Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 08

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Father Thomas and Father John give Sister Kathryn a double dose of reverse exorcism by the both of them not only cumming in her mouth but also cumming in her ass too.

Continued from Chapter 7:

“Oh, my God. That was the best anal sex I ever head. Sorry, I meant to say, that was the best reverse exorcism I’ve ever given,” said Father Thomas.

As if she truly was born again, she turned to him give him a big smile.

“You did it, Father, you did it. You saved me. You restored my faith. Praise God. Praise Jesus. Born again, I’ve been saved. Hallelujah,” she said turning, throwing her arms around his neck, and giving him a big, wet kiss.

He returned her kiss and looking more like lovers than a priest and a nun, they gave one another a long, lustful, wet kiss.

“I’m glad I could save you, my child. I’m glad I could save you from the folly of your decision. I’m glad I could renew your faith,” he said.

She took a step back from him to look at him. She gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Only, um, just to make sure that I sustain my faith, maybe I should return the same time, next week to reinforce my faith and to make certain that I still believe.”

He return her sexy smile and naughty look with his sexy smile and naughty look.

“I shall look forward to reinforcing your faith again next week, Sister Kathryn,” said Father Thomas with a Cheshire cat grin.

She gave him another sexy smile and naughty look.

“Given that I’ve fallen so far, perhaps Father John could join us and give me a reverse exorcism too,” she said.

He smiled.

“Yes, I’m sure he’d be honored to help you along the chosen path. You may be right. Perhaps you need a double dose in of our reverse exorcism in your mouth and in your ass just to make sure that you don’t relapse,” said Father Thomas.

Chapter 8:

The next week at the same time and at the same place, behind the closed door of Father Thomas’ rectory, Sister Kathryn agreed to meet Father Thomas and Father John for a double dose of reverse exorcism. Rather than risk losing her faith again, she figured that a double dose of reverse exorcism with two priest was her way to maintain her blind belief in God and steadfast faith in her religion. Rather than risk losing her faith again, she figured that two priests cumming in her mouth and again in her ass was better than one priest cumming in her mouth and in her ass.

Besides, she feared that with Father Thomas more interested in giving her sex than in saving her, she wasn’t sure if his reverse exorcism even worked. Better safe than sorry, she wanted to make sure that Father Thomas’ reverse exorcism worked and what better way to guarantee the effect of reverse exorcism than to ask Father John to join them. She always liked Father John and knew she could trust him to do right by her.

Thinking back on her reverse exorcism with Father Thomas, something that made her doubt her priest, he seemed more interested in having sex with her than he did in saving her. He seemed more interested in her giving him a blowjob than he did in renewing her believe in her Lord, God, Jesus Christ, Almighty. He seemed more interested in fucking her in her ass than he did in restoring her faith in her religion. She didn’t trust nor did she like him as much as she trusted and liked Father John.

Having never heard of reverse exorcism, she did some research on the religious ritual rite on belief renewal and faith restoration. Based on her assumptions, having two, handsome priests inject her with their holy seed while praying for her would obviously be much better than having just one priest inject her with his holy seed while praying for her. Obviously and hopefully, having two, handsome, holy men not only cum in her mouth but also cum in her ass should doubly renew her belief in God and doubly restore her faith in her religion doubly fast. A win/win for her, if they couldn’t save her, at least she’d have some sexy fun having sex with her priests.

A devoutly determined nun who was willing to have oral sex and anal sex with two, handsome priests, having a second reverse exorcism made sense to her. Having two, handsome holy men give her a double dose of their holy seeds should go a long way in having the reverse exorcism work. Guaranteeing that she’d never lose her belief in God and her faith in her religion again, if she could have a reverse exorcism with a dozen Catholic priests who were ordained to do reverse exorcisms, she would.

Not that she was a whore who loved sucking cock but instead that’s how committed a nun and staying a nun she was. If sucking a hundred priests and having a hundred priests fuck her in her ass, she would, as long as her prize was keeping her belief in God and maintaining her faith in her religion. Besides, if having sex with Father John and Father Thomas did nothing more than to take the edge of her sexual frustration and horniness, she willingly have sex with them if it meant her remaining a nun.


