Any Chance We Could Ch. 13

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This is work in progress, more chapters are complete and will be submitted at regular intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red ‘H’s.

Sunday, October 7.

I awoke to the alarm in the same position and had managed to put the arm underneath me to sleep. I kissed her neck and rolled away to try to get some relief. As I got up to go to the bathroom, Veronica stirred and said, “Take a shower with me later, please.”

I cleaned myself up a bit after peeing, brushed my teeth and pulled on sweat shorts and a polo and walked back into the bedroom just as Veronica was standing up. “Hold me,” she said.

“Good morning lover,” I said as we embraced. I also let my hands fall down her back and began caressing her ass.

“That feels so nice, but now I have to pee.” Veronica said. “Will you go start the coffee? I’ll be right down.”

I stuck my head into Ashley’s room to see two lovely nudes standing beside the bed still looking a bit dazed. “I’m going to get the coffee started. It’s a few minutes after six, and you two are gorgeous.” I offered trying to sound cheery.

After the coffee was well underway, I heard Veronica come down and walk across the floor, the sound indicating that she was wearing heels. Her thigh length robe was loosely fastened and as she came toward my outstretched arms I slid both hands into the front of the robe and pulled her against me.

“Well, that’s awfully nice” she said before kissing me. “If you slide them down you’ll feel my wonderful bare cheeks.”

“No panties?” I asked.

“Yes, just not very much.”

My embrace caused her robe to open just as Ashley and Katrina walked in and looked at Veronica’s breasts admiringly.

Both ladies were in three inch pumps, compression shorts and topless. “Like the look, Scott?” asked Ashley. “Playboy’s going to do a shoot ‘Ladies of Softball’.”

“I doubt it, but I do like the look and hope to see it again sometime.”

“I think we can manage that,” said Katrina. “In fact, we will, and soon.”

Ashley came to kiss me and rub her breasts against me. She also managed to fondle my semi-erect dick. “Hmm, got plans for this morning Mom?”

As Ashley sat down, Katrina threw her arms around me and ground her pelvis into me. “Don’t waste it Veronica, even though it happens often.”

That comment caused all three females in my life to laugh with me.

Veronica loosely re-tied her robe then fixed eggs and toast for all of us. I reminded Katrina and Ashley that Carol was coming over this afternoon for pictures and then staying for dinner. I also told them I was going to go see the caterer at the club tomorrow and invited then all to go with me. Ashley said she would, Veronica said she had a late afternoon appointment so we were to go without her and eat something there. Katrina said she had to go work on a project at Ellen’s after practice.

They both reminded us that they were playing at the athletic association complex on Tuesday and Wednesday and maybe Thursday and Friday as well depending on the outcome of the earlier games. I noted all this on the wall calendar.

I also told them that I was going to hire a couple of off-duty cops for Saturday. “What were the times again?” I asked.

“Say noon until midnight, but realistically from one until eleven. I’ve got a couple of moms coming. Jenny’s mom said she would like to and so did Nicole’s. So with outside boy control, and inside mom control we should be in good shape,” said Veronica.

“How about inside Dad dick control?” asked Katrina.

“I’ll wear a jock strap if you wish,” I said.

“I’d rather you didn’t, I like the erect look myself, but if it’s just for the day, I can be deprived,” said Ashley.

“You mean depraved, not deprived, don’t you sweetheart?” said Veronica.

Ashley and Katrina excused themselves and headed back upstairs to put on practice uniforms and then consolidated their gear out of the two cars into Katrina’s. They came back in, kissed us goodbye and left at seven-thirty.

“Let’s go back to bed for awhile handsome, I want you to hold me and talk to me some more about getting married.”

I said, “I’ll clean up in here later, let’s go.”

As we walked up the stairs Veronica untied her robe and dropped it in the hallway. “Have I told you how incredible you look in heels and a thong?” I asked.

“Not recently,” she said as she pulled her thong down and off. “How about just heels?”

“Veronica, you have got to be the sexiest woman alive.”

“Only because you love me, but the reason doesn’t matter, thanks.” She led me to the bed, pulled my shirt up and off, pushed my shorts down and pushed me back on the bed.

“Turn,” casino şirketleri she said and lay down next to me, put her arm across my chest and very tenderly kissed me. “Scott, I’m so glad we found each other. I do want us to be married. I want our future to be together.”

I turned toward her, put a hand on her hip and asked, “Is this where I ask you to marry me? Or do I get to procrastinate, and drag it out?”

