Arin’s Birthday

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Writer’s note: Andynes – like Arin – are a bird-winged people from my GB and CC stories, and Tawny is a genetically-engineered human (and also a futa). This concludes my customary glossary of silly terms. 🙂


Arin tipped the last of the glass into her mouth and grimaced. She hadn’t properly stirred the dagger root infusion when she’d diluted the current pitcher(her third that night), and the drink in her glass was from the bottom of that pitcher. It was thick, bitter and syrupy, and tasted vaguely like dirt, but it was the last of the birthday bottle of kannar she’d gotten from her brother. Looking up to pause the movie she was watching, Arin saw that it was almost two in the morning. Her bladder was achingly full, but it wasn’t an emergency quite yet, so she decided to get up to empty it while it was still manageable.

Arin heard a chime from her front door as she crossed the living room; there were motion sensors in place in the hallway outside to let her know when she had guests. The front door was closer than the bathroom, so she decided to check it first. She pulled a hank of her shoulder-length crimson hair up behind her ear before grasping the door handle.

Arin opened the door to an empty hallway and heard what sounded like a pair of feet retreating around the corner.

“Hello?” called Arin. The effort of raising her voice caused some pressure on her bladder, but it wasn’t too bad. Her bathroom was just inside her quarters. She heard the footsteps again and ventured further into the hall, closing her door behind her out of habit. “Hello?” She called again. She reached the nearest corner, where her hallway bisected another. To her left and right, the hallway was deserted. Arin started to sway on her feet – she was respectably sloshed – and put a hand on the wall to support herself. She stood there at the corner for a few seconds listening and heard nothing. She decided to turn around.

The short walk back to her quarters was more difficult than Arin had expected: the urge to pee hit her so badly that she had to waddle a little to keep herself from leaking. When she finally grasped her door handle and pushed, the door wouldn’t move. She didn’t have her key and didn’t remember locking it before she stepped out. Her memory wasn’t exactly reliable at the moment, though; she couldn’t even remember what movie she’d been watching for the last hour.

Arin heard the footsteps again. Though she felt like she was about to burst, she followed the sound. If nothing else, it would get her closer to the nearest bathroom or communication line.

Though Arin knew the maze of hallways around her quarters well, the closest bathroom on that deck was on the opposite end of the ship, near the maintenance deck infirmary. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it that long. Her only hope was to use the elevator near her quarters to get to a bathroom on the upper decks. She waddled to the elevator, holding the waistband of her fuzzy pajama pants in case she lost control unexpectedly. She clenched up as hard as she could to hold it in and tried to breathe lightly as the elevator doors closed. They needed some oil, and moved excruciatingly slow in their tracks-

A hand shot through the elevator door and it slid back open, revealing a familiar pink-haired figure: Tawny. Her waist-length pink hair was tied into a rumpled bun at the top of her head, and she was still in her work clothes, carrying a box under her arm labeled, “LITE-BULBS.”

“Oh, hello Miss Rae,” said Arin weakly.

“Hi, Ar-…I mean Captain,” said Tawny, stepping into the elevator. Tawny pushed the same button as Arin had and stepped back to stand next to her as the elevator doors closed again.

“Oh, just Arin’s fine,” Arin replied. “Azriel and my brother are doing most of the captaining right now anyway. ‘Arin, you’re on light duty, I’m here to pick up the slack, get some rest, bluh bluh bluh,'” she said in an overly-serious falsetto voice.

“He says ‘bluh bluh bluh?'” said Tawny awkwardly.

Arin felt a leak coming on and pressed her legs together. “Well…no. Not really.”

“Ah,” said Tawny. “Did something happen to your wings?”

Arin extended her left wing slightly. Several of her dappled brown flight feathers and patches of fluff were clearly missing. “Just m-molting. Happens every ten to fifteen years.”

“Does it hurt at all?” asked Tawny. If Arin hadn’t been trying so desperately not to wet herself, she would’ve noticed how nervous Tawny seemed. The elevator started its short ascent, chiming and opening its doors on the floor above. It opened on a short stretch of dim hallway, equally as deserted as the one below it. Tawny walked slowly next to Arin as she struggled toward the door at the end of the hallway. There was a bathroom around the corner just outside, and Arin felt a strong urge to let go just thinking about it.

“It gets itchy when the new feathers grow in, but it doesn’t hurt. So…w-what brings you here at this hour, Miss Rae?”

“Call me Tawny, canlı bahis please. I didn’t take the last name.” Tawny pushed open the door at the end of the hallway and held it open for Arin.