* canlı bahis * * * *

Ready to have Father Thomas and Father John give her a reverse exorcism, Sister Kathryn knocked on the rectory door. In the way she was nervous the first time she was here, she was nervous again. In the way she wondered what Father Thomas cock looked like if he was circumcised or not, she wondered what Father John’s cock looked like. She wondered if his cock was a big as Father Thomas’.

Unlike the last time when she had to knock several times and even call out to the priest from behind the closed door, to receive a response, this time the door was opened at first knock.

‘Oh, my God,’ she thought.

She was really going through this again. She couldn’t believe she was ready and willing to have sex with her priest again for the sake of having him save her from herself.

“Welcome Sister Kathryn,” he said with a bow. “Welcome to my humble abode. God bless you for coming on time. Come in,” said Father Thomas making way for her to enter the rectory.

Hardly humble, Father Thomas had all of the accoutrements and comforts of a small mansion. He even had a housekeeper, a cook, and could call on the Sisters of the Holy Order of Virgins from to time to run his errands and do his bidding.

“How are you Father?”

Excitedly with the spiritual, albeit sexual, anticipation of having a double dose of reverse exorcism, Sister Kathryn smiled at her priest.

“I’m very well, thank you,” said Father Thomas looking to his right. “You know Father John, don’t you?”

She beamed Father John a smile. Knowing that they’d be impaling her mouth with their pricks before penetrating her ass with their cocks, Sister Kathryn was even happier to see Father John than she was to see Father Thomas. She couldn’t wait to suck Father John’s cock.

“I do,” said Sister Kathryn offering Father John her hand. “He gave me confession after you gave me a reverse exorcism last week.”

Father Thomas looked over at Father John with curiosity no doubt wondering how much she confessed about the reverse exorcism he gave her last week.

“Oh,” said Father Thomas. “I didn’t know that.”

He smiled at his nun and she returned his smile.

“Yes, after you renewed my belief in God and restored my faith in my religion, I had a lot of sins to confess,” she said with a dirty laugh.

With her already imagining and visualizing herself having sex with Father John, she gave her priest a sexy smile and a naughty look.

“Hi Sister Kathryn. I’m honored you chose me to help with your reverse exorcism,” said Father John bowing his head in respect of his nun.

Father Thomas rubbed his hands in the way that a used car salesman rubs his hands whenever he has a big fish in his office.

“Well, shall we get started? This time, for our comfort and so that we don’t soil our clothes, I suggest we all get undressed,” said Father Thomas with sincerity and humility. “I suggest we all strip naked.”

Sister Kathryn looked at Father Thomas aghast. Strip naked? It was one thing to have her habit pulled up over her head and bunched around her shoulders but it was quite something else for her to be parading around the rectory naked. It was one thing for Father Thomas to lift up her bra and pull down her panties but to have her standing before her two priests totally naked was something else entirely.

“Naked? You want me to strip naked? Really?”

Sister Kathryn looked from Father Thomas to Father John before looking back at Father Thomas again.

“Yes,” said Father Thomas nodding his head up and down as if he needed that extra bit of bobble head movement to convince her to strip naked. “The reverse exorcism will work much better if we aren’t encumbered by our clothes.”

Encumbered by their clothes? Bullshit. Obviously that was nothing but his excuse to see her naked. Yet, sounding good to her, Sister Kathryn capitulated with his request that she strip naked. It had been a long time since anyone but Mother Superior and Sister Christine had seen her naked. Yet, not wanting to ruin things by protesting now, she surrendered to his will to see her without her clothes. Just the thought of standing before her two priests naked made her wet between her thighs.

“As you wish Father,” said Sister Kathryn beginning the process of removing her head ware.

* * * * *

Typical of men, even with priests, Father Thomas and Father John undressed and were naked before Sister Kathryn could even remove her head ware. Seemingly just as they were eager to see her naked, they were eager for her to see them naked too. She was still undoing her white coif, white, cotton cap, bandeau, and white, heavily starched wimple when they removed their priestly boxer shorts. The gentlemen that Father John was, he helped Sister Kathryn off with her habit.

“If you don’t mind Sister,” said Father John stopping her from undressing any further.