Her hand moved down to my dick and as she wrapped her hand around it she began squeezing and said “Do you want to keep this attached to your body?”

“Veronica, will you marry me?”

“Oh, handsome, yes, yes, yes. When?” Her face was aglow and her eyes bright with joy.

“How about late November, or early December and we’ll call the Key West trip our honeymoon.”

“Will Katrina and Ashley still go with us?” Veronica asked.

“Of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way, don’t you agree?”

“Handsome, you always say the right thing. Of course I agree, some of our friends will question that, but they don’t know the joy of our two girls. Now ravish my body.”

We made very slow, gentle love for the next hour or so, slept for an hour or so after that and at ten-thirty made it to the shower.

“I’m going in to the office for a few minutes tomorrow morning to tell Emerson and then we’re off to get you a ring,” I said as my nude, very beautiful fiancée wrapped a towel around her head, and finished drying off.

“I don’t want to tell Carol until we’ve told the girls, they’ll be the absolute first to know,” said Veronica.

“Well then were going to have to work very hard to keep the shit-eating grins off our faces until they get home, or else she’s going to figure it out, don’t you think?” I asked.

“At least she knows we touch each other a lot anyway, so that won’t be any different.” Veronica said.

As I left Veronica dressing she was wearing only a pair of low heeled sling back pumps. I went down to do the kitchen chore. As I put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and put away the last pan, she walked into the kitchen. Hair still a bit damp but looking radiant. Scoop neck knit top, a below knee length cotton peasant skirt, light tan hose, and the heels she had on when I’d left her. I put my arms around her, pulled her close, kissed her and then held her away from me a bit to drink in those violet eyes. “Love you,” I said.

“Love you too handsome. Put your hands on my ass, under my skirt and hold me tight. Ummm, I’m going to get this the rest of my life. I love your touch.”

I pulled up her skirt gathering it around her waist, noting that she was wearing garter stockings. “Your ass feels delightful, the thong leaves so much of it uncovered. I certainly know where Ashley gets her nice ass.” I said. “I know this isn’t the best time to talk about another woman, but Carol will be here shortly, do you have any idea what she wants in the way of pictures?”

“I gathered that she would like the whole range from glamour to tawdry to nude, are you up to that? Oops, strange choice of words. I don’t expect for you to be any better able to control your wonderful cock as my fiancé than you were before. So don’t ever think that I’ll object when you get a hard on caused by another woman. Just remember, I’ve got first dibs on using it though,” smiled Veronica.

“Thanks for clarifying that issue, lover, I know the girls would be disappointed if they weren’t able to tease me into an erection.”

“Let’s sit,” I said as I took her hand and led her to the couch. I sat at the end and she lay across my lap, facing me with both arms around my neck. I immediately moved my hand under her skirt and began caressing her ass and then the inside of her thighs above the stocking tops. In between kisses we talked about what kind of engagement ring she would like.

“Diamond, maybe some colored stones in the wedding band. Marquise or emerald cut.” she said.

“Any particular size?” I asked.

“Whatever you want,” Veronica said.

“You mean you would settle for a half caret?” I asked. “I thought size mattered?”

“Well then, something in keeping with your fourteen inch dick,” she jested as a reminder of our early banter.

What color stones? Wait, how about violet? I think I’d like that.” I said.

“Your hand feels good, how about paying some attention to my breasts for a few minutes before your dick pushes me off your lap?” Veronica crooned.

“Yes, dear,” I answered as I dutifully moved my hand under her top inside her bra and gently pinched her nipple.

“That’s nice,” she said as she moved her hand under her side and grasped my dick.

Sometime later, we both woke up. Veronica could see the clock on the microwave in the kitchen and nudged me, and said, “Come on sleepyhead, it’s past noon and Carol will be here shortly. I guess I should take offense that you fell asleep feeling me up'” she said.

“Well, then so should I,” I said with a grin.

I kissed her and she said, “Let’s go brush teeth and splash cold water casino firmaları on our faces.”

“Together? I’m going to love being married to you,” I said.

We came back down into the kitchen and Veronica made us sandwiches and I grabbed two beers and we went out on the deck. “I hope this warm spell lasts through next weekend,” I remarked. “Otherwise the party will be in long underwear.”

“That’s a funny mental image, but somehow the ladies will figure out how to wear warm and semi-sheer long johns,” said Veronica.

“I know either Ashley or Katrina or both are going to ask what they should call us. Any suggestions?” I asked.

