Better Than Disney Land Pt. 02

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Better Than Disney Land

The Summer of 86′

Part II of IV

This is a continuation of my memoir titled Better Than Disney Land.

Part two of my memoir from The Summer of 1986. My wife and I (though we were four years away from getting married) had a very significant little love fest with another young couple we became very close friends with. This is the second day we get together as lovers instead of just friends. I was twenty-one years old and my girlfriend Maggi was nineteen years old.

Again I want to acknowledge my wife for helping me with many of the details and for providing her perspective of the events.


It was the Wednesday after our foursome Sunday, Matt called down to my base and got ahold of me, he wanted to get together again today. I called in a favor and was able to skate out at 11:30am. I picked up Maggi and we drove over to Matt’s apartment complex.

Once we got settled we all went down to the pool for a swim. We were the only ones in the pool this being a Wednesday so we weren’t concerned with showing our affection to one another. Matt and I traded girlfriends again kissing and holding them in the water, then Maggi and Kat took a turn at kissing one another. Matt and I talked about surfing while we watched our girlfriends making out.

After fifteen minutes the girls took a break, Kat said, “I don’t know guys, Maggi kisses pretty good, we might not need you.”

Maggi swam behind Matt, wrapped her arms around him tightly, lifted him up and said, “Kat, I might steal him from you and take him back to Florida with me, what would you do then?”

Kat was facing me, she latched on with her arms and legs, kissed me and said, “Then Pete and I will just have to get married so he can’t leave me, he’ll stay in port and we’ll make little Pete’s and little Kat’s.”

Kat kissed me again and again and just held on to me. Matt and Maggi were kissing one another and telling each other how beautiful and cute they were to each another.

I held Kat and said, “I wish it worked that way, married or not I get deployed everywhere, I just got back from The Philippines and Hawaii, besides, I already asked Maggi to marry me and she said no.”

“Pete! I’ll marry you once you finish your six, I promised you that a year ago and I intend to keep my promise, but I still think Matt’s cute.”

We held each other, switched partners again so we were with our true girlfriends and enjoyed being passionate together. We were all so happy together.

Once we all started wrinkling up we got out and headed back to Matt’s apartment, Maggi didn’t bring her shoes down and the pavement was pretty hot for bare feet, so I scooped her up and carried her across the lot and up the stairs to Matt’s place.

Matt and Kat held the door, then Matt said, “Welcome to the honeymoon suite, I hope you enjoy your time at Chez Matt.”

We all showered together, rinsing off the chlorine, then went into the kitchen for sodas. Matt was better prepared for guests today, he had two bags of chips and jar of salsa on the counter.

Proudly he proclaimed, “I got some stuff to eat guys.”

We went to the living room, finished drying off, Maggi and Kat were competing for our attention and for the attention of each other. They both spread their legs and patted their pussies dry.

Then Kat said, “Pete would you check to see if my pussy is dry and then make it wet?”

All of us moved over to see Kat’s pussy, she loved the attention. Maggi sat next to her, the two young women started groping one another.

As they rubbed each other’s pussies Maggi said, “Oh I wish I didn’t have such a furry pussy,” almost as a chorus the three of us said, “You have a beautiful pussy Maggi.”

Maggi answered, “I love you guys, what I really need is a trim, Matt, you must have trimmers, you keep that beautiful dick of yours clean shaven, what do you use?”

Matt said, “I have two trimmers I use, they’re very good, one’s for getting real close and the other is for larger areas.”

Maggi came out and asked him, “Would you mind, I think you must know what you’re doing to look at you?”

Matt stood up and displayed his shaven cock and balls as well as his straining hard-on. Maggi started stroking me and Kat joined in, just as I was starting to really enjoy it Matt arrives with his trimmers and Maggi gets up to move into position.

Maggie laid down with a towel under her ass as she rested her head and shoulders on my chest. Kat was sitting naked next to Matt so she could watch. Matt trimmed Maggi’s forest with the precision of a surgeon. Maggi was obviously turned on looking at Matt’s rock hard mushroom headed cock; the entire time Matt was trimming, his cock was throbbing and precum was leaking out of the tip.

