Aunt Kath , I

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Aunt Kath had always been a strict disciplinarian and when young and when I had been sent to stay with her I had never got on with her. Hence when it was suggested that I spent my two weeks summer holiday at the coast with my Uncle, Cousin and Aunt Kath I initially bulked at the idea.

My name is Peter. I had just turned 18 years, and had just lost my driving license for six months for carrying passengers on my motorcycle pillion whilst still a learner rider. So my mother persuaded me to go away with my Aunt and enjoy myself at the seaside.

The saving grace was that I got on well with my Uncle George and Cousin Michael, even though they are avid fishermen and that was one sport I found boring. At least I would be able to get out on my own and find suitable company for a randy eighteen year old. Was I mistaken!


So the great day came when they picked me up from home to drive the 150 miles to where they had rented a holiday cottage by the sea. The drive was boring with small chat, except for the times my aunt was telling my uncle how he should drive, what he should do and how dangerous his driving was.

I thought I had made a big mistake at this point and the whole two weeks would be a total disaster.

The cottage turned out to be a dream with all we would ever wish for, and my cousin and I had our own bedrooms. At least I could spend time sleeping in the morning to save my energy for the evening. The beach was across the road and over the sand dunes so swimming was easy and convenient.

The evening was uneventful and uncle and aunt went to bed early whilst my cousin and I watched TV and sank a couple of beers.


The next morning my aunt called that they were going off shopping and had left the cereal for us on the kitchen table. Having showered I joined my cousin for breakfast and then we went out to explore the local environment. It was an uneventful day that finished again with my cousin and I watching TV whilst sinking beers.


At breakfast next morning my uncle stated that Michael and he were off to investigate the fishing spots and would my aunt and I care to join them.

“No way!” exclaimed my aunt; “Peter and I will go round the shops whilst you two can fish to your hearts content”.

I see I get no say in this matter, but feel at least I do not have to sit fishing in boredom. At least the shop would probably have some young ladies to admire.

My uncle dropped us at the shops and my aunt led the way looking at clothes and seaside goods. We had coffee, chatted, and finally walked home to the cottage. On her own like that it was not such a bad day after all.

At this point I should state that my aunt is my mothers sister and a young 39 years old with a nice slender figure and a firm pair of 38C breasts. In her sundress with the gaping top I could admire her breast snug in her white bra. So the day turned out not so bad after all.

“Michael and I have decided to spent tomorrow fishing at this spot we identified today,” my uncle stated whilst we were eating dinner that evening.

“What do Peter and I do?” asks my aunt.

“I am sure you will find something to amuse yourself,” he responds.

I could tell my aunt was annoyed.


The next morning I decided to lie-in bed since I knew of nothing planned.

The bedroom door flew open.

“Come on get up we have the day to enjoy,” my aunt shouts.

“Please give me time to wake up,” I respond.

“You lazy man,” she retorts as she grabs the duvet and pulls it from my body.

I am lying there with my early morning hard on. I go red from embarrassment.

“Come on get up let me see you are in the shower,” she says.

I out of bed my hands covering the bulge in my pajamas. I was trying not to let my hard cock rear it head through the pajama trouser slit. I pulled them down and jumped in the shower noting my aunt was admiring my butt.

Having finished showering I dressed in shorts and t-shirt and went down to breakfast.

“Why don’t we go to the beach for today and get some sun?” my aunt asks.

I agree and we change into swimwear before we go. My aunt looks great in a well fitting one piece that shows her firm breasts and nipples. I may enjoy today after all.

We find a quiet spot on the beach, just in the sand dunes but near enough to the sea to bathe easily.

“Would you put some sun cream on my back and thighs?” my aunt asks of me.

I take the bottle and start rubbing cream into her shoulders and back. I run my hands over the side of her body and feel the starting bulge of her breast.

I find this exciting and my cock is beginning to rear itself. The next area is the back of her thighs; they are firm and smooth as casino şirketleri my hands glide around them.

“Do not forget round the bottom of my costume. I do not wish to have a sun sore region there,” my aunt exclaims waking me from my thoughts.

