Aquata Cove Ch. 30

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Chapter 30: Saint Valentine

“Mmmlllmmm… Ullmmmm…” Adam murred as his eyebrows rose and furrowed over his closed eyes. He is slowly waking him, and realizing something is rolling and moving around in his mouth. He opened his eyes to see that Merrick is straddled on top of him, his hands on his shoulders, and kissing him very passionately in his sleep.

“Haaalllmmmmrrrrmmmmm… Hmm??” Adam suddenly realized the situation, the fact that Merrick is grinding his hard member against his groin, and rolling his tongue with Adam’s mouth.

“Mmm-” Adam parted his mouth from Merrick’s for a moment, “Merrick, what-” Merrick forced his mouth against him again. Adam breathed though his nose as Merrick relentlessly kissed him. He broke the kiss for a gasp of air, only to have Merrick start nibbling on his neck. “Hoh God…”

Merrick seems so horny this morning, as his rod is poking firmly against his thigh. Adam tries in vain to find his phone to check the time, but his hand couldn’t quite reach the nightstand. “OH fuck~!” Adam gasped as Merrick’s hand grabbed his nuts firmly as he began to gnaw his nipple, “Fuck, Merrick,” He growled as his merman roughly handled him, “Fffffuck, you’re so hot…” Adam said, giving in.

“Tonight…” Merrick whispered savagely, “Tonight… Is a red moon…” He glared up at Adam with his blue eyes, “And I need to have you.”

Merrick then yanked down Adam’s underpants off of him, forced him to flip over on the bed. Adam groaned as he felt his lover’s hard cock wedge between his soft, manly buttcheeks, while Merrick’s hands planted down onto his shoulders to pin him down. Adam hissed and softly gripped the bedsheets as he felt Merrick’s weight bare down on him, whimpering as his own penis started to swell underneath him. He looked to his calendar, and noticed that today is February the 14th.

“Huh, what do you know, it’s Valentine’s Day- UMF!” Merrick spanked Adam’s butt as he straddled him from behind.

Adam moaned weakly as he felt Merrick’s teeth press and scrap against his neck. Adam’s manhood trembles as his anus yearned for Merrick’s penetration, with his lover nipping and licking a trail along Adam’s back, “Hoh God, Merrick…” Adam moaned as he felt Merrick’s tongue, lips, and teeth graze down his backside. He blushed harshly as he realized where Merrick was going with this, as he felt his lover’s hot breath over his twin, rounded, lightly fuzzy mounds.

“Oh!” Adam gasped and cooed as he felt a wet sliver slide over his pink bud, making his buried cock throb and ooze beneath him, “Oh sweet daddy- Oooh!” He moaned as he felt Merrick’s tongue lick and drape around his tight circle. Merrick press his hands on both of Adam’s soft, squeezable cheeks, and pulled them apart as to push his mouth into Adam’s rearend.

“Oh, Merrick!” Adam moaned as he moved his legs out and bent his knees in order to make his ass more accessible, “Oh fuuck!” He moaned as he felt Merrick’s lips press onto the innermost target of his anus, and licked thoroughly on the tender, tense sphincter, before pushing the tip of his tongue to his clean pucker.

“OH my God~!” Adam huffed and moaned as he felt Merrick make out with his shapely ass. While roughly eating out his hot crevice, Merrick’s hands and fingers dug into Adam’s meaty ass. Adam gripped the sheets tighter as he whimpered from having Merrick massage his buttcheeks, while feeling the invasive mouth upon his vulnerable rosebud.

Adam panted as he felt Merrick’s tongue lap his anus, letting out a weak moan everytime he felt his tongue enter his anus, or rub against his tight entrance. Merrick gave Adam’s ass a hard slap, making him tense and moan from the intensity of the moment.

Merrick rose up from eating him out, and grabbed the bottle of lube he grabbed before kissing Adam earlier.

“Oh, Merrick, please don’t stop…” Adam begged when he felt Merrick’s face disappear from his ass, “Merrick?”

