Awakening Ch. 01

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If you’d said I’d be having an affair a year ago, even six months, I wouldn’t have believed you.

If you’d said I’d be having sex with men, I’d have laughed it off and started blushing.

If you’d said I’d be a cock-hungry man slut, you’d have got your block knocked off.

But here I am, having the time of my life and I literally can’t get enough.

I broke the seal in a mad, passionate moment of lust and now I’m on the lookout almost night and day. Sex with women was great, but there is nothing, and I mean nothing, to beat the feeling of a rock-solid behemoth of a cock riding your tight ass. I’ve had nights I’ll never forget, orgasms to whip into submission the pathetic versions I’ve had before, sent out massive, never before seen surges of spunk and revelled in the rebirth of a sex life which was dying of neglect.

I’ve had urges on and off throughout my adult life, but repressed them even though I often had dreams of torrid man sex.

My life turned around on a work trip. I had to go away on a four-day course with a colleague, Paul, well known to be gay, but not an in-your-face guy who presented his sexuality on a plate for all to see. Quite a decent guy all in all, and someone I’d got on OK with on the few occasions we’d been at the same event.

He had been bahis firmaları an occasional visitor to my dreams, though I mostly thought of an older lover, a friend of the family, who had come out a few years before.

We were booked into the same travel lodge, you know the type that’s the same whether its Manhattan or Manchester. After a hurried first afternoon on the course, we had dinner with two or three others we’d met and had a few drinks. We went our separate ways and headed back to our base. Paul wanted to share a couple of cans he’d brought, but I said I’d rather head off to bed.

I couldn’t sleep, though, so I got up and padded next door to see if he was still up for a drink. Sure enough, he was – and he was enjoying a gay porn film on pay per view. He moved to switch it off, but I said I’m no prude, just leave it on, I won’t stay long. How wrong I was!

Paul tried to explain the ‘plot’ but it was a pretty hardcore looking film and it wasn’t long before I felt a twinge in the groin, even though I wasn’t watching that intently, rather talking with my host. It was hot stuff, with one guy getting reamed by a stallion with an almost unbelievably big cock.

“You like it?”

I was shocked. Paul had seen my interest rising, so to speak, and how do you explain that away, kaçak iddaa sitting in pyjamas? I tried to shrug it off, saying I’d gone a long time without sex. But his mere discussion of the growing problem seemed to just inspire my cock into further extension. With my mind in turmoil, I was lost for words.

I’d thought of just this sort of situation a few times, but now the moment was here I didn’t know what to think. Should I make my excuses and leave, or take a chance and see what develops. I was all for exiting sharpish, but my loins told a different story.

My heart leapt when Paul inched a little closer. I knew then what I wanted to happen. I was still speechless, though, not knowing the etiquette of the situation. Should I do or say something? Should I wait?

Paul obviously knew I was helpless. He asked if I was comfortable. I said yes. He asked if I wanted anything. I said yes, again, nervously. I felt he was going to shout out, what the fuck do you want then? But he didn’t. As the reaming continued on the now barely watched screen, he whispered: Can I touch your cock?

I could hardly get the words out so heavy was my breathing. A nod was enough.

It was a stunning sensation to have another man take control of my cock as he moved aside my pyjama bottoms. I thought kaçak bahis I would come there and then, but his soft words and caress spared that embarrassment. Paul moved to kiss me, but I turned away, almost in disgust, ridiculously it would feel later.

But I sat up straighter on the bed – no sofas in these lodge rooms – saw Paul settle on his knees in front of me and felt a wet mouth envelop my swollen cock. It truly was a moment of magic when sent a shudder down my spine, tingling all the way. I’d had a blow job a few times, but nothing compared to this. No teeth, no gagging, just an experienced mouth which knew how to please a man. It simply was mind-blowing as Paul worked his eager way up and down before settling on the tip, as my mind went gaga.

It was almost a religious experience, an awakening, a sense of purpose coursing through my veins. This man could suck. Paul could suck for the country.

Eventually, the licking and sucking took its toll. He knew it was coming probably before I did, so that’s maybe how he was prepared for easily the biggest spunk spurts I’d ever enjoyed, and managed to catch most of it in his delicious mouth. Reward for both of us.

I watched him swallow my load down, then grasped his face for a full-on kiss, tasting myself as some cum escaped down his chin.

It was an awe-inspiring moment, an unforgettable turning point and I knew I was hooked.


Hope you like this true story. If people like this, I will continue the story soon. Thanks for reading.

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