Aunt Megan Ch. 02

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Big Tits

We drove for an hour or so chatting about all manner of things but nothing important. The day had cleared up after starting out overcast and the sun coming through the windscreen was getting hotter. We pulled off the highway and into a service station where we topped up on fuel then parked the car. We went inside the cafe to get coffee. It was a relief to get out of the car as it was really getting hot. The airconditioning wasn’t working and add to that a massive V8 in an older black car and you had a great recipe for a sauna.

Megan was plucking her shirt away from where it had stuck to her body. I couldn’t help but admire her curves as she strode in front of into the cafe`.

She ordered us a coffee each and we also got a couple of cold drinks to take with us. We were headed back to the car when she called my name. I turned just in time to catch the keys she had just thrown to me.

“You have your licence don’t you?”

“Ah yeah I do but are you sure?”

“Of course I am just don’t do anything stupid. Besides, I’m beat, I have been driving all day.”

I couldn’t believe I was going to drive this beast. My friends would never believe me. When I took off I was very gentle with the accelerator, but I could feel the potential lurking under the pedal. Unlike any other car I had driven before, I felt like I was holding it back instead of urging it to go, restraining it. You didn’t have to coax this car to go at all.

We got back out on the freeway and I noticed Megan fidgeting.

“You okay, Megan?”

“Yeah, it’s just damn hot. I should have worn shorts or a dress.”

“Yeah, it is warm.”

“Listen, Nate, you don’t mind if I get a little cooler, do you?”

I had no idea what she meant but I couldn’t see the harm in it.

“Why would I mind?”

“Some people are just funny about certain things you know. I should have known you’d be cool about it though. You’re more like your Dad than your mum, that’s for sure. Just think of it as a bikini.”

Huh? What? At least that’s what went through my mind. Megan kicked her shoes off then undid the button and fly on her pants. I was about ready to bust through mine. She lifted her butt up off the seat and slid her pants down her thighs before sitting back down. She then slid them from her knees down her legs and off. I was doing my best to be nonchalant and keep an eye on the road but god damn if she didn’t have the nicest legs.

I couldn’t believe it. I had to keep looking over at her to be certain. Here was this very good looking woman with very sexy legs, sitting in just her panties and a T-shirt within touching distance. Not that I would, no matter how much I wanted to. The T-shirt she was wearing was long enough to cover the front of her panties as she sat there but the glimpse I caught while she pulled her jeans down was etched into my mind. Oh, how I wanted to see more.

My cock was straining uncomfortably in my jeans and I needed to do something about it. I waited for her to relax again and I thought that if I could hang out until she looked out a side window or something I could possibly shove it back into a more comfortable position. Megan lowered her seat back a couple of notches and put her bare feet up on the dash. She crossed her arms behind her head and sighed.

I was doing my best to keep my eyes on the road but it was a long straight stretch and there was very little traffic. Raising her arms up had the effect of raising the hem of her shirt as well. My eyes kept sliding off the windscreen and onto her cute little feet, down her smooth, tanned calves, along her equally tanned thighs all the way down to her cotton panties which were now peeking out from under her shirt.

The raised ripples along the edge of the road made a humming sound as I began to creep over that side of the road and I eased the car back into the centre of the lane.

“Eyes on the road, Mister.”

I looked at her to see if she was angry but she had a smug look of satisfaction on her face.

I focused on my driving again until we arrived in another little town with a river running through it. Megan put her feet back on the floor and sat her seat upright again. She looked around then pointed to a road that went down to a small park on the edge of the river.

“Pull in down there and we can stretch our legs.”

I swung the car into the parking lot and stopped the engine. I half expected Megan to put her pants back on but she just pulled her shirt down over panties as she stepped out of the car. It was obvious to anyone who looked at her that she was just wearing a t-shirt, not a dress over her panties but Megan didn’t seem to care.

We walked down to the river’s edge, then while I was taking my shoes off she walked straight into the water. When she got to about knee depth she stopped and looked back at me while I hopped about on one foot trying to get my shoe off the other. Once I had achieved that I tried rolling my jeans up so they wouldn’t get wet but they were casino şirketleri a fairly tight fit and wouldn’t roll up very far. Megan was laughing at my obvious awkwardness.