Kat was playing with herself, her canlı bahis legs spread, pussy glistening. She stretched out her inner lips as far as they would go opening her vagina, then she would put two or three fingers deep inside pulling them out, up and over her clit. She kept saying how horny she was and that she wanted to make Maggi come, returning the favor from last Sunday.

Matt finished the deforestation of Maggi, she went to the bathroom to rinse off the trimmings from Matt’s handy work. The three of us cleaned up the living room and sofa.

Maggi came out needing to dry her pussy; she sat on the big sofa sectional and spread her legs wide and patted her pussy dry. I could tell Matt wanted to fuck Maggi again, he told me earlier how lucky I was to have such a beautiful and tall girlfriend. She was very tall compared to Matt and Kat; Matt was about five foot six inches tall, Kat, five foot tall, Maggi, six foot tall and I was six foot four inches tall. We really scaled the spectrum of height.

I told Matt how beautiful I though Kat was, he knew I wanted to fuck her again too. When we were alone we compared notes, later we found out the girls did the same with us. We both told the other how cool it was to be able to be with another woman without having to break up or cheat and we both went on about how awesome our girlfriends were to be into it as much as we were.

Kat jumped up and hugged Maggi around the waist and declared, “It’s my turn with Maggi, you boys just watch.”

They kissed each other and looked at one another very lustfully.

Kat eased her head between Maggi’s legs as Maggi sunk back into the sofa. Kat worked her way down Maggi’s thighs, kissing and licking as she went, her hand on Maggi’s entire pussy. She slowly rubbed in small circles and then took her other hand and spread Maggi’s inner lips. She grabbed them with her finger tips by the delicate edge and stretched them out, exposing the opening of Maggi’s pussy, it was soaking wet and starting to dilate. Kat really stretched Maggi’s butterfly as far as it would go. Maggi started to breath heavily and rocked her hips up and down. Kat went in with her tongue stroking Maggi’s clit; she slid two fingers from each hand into Maggi’s soaking wet opening and kept moving her tongue up/down, licking her clit. Maggi’s pussy was starting to gape open as Kat kept applying outward pressure.

Maggi started bucking and Kat kept it up, Maggi declared loudly, “I’m COMING!” as she bucked.

Kat looked up, her whole face was covered with Maggi’s cum.

Matt and I were watching, hard-on’s bulging and straining, neither of us wanted to come so soon, we were just sitting down and trying to ignore our cocks.

Then Matt said, “I might come just by watching these two.”

I knew if I stroked my cock even once I would blow my load. I went into the kitchen and got some ice water, drank it, then I put some on a paper towel and wrapped it around my cock.

Matt walked in, saw my cock wrapped in the cold paper towel and said, “Where did you learn that trick?”

“Amsterdam,” I said.

I was drinking with these two Dutch chicks, they told me how prostitutes would do this if you didn’t want to come so fast. He proceeded to do the same. After a few minutes of telling Matt about Amsterdam we walked back into the living room to find Kat and Maggi still at it. Maggi was laying back on the sofa, her feet pulled up and her legs spread. Kat had all 5 fingers in her soaking wet pussy and right as Matt and I sat down her knuckles disappeared and her entire fist was in Maggi’s pussy.

Maggi grabbed Kat’s wrist and said, “Don’t MOVE,” as she gasped for air.

Kat was really excited knowing she was driving Maggi toward an intense experience.

Maggi let go of Kat’s wrist and said with a deep breath, “Ok, I’m ready.”

Kat began to push her fist in and out of Maggi’s pussy, slowly at first, then Maggi started giving directions.

“A little Deeper – Pull it out more – Slower – Faster.”

It was great to watch, Kat was so into it, she kept saying “I can’t believe how swollen your clit is – Was my clit like this?”

I said, “Yes, just as swollen and throbbing.”

Just then, Maggi announced, “I’m coming, I’m COMING” – “Deeper, Deeper,” Maggi gasped.

Maggi straightened out her legs and her head was hanging off the sofa.

She shrieked “OOOOOOO” and then said “Pull it slowly.”

Kat did and Maggi came again this time, “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.”

She must have said this 5 times.

When cat was out of her pussy Maggi Exclaimed “My Pussy Is Wrecked!” and was laying half off the sofa with her head on the floor.

Matt knelt down next to Maggi and kissed her lips and Maggi responded by grabbing the back of his head and forcefully French kissing him.

