Bootcamp Pt. 01: Initiation

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I’ve always tried to look confident, self assured, masculine, and in charge but internally I’ve had a desire to submit for years. It all started when I was twenty, in college, and curious, and discovered kink. I remember finding a video of a man suspended by ropes and being tormented by a room of horny houseguests, and wishing I could be in his position. To give up control and put my pain and pleasure into the hands of another.

This was seven years ago and I’ve still kept it a secret. In every relationship I’ve always presented as the top, the dominant one, the breadwinner, the one who “wears the pants” in the relationship. Until last week when I discovered a local Bootcamp program that promises to take young submissive men and train them to be the perfect slaves. It is a month-long fulltime commitment and I’ve realized that if I am to truly go down this path, I want to dive in wholeheartedly.

I arrived at bootcamp twenty minutes ago with three other men. We had some preliminary paperwork outlining our previous sexual experience, our interests and limits, and what we want out of the program. Now we are sitting in the room, waiting for our “initiation.”

The program brings in up to four men every week, and it is a month long program, meaning that there is a cycle of people entering and leaving at any given time. I was warned that some are unable to complete the program as it is quite intense. I could hear moaning coming from another room, and an occasional yelp from another further away, so I don’t doubt their honesty. It made me somewhat nervous, but mostly aroused.

Before signing my paperwork I was told to read a list of rules, which were also posted on a large poster in our waiting room as a reminder:

“1. Obey all orders unquestioningly.

2. Absolutely no cumming without permission at any time.

3. No touching one’s cock without permission at any time.

4. Recruits are forbidden from touching one another without permission at all times.

5. Any slave that is unable to complete a workout will be given an additional workout later that day.

6. All slaves will be naked at all times, unless otherwise specified.

7. Lack of compliance for any of the aforementioned rules will result in punishment in accordance with the crime committed, up to restarting the program in it’s entirety.”

The rules themselves seemed fair, though the last one did make me shiver a bit. I read it over as I heard a muffled yelp come from another room and hesitated for a moment before signing the paper.

The advertisement for the Bootcamp did explain the program in some detail, though there were some details left unwritten so we recruits couldn’t give ourselves too much time to prepare. First, there was the obedience component. It was explained that all slaves must be willing and eager to please their masters in any way possible, to withstand humiliation and push our boundaries. Secondly, there was a “sensation tolerance” component, meaning that we would be expected to withstand high amounts of pain from a number of different sources. In addition, a slave should be able to resist the urge to climax even when experiencing extreme pleasure. Third was “skill development” which includes giving the ideal blowjob, pleasuring multiple partners at once, holding uncomfortable positions for periods of time, and other tasks. Lastly, there is a fitness component. While not directly related to submission, it was explained that a fit body will allow for greater endurance and will be more pleasing to look at for one’s master. The fitness component does make me somewhat nervous, as I have always been quite scrawny and never really partook in sports, but I am eager to look more appealing.

The advertisement explained that day one would be our “initiation.” It didn’t go into high detail, but explained that it was their process to ensure that all who begin the program will have the mindset and endurance to complete it, and to assess our strengths and weaknesses. I began to fantasize about what the initiation might involve.

After what felt like hours, but was probably only twenty minutes, a man entered the waiting room and instructed us to take off our clothes, fold them, and place them neatly in our chairs. He explained that we were to stand “at attention” in front of our chairs and gave us permission to touch ourselves to get hard, but no further stimulation. Once we let him know that we understood his instructions he left.

Not knowing how much time it would take for him to come back, I got started quickly. I ripped off my clothes and shakily folded them in my chair, smoothing them over several times for good measure. After that I began to stroke my cock and after just a few moments it was erect. I stood in front of my chair with my feet together, arms at my sides, and facing straight ahead. I felt a little awkward doing this with three other men in the room but somehow the thought of resisting sounded deplorable. We stood for a few more minutes, occasionally stroking our cocks to keep them ready for what was to happen next.

Suddenly what looked like casino şirketleri about twelve men entered the room. All of them were significantly more muscular than me and the other recruits, and they all wore black jeans, black combat boots, and a black leather chest harness over their bare pecs. Each recruit including myself was then manhandled by three of the muscular men. I was shoved to my knees and had my hands cuffed behind me. After that a blindfold went around my eyes and I was carried into another room in which it was just me and the three men. My cock ached with arousal and I realized that rule number two, “No cumming without permission,” might be more of a challenge than I thought.

I was brought to a table where I was bent over the edge. One man held my face down while the two others tied my legs to the bottom of the two legs, leaving my legs spread apart. Shortly after my torso was secured to the top of the table, just enough to ensure I would stay in place but not enough to prevent me from squirming. I realized in that moment that I’ve only ever been a top during sex, and this is how I was going to lose my “bottom virginity.” Helpless, tied up, blindfolded, and bent over a table being ruthlessly assaulted by three muscular men. I let a moan escape.

