Black Women Tamed by White Girls

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You are my sweet Tamara, a gorgeous butch Black woman interested in exploring her submissive side. And I’m Joelle, the blonde-haired white bitch who can make it happen. You will receive what you are given, First you must kneel before me and lick the full length of my strap-on. Then when I snap my fingers, you must present your ass for me to inspect. By that, I mean that you must quickly bend over with your head between your knees and spread your huge ass cheeks for me to see your dirty little black hole.

The sight of such sluttish behaviour will no doubt offend me and to show my disgust, I’ll spit right up your ass! I’ll then take my precious little pinky finger and poke it inside your asshole. I’ll wiggle it around just to see how much you like it.

I’ll then ask you to be a good girl and lick my finger clean, but you must still keep your hands on your ass and keep showing me those holes. Now I’m going to promise you my strap-on, it’s bigger than before and has special ridges on it, for extra sensitivity.

But you can only have it if you beg… Being the stubborn bitch that you are, of course you refuse…

Beg Me! *smack!* (I hit canlı bahis you with a wooden spoon)

Beg Me!! *Smack!* (I hit you harder and make your fat ass wobble)

Beg ME you stupid black bitch!!!

*Smack!!… Smack!!!…. Smack!!!…. Smack!!!…. Smack!!!*

(There are red marks all over your pathetic behind)

Finally, you start to beg. You cry out, you sob, you grovel, you offer to be my slave for eternity, to kiss my feet, to eat my ass, to be my bitch!!!

I plunge my strap-on deep within your ass. Each ridge sends you shivering with delight. It gets so deep that you feel it in the pit of your stomach. I then pull it straight out of your ass and tell you to beg some more.

This time, there is no hesitation. You repeat after me: “Mistress JoJo is my white goddess and I offer my pathetic ass for her amusement”. You say it over and over and over again.

I finally shove my strap-on up your pussy and my fist up your ass. Your knees buckle with the overload of sensation, I’m spitting on your back and slapping your ass with my free hand. This is the ride of both of our lives!!!

Eventually, I leave you in a bahis siteleri sorry mess on the floor. Your hand are still gripping your butt cheeks and you’re still showing me your filthy asshole which has just been pounded by my fist. I give you a hug and a kiss and tell you to lie down on your side. I then put a blanket over you and get you a glass of water.

I then give you a wink and tell you to lick my fucking fingers clean and get ready for round two!!

Actually, I think that I’ll drive you Downtown Vancouver and drop you off outside of the sex shop. You’ll be wearing nothing except your adorable white hat, some killer high heels and a long fur coat. I want you to look like a trashy street whore 🙂

You’ll also be wearing a butt-plug which I have rammed up your heiny. I’ll park a block away so that I can watch you struggle to walk straight as it stretches your ass.

Your mission is to go into the shop and ask to buy the biggest dildo in the shop. You have to specifically ask the shop keeper that your mistress wants to know if it can be used to completely humble stuck up black bitches like yourself. After that… you may buy some bahis şirketleri lube lol!

Once we get back indoors, I swear to God Tamara, I will abuse you with a passion. I’ll chain you to the ground and put little clamps on your nipples. I’ll beat you with a spatula and push my heel into your ass and twist it, just to see you wobble around 🙂

My horsewhip will leave zebra stripes across your butt-cheeks and I’ll spit all over your pitiful face and rub it in with my feet. I’ll plunge that dildo deep into your ass and turn it around like a screw.

I won’t stop until you’re grovelling Tamara, I won’t stop until you beg for mercy, I won’t stop until you degrade yourself completely before me….and I will actually laugh at your pathetic attempts for a release.

And if you don’t obey all of my commands like a good little slut, then I will force you to admit to all your other subs that you love being tied up, spanked and anally abused by this white girl.

I’ll make you admit that you love serving me and that even if I unchained you, you would still greedily eat my white ass if I told you to… wouldn’t you? In your heart, you secretly want me to rule you. You can put up a struggle for as long as you want baby, but I’m a patient girl and I will beat your butchness out of you…even if it kills me lol! Face it, once the door closes… your body belongs to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32