Suddenly, Adam felt something thick and hard push against his sphincter. Without any warning, Merrick’s lube-soaked dick forced straight into Adam’s asshole, “Ohhh fuck!” He grunted as he squeezed his pillow, while his tunnel stretch around Merrick’s hard rod.

“Sorry, Adam,” Merrick muttered aggressively, “You should have fucked me last night.” Adam moaned harshly as Merrick held them down, pushed down until his pelvis met with Adam’s ass, and rubbed himself up and down. Adam bit down onto the pillow and moaned as his cock throbbed underneath him from the intrusion of his rump.

Merrick slid himself back, and moved forward once again, elating a grunt and a whimper from his human. He smirked in satisfaction as Adam slowly squirmed underneath him. He made Adam stop and tense up with another thrust into his ass, leaning in and nipping at Adam’s ear as the human moaned weakly from feeling Merrick push deep into him.

“Hhhahh… Oh God, Merrick,” Adam moaned as he pushed his ass backwards, clenching his eyes shut as he felt the pressure of his lover’s member driving bahis firmaları into him, backward, and diving deep into him again.

“Say you want it…” Merrick growled as he tucked his arm under Adam, “Tell me you want it badly. Say you want me.”

“I want you,” Adam moaned out. Merrick pushed in roughly, and made Adam jolt up, “ENGH! I want you a LOT!” With Merrick’s other hand on Adam’s hip, the merman bit his lip as he rolled his hips in an ongoing motion with sliding his dick in and out of Adam’s tight, warm ass. “Oh Merrick~!” Adam held his pillow tightly as with one hand, while furiously masturbating with his other hand, “Oh God, you’re so fucking hot!” He moaned out loud, “Oh fuck, just like that! Just like that!” Adam begged as Merrick’s cock moved inward at a rising angle, and slid backward in a declining angle, and over and over again, “Oh jeez that’s fucking on!!”

“Beg me, Adam,” Merrick growled roughly as his member built up on the pleasure of attacking Adam’s insides, “Beg me like you make ME plead for you.”

“Ahhhooo please fuck me, babe! Harder~! HARDER~!” Adam moaned as he felt Merrick speed up his thrusts, “Please fuck me hard~!” He pleaded as his hand jerked up and down on his dick, “Oh God, cum in me! Cum in my ass! Cum in my ass!” He moaned as he began to feel his climax approach quickly.

“Fuck…” Merrick growled as he piston himself back and forth, “I’m cummi… I’m gonna cum… Ffffhhh-” Merrick slammed himself into Adam’s anus once more, and laid himself ontop of Adam, and hissed as he gripped his wrists tightly as his balls pulled up, and exploded deep inside of Adam’s tunnel.

“OOOOooohhHHH!” Adam moaned as he felt his lover gush into his insides like a rush of liquid heat bursting into him. Merrick’s hips bucked into his rump as he unloaded all of his seed straight in Adam’s anus.

Before Adam can make himself cum, Merrick yanked himself out of his butt, and flipped him over. Merrick’s hand then replaced Adam’s hand, and jerked him off for him. Adam moaned as he let Merrick give him a rapid and speedy handjob, roughly manhandling his sensitive spots, until he squeezed the spunk right out of Adam’s nuts. Merrick made him tense and curl up as electric pleasure bolted through his member when fresh, white ropes leaped from the tip of his penis, and plopped onto his hairy chest, forehead, and chin.

Adam panted as Merrick huffed and laid down next to him. He gruffed and moaned as Merrick cuddled him close, “Oh God… Hohh fuck, that was- Allmm,” Merrick interrupted him with a very passionate kiss. Both men breathed heavily through their noses as they glued their lips together. Adam is the first to break the kiss to get a gasp of air.

“Mmmm… When do you have to go to work?” Merrick asked raspily. Adam checked his cellphone, and sighed

“I got like, 10 minutes to get ready…” He put his hand to his face, and felt it, “Hmm… I better shave before I go.”

