this cock in my mouth. I thrashed around pushing back with my hands and trying to get a good hold with my feet, but it was no use. They were much stronger than I was.

I felt like this was going to be it and then, they finally released me and the third guy pulled his cock out of my throat and I gasped for air. One of the guys reached down and slapped my naked ass and said, “I bet his pussy is great too.”

“Not tonight guys, please,” I said, still sore from my ass-fucking from last night. I was still gasping for air and one of the guys said, “That’s fine, we can just fuck your face faggot, makes no difference to us.”

With that, I was pulled away from the wall and into the center of the room. My eyes were now stuck shut as the cum had started drying. I sensed them surrounding me and then, it was on. These three well-endowed men started pulling me from cock to cock, shoving them in my mouth, down my throat. They smacked me hard with their heavy cocks and many times stuck two cocks in my mouth at the same time. They made me keep my hands behind my back and every time I tried to move them up to possibly kaçak casino steady myself, grab their cocks or massage their balls, one would hit me hard with their cock before telling me to put my hands back behind my back and grasp my fingers.

I gave up trying to lift my hands and these three guys continued to rape my face. To be honest, I was actually enjoying the rough behavior and I felt I could have stopped it if I wanted too because they honored my request not to fuck my ass.

I knew they were stroking their cocks when they weren’t in my mouth and I loved it when one of them would grab the sides of my head and slam his cock as far into my mouth as they could go, sometimes holding it there till I started to squirm and sometimes just using it as a pussy. In a weird way, I felt like I was the center of a porno. I had seen so many with girls in my exact same position and guys too and I was always envious of them, there on their knees being dominated by several hung black guys and now I was living out that scenario in real life.

“Let’s all cum on this fucker at the same time,” said one of them.

“Sounds good to me,” said another, “I’m getting close.”

“Me too,” said the third.

“Here, let me fuck that throat some more and I’ll be ready,” said the first guy and my head was grabbed by the guy on my left and his cock roughly shoved into my throat. “I love me a bitch with no gag-reflex and who knows how to move their fucking teeth away from my cock,” he said, pounding in me.

I heard him say he was ready and I heard three cocks being stroked furiously so I presented my face to them and opened up my mouth. “Close your fuckin’ mouth bitch, we are gonna cover you,” the guy on my right said and I obeyed.

Almost simultaneously, I felt streams of cum splashing onto my face from in front of me and from both sides. They produced a ton of cum and I could only imagine how I looked as they plastered me with their cum. I felt it splash on my face, ears, hair, neck, chest and shoulders. There was cum everywhere (on me) and I could feel them flicking the remaining cum onto my face. They began to slap their cocks on my face again and told me to jerk off.

I quickly grabbed my cock and stroked it hard and fast and in roughly 20 seconds I was cumming so hard I had to lean over and place one hand on the ground to steady myself.

As I came down, I felt one of them slap my ass and say, “we see you around here again buddy, we are just going to have to get ourselves of piece of this fine, white ass, so please, come around here again.” The other two laughed and I heard what sounded like clothes ripping and then the sounds of them fastening up their pants.

I heard the door open and I said, “Can one of you help me find the toilet paper?”

“Nah, we’re taking that with us faggot,” said one of them and then I heard the door close.

“Fuck,” I thought to myself. I reached up and started scooping cum out of my eyes, but it was almost pointless. My face with drenched from the four large cum shots I had taken. It would almost take me a whole role of TP to remove all of this cum from my face and body. I was able to get enough out that I was able to open my eyes barely and made it over to turn on the light and looked around. At first, I didn’t see any of my clothes, but I looked behind the wall and there were my jeans. “Whew, no jeans would have meant no keys which means I wouldn’t have been able to leave,” I thought to myself. I looked around for my shirt and then spotted some white cloth hanging outside of the trashcan. I looked in and saw my shirt and reached in to retrieve it when I realized it was torn into three pieces and covered in cum and saliva. They had used my t-shirt as cum towels. They were drenched from wiping off particularly my saliva from their cocks and balls.

I tried to wipe as much as I could from my body, but I wasn’t able to get all of it and what I did wipe just smeared all over me. I finally said to myself, “fuck it,” and put on my pants and sandals, opened the door and strolled out. I got several cat-calls and whistles as I walked shirtless down the hallway, obviously covered in the remnants of lots of cum. I exited the arcade, went to my car and got in.

I closed my eyes and smiled and thought to myself, “I love this place. I’m definitely coming back next weekend…” I started up the car and drove off, already fantasizing about what sort of adventures I would get into next Friday night.


I hope you liked it. I have two more chapters coming this week:

ANR – Ch. 03: The Harness

ANR – Ch. 04: The Stockade

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