“What are you doing, Nate? Just take them off.”

I looked at her as though she had lost her mind.

“Yeah right, I’ll just strip off and we’ll go skinny dipping.”

“Well as much as that sounds fun too, I did kind of assume you had jocks on.”

I felt foolish because I did, of course, have jocks on and I knew I was overreacting but the thought of getting “almost” naked in front of Megan or any woman for that matter was mildly terrifying. I desperately didn’t want to look uncool in front of Megan though. There was just something about her being the cool and mysterious member of the family that made me want to live up to some kind of expectation. I whispered a quiet prayer to whatever gods would listen that I wouldn’t get hard in front of her and stripped my jeans off like pulling off a band-aid.

Megan had obviously sensed my fear and walked up close enough to talk without having to speak too loudly.

“It’s almost dark, Nate, no one is going to see anything. I mean you do have jocks on after all.”

Her eyes lingered on the said object and I thought I noticed a small smile form on her lips. Her soft, pouty lips that look like they would be wonderfully warm and wet wrapped around my cock… Fuck, Nate, get your shit together. Don’t think like that. I could already feel my cock begin to twitch and swell. To escape the possibility of embarrassing myself further I strode into the river. Whether it was to cool off or simply drown myself I was yet to see.

“Are you okay, Nate?”

Oh great, she had noticed. Now I could feel my face flushing with embarrassment.

“Yeah, I’m alright. I’m… just… well I’m just a bit nervous and shy you know.”

She walked up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder.

“That’s cool, but you know what?”


“Most things that make you nervous or a little scared are the things that are the most fun. Come on, let’s get wet and cool off.”

Great. Now I was thinking about her getting wet. I walked out further, knowing this was going to take a slightly desperate measure. I walked out far enough that my jocks were now getting wet. I knew this was going to be awkward later but for right now it was what had to be done. The cool water did the trick. I could have sworn I heard the sizzle of steam as my cock began to cool and things settled back to where they should be.

I turned around to face Megan who was surprisingly close behind me. She had tied her t-shirt up through the middle so that it covered her bra but wasn’t hanging in the water. I wished I had thought of something like that as my t-shirt was now half wet.

It had gone deeper into dusk by now and the light was slowly fading out of the day. A couple of the lights in the park came on and I could see street lights coming on down the road. It wasn’t night yet but the light was fading fast. Megan looked me in the eye and put her hands on either side of my shoulders.


smiled and bit her bottom lip.

“You know, Nate, I suspect we are going to have a good time on these holidays.”

“Painting your house?”

“Well yeah but we will be doing other things too. I want to take you out to see some live bands and I have a pretty good beach right on my doorstep. I’m going to teach you how to live, Nate, and not in the way your mother wants but in the way we all should. Wild and free.”

She then hugged me tight, lifting her own feet off the ground to make up the height difference. I could feel her body pressed against mine and it was so soft and warm and inviting that my own body reacted without any consultation with me. I was hard in an instant and I know she could feel my cock pressing against her groin. She didn’t push against it or say anything but she didn’t pull away in disgust either. When she finally let go she smiled up at me.

“Come on, Nate, we should get going.”

We walked back up to the water’s edge and I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to sluice the water off her legs. The light we were near lit her ass up beautifully. There was no way my cock was going down now until I had a chance to sort it out myself. I wiped as much water off as I could with my bare hands and picked up my shoes and pants. We walked back to the car but before I could get in Megan stopped me.

“I’ll drive from here, Nate, but you are not getting onto my leather seats with wet clothes on.”

She opened the passenger door and placed my jeans on the seat and did the same with hers. Then pointed to my shirt.

“That will have to come off too I’m afraid.”

So there I was in a public car park wearing nothing but a damp pair of jocks and a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. The fact that this was so risque wasn’t helping either. Megan took a quick glance at my cock and smiled.

