Ashley and Her Brother

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Panicking, I jumped up from my desk forcing my chair backwards across the carpet narrowly avoiding knocking it over entirely. I pulled my tank top back over my exposed breasts while my stomach did somersaults. My mind was racing with every thought from anger to shame to embarrassment to arousal. Slamming the lid of my laptop down it severed the connection to the chatroom and disabling my webcam.

Holy fucking shit! My brother! It was my brother! Was it him this whole time? How did he know? Had he been on my computer? Was it a coincidence? Was it planned? My mind raced even faster than my heart. This couldn’t be happening. This was supposed to just be fun. Relieve a little stress from school.

Before I had a chance to calm down and compose myself, my phone vibrated and beeped again. “Come here” it lit up brightly in my dimly lit room. The white font was centered all neat and innocent on the screen but the implications made my mind swirl.

In a lust-filled daze, I realized I was moving across the floor in silent obedience. Which was worse, letting the question go unanswered, or answered. I tiptoed out of my bedroom and down the narrow hallway the entire time keenly aware of my hard nipples poking through my light pink tank top and the warmth radiating from beneath my pink and white pajama bottoms. Reaching my brothers room I paused wondering if this was even real. I knocked softly, torn between wanting him to answer and a powerful urge to retreat back to the safety of my room. Before I even finished knocking he opened the door and I silently moved inside.

Bryan closed the door behind me and returned to his grey desk chair. He sat down staring up at me as I stood in the middle of his room. I could see over his shoulder his computer screen. There it was. The same chatroom that I had been in. My screenname standing out painfully. The words of our conversation filling the chat window. I had been cybering with my own brother. He’d even seen my tits. My cheeks flushed with shame and embarrassment.

There was a painful awkward silence in the air, while he just stared at me. A vast silence begging to be broken. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“How’d you know?” I asked softly.

“Your search history actually,” he responded coolly. “Remember a couple weeks ago when I borrowed your computer. I admit, I did a little snooping on it and found you frequented that chat site. The rest sort of came together”

I couldn’t decide between anger and betrayal; shame or embarrassment, so I opted for more awkward silence instead.

“How often do you go into those chatrooms Ashley?” Bryan asked innocently enough. But, I stayed quiet. “I’m just wondering,” he added. I didn’t have the courage to admit how often I frequented the chatrooms. It had become a habit the past few months. Coming home from school and winding down by talking to the dirtiest kinkiest boys I could find before trying to relieve the sexual intention bubbling inside me. I attended an all girls school in Arizona and didn’t interact with very many guys much less have a boyfriend so my only sexual outlet was online.

“Why did you call me in here, Bryan?” I asked, needing this awkward conversation to be over.

“I just wanted to talk in person. That’s all,” he replied coolly, calmly, trying, I think, to put me at ease. “I guess I want to understand you a bit better. So, little sister, when you chat with guys do you always go into BDSM rooms like that?”

The way he said little sister was so jarring given the sexual nature of our conversation. I had turned 18 a few months earlier, and while Bryan was only three years older than me, he still got a kick out of calling me his little sister. I slowly shook my head “no” opting to give in to his questions in the hopes this would end faster and I can retreat back down the hall in shame.

“But usually?”

I nodded.

“You like the idea of being a sexual submissive, Ashley?”

That’s when I heard it. When he said “Ashley”, I could hear the faintest hint of lust punctuating his question. I blushed of course. I couldn’t help it and nodded again. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. Not just happening, but I was letting it happen. Did I want it to happen? I mean, I of course I thought about it. I looked for guys online that had a thing casino şirketleri for their sisters. Talking to them, hearing their lust for their sisters satisfied the desire I had for my brother that I thought would never come to reality. I mean it is after all so incredibly wrong, inappropriate, disgusting even.

“Have you ever done it… in real life I mean? Have you ever been submissive for someone?”

Even his question caused a tingling between my legs, but I had to reluctantly shake my head no.

“And your screenname… you usually pretend to be someone’s sister?

I nodded for the third time and stared at the floor of his bedroom, avoiding any possible eye contact. I was devastated and humiliated at my terrible secret leaving the safety and anonymity of the internet and entering the real world. And yet it wasn’t just anyone. It was him. My brother. The main cast member of my fantasies for as long as I could remember. My handsome adoring brother. Then he asked the million dollar question.

“Do you think about me?” he finally asked.

His words filled the space between us before my lusty, breathless replytook its place in the air.

“Yes,” I whispered.,

That’s when things would change. I knew in that moment that things were going to be different. It was out there. He knew it now and there was no way to un-know it.

And now he knew it went beyond even that. I pretended I was talking to him in chatrooms. I got off on the idea of incest and submission. I’m a girl that gets wet simply flashing her tits to strangers on my webcam.

“Ashley,” he instructed, “take off your shirt.”

