Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 98

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists — Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 90). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy. One character in this chapter is slightly underage by Literotica standards, however, there is no sex involved with that person in any way.

Chapter 98 — Aftermath. Recovery in Caribbean


I was horrified by the accident Elsa had with the Cessna Citation. I could care less about the plane; that was insured and even if it weren’t, I’d just buy another.

What bothered me to the point of tears and great anxiety was almost losing Elsa. During the whole event I cried for fear that the worst might happen. There had been times I couldn’t breath I was so choked up. I knew we had some of the best minds in the aviation community worrying about getting her down safely. Further, Elsa had accumulated a couple of hundred hours of flight time in the Citation, knew the plane inside out and backwards, had practically memorized every manual associated with the plane, and drilled continuously for emergencies. It was what good pilots did, and she didn’t want to be just good, she wanted to be the best.

After the airport fire department got her out of the plane, I held Elsa’s hand almost non-stop until bedtime, and then held her tightly to me lest she slip away into some nightmare revolving around the crash. I think she felt the same way. We were loving, and I tried to be a comfort to her. I don’t think either of us slept much. We both relived the accident from our own points of view. Not surprisingly, the idea of sex didn’t ever raise its head the night of the accident. I was just so glad she’d survived.

When we finally got home Tuesday night, Elsa called her parents. It was a touching call. Cindy had talked to them earlier, even before the crash about what Elsa was going through. Since she was also a pilot she could explain a little of what her sister was going through. Later, Cindy had let them know that Elsa walked away with only the psychological scars of the traumatic event. Elsa spent a long time on the phone with them, often telling them she loved them and thanking them for raising her to be the person she was. There were a lot more tears. I think she realized how close she’d come to wiping out completely.

The next two days of Elsa’s time were totally consumed with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). She was grilled about every aspect of her trip to Las Vegas and the flight home, especially her preflight of the aircraft, taxiing, and takeoff. When the government wasn’t talking with her, Cessna and Avemco, the insurance company, got their pound of flesh interviewing her. Early on, I had my personal and corporate lawyer glue himself to her side for all of those meetings and conversations. She was grateful to have that kind of support.

In the end, months later, Elsa was absolved from having the terrible label ‘Pilot Error’ attached to her record. She had properly preflighted the aircraft in Las Vegas, and there was even a security video of the tarmac that showed her checking the gear by getting under the wing and observing and feeling all the key parts to ensure nothing was wrong with each landing gear. The cause of the gear malfunction remained uncertain, but one theory was that a piece of debris on the runway had been kicked up in a way during takeoff in Las Vegas to damage the gear mechanism. Both the FAA and NTSB applauded Elsa’s efforts to remediate the situation, and then the way she handled the aircraft right up to when it stopped eating dirt and landing lights beside the runway and spinning around under her butt.

I declared a holiday starting on Saturday after the accident. Elsa had been released from further interviews by then, but everyone was still a little on edge. I wanted to go to St. Croix, and so we planned a seven-day trip leaving the next day. I made it a command performance for the family members to the extent that I could guilt-trip the other family members. Every one of us went.

Elsa had calmed down enough by that point, we thought she was whole again. She pooh-poohed the idea of seeing our psychologist friend, Sarah Slarinsky. She explained that all the retelling of the story to all the government and insurance agencies was therapeutic and cathartic. She was over it and eager for a vacation.

The weather forecast for the week I wanted to go away was for cold, clammy, and wet in the city. St. Croix would be beautiful and I could hear the sand and surf calling canlı bahis to me.

Fortunately, it was also school winter vacation week so Tori could come with us for the first time. I worried about how Tori would fit in our midst given our sexual behavior. She was still underage, so I wanted to tread carefully on this count.

Before we left, Melanie and Sheila had a long talk with Kate about our behavior around Tori, specifically how she wanted us to behave in terms of our usual nudity, our hooking up, our exhibitionist and voyeuristic behavior, and our predilection with sex and often group sex.

