Bi Encounter with Thai Couple Ch. 02

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This is a direct continuation of “Bi Encounter with Thai Couple Ch. 01”


After Kelly rinsed me off, I turned around and got her up to her feet. She smiled and I kissed her and ran my tongue over her neck and face, tasting the water on her cream colored skin.

I then instructed her to soap and wash down Jack. She obediently got to work and I helped her soap his nut-brown warm hard cock and balls. It felt good and I knew I wanted to feel him up against my ass later. After Jack was rinsed off, I told Kelly to wash herself. As she soaped her body, I cupped her small ass cheeks and gently inserted a finger in her ass, which felt tight and warm. She did not complain and I felt her relaxing her hole and pushing back in on my finger slightly as she continued soaping herself.

By now we had been in the shower for quite some time, so the moment she was done rinsing off, I reached out and shut off the water. I told her to grab one of the fresh towels and wipe down Jack and myself. She worked on him first and then on me with the same towel. I enjoyed how readily she got to her knees when working on my legs. She had that instinctive female submissiveness common in Asian cultures and I knew she was enjoying being told to service two men. Personally, I respect women and strong independent females are very appealing. However, Kelly’s eagerness to please, her open face and her petite soft body resonated with some cruder, lizard part of my brain.

I don’t think I had ever been so turned on. After the shower, I felt extremely comfortable with Jack and Kelly and I knew that I could do anything I wanted with them. Even better, they were both turning out to be a warm and pleasant pair. And they both felt excited by the “glamour” of my life. Feeling so comfortable, confident and being so open with these two made me extremely horny and hard. Pre-cum oozed continuously from my cock.

I made Kelly dry herself last with the used towel. We then walked back into the hotel bedroom, naked, and I refreshed our drinks. We sat around and something occurred to me. I took out my laptop and showed them some of the pictures I had taken so far in my trip in Thailand. They were very interested and so I told them that I was planning to travel around the region. Then, as I watched them get excited about my plans, I suggested that I needed guides, so if they wanted to travel with me they were welcome.

This genuinely surprised them both and they chattered with each other in Thai for a minute and then told me that they couldn’t leave their jobs. Watching them, I told them I would pay them generously for their time. I could tell they were both suppressing some glee at this prospect. They had seen by now that I could be trusted, and I have always had a knack for getting people excited about doing something different and interesting.

For me, I knew that I could get along with these two even when we would not be naked, and the cost was not significant. Having local guides would genuinely be great. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri And of course, I relished the prospect of having them to myself for a few weeks. They smiled and said they would let me know the next day, but I could tell they would agree. I poured us all a third round of drinks, and we settled down and chatted about possible places to visit and things to do.

Jack sat at the foot of the king sized bed as we talked, drink in hand. I was lounging with my back up against the headrest, and I had my arm around Kelly, rubbing her stiff nipple and pinching it occasionally. My eyes were drinking in Jack’s tight body and his cock, darker than the rest of him. Eventually, I told Kelly to go over the start sucking his cock.

She immediately got off the bed and walked over around the frame and knelt on the floor in front of Jack. He turned towards her, sitting on the edge of the bed, with Kelly between his spread out legs. His back was now towards me, and I clambered over to get behind him. I got on my knees and straddled him from behind. My cock was pressed up against his back, and I slipped my arms under his own and covered his chest with my hands. I pressed my body harder against his, now squeezing my cock between my stomach and his back, my pre-cum spreading on both of us.

He tilted his neck to one side as I ran my tongue over his ear and the side of his face. We were both looking down on Kelly who was diligently servicing his cock. She alternated between bobbing her mouth up and down on it and jerking it with her small hands. I told her to rub her pussy and she removed one hand and pushed it down between her legs. I continued to watch, loving the feeling of Jack’s hard masculine body pressed up against me and I held him tighter and instinctively thrust my cock up and down, still pressed up against his warm lower back. I moaned enjoyably against his ear, and told him that I wanted him to fuck me with his hard cock. He nodded with his eyes closed, Kelly working on his balls now, my tongue on his neck and one of my hands jerking his cock, wet from Kelly’s mouth and his own oozing pre-cum. It was obvious that he was extremely turned on and he pressed back on me against my cock.

Reluctantly, I let his cock go and pulled myself away from the pair. I walked over to the closet, reached into my luggage and got out a bottle of lubricating oil. I walked back and watched the Thai couple. Kelly was still working on his cock. I knew she would continue until he had either been satisfied or she was instructed to stop. I stood behind her, and gently pulled her away from Jack and stood her up. Holding her by her chin, I kissed her deeply, exploring the taste of Jack’s cock in her mouth, while one of my hands could not resist reaching for and jerking him off again.

After I was satisfied with kissing Kelly, I held her by the neck and pulled her away. I pushed her towards the bed and got her to lie on her back. I then yanked her forwards so that her head hung güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off the edge of the bed, and I straddled her with my legs. Jack was now standing next to me watching, stroking his cock. Kelly opened her mouth and I gripped her head with my hands, and pushed my cock into her mouth deeply. I held it there for a few seconds and then pumped in and out a little bit, but then I withdrew. I was so turned on I would have cum into her mouth right then if I have continued.

