Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 28

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For a variety of reasons, from weather to general scheduling, my last visit to the local baths was a couple of months ago. The last few days, with opportunity beckoning, my jacking off has become more focussed on various bathhouse delights. Including the forbidden, based on impossible to ignore reality. Basically, my fantasies have been turning ever more to the idea of being fucked bareback, something that will remain fantasy. And a serious attraction when turned on, thinking about what happens at the baths.

I had to wait for another man to get finished undressing today, his locker next to mine. With my boots and riding jacket, it seemed best to wait for him to get finished. Ironically, in light of my last visit, I saw he had forgotten to take out the key. Getting undressed, planning to either find him, or if unsuccessful, hand the key in at the bar, he came back when I had just gotten naked, more than a bit embarrassed at himself. He was younger, and probably still in the process of becoming a regular visitor.

After drinking my normal beer while doing a bit of Internet cruising, I went upstairs. There were three men in the porn room, two of them enjoying oral sex against the wall on the middle level. Going to the top row, I got out my rush and condoms, slowly getting more involved with the sucked man, along with another man stroking his hard cock on the bottom row, my foot moving over his back.

Getting hard, jacking off watching the pair underneath me, definitely hotter than the porn. Sliding over, I began to play with the nearer nipple of the man being sucked. The man on the lowest row moved over, and began playing with the cock sucker’s cock and ass, his own cock hard and exposed. Soon, and surprisingly, the young cock sucker turned his attention to my rod, sliding it into his mouth as I moaned and watched.

Male cocksuckers are irresistible in my delightful now years long experience, particularly after giving up caring about a condom before getting sucked. He was very good, especially in how he let me play with my cock while inside his opened slut mouth, seeing his welcoming soft lips surround my cock head as he looked up. It was fantastic to find such a skilled suck lover, another one of the driving fantasies over the last week.

This is what reliably brings me back, the sheer delight of having my cock sucked by a stranger, one who had already gone down on another cock while I watched and jacked off. A male only sauna leads to male only freedom of the most satisfying sort, right on the edge of orgasm as he began to taking my shaft ever deeper. Taking complete control of my pleasure even as he got lost in his own, being finger fucked and stroked.

The feeling of being blown by a turned on partner is heavenly, now happily drowning in the sensations. My mind was barely working, just enough to know that poppers would be too much effort, and lead to the fun ending far too soon. When I started to face fuck his welcoming mouth, thinking was impossible anyways. He was equally skilled in that area, as my thrusting grew harder, matched by his own motion, driving my rigid rod deep into his mouth, over and over again, both of us lost in male oral sex.

The bathhouse is truly the best place to find group sex, as another man entered the room, soon starting to suck the already serviced cock of the man to my lower left. The man to my right continued to play with my cock sucker. At some point, after starting to thrust into his mouth, I grabbed his arms, no longer caressing, starting to mouth fuck him yet again, fully aware that several men were watching. Losing control like this is part of what makes a gay sauna so enjoyable, a reality shared by all the other men in the same state.

Things continued in similar fashion as he brought me ever closer to orgasm, barely able to resist such glorious temptation. However, at some point this loosely formed group began to break up, without particular reason. This too is part of the baths – things happen and end for reasons that are not necessarily apparent.

The first to leave was the original cock sucker. The man on the lower bench left next, cock jutting as he wrapped his towel around his waist. Having moved closer to the sitting man, I played with his nipples on my knees, jacking off. When his right arm raised over his head, it led me to take advantage of his position and distraction to rub my hard horny cock over his armpit, feeling the soft hair.

This lasted only a short while, his reaction clearly less than thrilled. Causing me to pause a bit before kneeling in front of his face, offering a hard cock. As so often happens at the baths, he was no longer in any condition to resist beckoning temptation, beginning to suck my willing rod while being blown himself. Though a bit more under control as he took me into paradise, the best decision was to just indulge, without dealing with poppers. This second blow job was quicker, canlı bahis as his full attention returned to what his own cock sucker was doing.