They kissed bahis siteleri for a minute or two then Maggi grabbed his side and said, “I want your cock in my mouth.”

Matt slid over and offered his cock to her, Maggie pulled her legs off the sofa and sat up on the carpet using the sofa to lean against. Matt laid on the sofa on his side, Maggi took his cock in her mouth and started bobbing on it. She soon repositioned herself so Matt was on his back and she was on her knees bent over his throbbing mushroom headed cock. As she bobbed up and down her swollen beaver was actually dripping her own fluids, she was still throbbing from Kat’s fisting.

She kept bobbing up and down, she was able to take Matt’s entire 5 inches all the way in. She was able to press her lips against his smooth shaven pubic bone and even lick his balls. Maggi did not have a large mouth and her attempts at giving me a blowjob were not always productive, especially when she was still wearing all metal braces just a year ago. I was mesmerized at how she bobbed up and down until Matt was breathing heavy and started to thrust his hips. Kat and I both moved closer to see everything in detail. We could hear the slurping sounds as Maggi continued eagerly sucking.

She told me the day before, she never realized how great it felt having Matt’s entire cock in her mouth, “It’s like I control him, I wish I could do that with you.”

I responded, “You control me in more ways than you know.”

Meanwhile, Matt Gasped, “I’m gonna COME.”

Maggi gurgled, “Come in my mouth, I want it!”

I watched as Matt gripped the cushions and all his muscles locked up. I could see the base of his cock bulging and his balls draw up into himself, he blew his load in Maggi’s mouth. She took it all and then swallowed a couple of times. I was so turned on knowing she swallowed all that semen. Then she laid her head on Matt’s stomach and started kissing him there. Kat and I were both breathing heavy watching the two. Maggi moved Matt over and laid next him on the couch a Minute before excusing herself to the bathroom.

She said, “I need to pee and brush my teeth.”

Kat said, “Tell me about it, I love cum, but Cock-Breath is the worst.”

That was the first time I ever heard the term cock-breath, I started laughing as I grabbed Kat and we rolled onto the floor together, both laughing. We started kissing, but this time it wasn’t playing around, we were both passionate and aroused. I wanted to make her feel like she’s never felt before and I knew how.

What’s the saying, “It ain’t bragging if you back it up?”

Well, I was a world class pussy eater, (at least I thought I was) and I learned from one of the best. A true blue, haze grey, underway US Navy Sailor who was a lesbian. That’s right, three years ago a lesbian taught me how to eat pussy, the right Way (according to her). She was a sailor in the same “A” school as me. We were friends and enjoyed talking about books we’ve read. She asked me out on a date and told me in confidence she was gay and was using me as an alibi. She told me if I wanted I could fuck her if it meant I wouldn’t say anything. Back then, being found out to be gay meant an instant Court Marshall and being kicked out of the Navy. On our date we talked about everything, we really got along well and had fun. When we were alone I started asking her about sex, the next thing I know she’s explaining how to eat pussy so it guarantees your girl comes. The bottom line, just lick up and down, from just below the clit, up the shaft, get a rhythm going, don’t stop and don’t change angle or anything unless she tells you to. I was grateful for the friendship and the information, I never took her up on her offer, I knew it was made in desperation.

Back with Kat, I lifted her onto the sofa so her pussy was right at the edge and she was laying back relaxed. I was on the floor sitting so I was poised perfectly for my oral assault. I started with my pattern and was loving Kat’s reactions, I knew it was working and she would orgasm fast and intense. I teased her and brought her to the edge several times, (Maggi taught me that) then stopped.

The build up was more than she could take, she screamed, “Oh my god pete, I can’t take it.”

I pressed my flattened tongue onto the base of her clit and slid it up and down, I simultaneously used my right index finger to slide the hood of her clit, exposing the little rose bud. She came forcefully, gasping for air, she exclaimed, “Oh God Pete, I Love You, Peeeeete!”

Her beautiful face was flush red and it took her a couple of minutes to recover so she could form sentences again.

Matt said half jokingly, “Wow Kat you weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to marry Pete?”

Maggi jumped in, “Matt you know we girls say all kinds of things when we orgasm like that, I’ll bahis şirketleri probably call out your name the next time I’m with Pete.”