Minutes later, Adam is standing at the bathroom mirror, dragging his razor along his face, with half of the lower area still blanketed by shaving cream.

“I don’t really like the way she keeps looking at me,” Merrick said as he sat on the toilet lid as Adam rinsed his razor once again, “I can sense her looking at me without even looking. I keep telling her I’m not comfortable with her stalking me, but she just gives me this confused look.”

“Fumiko doesn’t speak English that well, Merrick. She doesn’t understand you.”

“Ugh, please tell me she’s not coming over, last thing I need is being highly aroused near a young human girl — especially when she’s from a land that is VERY polite.”

“As far as I know, no, she’s not coming over.” Adam replied as he wiped a towel on his face, and turned to Merrick, “How do I look?” Merrick smiled, and got up, and kissed him.

“As sexy as you were a few minutes ago~” He replied.

“You sure it’s a red moon tonight? I thought only Noitas could sense those coming.”

“Yes, but there’s only one other time that I’ve felt this horny…” Merrick groaned as he ground himself up against Adam, feeling himself half hard already, “Mmmm…” He moaned as he kissed along Adam’s freshly shaven face, “… Are you sure you don’t have time for… A quick session before you go?”

“I…” Adam purred as he felt along Merrick’s body, “I really wish I could, babe…” He felt himself tremble as his hands found their way to Merrick’s perfect bubble butt, “Ennghh…” He groaned as he felt his shorts get tighter as Merrick started to rub Adam’s nipples. Adam couldn’t help but squeeze and fondle those flawless, tender, soft buns as his lover’s erection pushed against the tent of his undies, “Nick hasn’t woken up yet…” He said, his voice faltering as his arousal started to fog his reasoning, “He uh… He could maybe… Satisfy you while I uh…” Adam bit his lower lip as Merrick’s hand slipped into his underpants, and started to roll his balls around, “I… I have to get…” At this point, all Adam can think about is having Merrick’s 6 inch kaçak iddaa member melt in his mouth, and just after he brushed his teeth.

“Aw Dammit,” Adam muttered as he turned, and closed the bathroom door shut. There came a thud as something pushed against the door on the outside, followed by a muffled moaned after the lock clicked on the door.


Ryojin took a delicate dab from a wooden spoon, and put it to his mouth. He pondered something before reaching for a container of creamer, and poured a small portion into a pot of homemade chocolate.

He turned and smiled as he saw his little sister all ready for school. “[Morning, Fumiko. Are you ready for school?]”

“[Yes,]” The small child responded, “[Did you make that treat I asked you for?]”

“[Yes, I got it right here.]” Ryo said as he turned and gave a red box with a clear plastic window with a shiny, transparent bow on it, containing a fancy chocolate mold of a fancy, curvy koifish, “[I wonder who it could be for, hmmm??]” Ryo said as he stirred the chocolate as he took it off the burner, “[I wonder what it could ever be for? Could it be for that old blonde guy?]”

“[Hey! Don’t make fun of me!]” She said, looking offended.

“[I’m just kidding, Fumiko,]” Ryojin said, chuckling, “[Do you want to come with me when I go to pick up Yuri to give it to him?]”

“[No, that’s ok… I couldn’t… I’d be too shy to even look at him…]” The girl said with a blush, “[Just standing there… Wearing only shorts…]”

“[Maybe I should just say it’s from a `Secret Admirer’?]”

“[No!]” She said as she shook her head, “[I want Merrick-kun to know it’s from me! Just tell him that I couldn’t make it… But just so he knows it’s from me with love?]”

“[Haha, Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. Now it’s time for you to go to school before you’re late.]” Ryo instructed as he put the chocolate on the burner. He then picked up a box full of heart-chocolates in neat little red pouches, “[Here are your Valentines for class.]” He said a she gave the bag of pouches to her — Valentine treats for her class.

