Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 45

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This visit had me oddly amused after a couple of mainly fruitless hours, when yet another man simply remained utterly passive after making him hard. No sounds, no motions, no interaction at all – this had been the pattern over and over again today. I was horny, but this was not the style that interested me in the least. Having anonymous sex with men is thrilling – when they too are also equally thrilled to play.

The beginning of the visit was uneven, with a nice bit of poppers fueled cock sucking in an empty steam room. However, that first man demanded more after a pause in sucking him, words without any action to make them tempting. Basically, repeatedly demanding something from me is a thorough turn off, and if the person making the demands cannot understand that, well, leaving means not having to care about their inabilities.

After years of bathhouse fun, there seem to be establishments that are more and are less ‘gay’ compared to each other at various times. Men who have sex with men is a broad category, one reflected in the visitors that normally visit a bathhouse. But today, things were developing in a similar fashion to visits to several large cities, where the number of purely gay men was much higher. This was not the first time for such thoughts after becoming aware of this difference, with the lack of actual contact being obvious enough as a marker.

Other markers include checking to see whether a man is erect, and if not, just leaving. Leading to missing out on much of the true pleasure of having sex, in my opinion.

The sauna today was also a bit emptier than normal, though with more booths than typical being used. As an opinion, more gay feeling groups seem less interested in actually having sex, though obviously it happens. A single glance around before leaving a space again, or waiting 45 minutes without a partner in a booth, everything somehow furtive, uninterested in the other person in any understandable fashion.

Over the years of visiting, learning to set myself limits has proven to be useful. It is fine when they are broken because of losing track of everything while having sex. However, the chance of that happening under certain conditions is very low, and there is no reason to spend too much time waiting for opportunity to finally arise.

By 4:45pm, the decision to leave in a half hour was easy to make. And confirmed as correct after several more totally passive encounters, encountering men who seemed to have absolutely no interest in being involved in any way, shape, or form except for being serviced, canlı bahis and only by someone with a hard dick.

By 5:15pm, I made a last round, ending in the steam bath. And quickly discovering the sort of partners that had been missing till now. Starting to drift in steamy heat, from one partner and sensation to the other in a lovely fog, bringing in new men, a spark passing through the wetness dimness. We were all interested in getting off, licking and stroking and rubbing, seduced by the chance to have shared male sex, a mutually irresistible temptation when opportunity arises.

Over time and shifting partners, I moved from the curved front entrance to the back wall in the dim steaminess, lost in a glorious sexual haze. Not even knowing how that movement occurred, though maybe a half dozen men were involved, all with cocks as hard as mine. Plus the four men to the left, mutually jacking off as the man who faced me reached out while I leaned against the warm damp tile wall, stroking myself. Leading my left hand to easily find other erect cocks to play with, my nipple being gloriously sucked, other hands fondling between opening legs. We had become a definite foursome, with other men around too.

Essentially, as so easily happens here, an all male orgy had formed, one where all those involved possessed well practiced talents. Nipple play, ass fingering, neck and ear licking – all are delightful when having your hard cock fondled by another stranger, enjoying the sheer variety of different strokes and caresses. Providing the same to other men, enjoying public group sex.

The man in front started to concentrate his full attention on me, as two other men lined up behind him. It appeared as if a sandwich was being made openly, something always fantasized about, being the man in the middle, fucked by another man. I love jacking off when having my nipples played with, totally turned on, then feeling a stranger’s mouth cover my cock head in hot wetness, the public scene adding an extra delight.

Soon, I was stroking openly into his opened mouth, unable to resist the pleasure. He knelt in front of me, and it soon became apparent that he was getting ready to fuck. The condom slid over my slippery rigidness, with his mouth sliding down its length, my shaft rigid. He stood and turned, and it was not only my hand involved in finding his waiting hole. This was how to use condoms, a perfectly offered opportunity to fuck being impossible to resist. For him too, of course, cock jutting, having reached around to find another man’s hand already playing with bahis siteleri it as we began to mutually enter paradise, my lubed cockhead sliding past his tight ring.