Kate went off and did some research, and then I saw her having some long talks with Tori who was almost ready for her eighteenth birthday. Tori had become quite adult in the months she’d been living with us. We knew she was aware of the erotic undertones of the family, but except for a couple of accidents when she came home unexpectedly she hadn’t tripped across any other public exhibitions.

We were all wondering what would happen after Tori’s eighteenth birthday. Further, she was a younger version of Kate. That said, we all remained deferential to Tori, and watched for Kate to provide us any steering on how to behave with her daughter. We had no intentions of crossing any boundaries, legal or otherwise.

The night before our flight to the island, Kate, Tori, Mel, Sheila, and Elsa came into my study as I was gathering some papers and portable technology so I could do a little work at the villa. Kate set the stage, “Mark, I wanted you to hear our plan for Tori on the island to get your thoughts and hear any issues.” She turned to her daughter and said, “Tori?”

Tori shifted forward in her chair so she was on the edge. I could see she put on her ‘adult’ façade. “I just want to say I am looking forward to seeing St. Croix and the home there. I’m also aware of what has gone on there and elsewhere when you haven’t had someone like me around. Mom knows my past, although I think she wanted me to wait. I say that because I know all about the birds and the bees, and the tab A in slot B kind of stuff. I’m also aware of the emotions that develop during sex and the flow of hormones in kids my age that might couple sex and love, when that wasn’t the intention of one party.

“Anyways, here’s what I’d like to have happen. I’d like you all to not change your normal behavior. I understand that you spend most of the time in a natural state, and I will probably adopt that as my preferred style of dress. I want an all-over tan, and it’ll just be like living for a week in a nudist colony.” She grinned. “Mom said as long as I wasn’t the only one naked, it was fine with her.”

Kate nodded but rolled her eyes indicating that she was being highly indulgent of her daughter’s planned behavior. I wondered whether this ‘compromise’ had been hers or Tori’s. In any case, I knew I wouldn’t mind in the least seeing the flawless body of someone her age.

“I also want everyone to feel comfortable, so to enable that, spare any of you embarrassment at my presence, and remove any concern, I will make myself scarce at those times when I see them developing. I may go on a five-mile jog down the beach or workout in the villa’s gym — Elsa told me about the great facility you have there and showed me all the pictures. I know there’s a lot to do what with the sail boats, beach, pool, and everything.”

Tori looked around at each of us. “Is that OK with you? As I said, mom and I have talked and come to this point. “

Kate smiled and nodded, reaching over and holding her daughter’s hand. She too looked at the others in our circle and me. I thought she was worried about us judging both Tori and her.

I shrugged and made sure to speak as though this was no big deal. “I’m fine with this Tori. I wish you were older too, but I guess under the circumstances this is reasonable.

Tori smiled.

I turned to the adult women, “Can you make sure that everyone knows that Tori is off limits as usual.

Sheila acknowledged, “Consider it done.”

I insisted that Elsa fly pilot-in-command of the large Boeing 737-700, and I had John Morris, the head pilot for all Worthington Industries, fly as check pilot for her, both to give her confidence and to assess her skills as she came off the days after the crash less than a week earlier. He gave her an A+ rating after the flight in every aspect of her flying, including her attitude and acceptance about the various elements of the crash, which he’d grilled her on during the flight. She couldn’t have asked for more or a cleaner bill of health.

John left the plane and the rest of us at St. Croix, and took commercial flights back to the city. Cindy and Elsa would fly the 737 home at the end of our vacation week. He was also overseeing the repair work on the Cessna Citation in the repair facility at city airport.

Lucas had kept a 24/7 guard on the villa and kept caretakers there as well; he did bring some extra security on the plane. One of the things widely known in bahis siteleri the Caribbean about nicer homes is that if the home isn’t guarded the possessions inside will soon disappear. If it’s in or part of the house and someone wants it, it’s gone.

As for personal security, Izzy’s kidnapping was still an evident concern, even though the men who did the crime were in jail and had an example made of them that was widely communicated around the island’s fifty thousand inhabitants via radio, television, and other media. Lucas still preferred that our bodyguards be close-by, but had acquiesced to the wishes of the others for invisible protection.

