At Anchor Ch. 01: The Awakening

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A series of uncorrelated and unrelated events had impacted on my life balance; friends moved away, greater responsibilities at work. I needed to adjust my social life, I liked sailing and other sports, investigated how I could enhance these. One option was to crew for someone with a large boat, a number of agencies advertised their services. I joined one; nothing, and then three weeks later I received a phone call from someone called Vince. Would I like to be number 4 on his yacht this weekend, which was moored about an hour from where I lived.

We arranged to meet on Friday night at a hotel we both knew. I had never done anything so spontaneous before; was a bit nervous. We all met me, Vince and a French couple who worked with Vince in a large oil company. Had a few beers then went out to his yacht. It was very nice 30+ feet and only a few years old. Expensive too. We got organised, bent on the sails and got everything ready for the next day. The French couple had the big cabin the bow, Vince and I had a bunk each in the main saloon. We all got organised and went to bed, Vince and I chatted, nothing in particular just chatted. Getting to understand each other. Vince was a mathematician, worked on the oil rigs from time to time. Neither of us was married or had partners. Vince was ten or more years older than me. As we chatted we heard noises coming from the big cabin. There was no doubt that they were having some enthusiastic fun, the boat was not rocking but not far off it. We were both envois; by looking at each other’s face and both getting a bit aroused by it.

Plan for the weekend was to sail to an island, anchor overnight, and sail back on the Sunday. A get to know you cruise. It went very well we had good sailing weather. On the Saturday night after we returned from the pub where we had a meal and a few drinks. Back on board the French couple went to bed. The noise started again, I am sure they were unaware of it. Vince and me went up on deck had a couple of more beers. By the time we went below, stripped off for bed, standing only in our skimpy matching underwear, looking at each other, it was quite apparent that we were both getting aroused by the French couple’s antics.

We arrived back on the Sunday afternoon, they had a four hour drive back home, and I had an hour drive. Made the boat safe and left.

Plan was that we would bahis firmaları meet in two weeks’ time which was a holiday weekend, and go for a more adventurous sail. The Wednesday before we planned to meet, Vince phoned me. The French couple could not go, had to go back to France, family issue. Vince suggested the two of us go. His boat could easily be handled by the two of as we did not plan any night sailing. The weather forecast was excellent. This time I would meet Vince at his hotel he would be down for a business meeting on the Thursday and would travel down by train.

Thursday arrived I was sitting outside his hotel, Vince came down. He seemed quite enthusiastic about it, it also promised to be excellent weather. This time we would be away for four days. Vince had also purchased for us a pair of matching shorts, a sail crew thing. They turned out to be a bit skimpy but nice nevertheless. We arrived at the yacht, went aboard, got organised for our sail tomorrow. We were both exhausted between work and travel. Went to bed. Got up early as we had to catch the tide out through the loch bar. We were underway and yes the shorts were a bit on the skimpy side but a nice fit. We wore them as we left.

Had a great day sailing, it had been one of those warm sunny days, had a few beers too. We anchored for the night got things organised and went below. The main cabin of the yacht was a reasonable size and we were standing not far apart facing each other. Vince pulled down his shorts, stepped out of them, looked at me, I looked at him, he took a step over to me. I felt his hands touch my waist and his thumbs slip between my skin and waste band. I felt comfortable with it as he pushed my shorts down, slowly and caringly, I stepped out of them, by this time we were both visually aroused. Moved closer to each other, felt the heat of each other’s sunburn. Vince sat me down on the bunk bed, then had me lay on my back, he straddle me, leaned down and gave me my first proper blow job. As he pulled back I could feel his teeth gently passing over me. It didn’t take long before I started to enjoy the experience, slowly it was building up, I felt I was about to lose control. I did. We both enjoyed it. Now it was Vince’s turn. He led me through to the big cabin, again laid me on my back but this time in a double bunk, straddling me, moved my legs up and open.