I rub my hands up her thigh, around inside her costume. My hands brush against her pubic hair. My hard cock is tenting my brief bathing costume. I adjust my cock and let it rise to my waist. I look down; my aunt is watching the bulge tenting my costume.

“I will do your back now,” she says. “Lie on your front”.

I quickly do so; at least it hides my hard cock.

She rubs around my back. I find it nice and soothing. She slips a hand into the rear of my costume and rubs the cheeks of my arse. Then she is rubbing cream in my thighs; roaming upwards, in under my costume. Her hand brushes my balls; my cock is bursting. I feel like I need to climax.

Aunt Kath stops. I lay there to get my breath back. Nothing is said.

Later I go into the sea. I go way out so the water is over my chest. I pull out my cock, rub it to make it hard and quickly shoot my sperm to relieve my aching balls.

“Do you feel better now?” my aunt asks when I return to her.

“Yes! A lot cooler now,” I respond.

“I bet,” she says.

Did she know what I had just done?

The others join us.


This is an uneventful day. Michael and I go into the town whilst my aunt and uncle do the sites.


This is another fishing day. Uncle and Michael leave early to do some sea fishing off a boat. They will be gone till late.

“Come on get up lazy head,” she says as she enters my bedroom.

“Just put on your costume and lets hit the beach,” she suggests.

I lie there waiting for her to leave. She goes over and picks up my swimming costume.

“Get up and put these on,” she says, “I am not leaving here until you are up and dressed. I am not going to sit and wait for you, you lazy thing”.

She stands there with my costume in her hand. I raise myself and climb off the bed. Luckily my morning hard has subsided to an acceptable level.

“Off with those pajamas. Do not be shy, I have seen men before,” she exclaims looking to my crotch.

‘What the hell’ I think to myself as I slide my pajama trousers down. My cock starts to rise. I cannot control it. It is hard and sticking up. My aunt is staring at it and makes no move to give me my costume. It is now rock hard and I move to her and grab the costume. She still stares at my cock whilst I struggle into my costume. Nothing is said. We leave for the beach.

My aunt takes off her sundress. She has a rather small bikini on to bathe in. She looks good and my cock is beginning to enjoy what it sees.

After awhile my aunt asks, “Do you mind if I go topless. I would love to get a nice allover tan.”

“Be my guest,” I pant.

She slips out of her top and begins to rub sun cream into her breasts. Her nipples are pointed and hard. I turn onto my front; my cock is bursting. I try to ignore her, but no way can I not keep glancing at such a firm magnificent pair.

“I am going for a swim,” I say.

“I will join you. Wait whilst I put on my top,” she responds.

She starts to frolic in the water. My costume is pulled from my waist. My cock comes free. I rush to pull my costume up. Aunt is thrown by waves into me. My hard cock pushes against her body. Her hand brushes my cock.

I succeed in pulling up my costume. She laughs. My cock is hard; it will not fit in my trunks. It is sticking up out of my waist.

She pulls me to a shallow part of the water.

“That is a funny fish poking out of your costume,” she exclaims pointing to my cock head. I try to push it down. It gets worse. She laughs. I go back into the deep water. She returns to the beach. Three pulls of my cock and I shoot my sperm.

“Have you cooled off now?” my aunt asks as I return to her.

“Yes,” says I.

“I hope you enjoyed it,” she states.

“I did,” looking her straight in the eyes. She knows.

The lads return from fishing.

“We have booked the boat again tomorrow, so you two go off and enjoy yourselves,” my uncle states.

My aunt is furious. “What about my holiday?” she asks.

“You have Peter. He is good company. So go off and enjoy yourselves,” my uncle retorts.


I do not bother to wear pajamas last night.

Aunt Kath comes in. “Get up and let’s get out,” she says.

I jump from the bed. My hard cock standing upright. Aunt Kath sucks in her breath. She cannot take her eyes off my cock.

“What would you like to do today?” I ask.

“I uurmmm, I do not know,” she replies not looking up from my cock.

“Would casino firmaları you like to go to the beach, or to the shops,” I ask whilst fondling my cock. I pump it up and down. I know I am getting to her.

She breaks away. “Let us shop for awhile and then if time go to the beach,” she replies.