We had fun showing off the St. Croix villa to Tom, June, Kate, and Tori, who had not seen the large home before. Tom had seen the villa we’d previously rented, but not this one. There were a lot of oohs and aahs as the various features were shown.

Less than a half-hour after our mid-day arrival at the villa, nude bodies started to appear around the pool on the various chaises. Soon almost everyone was either tanning on the patio, in the pool, or down on the beach. The ability to swim outside at The Meadows was still at least two or three months away until spring became summer, and the water temperature in the river and pool moderated.

June and Kate appeared at my side looking quite fashionable. They were nude, but wore colorful gossamer sarongs around the lower half of their bodies that amplified their sexuality. I could see through June’s wrap to her womanhood. As I’d confirmed a week earlier, she had gorgeous breasts. She gave me a seductive grin and walked to one of the loungers beside the pool to sun.

Kate’s sarong was open in the front framing her pubic area and the tuft of hair she kept there to entice the audiences at Club Infinity.

I got kisses from Kate, “Wow! You’re beautiful, but what will Tori think?”

Kate grinned, “I think she’ll believe she has a pretty cool mom. She does know what I do for a living, you know. There aren’t many secrets between us, and my exotic dancing is not one of them.”

A voice from behind me said, “I do think my mom is cool and sexy, and she also has great friends and family.”

I turned as Tori walked to join us.

Tori smiled coyly as she came up to me.

Kate smirked, “And I guess my daughter can be as adult as I can. Isn’t she stunning … ooooh, I’m glad you think so.”

I scolded but made sure Tori heard my rebuke, “Stunning doesn’t begin to describe how beautiful she is.

Kate ruminated, “She wanted to get treated like an adult. I told her she had to dress like one and not wear jeans, her rotted out sneakers, and a sweatshirt full of holes around the entire week she was here. This is what I get.” She gestured to the lounger where Tori had shed her sarong and was lathering up with sunscreen preparatory to reading. Everybody, men and women, were eyeing the nubile young woman.

I sighed.

Kate kissed me.


I took another three days before I snapped out of the depression I’d been feeling after the plane crash. I’d pranged up a twenty eight million dollar airplane. Mark’s airplane, and all he wanted to do was hold me, kiss the side of my head in an exceptionally loving way as he held me close, and tell me he was so glad that I was all right. God, I loved this man.

After we arrived in St. Croix, I pushed him off and told him to go make love to some of my sisters until I felt better about what I’d done. True, I hadn’t crashed on purpose and everyone had told me they thought I was fully blameless. Even the FAA and NTSB examiners told me ‘off the record’ that no part of the accident had been my fault, and in fact, it was a miracle that I’d done as well as I had to minimize damage to the airframe while trying to keep things from getting worse than they turned out. I think there was some awe there too that I’d even survived. It was in that realization that I’d become depressed.

Mark was the one that pulled me back into the family and out of my slump. After my first night home the day of the accident, I’d sequestered myself in one of the guest bedrooms rather than sleep with a bunch of the others in the large bed in the master suite. On our second night at the villa, I’d slunk away when the others started to get all romantic and sexy after coming back from dinner. I had tried to read a book I thought would improve my outlook on life — The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

I fell asleep nude with the book falling down beside me on the large bed in the bedroom I’d chosen. I can’t recall whether I’d been dreaming or not, but I definitely recall slowly coming to the realization that I was having highly erotic and sexual thoughts about life. I remember opening myself to the dreamlike stimulation of the erotic haze I’d encountered like a slow moving fog overtaking my entire soul. My legs spread, and somehow I knew a man I loved was between them lapping at my pussy and dexterously using his fingers to heighten my arousal.

As I gradually bahis şirketleri came awake my subconscious mind realized the stimulation was real and not the result of a dream. Consciousness returned. Mark was there, slavering over my pussy and doing hard-core things to the lower half of my body. God, how did he know how to use his fingers and tongue in those ways. He was driving me to an orgasm I didn’t think I deserved.