“[Thank you, big brother. I’ll see you later.]” The small girl said as she hugged her brother, and then left for the school bus.

Ryo chuckled as he turned back to his chocolate. He thinks it’s cute and so funny how she’s so into Merrick, especially since he’s gay, has a boyfriend, and is about 10 years older than her.


Adam drove the cart into the Fish House, and parked next to shipment of frozen barracuda, all wrapped neatly in white paper. He began loading and hefting the cold, firm packages into the clean glass tank.

“Hey, Adam?” Came a familiar voice. Adam turned to see Herald coming up to him, “Can I talk to you for a minute?” He asked.

“Um sure, about about?”

“It’s about um…” He looked around, and made sure no one else is around, “Mermaid stuff…”

“Ah, ok, let’s talk about back.” Adam said. He and Herald walked from the cart, and over to the back-dock, where no one could hear them.

“So… You know a lot about mermaids and stuff, right?”

“I like to think so,” Adam responded, “What’s up?”

“Well… Do you know if mermaids have a… Time of the year or something?” He said a little awkwardly. Adam couldn’t help but grin.

“Why, what do you mean?”

“Well… This morning, Belinda just sort of… Attacked me, like…” He motioned towards his crotch, “And God, she was just ALL over me, and she wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer — NOT that I said ‘No’, but jeez, the way she was coming at me, was like a wild animal!”

“I hear ya. This morning, I woke up with my boyfriend’s tongue in my mouth.” He answered.

“Yeah, what’s with that? Is it like, Inter… Oceanic Sex Day, or something?” Herald asked. Adam laughed at that.

“In a way, SORT of. There’s going to be a Lunar Eclipse tonight.”

“Is that a sex holiday for merfolk?”

“Yes and no. It’s a night where merfolk from all over the world gather in large pods, and swim all around, looking for their mate. From what Merrick tells me, it’s literally Love At First Sight.”

“And they’re like… Super horny the whole time?” Herald asked genuinely.

“Only when they’re in human form… I think. Merrick said the hormones go crazy when he’s out of the water.”

“So, he’s like, gonna be masturbating the whole day while you’re here?”

“I guess, but I said it was ok for him to have sex with my roommates, Jamal or Nick if he feels he needs something more than porn and my toy.” Herald tilted his head, giving Adam an estranged look.

“And you’re alright with that?”

“Well…” Adam huffed, “Can’t say I’m thrilled with the idea of him going down on other men, unless I’m with him,” He said honestly, “I mean, I don’t mind sharing him AS LONG as I get to join in, but a Lunar Eclipse is a bit of an exception. He can’t control it, and I wouldn’t want to keep him all cooped up in the house all by himself, with nothing to do but try to work a computer that kaçak bahis he barely knows what to do with.”

“… Er… Good point…” Herald said, looking distracted and a little… Nervous.

“What’s wrong, Herald?”

“Just… I don’t have any toys at my place, and I didn’t think to give Belinda a guilt-free sex pass.” Adam chuckled at that.

“When’s your next break? You could stop by Lovers and pick her up some stuff to keep her busy.”

“Not for another couple of hours…” Herald said. Adam smirked as they walked back into the Fish House.

“Well, just move fast when you get the chance.”

“Like a fuckin rocket.” Herald said.


“Mmmm…” Nick groaned as he rolled on the bed, feeling the blanket off his body. He felt somebody crawl onto the bed with him, which only made him smile, “Mmmm~ Yeah Jamal, I can use some of you in me right now~”

“He’ll have to wait then.” Came a different voice. Nick jerked his head up to see Merrick crawling upon him, glaring and prowling above him like a jaguar on the hunt.

“Merrick?? B-But you’re with Adam, aren’t you??” As startled as he is right now, he can already feel himself losing control as he felt Merrick’s naked, lubed bottom press onto his pelvis.