“Heh. Can’t imagine why,” panted Arin. The need to pee was only getting stronger as she neared her destination. She shuffled outside. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the darkness: the hulking shadows of crates and deck equipment loomed against the violet early-morning sky, strewn with the last twinkling stars of the night. Arin and Tawny rounded the corner toward the bathroom and found the pathway partly blocked with crates.

“It’s okay, I just have to go around them,” Arin said aloud to herself. They followed a path along the railing around the crates. Tawny was trying to help Arin walk faster by pulling her along by the arm, but drops of piss were already leaking out. They arrived where Arin thought the door was, but it wasn’t there: it was several meters to the right, completely blocked off by crates. Arin turned around, cursing under her breath. There was a wide gap in the ship’s railing meant for gangways, cordoned off with a net of chains. Arin made for it, dripping steadily as she shuffled to the barrier. She could feel it beginning to seep out of her underwear and down her thighs. Using her wings to balance, Arin grasped the railing on the left side of the gap and yanked her pants out of the way. She loosed a powerful spray off the side of the ship with a loud, unabashed moan of relief. The world below was dark, with a small cluster of lights near the horizon.

“So uhh-“

Arin jumped – and so did the arch of piss. Tawny was standing next to her on the deck, holding the box of lightbulbs strategically in front of her crotch.

“H-how have you been?” asked Tawny, turning pink in the face but trying to smile.

Arin relaxed a little. It had been just over two weeks since she and Tawny had parted ways, two days after the pool incident. “I’ve tried to keep busy,” said Arin. “But it’s my birthday and my brother is forcing me to take the week off.”

“Oh…uh…happy birthday,” said Tawny, watching Arin finish. She pushed two more squirts out into the darkness below and let a few stray drips out on the edge of the deck.

“Thanks,” sighed Arin, pushing herself to her feet. “Hahh, that’s so much better.”

“Do you think it fell on anyone’s head?” asked Tawny, smirking.

Arin snorted, slurring a little. “Maybe. We’re not supposed to fly over cities, but people could still live out here, so it’s possible.” Giggling, she pulled up her pants and she and Tawny made their way back indoors.

“So, Miss R-…I mean Tawny,” said Arin. She had to tuck in her wings a little when they passed into the hallway. “What are you doing up? Can’t sleep?”

Tawny blushed again. “Well…yes, but then I remembered I had some lights to replace on the maintenance deck.”

“Why did you get on the elevator with me then?” asked Arin.

Tawny squirmed. She was careful to keep herself covered by the box. “I was going to your quarters next, and figured I’d just walk with you back to them.”

Arin later wrote it off as a drunken conclusion brought on by all the dagger root infusion, but she got a vague sense that Tawny was lying.

“How’s work been?” Arin asked Tawny. The elevator descended, and in what seemed like no time at all they’d stepped out into the hall.

“It’s been fine-“

“Wait,” said Arin suddenly. “I…uhm…I locked myself out.”

“Oh…” Tawny hesitated. “So that’s why you-…I’m sorry.”

Arin sighed. She could already feel her bladder filling again, and the last pitcher of dagger root essence was beginning to hit her. “I told you, there’s nothing to be-“

“It’s not that,” said Tawny. “I have a key to your quarters. Your brother put in a request for a new kitchen light, and passed it on to me.” She pulled the key out of her pocket and showed Arin.

“Oh,” said Arin. “That is a very good thing.”

Tawny unlocked the door and let Arin into the apartment. Arin plopped down on her couch while Tawny went into the kitchen to replace the light.

“You can have some of the snacks in the kitchen,” called Arin. “I don’t want to eat them all.”

“Thanks,” Tawny replied. She emerged into the living room a moment later, eating a handful of cookies.

“If you stay with me and watch movies you can pick all of them,” said Arin.

Tawny considered it for a moment. “Well I don’t really have to be up early…so yes, on one condition.”

“I promise to make it so,” said Arin.

“No more vampire western romances, please.”

“Done,” Arin yawned. She picked up her cup and was surprised to find both it and her pitcher empty. She took a long moment to remember that she’d already finished it, handed Tawny the remote and stood up. “I’m gonna get water. Want anything?”

“Thanks, but I’m alright for now,” said Tawny.

Tawny was searching through Arin’s movie library on the television when Arin set the pitcher down.

“You’re bahis siteleri going to drink all that?” asked Tawny.

“That’s how you drink infusion of dagger root,” yawned Arin. “Or…you shouldn’t do it. Because you’re a human and it’s poisonous to humans.” Her head was spinning a little, and she poured herself some water. “Andynes can only drink it because it’s heavily-diluted.”