“Katrina can call me ‘that gorgeous woman who is married to my Dad’ or Veronica, or Mom, whatever her preference. I’m sure that Ashley will interchangeably call you Scott or Dad.” said Veronica. “I don’t want to be called Vickie, or Roni or any other diminutive of Veronica, but I will answer to ‘gorgeous’. OK with you?” she asked.

“Well, how about ‘that handsome devil who swept my Mom off her feet’? Do you think Ashley will object if I refer to her as my daughter, Ashley. You know ‘the pretty blonde’?”

“She would probably prefer ‘stunning’ instead of ‘pretty’,” laughed Veronica.

As we were carrying the plates back into the kitchen, the doorbell rang, “Carol.” said Veronica, “Remember we can’t tell her until we’ve told our daughters.”

“Hi, Carol. Come in,” said Veronica as she held the front door open.

Carol stepped in carrying a canvas tote and a garment bag. Her wavy red hair was full and down on her shoulders, her knit skirt was four inches above her knees, her cowl neck silk blouse and three inch slides were the same dark green as her skirt. She had on hose. “I hope I didn’t bring too much and I’m not imposing too much on your talent, Scott?” Carol dropped the tote and laid the garment bag over the back of a chair and wrapped her arms around Veronica and kissed her lightly on the lips. She stepped toward me with her arms outstretched and after I returned her serious hug and kiss she stepped back and asked “Did I make you hard?”

“I already was, but you added a bit, it seems. You smell very nice.” I said. “Come on into the living room, we’ll sit and talk for a few minutes and plan our session. I’ll do anything you want. Well most anything, I won’t buy you a new car, but photo-wise anything.”

“But I was hoping to seduce you with my flawless body into doing just that!” Carol laughed.

I sat in the middle, Veronica beside me with her hand on my shoulder and Carol on the other side. Carol tucked her legs under her letting her skirt ride up and exposing most of her thighs.

Carol looked at Veronica and laughed as she asked, “Uh oh, do I detect there was a sleepover last night?”

“Why? Do I still have ‘come and get it’ in marker on my forehead? laughed Veronica.

“No, but you did spend the night didn’t you Scott?” Carol asked.

“Yes, he did, and not the first time either, I’ve told you how we feel about each other,” said Veronica.

“I know, I know. God you are so fortunate, Veronica,” said Carol with a grin. “But enough about you. Let’s talk about me.”

“I brought three dresses: one formal, the long black one you saw me in at the club; a shorter black one that shows a lot of cleavage, and a sparkly stretchy red one that is low cut front and back and fairly short and probably semi sheer in bright sun light. I would like a series in each, from demure to provocative. I also brought a sheer blouse and a very tight, very short skirt. I have three more pairs of heels, lots of stockings, thigh highs, garter hose and pantyhose in a variety of colors. I’ll rely on your judgment Veronica for shoe and hose match-ups to the outfits. I would like a strip series and a wet series with a sheer bra and pantyhose combination. And if we have time, some tasteful and some not so tasteful nudes. I know that’s a lot, but would we be able to get them all done before dinner?”

“Pretty much what you said lover,” I said to Veronica, “We can certainly try” I said to Carol.

“You knew what I wanted?” Carol asked Veronica. “I guess so. We’ve known each other for a long time.”

‘Bring your clothes and the tote bag up to the spare bedroom and let’s see what you’ve brought,” said Veronica.

“Scott will you take a few of me in this outfit? I didn’t wear a bra and these are sheer to the waist pantyhose in case you haven’t already noticed,” said Carol.

When I teased, “Believe me, I tried, but couldn’t tell for sure,” Veronica smacked me in the back of the head.

“Let’s go out to the deck. I’ll stop in the kitchen to get you a glass of wine both as a hostess and to provide you a prop,” said Veronica.

“Sit there for a moment Carol, and slowly bend forward, let’s see how far you have to bend to show a breast. I assume you’ll want to show a breast, won’t you?” I said.

“Yes, of course. I’ll lean forward and watch your bulge and when it goes horizontal I’ll know at least a nipple is showing. Okay?” she said.

“Carol güvenilir casino here’s your wine prop and nice nipple show there,” said Veronica as she walked in front of Carol. “Scott’s noticed too. Nice hard on, handsome.”

“Ready? Let’s go to the deck,” I said.

