Arrows to Our Love

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I come home, and am surprised. you aren’t awaiting Me!! “Where are you, girl?” I cry out. No answer. “Girl!!” I call and call, even using your name, but there is no response.

Then I look to the floor, and i see a little arrow, pointing to the kitchen. I follow the arrow. On the table is a note, and a hot dinner. I read the note.

“Mistress,” it begins in your beautiful cursive, “Please eat this meal, lovingly prepared by Your slave, then follow the arrow behind You on the kitchen floor.”

Dinner is Fettucini Alfredo, with peas, a small salad, and white Wine. I eat heartily, wondering what is going on. I’m willing to follow your guidance, knowing you will follow My guidance soon enough.

Dinner and wine done, I see the arrow behind Me. I follow it, to the refridgerator. the freezer door has a note that says “Open me.” I do, and i see the ice bucket with the sign “take Me and turn right.”

I grab the bucket, turn right, and see the arrows leading through the pantry into the hallway. Then I walk down the hall, as the arrows lead Me to the bedroom. Laid out on the bed are My Leather ensemble. Atop them is a sign, “Wear this.”

I put on the leather Bustier, which pushes up My breasts and barely hides My nipples, My leather thong, showing mostly My ass, and black leather knee-high boots, with three-inch “Fuck-Me” heels on them.

At the bottom of the pile is another note. You spent a long time in planning this, I see. “Go out the door, Mistress, and turn right. The next arrow is there.”

I follow, and see the arrow. This leads Me to our playroom, which has a note on the door. “Once You enter this door, Mistress, You are in command. i am totally at Your bidding. Please, Mistress, show Me your love and Your anger and Your passion. i love You, and hope You accept this gift. Your loving slave, girl.”

I step in the room. It is semi-dark, the blackout curtains covering the windows. Candles are lit all around the room. I look around, and see you, locked into the X-brace, facing out towards the room, the brace on your back. Well, almost locked in. Both legs are shackles, spreading you open. One hand is locked into place, high above your head. The other hand hangs limp, holding a note. you reach out this hand, revealing the note in full.

“Mistress,” it says, “Your slut is under a self-imposed vow of silence. i cannot speak unless You allow it by pulling my hair. Moans and groans are allowed. Please, Mistress, lock up my unworthy hand and abuse Me as You see fit. i love You and trust You. i will not use my safeword, no matter what You do. i love you so much. canlı bahis girl.”

I take your hand and shackle it into place. Then I look around, for the best way to start, continue and then finish you. I smile, then lift a candle. It has been burning at least an hour, I guess, based on the amount of melted wax. I walk to you, tip the candle jar, and pour hot wax on your right breast.

You bite your lip to keep from screaming, and a deep moan echoes from your lips. I apply more wax to the left breast, and the moaning continues. I pour wax on your thighs, and the moaning grows in intensity.

I step back, returning the candle to its holder, and grab My flogger. I start beating your breasts with it, breaking the hardened wax. You moan again, deeper with each stroke of My flogger on your breasts. After several beats of the flogger, I stop and feel your pussy.

Of course, i find it wet, very very wet. I kneel and lick the wetness dripping down your shigh. You squirm and moan, but you cannot rush Me. I spend several minutes licking you clean. Then I stand and flog your breasts more. You shake your head, almost as if you are begging Me to stop, but I keep on.

When I am done flogging your breasts, your nipples are firm little peaks, jutting out. I grab another candle, and pour all the melted wax on to your right breast. This time, you cannot hold back. you scream now, tears running from your eyes. I put the candle back, and say “Shall I do the other breast?”

You look up, and smile. you nod, and then watch as I pour hot wax on your left breast. Again you scream. Now I drop the candle, lower to My knees and dive back into your pussy. This time I lick and suckle, touching nothing but your sweet pussy lips.

you cannot hold out for long. After a few monutes of My tongue, you finally speak. “Mistress, let girl cum!!!”

I say “cum,” then resume licking. Your flood arrives seconds later, splashing over My mothm my nose, My chin, My cheeks. And still I lick and lick.

I geep going, and am pleased when you cry out and cum again. I take the second flood, and smile more. Then, quickly, a third orgasm hits you. you are shaking, cumming so hard.

Finally you collapse as much as you can, considering you’re shackled. That’s when I stop. I unlock your ankles, smiling as i see your bells. I reach up and kiss you as I undo your arms. As each arm comes free, it drops on to My shoulder. I lift you up and walk to the bed we installed. I lay you down, and say “Speak to Me, girl. your vocal ban is lifted.”

You look at Me, love flowing through your eyes. Only four words bahis siteleri come from your lips. Four words that encompass all that you are, and all that We are.