After the second cock sucker left, he stroked his stiff glistening cock for just a bit, then left. They had not departed as a pair precisely, but it seemed as if a cabin was something they would be sharing next. A thought essentially confirmed by hearing a door close.

After a few moments continuing to stroke a still slick shaft alone, I was the last to leave. Going downstairs to drop off the black bag with camera and lube in the locker, I kept the brown bottle and two condoms.

In the basement, looking at the steam room wall, the couple of towels in the cubbyholes led to a certain optimism. The clock was at 3:30pm when entering the steam bath, finding a willing partner in just a couple of moments. Taking a luxurious amount of time getting turned on, hands exploring and teasing another willing man. We seemed to be alone in the back, though it made no real difference as we continued exciting each other with light stroking and teasing.

He was unshaved, like me. Both of us clearly understood how to take advantage of a partner with pubic hair. The sensation of fingers lightly running over such a sensitive area as your balls or thighs is fantastic, especially when aware that this was merely the start of the delights to follow. The first contact of fingers and swelling cock was entrancing, a further preview of what was coming.

The steam bath is the most direct area for encounters in a bath house, even more than a whirlpool. Taking time to enjoy the varied delights of being aroused demonstrated to both of us that the other was an experienced visitor. Though cumming is fun, the baths are not really about orgasm, it is a place about having sex as long as possible, with variety being part of the wonderfully addictive pleasures.

This is one of the true differences between men and women, I believe – women do not understand the attraction of what return visitors to the baths love so much. The freedom of a bathhouse is irresistible, where sex is so easy to find with other men. Many other men, in most cases, all attracted by the same shared pleasures. That such places have existed for thousands of years is unsurprising – given the opportunity to get head from one partner after another, for example, most men will indulge themselves, over and over again. At the baths, being straight, gay, or bi, married or single is meaningless – when things click, you submerge in an ocean of sex for hours at a time.

Becoming more direct in our explorations, it was a delightful surprise to discover what a big cock he had. Or more properly, how thick and perfectly formed his cock was, as its length was not as notable. By this point, we were mutually sinking into the entrancing sexual haze that comes from someone else touching your horny cock in the steamy dimness. Our mutual nipple play led to moving closer, my tongue running over his ear and neck.

After finally having moved his cock close to mine, I began to rub my shaft over his silky stiffness, moaning as he kept playing with my nipple. Discovering how fantastically sexy another man’s hard cock feels is another reason why so many men keep returning to a male only sauna, where such a variety of cocks is available.

At some point, I guided his glorious cock to slide against my sack, a fantastic sensation. He began to move in sync with my stroking as I leaned against the smooth tiled wall, his cock taking control. We stopped and started several times, changing roles, though each time his cock rubbed under my balls, my legs opened more as his cock went lower. Yet it was my longer cock that first found his hot hole, pressing my cockhead against his welcoming softness, unable to resist the sensations of his bare beckoning hole against my flared cockhead.

This happened twice, both times almost cumming, holding my shaft while moving the turned on cock ridge into his yielding softness, realizing that this incredible feeling was a result of the unstoppable desire to experience what a naked ass felt like. Without getting excessively tempted, simply taking mutual masturbation to a new level. Though true, also quite aware this was also an excuse to give in to the reality of how thoroughly my cock now ruled my thinking.

When he started doing the same thing to me, it was heavenly to let his big cock slide over my waiting hole. Reaching down, I began to press him in rhythm to my moving hips, surrendering to long pent up desire, though still remaining just inside the proper boundaries. Oddly, the size of his fat cock helped – it was simply too big for me, based on previous experience. It further helped we were not really all that compatible in height, along with how he too seemed little interested in truly unsafe sex.

