Aunty Sandra Gets It Done

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I’ve been an ardent fan of Literotica and enjoyed thousands of stories over the years. I thought I should give back something in return to what I have got. My sincere thanks go out to Amy who took the time to edit this story. Enjoy reading and let me you’re your feedback.

Aunty Sandra was around 36 years old at the time when I was 19 studying in an all boys school and living in the hostel. In our school Aunty Sandra was the in charge of the College canteen. She had a gorgeous figure with sexy long legs and wore a black skirt that ended well above her knees and a dark green blouse everyday as it was the uniform issued for the canteen supervisor. What she wore under the uniform was yet to be found or yet to be shown. She was a very friendly woman and was flirtatious with the guys. The canteen is heavily patronized during the interval and guys make it a point to rub their hands or bodies against Aunty Sandra’s body and her boobs on the pretext of doing so due to the limited space inside the canteen. Aunty Sandra likes this behavior of the guys and she too squeezes past the guys when she walks around.

Guys go individually or in smaller numbers during non-interval times. I go all the time because I get real hot looking at Aunty Sandra and her flirtatious behavior. The access we had to women was very restricted and Aunty Sandra was the dream woman of many guys in the hostel. We discuss Aunty Sandra and her sexy behaviors late into the night. Over a period of time, I got very friendly with her to the extent I started pinching and tickling her all over. While tickling, I take extra care about pinching her boobs and caressing her thighs etc.

One day I got real hot and followed Aunty Sandra to the toilet and stood near the door after she closed it. After listening to her pissing and flushing the toilet, I ran off just before she opened the door and came out. This really turned me on and I ended up masturbating thinking of her. She uses the ladies toilet that is adjacent to our rooms and the cubicles have a gap between the roof and the boards. The next day I put a wooden stool near the cubicle and kept a flower arrangement on it. This ensured that that I could easily climb it and get a peek inside. Later that day I followed Aunty Sandra to the toilet and no sooner she closed the door I moved the flower arrangement aside and climbed the stool.

She had by then put the toilet seat down and her hands were inside the black skirt. She pulled out her pink sexy panties down her legs to her knees, lifted her skirt up and sat on the toilet seat. Her pussy hair was trimmed very short. She waited for a couple of seconds to release her muscles and started pissing, releasing a stream of pee that lasted about a minute. Goodness gracious what a sight it was and my cock was real hard inside my trousers threatening to orgasm even without touching it. After peeing she waited for a while, got up and wore her panties without even wiping her pussy with toilet paper and flushed the toilet. As soon as she had her hand on the flush handle I got off the stool, replaced the flower arrangement and ran off bahis firmaları to the canteen. I ordered a drink and was waiting for her.

“Hi, nice to see you, I was wondering if you were on leave today.” I said to Aunty Sandra when she came back.

“Nice seeing you too, I just went to the washroom. Did you order what you want?” she said

“Yeah thanks, I ordered a cool drink because I feel hot” I told her with a wink and pressing my body to her and giving her a friendly tickle.

“Naughty boy” she said tickling me back and giving a pinch on my back.

Since then I peeped into the toilet many times and got away before she came out, each time ordering a drink from the canteen steward before she came back. By doing this operation quite often, I had a good knowledge of the colors of the panties she wore, the types of panties and the length of her pussy hair, when she trimmed it etc. I must say she took good care of her pussy and had an excellent taste in selecting sexy panties and thongs. Though her uniform was the same everyday, what she wore underneath had a lot of variety.

Then, one day I got the shock of my life. When I was peeping at her from the top of the toilet cubicle she suddenly looked up at me and said “Hi Fred, haven’t you got enough of seeing me like this virtually every day?”

I got all stuck for words and said “Sssorry Aunty Sandra I just thought…” My voice trailed off as I tried to speak.

She smiled and pissed, then said “I think I should report you for peeping on me for such a long time …” While she was laughing, talking and pissing, she removed her panties fully and took them into her hand, smelled the crotch once and threw them up at me and said “smell them.”

This sounded more of a command than a request. The crotch of her panty was indeed wet with a mixture of her juices and piss. I smelled them as ordered. It smelled musky and sexy. Then she put her skirt down, opened the door and came out. When she came out I was still standing with her panties in my hand and she said “is that what you want?”

She reached into my hand, grabbed her panties back and while I was still on the stool she bent down and slid her panties back on. She said “catch you up later, have a nice day” and went off.

I was left high and dry on a stool with a raging hard on. The only thing I was left with was to go back to the hostel and masturbate and I did exactly the same.

Later, I went back to the canteen to get a glimpse oh her and have a drink. Meeting her there, we behaved as if nothing unusual happened. The next day too I went to the canteen during the interval. While I was there, she mingled around, pressing her self into the guys whom she came in contact with. When the interval was over and I was about to go off she came over and said “I am going for a pee in half an hour, I want you there.”

I turned red hearing her command. I was so turned on and mentally tortured for the next half an hour. This time I went to the toilet before her and waited.

She came near the cubicle and said “get inside with me.”

I kaçak iddaa was glad to obey her.