Before I could say anything Kat blurted out, “Oh WOW, You Know How To Satisfy A Woman.”

Maggi and Matt were sitting together naked still in each other’s arms.

Maggi said, “That’s why I’m in love with him Kat.”

Matt pulled away from Maggi; Maggi pulled him back and kissed him passionately with her open mouth.

She kept kissing him and stopped for a second and said, “Nothing we’re doing here is wrong, let’s enjoy each other, I’m so happy to be here with you Pete and Kat, right now.”

That was the thing about me and Maggi, neither of us were jealous of the other. I was in The Navy and on the other side of the world for months at a time, our love never diminished.

I was left sitting with a raging, turgid, straining erection and not had a mind blowing orgasm like everyone else. I was way past ready to go.

Kat turned and stood up, she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to my feet, grabbed my cock and held it in her hand like a microphone and said, “I need you inside me, I want your cum inside me.”

She laid on the sofa bent her knees for missionary position.

My cock slid right in her soaked pussy, she gasped and said, “You’re so amazing,” she raised up and started kissing my chest and neck (her being five foot tall and me being six foot four inches tall, it wasn’t the best fit).

Her pussy felt wonderful, I told her, as I was thrusting and breathing heavily, “You are so hot, your pussy is amazing.”

I then looked in her eyes and said, “I’m going to explode.”

Kat responded by raising her hips up to meet my thrusting and then she put her legs back behind her arms.

She said, “Fill me up.”

I went balls deep and came, she held me and with her muscles in her pussy she milked my cock for every bit of cum I had. I lay on top of her and we started kissing heavily and romantically, my dick finally went limp after a very prolonged build up, I know I must have pumped a record amount of semen in this beautiful young woman.

She reached down for a towel and there wasn’t one, Maggi grabbed a towel and knelt beside us wiping Kat’s hair off her face, telling Kat how beautiful it was to see her with me. Kat was so full of semen she started leaking and rushed to put the towel over her pussy, she got up and tip-toed to the bathroom, giggling and holding her pussy as not to leak.

I was spent, Maggi kissed me and smiled, asking, “How do you feel?”

I told her I felt amazing, the best I’ve felt ever.

She kissed me again and told me, “I can’t believe we’re having so much fun, is it ok if I spend some time alone with Matt?”

“Of course, I want you to have a great time.”

Maggi then grabbed Matt by the hand, pulled him up and started walking to his bedroom, he asked, “What’s up?”

Maggi replied firmly and with a sexy voice, “You and I Mr. Matt are going into your bedroom and get on your big bed and we are going to make love to one another.”

Maggi smiled at me and mouthed “I love you,” then closed the bedroom door.

I got up, Kat and I got drinks and made a sandwich in the kitchen. We were both naked so we sat on towels, she was still leaking and I was too. We laughed about it together as we ate and drank. We kept telling each other how much we liked one another. After we finished and cleaned up a bit we sat together and started making out, just passionate kissing.

As we we’re kissing Kat said, “If you change your mind about marrying me, I’d do it in a minute, I know you love Maggi, I understand.”

After about 40 minutes Matt and Maggi both came out grinning ear to ear. Kat and I were nearly sleeping, Maggi came over to me and Kat, kissed me and then kissed Kat.

Once we were up we took showers again, got dressed and went out for the evening, this time pretending Kat was my girlfriend and Maggi was Matt’s. We walked holding hands and at dinner we sat next to our date for the night, we had a great time.

As the evening ended back at Matt’s place I drove both Kat and Maggi home. On the way to Kat’s home, (she still lived with her parents) she asked Maggi if she thought it was possible to love two different people.

Maggi asked her, “Do you love Matt?”

“Yes, I do.”

Maggi said, “Than it’s possible.”

“How did you know I love him?”

Maggi answered, “Kat, I know what love looks like and I know we need to enjoy it while we have it in our hands.”

I pulled up to Kat’s house and as she was getting out, she told both me and Maggi, “I can’t help it I love all three of you.”

We both kissed her goodnight and I drove Maggi home. Maggi just held me and told me how happy she was to be out here in California.

I dropped her off and headed back to base, “Let’s see I have to muster and PT in 4 hours, no problem,” I thought, “It’s only a twelve mile run, at least I don’t have to stand an eight hour watch too.”

End part II

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