A good thing as we began to switch roles, though after a couple of times, bahis siteleri I became the one helplessly rubbing his sexy thick cock over my aroused soft hole, unable to stop from moaning. When he would withdraw, I desired nothing but to have his cock head’s ridge touching me like that again, like being under a spell. Then came a point when I grabbed his ass, cock between his legs, ramming my cock head over his ass, completely entranced by the sensations. The pleasure reminded me of my very first naked male experience in a booth at a porn theater complex, now years ago.

The steambath imposes certain limits, but we continued to enjoy each other like this for as long as possible. By the end of our shared time, we were kissing as I tried to find a position to give his cock fuller access, unable to control my wanton desires. If his cock had been able to slip in, I could not have stopped myself. After all, that is what I hoped would happen by circling my hips, pressing myself down to feel his cock and invite it to slide in. Especially when he would play with both my nipples, just making me even hornier as his naked hard cock kept rubbing.

Finally, he murmured about the heat, gently disengaging. The timing was good, as my feet and legs had begun to cramp after trying to find a position to get fucked. Along with the truth that I too had already thought that maybe it was time to leave the heat. Not that I did not want to keep feeling his hot cock on my ass, it was just that certain practical limits had been reached. The steambath is intense, but not suited for extended play.

Turning the rain style shower on, having already soaped my cock, the water was a bit cool. Nonetheless, washing the sweat off was necessary, with the cock stroking being a nice addition. It still feels a bit awkward to stroke like this in public, even if it has led to a couple of blow jobs in public. Noticing that the clock was at 4pm, I realized that pretty much a solid half hour of sex had just occurred.

With the promise of more to come. The baths are a place where sex can happen for hours, if one is able to resist the temptation of simply giving in to orgasm at the first or second opportunity.

Going to the dark room, it soon became clear that it was empty. Stretching out to cover much of the platform, needing to only wait a couple of minutes before a man entered. One who quickly discovered an outstretched foot in the darkness. Things proceeded at a ieisurely but obvious pace, his hand sliding up as my foot went under his towel, contact leading to ever more intimate contact, both of us obviously enjoying the same games.

He knelt at the edge of the platform, soon finding my growing cock. He lay down next to me on his back, and as my hand roamed, it discovered that the now hardening cock it was touching belonged to the man from the steambaths. Neither of us were using the slower approach from before, another delightful not quite coincidence, as clearly both of us had remained in a turned on state from the last unplanned encounter. Though unplanned has a more technical meaning – obviously, anyone wandering though a male only sauna has plans involving sex with other men.

Generally, each encounter is with a new partner when cruising, though some group settings are simply impossible to keep track of while having hot sex. After the third of fourth mouth in a row has kissed and sucked you, whether the sixth or seventh mouth is new or from the past becomes utterly irrelevant.

We continued to play with ever growing intensity, tweaking nipples and then kissing. This was an unexpected opportunity, as one thing I had considered in the steamroom was sucking his glorious cock, though the sensations of anal play had pushed that idea to the back of my mind.

Now, though, concentrating enough to get the poppers ready while shifting position to put my mouth near his cock, I could give in to my desire. These days, at least for the first time during a visit, I use poppers to add to how slutty and hot it feels to take a cock into my mouth. My very first exposure to poppers with another person involved my first girlfriend going down on me after we had enjoyed a bowl together. A fantastic experience, one repeated many times since then with both men and women.

But it was at the baths that revealed just how fantastic it feels to give a full blowjob too. Taking a deep hit, the effects starting before even closing the bottle firmly, I bent over further, feeling his invitingly soft skin against my parted lips. His cock was certainly one of the larger ones to ever fill my mouth, and as my lips ran over his broad cockhead, it felt wonderfully sexy. And ever more huge as the rush spread, creating one of its most potent effects – a feeling that both cock and mouth are expanding as the pleasure keeps growing.

Going luxuriously slowly along his gorgeous shaft, reaching almost the base of his thick cock before bahis şirketleri needing to exhale, starting to submerge in the rush. I had coated his shaft and head well, with the next period of time becoming heavenly, lost in oral cock worship. We were both moaning, and when his hand began to touch my cock, it added to the sensations we were sharing. His cock was absolutely perfect, and I loved sucking it, having it fill my soft wet mouth with its now immense silky size.