With the silence broken my heart returned to my throat, beating furiously.

“We can’t… I mean… you’re my brother… I can’t… We shouldn’t…” my new thoughts kept interrupting my old ones.

He just smiled, “Ashley, you already showed me your pretty little titties not five minutes ago. Hell you showed anybody who happened to be with us in that chatroom. The damage is done, I’ve already seen them. Now, I want to see them in person.”

I hesitated, my self-control was weakening. I wanted to show him; to please him; for him to like them. He noticed my hesitation, but pushed just a little bit further.

“Plus,” he added with an air of confidence, “I’m pretty sure you want to show me. Don’t you? Now… take off your shirt Ashley.”

I obeyed.

While Bryan stared at me from his chair, looking confident yet playful, I stood in front of him and began pulling up my t-shirt, exposing first my flat stomach and teasing him with my first hint of skin, before resignedly pulling the shirt up and completely off. There, in my brothers room, I stood bare-breasted. My hard pink nipples betrayed my excitement. They stood at attention, pointed toward my brother. While some might have call my breasts small, they were round, perky and almost filled my B cup bra. I was still mighty proud of them.

His reaction was all I could have wanted. He grinned almost sheepishly, staring several moments too long before lifting his eyes back up to meet mine.

“They’re even better in person, Ash.” I returned his smile before he added, “come here.”

Walking toward him I knew what was coming next. His hands reached forward and drew me toward him until I was standing between his legs while he stayed seated. He got an awkward closeup view of my soft breasts. His hands slid up my back making me shudder before they found their way to my chest, cupping them in his hands. It was heavenly. He was gentle but firm. He cupped my breasts in his hands before letting his hands explore me more. It made my knees week. Something as simple as this, but it was happening. My brothers hands on me, being in his room, in the middle of the day, in this empty house, our parents probably on their way home from work at this very moment. It was insane and so deeply erotic.

His hands continued exploring my body before reaching around and grabbing each of my butt cheeks through the thin fabric of my pajamas. He massaged my ass for a moment a soft moan escaping his lips before his hands found their way to my waistband. My hands met his and I stopped him. I took a step back. He looked confused and looked up at me. This was a new line we were about to cross. Yeah he’d seen my casino firmaları tits in the chatroom, but that was it. This was new territory. Plus, most sisters didn’t go around showing their pussies to their older brothers.

I had that internal dialogue for only a moment before he said, “show me.” I wasn’t sure if it was a question or an order, but I gave in, knowing it was inevitable. No harm in looking I supposed. So I complied.

Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of my pajamas I pulled them over my hips and then just let them drop in a heap to the floor. Abracadabra. It was like a magic trick. One minute I was covered maintaining what little was left of my modesty, the next minute… exposed. There I was, naked in front of my big brother. The best part was he literally gasped in excitement. Mostly, I think he was just surprised, but I wasn’t sure if it was because he liked what he saw, or if it was because I went without panties underneath my pajamas and – like in the old 90s rap song – “Whoomp, there it is!”

“Oh Ash… you’re… you’re so smooth.” I got my answer. He stared at my hairless pussy, my little inner pink pussy lips barely poking out my outer labia.

“You like?” I asked, looking down at him admiring me, stating what was clearly the obvious, but needing reassurance all the same.

“It’s perfect.”

His hand reached for me and I stepped closer to him again spreading my legs a bit further in the process, giving him access to my privatest parts. His fingertip stroked the length of my slit and I had no idea what people meant when they talk about feeling a sexual shock of electricity until that moment. I moaned softly.

“You’re so wet,” he exclaimed clearly enjoying the feel of his little sisters damp slit.

I just smiled, revelling in his touch.

His hands danced across my pussy some more, then returned to my now naked ass where he groped and molested admittedly a little harder than in my fantasies, but still felt great. Giving access to my body like this, feeling his hands rubbing my smooth skin was an oddly dirty feeling. Nevertheless, when his fingers returned to my pussy I knew he wanted to feel inside and gave him the access he needed. It felt wonderful. Not only were his fingers thicker than mine, but they were more explorative feeling around inside my tight hole. I wrapped my arms around his neck for support while he slowly fingered my sopping wet slit.

“Oh… Bryan…” I moaned, loving that his fingers were finally inside me. I was so wet I could actually hear his fingers squishing in and out of me. The smell of my excited pussy floated on the air.

As I was really starting to enjoy my finger fucking, my blood ran cold when I heard it. In fact, we both heard it at the same time because his fingers froze inside of me.The garage door motor roared to life downstairs.

Then in a maelstrom of activity our moment together was over. Bryan’s finger slid quickly out of my pussy. I spun around trying to find my t-shirt which I had apparently tossed on the bed, and my pajama bottoms still crumpled in a heap on the floor. I grabbed both, and darted for the door still stark naked in a mad race, trying to beat whichever parent just got home.