We are in town. We do the shops. Auntie Kath tries on some dresses. I give my opinion. Sexy; non-sexy! She listens to me. She has on a loose sundress. No bra and it gaps. I see her breasts clearly. She does not object; on the contrary she ensures I see more. We talk.

After lunch we go to the beach. She wears the bikini again. She sun bathe topless. Her nipples are erect. I enjoy. I do not hide the hard bulge in my swimming costume. We are relaxed.

“I am going for a swim,” I state.

“I will join you,” my aunt responds demurely.

She does not put her bikini top on; we enter the water and wade out to our waists.

“Do you think I have nice breasts?” she asks.

“They are lovely,” I respond.

“Thank you!” she says.

We wade out together. A large wave takes her feet from under her. She falls against me. I grab hold of her. My hands go around her. They grasp her breasts. I stand there fondling them. She does not object. My cock goes hard.

She turns. Her hand goes down. It goes under the waist of my swimwear. She grasps my cock; she pulls it out. Aunt Kath is pulling on it; up and down. The feeling is great. I start to pant. She does not stop; suddenly my climax comes. I shoot my sperm into the water. She drops my cock and runs out of the water. I get my breath and join her.

“I am sorry,” she states “I should not have done that; accept my apologies.”

“Why? I enjoyed it,” I respond.

We leave it at that.


No fishing; no opportunity; a boring day.


Uncle and Aunt go out sightseeing. Michael and I go to the beach.

“Tomorrow, Michael and I are going fishing. Can you two look after yourselves?” my uncle states.


I lay in bed. I wear no pajamas. My aunt knocks on the door. She does not enter.

“Are you up yet?” she asks. “Get up! I will be in the kitchen.”

What no coming into my bedroom?

Have I offended her?

I shower, dress and join her for breakfast.

“What shall we do today?” she asks.

“What ever you desire?” I reply.

She sups her coffee; she does not respond. I wait.

Eventually she says, “It looks like rain!”

“Yes, I suppose we should stay in!” I say, as I rise and look out of the window.

“What shall we do?” asks auntie.

“We could play cards.”

“I suppose you want to play strip poker,” she responds.

“Why not?” say I.

“I only have my dress and panties on. It will not last long.”

“I only have shorts and t-shirt so we are equal.”

“But what happens when we are naked?” she pants.

“How about having to do a forfeit? I will write on paper the forfeits I would like you to do, whilst you write the forfeits you would like me to do,” I respond.

Auntie Kath finds the cards. She shuffles. I heard she was a dab hand at whist. She deals five cards. I have a pair of threes and the other cards I discard and take a further three. She discards two and replaces them.

“I bet my t-shirt,” I state. “I will see you for my dress,” she retorts.

I lay three threes; she lays three kings. I loose my t-shirt.

I deal. Eventually I lay a pair of Aces; she lays a pair of twos. She stands and lets her dress fall around her feet. My shorts show a hard bulge; her panties show wet.

She deals. I show a run; she shows a full house. I slip out of my shorts. My cock is standing erect. She smiles and licks her lips.

I deal. I show two Aces; she shows three Queens.

“You owe me a forfeit,” she says as she put forward her papers for me to select one. I choose and read it out. “You must suck my nipples for two minutes each,” I read.

She smiles and leans back. I suckle her left nipple; it feels hard beneath my lips. She moans. I transfer to her right one; they are erect and hard. I suck and suck. She enjoys.

“Is my time up?” I ask. “Probably,” she states.

Her deal. I show three Kings; she shows Jack high. She stands and slips off her panties.

I deal. I show two tens; she shows three nines. I choose a forfeit. “Suck my cunt,” it states.

I part her legs. She is dripping wet. I gently lick my tongue up her inner thigh. The liquid from her cunt reaches my tongue. I lap it up whilst my tongue buries itself between her lips. I reach her clit; it is hard and throbbing. I lick and lick. She screams, she vibrates, she climaxes. “Oh! No! Oh No!” she pants. I clamp my mouth down on her. She bucks; güvenilir casino she tries to push my head away; she continues screaming.

I let her down. I have a roaring hard. I try to thrust my cock up her cunt. “No! No!” She screams as she kicks and pushes me away. She runs to her room.