With her now only attired in her bra and panty, Father John stared at Sister bahis siteleri Kathryn’s sexy, shapely, underwear clad body. He stared at her as if he had never seen a woman in only her bra and panty. He stared at her in the way she imagined him staring at his mother if she was standing before him in just her bra and panty. He stared at her as if he had never seen a nun in her underwear before.


Sister Kathryn looked at him unembarrassed and unashamed that she was a nun of the Holy Order of Virgins standing before both of her priests in her underwear. If only the other Sisters could see her now, she wondered what they’d say. If only Mother Superior could see her now, she wondered what she’d say. No doubt, they’d all be jealous that she was receiving a double dose of reverse exorcism and not them.

No doubt, many of the other nuns would feign no longer believing in God and losing their faith in their religion to have Father Thomas and Father John give them a double reverse exorcism. No doubt, many of the Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins would love to have Father Thomas’ and Father John’s cocks in their mouths and asses too. Only, if truth were known about these two priests, who knows how many nuns they’ve already saved.

‘God bless them,’ she thought.

As if she was a whore, a stripper, and/or a prostitute hired just for him, as if he wasn’t a priest and she wasn’t a nun, Father John stared at Sister Kathryn dressed only in her panty and bra. Returning the favor, Sister Kathryn stared at Father Thomas’ and Father John’s cocks. She couldn’t wait until when she was standing closer to them for a better look at their stiff pricks. She couldn’t wait to wrap her hands around them while stroking them and before taking them in her mouth.

“I’m embarrassed to ask but would you mind leaving your bra and panty on for a bit longer. I don’t usually see a nun in her panty and bra and I find the image of you as enticing revealing as it is sexually intoxicating,” said Father John.

Father Thomas stepped forward to add his two cents.

“Besides, seeing you in your bra and panty inspires us to do a better job with our reverse exorcism,” he said.

Not believing a word he said, she rolled her eyes. Sister Kathryn looked down at herself to see what Father John was seeing and where he was leering and staring before looking up at him. Even though Father Thomas made her feel like a whore, Father John made her feel sexy. Wishing Father Thomas wasn’t there, she wished Father John was there alone with her.

“I don’t mind at all,” said Sister Kathryn giving Father John a sexy smile.

Turning to face Father John with her arms by her side, she directed her response to him rather than to Father Thomas. As if she was wearing part of her regulation U. S. Army or prison undergarments, she was wearing a white, full bra with white full panties. There was nothing sexy about her underwear other than the fact that Sister Kathryn, who had quite the sexy and shapely figure, was wearing them. She could wear a green, plastic, trash bag and make it look sexy.

Father Thomas looked at Father John with jealousy before giving Sister Kathryn the eye of a father catching his daughter making out with a man in his living room while she was in her underwear. Never removing his stare from her, Father John looked at Sister Kathryn as if she was already naked. As if her bra clad breasts were saintly adornment, he stared at the impressions her big, erect nipples made through her bra. As if staring at the burning bush, he stared at her panty clad pussy.

“Might I remind you both that we’re here for a reverse orgasm, sorry, a reverse exorcism. This is a religious rite and not a sexual thing,” said Father Thomas.

Kettle black, he should talk. Yet, by the sexually aroused look on his face, obviously even he didn’t believe what he had just said to Father John. Father Thomas was such a pervert. A total degenerate, at least he wasn’t into abusing children.

“Being that I’ve never been part of a double reverse exorcism before,” said Father John, “how shall we begin?”

Father John looked to Father Thomas for guidance and Father Thomas shrugged. They both looked to Sister Kathryn.

“I’ve had sex many times before with two or more men at the same time. Even though I’m still a virgin and managed to remain a virgin during my sexual days, I could still stroke and suck cocks,” she said fanning herself with her hand. “Before becoming a nun, stroking and sucking cocks were my favorite, sexual things to do. Suddenly it’s hot in here,” she said with a dirty laugh.

Father Thomas’ jaw dropped while no doubt imagining Sister Kathryn stroking and sucking the cocks of two or more men together as a threesome.

“Wow,” said Father Thomas.

Father John’s eyes bulged out of his head while no doubt imagining Sister Kathryn stroking and sucking the cocks of two or more men together as a threesome.

“Wow,” said Father John.

Sister Kathryn put her hand on her hip, sighed, and rolled her eyes.