Now that the sun had gone down the casino firmaları evening had cooled off quite quickly and I was beginning to shiver as I sat in the car. Megan reached up and pulled her own t-shirt up over her head. Here it will be a bit tight and short for you but it’s the best I can do right now. I was staring at her in what was quite a sexy lacy bra and cotton panties that had become somewhat see-through due to being wet. I put her shirt on thanking her as I did. I wasn’t about to remind her that I had clothes in my bag just on the back seat.

“So how far is it to your place from here, Megan?”

“Oh only about forty-five minutes but I thought it would be nice to stop and cool off. I was right.”

“You sure were, it’s very nice there.”

“Yeah once you found your bravery.”

I doubt she could see my blush but my silence was more than enough response.

“Listen, Nate, if I pick on you a little bit it’s because I like you and I want to see you loosen up a bit. Your mum has you so tightly wound that you are afraid to take any risks or just have fun. I only want to see you relax and have some fun and just do some of the things that the rest of us take for granted every day. I’m not trying to be mean.”

“I know you’re right but that still doesn’t make it easy. It’s not something that just comes naturally to me.”

“I know. Hey, Nate, do you have a girlfriend at the moment?…”

Without waiting for an answer and just assuming that I did she went on.

“…What do you think she would say to you being here in just your jocks?”

“I wouldn’t know, I have never had a girlfriend.”

I don’t know what possessed me to just blurt that out but for some reason, I felt it was important to be straight up with Megan.

“What do you mean never?”

“Exactly that. Never.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“I just never had the confidence to talk to girls much. There is a girl I’m interested in and I think she’s interested in me but I don’t really know what to say or do.”

There was a long pause as Megan absorbed this news.

“Nate… there’s just so much you need to know. I mean Have you ever even kissed a girl?”

I was embarrassed and I felt like I was somehow letting Megan down.

“Yes I have but not much. Not like making out kissing just a kiss on the lips.”

“Oh okay.”

A long silence stretched out and I was beginning to feel a bit self-conscious about sitting here in just my jocks and a woman’s T-shirt. The very things that were turning me on just moments ago now seemed childish and silly. It was as though exposing the truth about my inexperience had exposed me more fully than my lack of clothes.

Megan had also been feeling the weight of the silence apparently because she spoke softly now.

“Hey, Nate, I’m sorry, I just assumed you know.”

“I know. It’s not unrealistic to assume that an eighteen-year-old would have had a girlfriend. I am aware that it’s odd that I haven’t.”

“It’s not odd as such, it’s just… now don’t be weirded out by this but it’s not like you are an unattractive guy or anything.”

I smiled because my ego kind of needed the boost and to have someone as hot as Megan say that she finds me attractive was definitely a boost.


Megan reached over and patted my thigh again but took her hand back fairly quickly this time, remembering that I had no pants on. Megan turned the car off the main road into a residential area, then within a minute, she was turning down a dark road that seemed more track than a road. It was dark, winding and narrow. On the left it was mostly bush with the occasional house sat back from the road. On the right was a narrow strip of trees that opened out onto the beach. The car’s headlights and the moon were the only sources of light as there were no street lights out here. Megan turned off this road onto an even narrower track that was literally just two strips of sand where the car had worn through the grass with repeated use. This turned to the right back towards the beach and there stood a small beach house. Next to that was a brand new garage.

As we approached the door began rolling up. The car came to a stop under the glare of the sheds lights and the motor fell silent. As I got out of the car the door began rolling down again. Megan got out of the car as well and immediately began to stretch. I admired Megan’s body as she stretched in just her underwear and bra. In this light, I could see the darker triangle of her pubic hair through her cotton panties and I noticed that her nipples were straining against the material of her bra. My cock reacted instantly; within seconds it was hard and standing straight out against my jocks. I picked up my jeans off the seat and my wet T-shirt off the floor of the car. I reached into the back for my bag of clothes, then juggling them all I did the best I could to hide my cock as I followed Megan’s beautiful ass through the back door of the shed. Her panties güvenilir casino had slid between her cheeks a bit, more on one side than the other and I was all but hypnotized as I watched her ass slowly eating her panties as she walked.