After an impossible to measure interval, both of us had moved enough to start 69ing. Two cock suckers sharing paradise, existing as perfectly connected cocks and mouths, enjoying the sort of oral delights that can only be found having sex with other men. I have enjoyed poppers with men and women both, but in my case, apparently the effects are more cock centered.

Since at this point, I had become completely lost in cock sucking heaven, knowing that he was enjoying my devoted oral attention as much as I was in providing it. Sluts understand this, and the baths are a great place to find other sluts, those who understand the delights to be found playing with other men. Though there are definitely men who only consider other men attractive, a bathhouse is a place for men to enjoy sex with other men, which tends to be the case for any man who has ever experienced it once.

The need to move again finally arose, and after bringing my partner to the edge of orgasm, he took the opportunity to change things a bit. He pushed me on my back, and began to go down on me. Of course it was fantastic to feel his mouth cover my waiting rigid shaft, then slide down. He took his time, letting anticipation add to the unstoppable surrender of my cock to his mouth.

Something that felt so good, as often happens at the sauna, poppers were out of the picture at several levels. My mind was completely lost between spread legs, especially when he began to use his tongue along my shaft, holding a stiff cock as he kept exploring lower. He knew I loved it, opening my legs and starting to babble about going lower. And after his tongue started running over my balls, about how good teabagging felt.

Teabagging is good, but rimming is even better, when available. Saying lower again, he teased me, licking along my inner thighs, grasping my slick cock. This allowed me to concentrate enough to get the bottle ready, waiting until his tongue touched my hole. Being rimmed is a rare treat, even at the baths. And in a way difficult to describe, a technique beyond orgasm, where your cock is not the center of sensation, just a part of it. Much like nipple play when your partner has the right touch, as he did.

I became his, in much the same way he had been mine when lovingly sucking his big dick. Surrendering completely to a sexy ass licker, legs spread, doing another hit of rush, hand reaching down to a stiff rod just waiting to be stroked as my ass was smoothly bathed in sweet wetness. He kept playing with my turned on nipples, and as the rush started, dirty words poured out – “fuck yes .. licker .. kiss .. dirty .. slut .. rim my ass .. love it.”

The rimming continued in seemingly endless perfection, until he pulled back. Providing me the opportunity to go down on his magnificent cock again before he returned to licking my hot ass. A third man became involved, soon going down on that gorgeous thick cock too. Things became wonderfully hazy, though it seemed as if the new man’s blowjob had led to orgasm as he left the room.

The new man turned his attention to me. I did another hit just as he began to go down on me, almost unbearably turned on knowing my cock was sliding into an irresistible wetness that included another man’s cum. The sensations just grew around my sucked cock, so rigid, a sign of how slutty I can become when playing with other men. Soon, humping his mouth, fully understanding why the other man had simply given in before.

However, when he swung a leg over my face, much of the pleasure faded. He was not hard, seemed unconcerned about my glasses, and was essentially forcing himself on me. Generally, that just leads to me being even less interested. I don’t like being forced – my desire is to be a completely slutty cock sucker, abandoning myself in the pure sexual sensations of a cock filling my mouth. And it does not take much to cause me to reject such clumsy approaches. This dislike is even stronger when the man is not even hard – a hard man at least has the understandable excuse that he has simply reached a point of being unable to control himself, for very understandable reasons.

Further, there was no way to do more poppers, which is pretty much the way I want to start sucking men at the sauna. It did not take much effort to push him off, though the way he kept going down remained distracting in the best way. However, when he did it again, even more heavily and still soft, I pushed him away, straightened my glasses, gathered my stuff, and left.

Seeing that another hour had passed, and how thoroughly my cock had almost been drained multiple times, I left. And wondering how long it would be before my naked cock felt a soft willing ass.

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