“Mark, I’m not sure …”

“Hush, Elsa. I am. You just lie back and let me be. I promise you’ll like it.”

Oh, I liked it all right. I liked it right through three loud orgasms before Mark rose up over me and sank his delicious man meat deep into my well-lubricated tunnel of love. I was so keyed up I came a fourth time before we even moved out of the missionary position. I was done. Mark apparently was too. He filled me with his essence and kept telling me how much he loved me and worshipped the ground I walked on. The feeling was mutual and I expressed that to him rather vocally, particularly as that orgasm arrived.

Mark cuddled me to his warm body when we were through. We didn’t pay any attention to the fluids that had leaked or were leaking, mostly from me. I went back to sleep in Mark’s arms feeling like the most protected and loved person in the universe.

When I awoke early the next morning, I was still in Mark’s arms and I realized that all the dark energy I’d been carrying since the accident had evaporated.

I slipped out of Mark’s arms, and went and found my running togs and Nikes. I slipped out of the bedroom and into the living room to dress. I suited up in the living room cognizant that I was probably the only person awake in the family.

Much to my surprise, just as I started to dress, Tori came into the living room. She was also nude and carrying her running gear. We looked at each other, and then she came and we shared a good morning kiss. She hummed her satisfaction and a little bit of regret as we parted.

Tori asked, “How far are you going to run?”

I shrugged, “Maybe five or six miles. I won’t go fast if that’s of concern. I’d love to have your company.”

“Oh, not a problem. I ran on the high school track team.” I realized I’d just encountered what in jocular parlance was called a ringer.

“Let’s go.”

“I let the security guys know we leaving and the approximate route we’d run. I was sure they’d send out a car after us that would try to stay out of sight. I turned out not to be wrong. Gone, however, was having a couple of bodyguards running ten feet behind us.

Tori was a good runner, but so was I. We sought a comfortable pace the two of us liked and ended up with something around six-thirty to seven minutes a mile. As we sped along, I also negotiated a longer distance with Tori. In the end we ran about twelve miles in a large loop around the northeast part of the island.

We didn’t talk much during our run, except to grunt out some directions or questions regarding our route or a turn. When we got back to the villa, we did some stretching exercise on the small bit of lawn in front of the place.

I was about to suggest a swim when Cindy and Marcia appeared. Cindy said invitingly, “Hey, wanna join us and do some martial arts stuff down on the beach? We could get one of the security guys to come and even things out if Tori doesn’t want to join us.”

I grinned, “Heck, yes. I’m out of practice.” I turned and said, “Tori?”

She shook her head, “I’ll come, but I’ve never done anything like this except in Wan Suh and your classes about fending off rape and mugging attempts.”

As we walked along the pool towards the wide steps to the beach area, Cindy corralled Steve Baker, one of our bodyguards, into joining us. He trotted off to put on some shorts and a t-shirt, and was with us in five minutes. He’d been wearing a bathing suit and sneakers, and then as island shirt to hide his shoulder holster.

We watched Cindy and Marcia go through some slow basic moves as warm up, each taking turns on rolling the other into the sand or creating a comfortable side flip. I showed Tori a couple of basic moves, and let her try them on me.

When Steve appeared, he came at me at a run, obviously intent on doing damage. We’d sparred before, and he knew we didn’t mess around. We were into urban survival, and that’s what was about to happen.

I parried a move, and then feinted as Steve reached me. I grabbed his outstretched arms and fell backwards, using my feet to propel him up and over my body so he landed on his back in the sand. The thud was palpable.

I was on my feet but had missed my advantage because his recovery was fast. He charged again, screaming at me, but we came together and each tried to outdo the other based on strength and leverage. I got thrown down twice, but didn’t let him get an advantage.

My luck held, and Steve left a brief opening to his right side as he was trying to position to move behind me. I drove my right elbow into his gut, turned and slammed him down into the sand as I moved over him. I caught an arm and put a hard twist on it, gaining the other arm in the process. Both were twisted to the point of pain, but Steve kept squirming to try to move away and regain his footing.

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