We entered the house and Megan briefly showed me around. It was a small place but quite nice inside. As we walked through the backdoor we walked straight into the kitchen. There was a large window that would look out onto the yard in daylight. To the right was the laundry that had been modified to become half laundry, half pantry. Through a door in the kitchen, we walked into a small hallway that divided the house into two halves. On the right side was a room that looked as though it had been many things throughout its life, from a bedroom to a lounge-room but at the moment it was an office. Next to that was a room that had been extended out past the traditional front of the house. By the looks, it was once a lounge-room with a verandah/sun-room off it. The wall that was once originally the front of the house though, had been knocked down so that it was one large open room with huge glass windows all along one wall that presumably opened onto the beach.

Across the hall was two bedrooms with a bathroom sandwiched between them. It wasn’t a huge bathroom by any standards and it was made somewhat smaller by the fact that new doors had been opened from each bedroom into the bathroom so that it was like an en-suite. It was an unusual design because now there was no door from the rest of the house to the bathroom. To use the bathroom you had to enter via a bedroom. Megan explained that she eventually intended to extend the house and add a bathroom on there.

Megan showed me to my room, pointing out where she had made room for my clothes in the wardrobe and pointing out where I could charge my phone.

“Anyway, that’s my humble little home. I do hope you’ll be comfortable here Nate. Please make yourself at home; I am going to go take a shower though. Feel free to do the same after if you want.”

“Thanks, Megan. This really is a nice house.”

“You may not say that when you get a look at the outside tomorrow. Remember you are here to help paint.”

“I’m happy to help, Megan.”

He found he meant it too. It wasn’t just a matter of being nice, he was sort of looking forward to it now that he was here.

“I’m happy you are here as well, Nate. I think this will be good for both of us. I’m just going to have a shower.”

Megan turned and left the room leaving me there to contemplate the day. The thing was, all I could think about was seeing her pussy through her panties, admiring her ass but mostly feeling her body pressed against my own. I couldn’t believe how turned on she had me. My cock hadn’t softened at all since the garage and watching her ass had my balls begging for release.

I was snapped out of my reverie by the sounds of Megan in the bathroom. Knowing she was so close and no doubt naked by now had me wanting to spy through the door. The last thing I wanted to happen though was to be busted doing something like that. I heard the water running and gave it thirty seconds. Surely she was under the water by now. I dropped my jeans and T-shirt to the floor and laid back on the bed. Keeping an ear out for a change in the water I eased my jocks down and sighed as my cock was allowed the freedom it had been longing for.

I slowly began stroking my cock as a replay of the day’s highlights played through my mind. Megan’s nipples pressed against her bra. Mmm, how nice would it be to touch, lick, kiss and suck on those? The tension in my balls grew. That dark triangle of pubic hair that hid her pussy, her fuck hole. I had no idea what it would feel like to slide my cock into her body but if it was half as good as this slow stroking was, I knew it would be fantastic. As the words “fuck hole” flowed through my mind my cock gave a lurch. It did again when I imagined her ass completely uncovered by her panties and again when I thought about those luscious tits being freed of their bra. When I remembered her crotch pressed against my cock my imagination took it to the next level where we were both naked rubbing against each other. I could still smell her on the T-shirt I was wearing and that added to the intensity of the fantasy. Seconds later I was moaning her name as I fired rope after rope of cum all over myself and Megan’s T-shirt.

I couldn’t believe how much cum I had just blasted from my body. It was all over my stomach and chest. Suddenly I realised that I could no longer hear the water in the shower. Shit, how long has it been stopped? I listened for any movement but it was hard to tell for sure if I could still hear her in the bathroom or not. I really didn’t want to be caught out like this so I hastily tucked my cock back into my jocks. I stripped off the T-shirt and used it to wipe up the excess cum that had landed on my bare stomach. I balled it up and sat it with my jeans and the shirt I was wearing earlier. I was rummaging through my bag for clothes to change into when there was a knock at the bathroom door. I turned around in time to see it begin to open. I hastily grabbed my fresh clothes and held them up to hide my still semi-hard cock.

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