“Back then, it was just bahis şirketleri sex,” she said. “Now, this is more than that. This is a religious rite to renew my belief in God and to restore my faith in my religion. I hope this will work,” said Sister Kathryn anointing herself while saying a silent prayer. “I will do my best to make this work by giving you the best blowjobs that I can possibly give you. It’s up to you, Father John and you Father Thomas, to give me the best anal sex possible.

* * * * *

“Obviously, we should begin this double, reverse orgasm, sorry, exorcism by you two getting me in the mood to receive your holy seed. Unlike you, Father Thomas and you, Father John,” said Sister Kathryn staring down at the semi-erections of the two priests. “It takes a bit more to get me in the mood to receive a double, reverse exorcism than just staring at your cocks. Men are visual and women are emotional,” she said.

Both priests nodded their heads as if they suddenly received a message from God.

“What do you suggest?”

Father John looked at his nun with sexual excitement mixed with reverence while Father Thomas just stared at Sister Kathryn’s big, naked breasts as if he had never seen naked tits before.

“Well, a little bit of kissing by one, or the other, or both while feeling my breasts and fingering my nipples through my bra and feeling my ass and my virginal pussy through my panty would help. While I’m being kissed and felt, I’d like to fondle and stroke your cocks,” said Sister Kathryn.

As if he suddenly had a revelation on how to appropriately and sexually behave when with a woman, Father Thomas was first to approach the nun. He took her in his arms and kissed her, French kissed her while feeing her breasts and fingering her nipples through her bra and while feeling her pussy and ass through her white, cotton panties. Sister Kathryn swooned with his kisses and sexual touches that were supposed to be more religious than sexual but that were more sexual than religious. With him a priest and her a nun and with this a religious rite, sex shouldn’t have been part of the equation but it was.

She reached her hand down to take the priest’s semi-erect, naked cock in her hand while fondling the head of his big prick with her fingertips before slowly stroking him to an even bigger and harder erection. He continued kissing her and feeling her as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or two lovers. Feeling her tits, he pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples until they were totally erect. Touching and feeling one another, they passionately kissed while exploring one another’s bodies. If only Sister Kathryn could have a steady diet of cock while living in the convent as a nun, she’d never again question her belief in God and/or her faith in her religion.

When Father Thomas stepped back to give Father John a turn, not wasting any time, Father John stepped forward to take Sister Kathryn in his arms. In the way Father Thomas had just done, Father John kissed her, French kissed her, while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples through her bra. Continuing to kiss her, he felt her pussy and ass through her panty while she reached down to take his semi-erect, naked prick in her hand. Fondling the head of his cock, she stroked him to a bigger and harder erection while kissing and kissing him.

* * * * *

God she was such a whore for a hard cock. She loved cock. She was such a slut for cum. Just as she’d stroke any man who’d French kissed her, she’d blow any man who felt her tits while fingering her nipples. With the last ten years confined to a convent as a Sister of the Holy Order of Virgins, it’s been a blessing, a nightmare, and a living Hell at the same time. Part of the reason why she was disbelieving in God and losing her faith in the Catholic religion, never had she been as horny and as sexual frustrated. The other part of her disbelief in God and her lost faith in her religion was the priest pedophile scandal and the fact that she wanted a baby.

Yet, more than anything, she missed sex. More than anything, she missed making out with men while they touched her, felt her, and fondled her. More than anything, she missed giving hand jobs and blowjobs. More than anything, she missed having a man cum all over her hand, in her mouth, all over her face, and across her tits. More than anything, she missed the taste of warm oozy cum slowly sliding down her throat while a man humped her mouth and fucked her face.

While Father John was having his wicked sexual way with Sister Kathryn, Father Thomas moved around his nun to unhooked her bra. As if there was a drumroll, as if she was a stripper and there was sexy music playing in the background, he took his time removing her bra. With the priest removing one slow bra strap at a time, holding her bra cups in place with her hands, Sister Kathryn took a step back from kissing Father John for Father Thomas to slowly remove her unhooked bra. When she was topless, as soon as she was topless, she took another step back and stood with her hands by her sides and turned from side-to-side to give both priests a good look at her naked breasts. Then, stepping closer to Father John, she pressed her big, naked tits against his naked chest.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32