Instead, I turned myself around, so that I continued to straddle her head, but instead of my cock, her mouth was now underneath my buttocks. Lowered myself and spread my cheeks with my hands and she knew what to do. She let her warm wet tongue run over my hole and around it and I moaned, spreading my cheeks wider and pressing down against her face. Her tongue kept working obediently, and pre-cum oozed out my cock. I watched Jack watching me like this, stroking his cock and I instinctively clenched my buttocks. Kelly’s tongue continued exploring.

Finally I stood up, turned around, leaned down to kiss Kelly again and then crawled on the bed myself. I grabbed two of the pillows, and laid myself face down with them under my stomach. I gave the bottle of oil to Kelly and told her to lubricate me so that Jack could fuck me and I directed Jack to a box of condoms on the dresser. He brought one over, but I didn’t hear him rip it open. Instead, I suddenly felt his strong hands grasp and spread open my ass cheeks once again, for Kelly to lube. I smiled with my eyes closed and moaned. They were quick learners about what I liked and didn’t like. Seeing Jack take control and hold me down while Kelly prepared my exposed ass to be fucked by him, made me feel like a slut. My heart raced and I pumped my cock into the bed, while Kelly’s soft fingers pushed into my ass and fingered me. I felt completely open and exposed to them both.

At last I couldn’t take it anymore and I moaned for Jack to fuck me and cum in me. He let go of my ass and ripped the condom wrapper open. I felt him position himself between my legs and force them further apart. Kelly was now spreading my buttocks apart and Jack now rubbed the hard head of his cock up and down my crack. I moaned shamelessly, enjoying feeling like a complete whore in front of both Kelly and Jack. I wanted to feel his hard manhood stretch my hole and I spread my legs as wide as I could. “Fuck me, oh fuck me” I whispered. The tip of the cock stopped moving up and down and lay right up against my hole. Then the pressure started building against my anus, and I relaxed myself as completely as possible. I wanted the cock in me, I wanted Jack inside me. A sharp pain, as he now pressed in with a firm strength and my tight hole resisted. My eyes clenched shut and I let out an involuntary gasp, and then he was in. I felt full, I felt his body overpowering mine and I felt him start to fuck me.

Every muscle in my body was relaxed, and I lay completely passively, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and let Jack fuck my ass. I moaned his name loudly each time his hard navel slapped up against my buttocks, and I begged him to cum. I wanted him to cum and ejaculate while in me. One of my hands had found one of Kelly’s, and I held on to her as I was fucked. She sat next to us, rubbing my back and kissing my shoulders as Jack pumped.

He did not last very long, probably because of the sheer wildness of the situation, and all the stimulation Kelly and I gave him before. I felt his thrusts become more bull-like and powerful, his legs tightened and suddenly he plunged all the way in, pressed up against me and gave 5 or 6 hard thrusts. I gasped with each and moaned like a woman.

He collapsed on top of me and panted, his hot breath falling on my face. Then he laughed and Kelly giggled, and he pulled out of me before he lost his erection. My ass felt well used and stretched, and I tenderly rolled over and turned around off the pillows. I was panting too, and as I turned around my erection sprung up. Kelly who was still sitting next to me on the bed reached down to wrap her fingers around my cock. But I stopped her, got to my knees, and got off the bed. Jack was peeling the condom off his cock, watching. I pulled Kelly roughly and quickly off the bed by her hair and then roughly pushed her to her knees in front of me. She obediently opened her mouth, and I spat into it once, then pushed my cock in, feeling instantly enveloped in her warm wetness. She was kneeling with her back against the edge of the bed. I held her head in place pressed up against the top of the bed, and I started face fucking her. I was not too gentle, but I gave her a chance to adapt to me and once I felt she could take it, I started fucking in earnest. I told her to put a finger in my ass, and as Jacked watched, I lost control and felt my cum spurt in Kelly’s mouth, several times.

A lot of my white thick cum leaked out of her mouth as I kept cumming. She was red in the face, her hair a mess, but she obediently let me finish. After my last ejaculation, I took my spent cock out, panting hard and stood over her. “Swallow it,” I instructed, and she smiled and obeyed, and I then had her lick off and clean my cock and balls. Her chest and lower mouth was still covered with the leaked cum. I smiled at her and laughed as well before kissing her on her mouth. Then I told her to take care of herself while Jack and I watched. She sat there, covered in my cum, closed her eyes and started rubbing her pussy lips and clit. Eventually she shoved the fingers of her other hand into her pussy and had a shuddering orgasm. Only afterwards did she attend to herself in the washroom as by now my cum had rolled down her stomach and thighs.

I felt sweaty and grimy and I ordered everyone back to the shower for a quick clean up, and afterwards we all cuddled on my bed, fresh drinks in hand, laughing and planning the rest of my stay in Thailand. They were still going to “confirm” the following day, but I knew that were about to have a memorable few weeks together.

This is part 2. If there is interest, I can write up part 3. Please leave a comment if interested! Also, if you are in the Toronto area and this story turns you on, feel free to contact me 🙂

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