This was in complete contrast to much earlier today, seeing a man laying on his stomach in a booth. After spending several minutes first caressing his thighs, then exploring his entire body, he remained utterly passive, with no reaction. I left, having no interest in a partner who is utterly lifeless. Going by that section again on another round, he was still there about half an hour later, another sign how slow things had been.

Now, in the hot dimness, lost in delight to have a partner with wonderful skills, one who knew how to make me want to fuck him, a desire that grew the deeper my shaft went, knowing that he was mine to ride. Nothing was abrupt, yet he was quickly filled, his soft fuck tunnel surrounding my covered cock perfectly. His motions matched mine, making it easy for us to stay in sync. Thrusting hard as he bent to suck a man who seemed to be still being fucked, calling him a hot cock sucker, all of us lost in decadent delights.

Holding his hips to pump, grabbing his cock to fist its gorgeous length, reaching the bottom of his shaft as mine did in his hot hole, an incredible combination, driving both of us. A combination that tops cannot get enough of, using another man’s soft cock tunnel, buried deep in heaven. Lost in pure lust, ramming him against my grasping hand, with each stroke into his spread ass, fingers at his balls.

The location was ideal, as I knew from past experience. We were at an angle, allowing passage into the darker rear. However, te scene was dimly lit, letting imagination roam. Looking at sex is part of the appeal of the baths, a temptation more intense than watching porn, as the baths allow watching to easily turn into full participation.

At some point, the group around the bottom’s mouth seemed to include 4 or 5 men when the smell of poppers arose. Though tempted, the sensations from pounding his willing ass were too exquisite to interrupt, along with the fact that I would likely cum in the rush, giving in to how good it feels to just let go and pump hot cum into another man. But simply knowing that those men would be under the popper’s spell made my fucking even more animal, moaning and growling about fucking and sucking while slamming his ass, making his head move over shared cocks to my rhythm, aware that other men were looking on and jacking off.

There is no denying the sense of power involved in anal sex with another bahis şirketleri man, something never experienced with a woman. The power is particularly addictive in front of other men, indulging in shameless male sex games. I have only fucked in front of other people at the baths, something that turns out to be a real thrill when it happens. Especially when the man being ridden chose you out of a group of several men.

This finding the proper partner is an unavoidable part of the random chance of a visit. But after fucking like this just once, I knew that getting off in front of other naked men, showing off how good it felt to just fuck a willing man, was only a quick motorcycle ride away – at least when the sauna was open. Today was just another example of finding group sex in a now thoroughly familiar setting, though in comparison to more typical visits over the past several years, it was the only highlight.

The entrancing sensations from the entire length of my pulsing, thrusting cock grew seductively more intense, his hand circling its base, starting to take charge of our fucking. Letting him use me as his fuck toy, hand gripping his hard shaft, surrendering to his motion. Until reaching the point of grabbing his hips, forcing my rhythm on him. Touching the base of my shaft as he stroked my balls, it became clear that the condom had rolled up most of the length. Enough was covered to keep fucking, thinking it would not come off – not caring much about that now, though it was true he had wanted to use a condom.

When fucking in public, words start to pour out, both to the man being pumped and to anyone watching – “Fuck yeah .. take it good .. hot ass .. hot fucking .. slut .. deep cock.” Words turning to moans to match his after starting to really fill him, as he ground at the root of my cock, squeezing my fully enclosed rod in enticing waves.

The best sex involves sharing, but that does not mean you cannot use someone too, especially the way a bottom uses a top. He had sucked me hard then took my cock past his yielding ring, without me needing to do anything but give in until beginning to fuck. Physical male fucking, pushing him into paradise with my cock, both of us changing position to make the sensations even more intense, both of us wanting the same thing – hard ass fucking.

After cycling through several delightful crests and valleys, he moved away, then left the steamy heat. There is a certain limit to how long one can enjoy the steam room, especially since it was now hotter than at the start of visit. I stayed a bit longer, with a couple of men still around, but my limit was being reached too.

In the end, I still stayed 15 minutes longer than the earlier schedule, but such schedules are always flexible, at least when there is a good reason.

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