“Okay, Carol let’s do this. Stand facing me, spread your legs just a bit to tighten the skirt, hold the wine, flatten your other hand on your hip, and begin to turn just your torso. That looks nice, now keep looking at me, now look at Veronica, now look at me and begin to turn to set your wine glass down. Slowly, I want this to be sensual, that’s good, now I see the top of your breast, now more, now your nipple, now the whole breast, like it Veronica?” I asked.

“They’re as nice as I remember,” she said. “Do you want to be photographed taking this outfit off?”

“Sure,” said Carol.

“Face Scott, unbutton it down to the skirt waistband, now turn towards me a bit, pull the blouse open slowly, let’s see some breast. Good. Now pull it from the waistband, finish unbuttoning it. Now as you pull it open turn your back to Scott. Yes, like that, now begin to shrug it off your shoulders, now down to your elbows, now turn in profile to Scott, now just your face toward Scott, now full frontal blouse still on your arms. God, you are hot!” said Veronica.

“Take it off and let’s do some leg shots,” I said. “Veronica that was great posing. Carol those are beautiful breasts and nipples, especially hard, is that because of me or Veronica.”

“Don’t you wish it were all you? But, no. Both of you. That was a strangely erotic series Veronica directed,” said Carol smirking. “I’m trying to decide what kind of used car I want.”

“Scott, can I finish taking the rest of the series?” Without waiting for my response Veronica took the camera and said, “Take a drink of wine Carol.”

“Put your foot on the seat of that chair with your skirt just high enough to do it. Now pivot slightly on your foot on the ground, and work your skirt up gradually, yes use both hands. Almost at your crotch, I’m seeing red hair through the hose, now a bit higher, now higher. Good, now take the skirt off, sit on the settee with your legs crossed, back straight. Hands in your hair, beautiful! Now swing sideways, leaning against the arm, your heels against the other arm, keep your back straight, drop the arm nearest me from your hair. Drop the leg nearest me to the deck, now roll slightly towards me, keep the back leg bent, now open your legs. Nice pussy shot, no lips showing just that magnificent red hair. Do you want to get nude now, or later?”

“Later. Like what you see, both of you? Scott does. Come here Veronica.” said Carol.

Carol ran her hand up under Veronica’s skirt on the inside of her thigh. “Ah ha, garter hose and a very wet crotch, you do!”

“Caught! You always have been able to do that to me Carol, you know that.” Veronica said.

“And you to me. I don’t know who’s making me wetter you or Scott, but I really am,” said Carol.

What could I say, I just watched the interaction, kept hard, and loved Veronica and the sensuality she openly displayed. Clearly they had an interesting history of some sort and I reminded myself that I needed to ask my fiancée about it when we were alone.

“You know lover, we could make a great team doing this sort of thing,” Veronica said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” I said.

“You do work well together. Too bad Veronica got you first, ’cause I’ll bet I could have too,” said Carol.

“Let’s go change, rather let’s go get dressed in something else,” said Carol. “Scott, take some pictures of my ass as we walk toward the house, please.”

Veronica handed me the camera, gave me a deep kiss while kneading my dick, and said, “Love you, very much.”

“Veronica, you and Scott are pretty much together now, aren’t you?’ Carol asked going up the stairs.

“Yes, why?”

“I want him or someone just like him, does he have a brother?” Carol laughed.

“Sorry, I don’t think so, but why don’t you talk to him over dinner about any single friends he may have, can’t hurt.” said Veronica.

“How about the long gown next, I have a few ideas how we could pose you in that one, black fishnet hose, pantyhose would be best, black shoes, strappy if you brought some, OK?” asked Veronica.

“Whatever you say, I think the first set you managed will look fantastic. You’re good.” said Carol.

“Thanks, Scott says that too.” Veronica said.

Carol took off her pantyhose and Veronica got her a dry washcloth to absorb some of the ‘excitement’. She then put on black fishnet pantyhose, and black patent pumps. “I’m sorry, I didn’t bring any high heeled sandals in black, the red wouldn’t look right would they?” Carol asked.

“Slip into the gown, I’ll be right back,” said Veronica as she left and went into her own bedroom and took two pairs of black heels from her closet. “I kind of remember that our shoe sizes were close, try the heels with the back strap and the single strap across the instep. … No those don’t fit right, try these slides. Much better, you probably wouldn’t want to spend an evening in them, but a half an hour shouldn’t be too bad. You look lovely Carol. Let me kiss you. Mmmm, nice. Now you have to touch up your lipstick,”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32