I go and lie on my bed. I drop off asleep. I am awakened; she is by my bed. She has my cock in her hand. My aunt is playing with my cock.

“I am sorry,” she whispers to me. “You have a lovely cock; I love the way the foreskin run back and forward over the head of your cock. Your mother wanted you circumcised. I glad she did not have it done.”

She continued to fondle my cock; pulling the foreskin up and down. It was very pleasurable. I did not do anything to stop her. She started to lick my tip. Her mouth engulfed my cock. She was giving me head. My hips rose to her motion. I was shagging her mouth. Suddenly I was coming. I shot my sperm into her mouth. She sucked and sucked. She took my breath away.

“Are we friends again?” She asks as she left the room.


It is an uneventful day. No fishing.


Knock! Knock! “Come on we are going to the beach. They have gone fishing,” are the words that wake me.

We are on the beach.

“Will you put some sun cream on me?” she asks.

“Let me have your back then!” I respond.

“No rub it on all over me. Please start with the front.”

I start with her shoulders and move down to her chest. I am rubbing sun cream into her naked breasts. My cock goes hard. She moves her hand to it and traces the bulge with her finger. I keep rubbing. I move my hand down. I slip it under her bikini bottoms. She is wet. I rub my finger down to her slit. I find the hard knob of her clit. I rub gently. She moans; she pants. Suddenly she is gasping for breath.

“You bastard!” she pants. “Now it is my turn.”

I lay back. She creams her hands. There is no pretense. She runs straight down my stomach; under the band of my swimming trunks. She grasps my cock. She rubs and rubs. I scream. I come I shoot sperm into my trunks. She smiles.

We rest.

“Lets go into the water and clean off,” she says.

I follow her in. We wade out until it is waist high. She puts her hands on my shoulders and lifts her body. Her legs go round my waste. She is rubbing against my cock. I am getting hard. She looks me in the eye. I read her well.

I reach down and pull my cock out. I push her bikini bottoms aside and thrust my hard cock up into her cunt. She screams, “Oh! Yes!” She thrust her body down on me. She is riding my cock. The feeling is heavenly. We both pant. “Don’t stop,” she pants. I could not if I tried. We pass the point of no return. We climax together. I shoot my sperm right up inside her. We stay locked together.

“I have wanted that even before we came away. Thank you,” she says.

I am exhausted.


I want her again, but no fishing. Michael and I keep ourselves amused. Uncle George and her seem to spend a large amount of time in their bedroom. Are they shagging? Am I getting jealous?


Last day. What will it bring?

My bedroom door opens and Auntie Kath slips in. She is naked. She slips into bed with me. She cuddles up to me.

“They have gone fishing. They will not get back till late. We have all day,” she says.

“I thought you had your fill yesterday with Uncle George,” I retort.

“Tut! Tut! Jealousy?”

“No envy,” I respond.

“He was very rampant but started licking me. I came quickly and then he thrust his large cock into me a rode me until I was sore. I could have been thinking of you, so shag me now and don’t waste time,” she gasped as I thrust my hard cock into her cunt.

We slept after and had some lunch.

“Come to the master bedroom and let go again,” she says.

We go upstairs. We are still naked. She pushes me onto the bed, straddled me and pushed my cock up into her cunt. She starts to ride me.

“Can anyone join in?” I hear a male voice.

I jump. She pushes me down. I see Uncle George and Michael standing there naked their cocks hard in their hands.

“Come on son lets join them,” uncle says.

I am a gasp. What can I do? “Enjoy it,” Aunt Kath says, “We have been all shagging for years. We invited you on holiday to add another dimension. Why do you think George so ardently shagged me yesterday after I told what we did.”

Uncle George mounted behind her and thrust his hard cock up her arse. The feeling along my cock that was in her cunt was intense.

Cousin Michael placed his hard cock at her mouth. She sucked it in and rode all three of us.

Home day

Our holiday is over and we are on our way home. We are all exhausted for the combinations we tried yesterday can only be imagined. But that is another story.

I hope you enjoyed this story and if you liked it and say so I will tell more of what we did afterwards. A large percentage of this is true.

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