“Oh,” said Tawny. She flicked the cursor on the screen between two different movies: “Instant Evil 2: Out of the Microwave” and “The Blobbit.” She decided on the latter and settled in with Arin.

The movie wasn’t the version of the Blobbit they thought it was, and about an hour into the movie Arin could feel herself falling asleep. She sat up and chugged a glass of water from her pitcher. The cold water woke Arin up a little and she stretched out her wings, careful not to bump Tawny with them.

“That’s a lot of water. Don’t you umm…” Tawny stammered.

“Hmm?” was all Arin could manage, trying and failing to hold back a huge yawn. It put pressure on her full bladder, but she was in no danger of losing it just yet.

“That’s…that was your fifth glass of water.”

“Do I need to pee, you mean?” Arin yawned again. Tawny nodded, turning pink. “Yes. Badly — but I can hold it. I like to think I’m experienced in the art of consuming infusion of dagger root,” she laughed. It put another flutter of pressure on her bladder. If she didn’t get up for the bathroom now she could always just use-

Tawny blurted out: “Well, don’t you think you should go…? I can help you to the bathroom.”

“It’s alright, Tawny. I can wait a few minutes. Besides, I’ve got these.” Arin used her toes to pull something out from under her table; it looked like a large square cushion, the same color pink as the carpet in Arin’s living room with a blue floral pattern.

“What is it?” asked Tawny.

“A pee pad, basically,” said Arin. She pulled the pad in front of her and started pulling down her pants to take them off.

“And you’re just going to…” Tawny asked, pulling a throw pillow over her lap.

Arin paused, “Does that bother you?”

“N-not at all,” said Tawny quickly. “Just curious. Is the pad really going to absorb all of it?”

Arin sat back on the couch and looked at the television, where questionable yet frankly terrifying rotoscoping was going on in the animation of the Blobbit movie. “Yeah. It’s made to absorb four hundred times its weight in…uh…fluids, expressly for this purpose.”

“Oh,” said Tawny.

Arin slung her pants over the side of the couch and spread her legs, resting her feet on either side of the cushion in front of her. Her swollen pink vulva was thrust into plain view, wet and twitching, and framed by a wisp of crimson pubic hair. Tawny couldn’t help stealing a look at it while she pulled the throw pillow on her lap closer to hide the erection forming underneath.

Arin raised her pajama top and angled her hips halfway off the couch over the pad. She looked up at Tawny and caught her staring. “Do you like it?”

Tawny nodded. “I’m sorry-“

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’m flattered,” said Arin, blushing herself. She wiggled her hips, reached down and spread the lips of her labia. Her whole pussy quivered and leaked in response, dripping into the pad underneath her. “You can touch it if you like.”

Tawny nodded again and leaned over the couch, slowly extending her hand. She gave Arin’s pussy a gentle, tentative stroke, earning a little whimper and a hot gush of piss. Tawny stroked again and though Arin didn’t leak, she pushed out her pelvis over the pad like she was about to let go.

Tawny explored the folds of Arin’s labia with her fingers. “How much longer can you hold it?”

“Not much longer if you keep that up,” gasped Arin as Tawny circled around the base of Arin’s large clitoris. “I have to whiz so bad-…” Arin yelped suddenly, and a strong spray of piss escaped her, arching over her table and soaking some of the piles of papers. Arin quickly got it under control, aiming her powerful stream down into the pad with a long sigh.

Meanwhile, Tawny sat up and scooted toward Arin on the couch, trying to inconspicuously slide a hand down the front of her work pants behind the pillow in her lap.

“Have you ever considered getting a second job as a firehose?” said Tawny, smiling sheepishly.

“Only after at least two pitchers of infusion,” snorted Arin. Her flow took a long time to stop pounding the surface of the pad, which easily absorbed every drop of the flood.

Arin leaned back, stretching her arms over her head and forcing out one last jet of pee. “Sweet relief,” she sighed, and lay back on the couch. After a few seconds, Tawny grabbed some tissues from a box on Arin’s side table, and dabbed at her pussy.

Arin giggled, “What a gentlewoman. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said Tawny. She set aside the tissue on the coffee table and slid her hand back between Arin’s legs. “How much bahis şirketleri more water are you going to have to drink?”

“Only one pitcher. Then I can go to sleep.”

“Oh,” said Tawny. She went back to tracing quick circles over Arin’s clitoris, and Arin squirmed.