“Fred I’ve been watching you for some time and since the time I first saw you watching me; I’ve been juicing in my panties thinking of you. I think this should end.” She said.

“I’m sorry Aunty Sandra, I never meant it in a wrong way and I promise …”

She interrupted and said “Promise what? You are trying to promise that you are not going to make me wet again? You pervert, I am going to report you for your indecent behavior.”

“Please Aunty please I will do anything you want but please don’t report me” I pleaded

“Did you say you’ll do anything?” she asked mischievously

“Yes, Aunty anything” I begged

“You silly boy, you thought I would report you for making me wet? Since you are going to do anything for me, kneel down here.” She replied

I did exactly what I was told.

“Did you like smelling my panties?” she asked

“Yes, I liked it a lot.” I said in relief.

“Then do it again!” ordered Aunty Sandra

“Remove it for me?” I inquired.

“Idiot, don’t behave like a kid, you know what I mean, just do it.” She demanded.

I knew she meant business and I squatted to my knees. Putting my hand inside her skirt holding the waistband of her panties I tried to pull it down. SLAP! She gave me a slap across my face.

“I said smell my panties, not remove them you idiot!” Aunty Sandra stated angrily.

This time I understood exactly what she wanted and thought I should now practice what I have been thinking about when I masturbate. Kissing her thighs from just above the knee, I kissed her left leg and then the right. She gasped each time I kissed near her crotch. Each time I went near her pussy I could smell her musky fragrance and the feel her heat.

Through what I have seen of her earlier, I knew she wore her panties back without wiping her pussy after a piss and I knew this could be one of the good reasons for the musky smell. I thought to myself that I should tease her and teach her a lesson for being so arrogant. She kept gasping from time to time and was enjoying herself.

Suddenly, she gave another slap cross my face and said “what the fuck are you doing you idiot? I told you to smell and not kiss.”

The crotch of her panties had a big wet patch by then and she held the back of my head with my hair and forced my nose against the wet patch on her panty. She held me so tight that she was quite sure that I smelled her arousal and fragrance in the exact way she wanted. While holding my hair with one hand she put the toilet seat down with the other and sat on it. Putting both of her legs on my shoulders, she fucked my face with her panty clad pussy. Tightening her thighs around my head, she had a massive orgasm wetting my face through her panties.

Holding me there for a while she pulled the panties down her legs which were over my shoulders. Placing them on the ground she fucked my face and nose again, with her naked pussy. This time there was a slight difference in how she handled me. Instead kaçak bahis of my nose, she pressed my mouth against her pussy and she did something that I thought would never happen in real life. She held me tight, released her muscles and sent one sharp spray of piss right into my mouth and face and ensured that every drop of her pee touched my face before it fell into the closet.

She pressed my nose close in a way to ensure that my breathing stopped so I was compelled to swallow the pee that got inside my mouth. However, I liked what she was doing. When she finished pissing she kept me there making me lick her pussy and clit, manipulating my face the way she wanted it. She was so arrogant, horny and demanding that she didn’t care that I was kneeling for such a long time, I was in pain. She kept manipulating me like that until she had a massive climax making my face once again very wet but this time with her sticky and slippery juices.

While sitting on the toilet seat she told me to “stand up!”

My knees were somewhat locked but yet I managed to get up. Fully clothed all this while with my raging hard on still inside my trouser; I did as I was told.

“Pick my panties up and give them to me” she spat and I did it.

“Let me see your cock.” Aunty Sandra muttered.

I needed no further instructions and I took my raging seven inches out thinking of fucking her right then and there.

“Masturbate, you pervert. Masturbate like the way you did all this while.” She demanded.

This disappointed and shocked me, but I reluctantly started masturbating. Handing me her panties she whispered “smell it while you do it.”

Here I was, inside a toilet sniffing and smelling an older woman’s panties while masturbating for her while she watched sitting on a toilet seat with her skirt hiked up and her pussy on display. Every time I neared orgasm she ordered me to stop.

Finally, she said “put your cock between my legs.”

When I did, she touched my cock for the first time and told me “hold the wall behind the toilet seat with one hand to gain your balance and hold my panty crotch against your face with the other.” Her hands masturbated me.

Standing in this awkward position, getting my cock masturbated she allowed my cockhead to touch her clit for a second or two and feel its wetness but nothing more. When I started to shoot my load, she directed my cock away from her pussy but between her legs into the commode. Making sure that all my semen went between her legs without falling on her body into the commode, I finally felt relief.

When I gained my balance she said “serves you right, you pervert, for peeping on peeing women.” She told me to keep her panties as souvenir.

That night I told my friends in the hostel of the experience I had. Some of my friends now go and see her pissing by standing on the stool. She does not object to anybody doing it. She throws her panties at guys whom she likes and gets them to smell them.

We have been meeting often, purely for kinky sex. She has not allowed me to fuck her pussy yet. From what I hear from my friends she goes out with different guys in the hostel. Aunty Sandra always ensures that she is well in control of the situation and gets what she wants and gives only what she wants. Everybody craves for her.

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