Once I was safely back in my room, I dressed quickly having to futz way too long with getting my shirt right side in again. But finally, I was dressed and my heart rate was returning to something this side of tachycardia. My body was still so sexually charged and my lust hadn’t satiated. I heard my moms voice downstairs and took a few calming breaths before I headed down to greet her like I usually do when she comes home from work. I tried acting normal, secretly knowing I’d never be normal again.

The evening went by rather uneventfully, especially compared with my afternoon. I recounted tales of school with mom. Bryan spent much of the evening still in his room which fortunately wasn’t that uncommon an occurrence. Dad came home about 20 or 30 minutes later, but by then I had already eaten a boring dinner of leftover pepperoni pizza and had opted for vegetating on the couch waiting to go to bed. And by go to bed, I mean finish myself off so my brain wasn’t so consumed with thoughts like what would have happened if mom hadn’t come home then? What would have happened with güvenilir casino Bryan? What did I want to happen with Bryan? What did it mean? On and on and on my brain dissected every moment of our conversation, while my pussy remained damp between my thighs and begging for release.

Around 9:30 that night, my phone vibrated next to me on the couch. Another text message. It was from Bryan and said simply, “I can still smell you on my fingers.”

How vulgar. I groaned audibly, a bit too loud and my mother looked at me asking if I was alright. I tried coming up with an excuse. But with it being Friday night, I couldn’t use my usual excuse of homework or studying. I groaned again, more of a frustration noise, than a lust-filled one and made some excuse about having a headache. I kept it vague and quickly headed to bed.

I had barely closed my door before I was pushing down my pajamas once again stepping out of them as I marched toward my bed. The thought occurred to me on the way that I spent quite a bit of today at least partially naked. I liked it. I left my shirt on in the unlikely event someone may, potentially, disturb me. I slid beneath my baby blue cotton sheets and stretched out on my queen bed naked from the waist down.

Within milliseconds my hand was between my legs. Even before reaching my pussy I could feel the heat coming off it it. I cupped it with one hand while I let the other play across my breasts. My nipples strained to be touched, so I did, pulling on them a little before gently twisting them. I couldn’t help but shudder at my touch. But, I needed more. I needed Bryan. Oh my god, his hands felt good on me. How I wanted him to touch me for so long.

I slid a finger inside myself and quickly added a second. I was so wet they slid in easily, but not as nice as Bryan’s.. One hand played inside me while the other found its way to my clit. Oh fuck, I needed this. My reality reduced down to just my pussy as I was desperate to cum. Fuck yes. He wanted me. My brother wanted me. He clearly enjoyed touching me. Did I turn him on? Did I make him hard? Oh god, was he in his room jerking off thinking of me? What did his cock look like? What did it feel like? What did it taste like? Fuck.

My mind continued to wander as I fingered myself like a woman possessed. It was uncomfortably warm under the covers, the heat of my cunt creating a mini furnace beneath the cotton sheets so I kicked them down to the foot of the bed no longer caring if anyone did disturb me and focused on the amazing, growing feeling between my legs. I spread my legs even wider opening myself like a slutty porn star. I brought my finger to my nose like Bryan must have done. I wondered if we were both smelling our dirty fingers at the same time. Did my scent turn him on? Did he taste me on his finger? Did he want to lick my pussy? Oh god, what if he ate me out?

I was getting ahead of myself and chastised myself because of it. Who knows what, if anything, would happen. I tried to downplay expectations.

My fingers danced across my clit and pounded away at my horny opening. My orgasm was close. Granted, it was close since I first took off my shirt letting him stare at me. I tried to suppress my moans of pleasure not wanting to get caught and adding to my humiliation, but it was hard given how close I was.

My mind recounted that he was the one that told me to come to him, to strip for him. I just let him. Maybe he thought about me like I thought of him. Maybe he wanted me. Even though it was so wrong, so dirty. Maybe he lusted after his little sister like I lusted for him. That thought alone made my heart soar. I realized I wanted to give him anything he wanted. Anything.

It was that thought that sent me over the edge. I came hard, feeling my pussy contract on my fingers. My back arched lifting my ass off the bed.

“Oh fuck! Yessss… Bryannnnn!” I half whispered, half groaned into the darkness of my bedroom.

My orgasm rolled through me in wave after wave of pleasure. I was actually humping my hand as I came and all too soon it was over. Reality returned and I relaxed back on my bed, pulling my sheets up and covering my nakedness. Spent, I brought the two slippery fingers that has been inside me to my mouth tasting my cum and wondering if Bryan will taste me someday soon.

Could my fantasies actually be coming true? Is this the beginning of something? Will he claim me as more than just his sister? My questions kept circling around my thoughts even as I drifted into a sound, heavy, satisfied sleep.

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