“Faster, please,” Arin panted. She was much more sensitive than usual – probably owing to the fact that she hadn’t had sex since before her husband had died – and couldn’t stop the little moans from escaping while Tawny stimulated her.

It didn’t take long for Arin’s body to start tightening. She felt hot, and her moans became louder. Tawny penetrated her with two fingers, and it felt better than she’d thought it could. “Tawny!…Yes!”

Tawny kept going as Arin cried out and arched her back. Her brown wings hooked onto the back of the couch and pulled it forward underneath both of them as she climaxed. The pillow was flung off Tawny’s lap, revealing the exposed erection beneath. Tawny didn’t seem to notice, and persisted until Arin stopped writhing under her nimble fingers. Arin’s wings relaxed, dropping the couch beneath them.

Arin lay panting shakily, and turned her head to look at Tawny. Tawny’s dick was visibly swelling, sticking almost proudly up out of her pants. She pawed at it reflexively, trying to cover it.

“So that’s why you had a pillow on your lap,” snorted Arin. “You don’t need to hide it, and please don’t come on my pillows.”

“Oh. Sorry,” said Tawny. She couldn’t seem to help herself, and unbuttoned her pants, sliding them down past her knees.

Arin sat up a little on the couch, “You haven’t done anything to be sorry for…can I help?”

Tawny nodded, and had a little difficulty taking her hand off her shaft until Arin grasped it. She pulled it up a little, exposing Tawny’s soaked pussy.

“You’re so wet,” commented Arin. Tawny’s cock pulsated in her right hand when she stroked the pussy underneath with her left. Tawny was quiet, but squirmed with every movement Arin made. She pulled up her work shirt and clutched at herself with both arms.

“Can I put a finger inside?” asked Arin. Tawny nodded, gasping.

Arin worked on Tawny for several minutes. Tawny nuzzled into the shoulder of Arin’s fuzzy pajama top, kissing Arin’s neck as her body slowly became taut and her dick swelled in Arin’s hand. It was almost 20cm fully erect, and it was hard (Arin patted herself on the back inwardly for thinking of that pun) to believe that such a formidable phallus belonged to such a slight, fae-like young woman as Tawny.

Tawny came suddenly, biting down on Arin’s shoulder through her fuzzy pajamas. She shot several rapid-fire ropes of cum all over the soaked papers on Arin’s table. Warm liquid gushed from her pussy, soaking into the couch beneath her as her orgasm subsided. Tawny didn’t stop peeing when Arin moved her hand, allowing the stream to flow off the couch and onto the floor. Arin pushed the pad over to Tawny’s side with her foot, and Tawny relaxed.

“Feel better?” said Arin a few seconds later, as Tawny finished her short pee.

“Mmhmm,” Tawny wheezed, leaning over on Arin. Arin kissed her on the forehead and pulled her legs up a little: it was her turn for a good post-orgasm whiz.

Arin spread her labia and loosed a messy, hissing spray off the couch. “Aahhh, this is nice.”

“Umm…Arin?” said Tawny shyly.


“You’re umm…”

Arin looked down: she was pissing freely onto the floor. “Oh…Whoops.” The pad was still in front of Tawny, just out of range of the puddle. Tawny hastily sat up and used her foot to push the pad over, but it only caught the last of Arin’s flow.

Arin let herself drip onto the pad and looked up at the television. A man in a horned helmet, who also seemed to be wearing hotpants for some reason, declared victory to a photo manipulated live-action crowd. The movie cut to the credits. Arin found that her shoulder was a little sore, and pulled the collar of her pajamas back to look: there was a distinctively-shaped bruise where Tawny had bitten her.

The table was easy to clean; most of the papers were copies of old delivery invoices and blank navigational charting paper. Arin and Tawny threw all of it away in the trash bin, and Arin dried the carpet as well as she could before placing two pads in front of the couch. After pouring herself a new pitcher of water she sat down, still bottomless, next to Tawny, who was scrolling through a list of terrible horror movies.

“So umm…” Arin stammered. This was suddenly far more difficult than she’d anticipated. “What we just did…”

Tawny looked down at her knees; by some small miracle, her pants were still completely dry. “You said I didn’t need to be sorry,” she said quietly.

“You still have nothing to be sorry for,” laughed Arin, giving Tawny a quick peck on the cheek before taking a swig of her water. “I’d just like to um…well…” Aron’s sparse-feathered brown wings shuffled restlessly behind her. “If you’d like…maybe we could do this again?”

Tawny fidgeted with the remote, but gave Arin a shy smile. “Only if you agree to teach me how to pee like that.”

Arin laughed nervously. “Well, we can try I guess…?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32