“i love You, Mistress.”

I strip off My leather, climb into bed and slowly peel the hardened wax off your breasts and thighs. We cuddle, and kiss, before finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.


You woke up, needing to pee. you had not gone to the bathroom since before you locked yourself up to wait for Me earlier this afternoon. you slide out of bed and pad to the bathroom. the seat was a bit cold, but you took it in silence as you drained your bladder.

The immediate need gone, you wander back into the bedroom, stop and stare at the bed. I am there, sleeping, and you can’t take your eyes off Me. I have rolled on My back, and am nude in bed as usual. The covers have kicked off My body, and you stare at My beauty. My breasts lie on either side of My body, My legs spread a little apart. you see Me, and love overflows from your heart.

You know I am asleep, but you still kneel by the bed. Words spill from your mouth, in a bare whisper. “Mistress,” you say, “i cannot begin to express my love for You. You chose to take me in, and love me, when i do not really deserve You. Please, Mistress, accept the gift i give you. May it be pleasing to you.”

You climb on the bed, between My legs. you spread them, and start to lick, softly, sweetly. I moan a little and spread My legs further apart. I’m still asleep, though.

you remember the ice you asked Me to bring with Me earlier this evening. The bucket is on the table by the bed. you reach over and bring the bucket close to your reach. you then reach into the bucket, taking one of the larger unmelted cubes in your hand. You slip it in your mouth, then lower your mouth back to My pussy. As you start to lick, you spread My pussy open. I moan in My sleep as your tongue is now colder because of the ice in your mouth.

When I am spread open, you put your mouth solidly on My pussy, and shove the ice, with your tongue, from your mouth to My pussy.

I bolt wide awake as the cold ice enters My body. I feel your mouth on My pussy then, and see you, kneeling, licking. I then realize that it is ice in My pussy, so I lie back, not saying a word. I lift My hips, allowing you unfettered access to My center, as you slide your hands under My asscheeks to hold Me up.

you know I’m awake, yet you do not greet Me, you just continue your oral exploits. My moaning takes on a life of its own, as you work Me closer and closer to orgasm. I feel bahis şirketleri the ice melting as you continue to lick Me, and you drink in water as well as pussy juices.

your hands seek another ice cube. you find one and shove it into My pussy, increasing the moans I emit. I am so close now, and you know it. My body is responding to your play. Experimentally, you grab another ice cube, and place it directly on one of My nipples.

My moans turn to screams. I thrash about and cum, flooding you instantaneously with My juices. I nearly squirt from the joy of the ice on My nipple. you are very surprised, but you continue to lick and suck until My orgasm fades.

When My orgasm fades, you look up at Me, smiling, your face covered in My orgasmic juices. “Mistress,” you say, “allow this slave the chance to bring You to orgasm again.”

“Yes,” I hiss, still feeling the effects of the first orgasm.

you hop off the bed a second, grabbing a seven-inch vibe off the dildo table. When you return, you smile and grab yet another ice cube. you push it in My pussy, smiling as I moan into it. Then you turn the vibe on “medium” and shove it into My pussy, making the ice cube slide all the way to the back of My pussy.

I scream again, lust overtaking Me. you work the vibe around and around, letting me feel it inside Me. Then you take another ice cube and put it in your mouth. Once there, you take a nipple (other nipple from before) into your mouth and suckle.

I feel the ice melting inside me, and the vibe driving Me along. I feel My nipple being sucked, and then the ice cube hits My nipple and I scream again. you turn the vibe on to “High”, grab one more ice cube and place it right on My clit.

That’s it. I scream, so loud I am almost afraid I’ll wake the neighbors. In the midst of the scream, I cum, giving you the joy of seeing Me squirt. I rarely do squirt, but when I am very aroused, I do.

You take my cum squirt in your mouth, then plaster your mouth to My pussy, around the vibe. you suckle and drink, and after the first two squirts, I return to a deep lustful flow from My pussy. your tongue laps up every drop.

When My orgasm passes, you remove the vibe from My pussy. The ice cubes in your hands have melted, and the bed is very wet now. Your mouth lowers to My pussy one last time and lick My clean of all My cum juices. Then you lick My breasts, cleaning them.

Finally you say, “Scoot to the dry side of the bed, Mistress. your slave will sleep in the wet spot she created.” I move over, and as you get back into bed, I capture you and kiss you deeply. I lick the cum from your face, then kiss you again.

Then I speak the words you live to hear, words you crave from Me, the words of approval and acceptance. “I love you, girl,” I say. Then, arm in arm, we fall asleep until morning.

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