My kaçak iddaa feet were firmly in place on a sloping bulkhead, no stress just anticipation. I felt the cool oil being applied and run in, Vince worked it in with his fingers, easing me, ever so gently and sensual. He fitted a condom, applied some more oil. Slowly entered me, gently, I could feel it fill me up. He waited and started to ungulate slowly. I had a wonderful feeling, bit painful but the oil eased it. He applied more. Before long we were both enjoying it. Vince’s motion started to increase, his express train was cuming. It did. We both disengaged and lay together. Although Ian and I had tried this before, were inexperienced and ended up hurting ourselves. This was my first proper experience led by someone who was experienced. We slepted there together and replayed it with each other until the next morning. My first same sex full experience since Ian and me were at college together all years ago. I had crossed the red line again.

We had a great return sail. The return sail, started with us having a bit of fun before we left. Our adrenaline levels were back up to what they were last night. I think because of this we changed our plans for a quick run back, which would take us all day rather than two short days. This would give us another night or allow us to ease off. Didn’t happen, if anything increased our feelings. At least by sailing we had to curtail ourselves. This worked. It was one of those days where the wind was right the sun was out. All we had on was the skimpy shorts that Vince had purchased for us. Yachts because you stand on seating areas, the heat and that we had dropped them on the cabin floor last night quickly became dirty. I suggested we wash them for mooring up; looks good coming in. Although we were in an inland sea we were at least ten miles from nearest land, other than straight down, it was only over a mile. We both stripped off and were standing there with only white deck trainers on.

Quite evocative and alluring; I think we both thought that, well at least I did. I did my washer and hung them up on the side rails, they flapped their, nosily. Even when we sat down together at the big wheel, not looking at each other but straight ahead. The noise kept drawing our attention to the shorts, reminding us we naked together. Between that and the body heat, the kaçak bahis adrenaline pumping, we both got aroused. There is a point when you can’t defy the laws of lust. Vince started to stroke me, I returned the compliment. Slowly, slowly we were both getting a bit over excited. I popped, moved to avoid it, Vince moved too, I lost hold of the wheel and it spun free, turned up into the wind. With the violent healing we both ended up in the well. Bit painful but at least I landed on my butt. Vince was still aroused when he hit the deck. Quite a bit more painful.

We quickly recovered the boat; as we swung back on course. We saw another large sail training clipper heading in our direction. Shorts quickly back on, heard Vince wince as he pulled his up. We closed with the clipper and passed each other. There was a film crew, filming us approaching, part of a documentary they were making. Another close call. After that we calmed down but the adrenaline levels were still up. We sailed back up to the moorings without any other mishaps. We decided that night to go to the hotel as a precaution. The meal was good, had a few beers, quite a few beers. Returned back on board, went into the big cabin, with its big bed. Both fell asleep, woke up in the morning together. We decided on a bit of fun before we packed up, yesterday’s mishaps discomfort had gone. It was noon before we started making the boat safe, before we left.

We headed back to Vince’s hotel where he had left his case; he had another meeting locally the next morning. I stayed the night; hotel insisted we pay for a double occupancy. Embarrassing. We got our money’s worth out of the room. Next day we got our breakfast, both of them; together. Bugger them. I ran Vince to his meeting, went home and got changed for my work. Vince had these meeting every other week. They started only charging us room rate plus two breakfasts.

Although we went sailing every second or third weekend over the summer. Vince phoned me one night confirming that he had been able to book 10 days leave in August. I had already booked my leave. We had talked about taking his boat out to the outer islands and explore them, but need more sailing time to do this. This time there would be four of us, allowing us to night sail. Someone in his office and their partner with a similar arrangement as us. I tried to find out more but he said wait and see, my mind ran riot, as how four of us with similar arrangements would interact in relatively confined spaces for 10 days. There was something that he wasn’t telling me.

Turned out I was right; what a 10 days.

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