“I’m very… Very,” Merrick said as he laid himself down onto the Latino male, “Very horny today, and Adam can’t help me right now…” He said very seductively. Nick opened his mouth to protest, but Merrick put two fingers into his mouth, and ground himself onto the other, “You’re not getting out of this. Adam’s toy stopped working, and you’re going to be its replacement,” He felt Nick groan as his tongue rubbed up against his fingers, “Adam says I can have all the sex I want today until he gets home, and I’m taking him up on that.” He growled as he reached back, and stroked Nick’s rod.

Nicholas groaned as he suckled those two fingers, whimpering as Merrick tugged at the little ring on his dick. Merrick pulled his fingers out and started to fondle and pinch Nick’s left nipple.

“Engh… I gotta… I gotta get to work today too…” Nick said. Merrick just smirked as he rubbed his anus against Nick’s wood.

“Then we better get started~” He muttered.

“Ohhh…” Nick moaned as Merrick stirred his hips around on Nick’s lap, “W-Wait, I’m a Bottom.”

“Aww, too bad~” Merrick said with a grin.

“W-What about a condom? I always play it safe.” Nick asked.

“You humans and your inhibitions~” Said Merrick, knowing full well Nick still doesn’t know he’s a merman. With that, Merrick moved himself up, and sat down, right on Nick’s cock.

“HOH!” Nick moaned as he felt Merrick’s hot, moist hold close down all around his member. “Hoh fuck!” He moaned as Merrick sank down onto him. “Ay dios mio~!” He moaned out, “Y-Yeah… Fuck the condoms — Ohhh!” He moaned as his bucked into Merrick’s ass.

Merrick rode him up and down, moaning out as he had that cock drive deep up into his ass. Nick whined as Merrick’s tunnel swallowed his cock whole, biting his lower lip as the ring scraped against Merrick’s tunnel and pulled at his tip.

“Mnnff…” Nick grunted and sighed as his hips rolled up, and pushed his dick harder into Merrick, moaning more as that tight, fleshy tunnel squeezed down onto down onto Nick’s rod, “Awww yeah~”

Just then, the door opened, and in comes Jamal. He paused and looked, wide-eyed at the two, slender males getting it on. His jaw drops as Merrick coos from his rump going up and impaling down onto Nick’s rod, with those tan hands gripping Merrick’s hips.

“The hell?!” He exclaimed. Merrick turned his head, but suddenly moaned as he felt that pink jewel on Nick’s ring scrape against his hidden spot.

“OHH! By the depths, ahhh~!” He held back his orgasm for the moment, and sighed. Then, Nick moved up, and put Merrick onto the bed. The Latino pretty boy then held Merrick’s ankles as he shoved his cock into Merrick’s ass, making the merman gasp and mewl out as his cock oozed out a dab of precum.

“Dude, does Adam know you’re doing this?!”

“Yeah~” Merrick responded as he rode Nick up and down, suppressing moans in between.

“I betta call him, make sure is ok-“

“Jamal…” Merrick said, “R-Red… Mmm! R.M.~” He managed to say.

“R.M.? … Oh does that mean- OH! Right, right!” He said, “Ok, I got ya…” Having remembered this code word, Jamal then took off his shorts, and peeled down his musky underroos. Merrick moaned longingly as he saw that big, thick, chocolate dong flopping limb between his legs. He smirked as he walked over to the bed, and knelt down, “Want soma dat, kid?” He said as he plapped Merrick’s cheek with his dick.

“Hoohhh~” Merrick opened his mouth, and took in Jamal’s soft member, hugging that thick piece of meat with his lips and tongue.

“Awww yeeaaahh~” Jamal moaned as Merrick started to greedily suck Jamal’s cock.

“Hey, when you gonna give ME some of that~?” Nick asked as he smiled at Jamal.

“I got some right here~” He said before he leaned in, and glued his lips onto Nick’s mouth. Merrick moaned with his mouth full of black cock, and ass full of Latino dick, and his balls full of merman spunk, just waiting to paint everything with white stripes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32