“You sound like you’re ready for this, aren’t you boy? You can’t wait to see what we’re gonna do to you.” One of the voices teased me. He had a rough, gravely voice that rumbled a little as he spoke. He grabbed the base of my cock and began to slowly work his hand up and down. I wondered vaguely if the other recruits were receiving the same treatment.

“It says in his paperwork that he has always been on top, always the dominant partner. Can you believe that?” one of them cajoled in a smooth, deep, commanding voice. The three of them erupted in laughter.

The last voice finally spoke, with a slight accent that I couldn’t quite place. “We better break this ass in, eh? What do you think, boy, do you think your ass needs a little attention?” A hand was still working its way up and down my cock and I moaned in response.

The hand left my cock and I felt a sharp slap across my cheeks. The second voice spoke again, “You better respond when we ask you questions or we’ll be letting the Masters know, and they will make bootcamp a living hell for you. Do you think it’s about time that your ass gets the attention it deserves?” Another slap rained down and I felt a finger begin to move towards my hole.

I whispered, slightly embarrassed, “Yes please, sir.”

The smooth voice responded quickly. “Well damn, we can’t hear you pal. Gotta be a bit more vocal than that. Do you think your ass needs some punishment?”

“Yes sir, please punish my ass, sir.” I said, a little louder this time.

He spoke again, “That’s a little better, now why don’t you tell me exactly what your ass needs.”

“I need your huge cocks in my ass, sir. I need my ass pounded like the slut I am.” I shouted. I couldn’t believe the words were coming out of my mouth.

The gravely voice spoke this time, “I don’t know if you’re quite deserving of our cocks quite yet, but we’ll get there. Let’s start with this. Fifty strokes across your ass. You’re going to count each one out loud. If you neglect to count, or you say the wrong number, we start over. Begin.”

Before I could process all of what had been said I felt a sharp strike across my cheeks and shouted in response. The pain was unlike any pain I had ever experienced.

“Ah, be sure to count!” Another strike came.

“Two, sir” I shouted.

“No no, you forgot the first one. That was number one.” Another strike came.

“One, sir!” I groaned. The strikes all seemed to come down on the same spot, intensifying the pain.

I thought because I was so new that they might go easy on me to start, but I was wrong. I made it to fifteen before I began panting and groaning each time I was struck. At thirty-two I lost count and was told to start over. Then again at twelve I lost count and they started over again. No one could tell because of the blindfold, but tears were beginning to well up in my eyes. I imagined my ass was bright red with little slashes all across it. Every so often one of them would reach around and stroke by cock and I struggled to keep focus.

We were finally nearing the end of the assault and I was determined to not start over again. “Forty-eight… Forty-Nine…” I was groaning and squirming on the table. My brain didn’t want me to escape, but my body did. I prepared for the final blow but it didn’t come. I laid there panting with exhaustion as I anxiously waited for the last one when it finally came down, “Fifty!” I gasped.

“Alright, not bad. I’ve seen worse” the man with the accent teased. “Let’s get these ropes off of you.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. It was over. As they untied me I slowly rose from the table and began to rub my sore wrists. I felt spent.

“On your hands and knees, recruit.”

In a panic I realized I wasn’t quite done. Of course I wasn’t, they hadn’t even penetrated me yet. I scrambled to the casino firmaları floor and got on my hands and knees.

“Do y’all think he’s ready for our cocks yet, fellas?” the gravely voice inquired to the rest of the room.

“I don’t know if his ass deserves our cocks yet, dumbass doesn’t even know how to count properly,” responded the deep, smooth voice.

“We’ve been slotted another hour and a half, he shouldn’t be feeling any cocks in him until the very end,” the third man responded.

Another hour and a half? I shivered at those words.

The three men spoke among themselves for a few moments and I couldn’t quite make out everything they were saying. Eventually they made their way back over to me and I felt another slap on my already burning ass that made me lurch forward. A set of hands pulled me into a kneeling position while another twisted my nipples. Another set of hands worked itself on my cock and I began to thrust my hips onto it involuntarily. The third set of hands rubbed themselves up and down my ass, working their way towards my hole.

“Remember, no cumming” one of them whispered as he pumped his hands a little faster. I began to groan as I felt an orgasm building inside me. As I got close his hands left my cock and I was left thrusting the air desperately. Everyone laughed and I felt my whole body flush with embarrassment. After a few moments of cooling down the hands were again brought to my cock. The hands twisting my nipples never left.

Cold lube was brought to my puckered hole and I felt a finger circling it. I felt violated, having never been touched there, but that violation turned me on even more. My legs quivered slightly. Just as I thought a finger was about to go into my ass the hands left and brought a small steel buttplug up to it. The buttplug was rubbed around my asshole and slowly twisted as it was inserted. I felt a little pain as it was spread open and then when it was pushed further I felt my body almost suck the rest in. It was surprisingly enjoyable. This part of the initiation wasn’t so bad.

Suddenly, all three sets of hands left me and I looked around wondering what happened. Of course I was wearing a blindfold so the effort meant nothing. Without warning the buttplug began to vibrate faintly, making by breath come a little faster. A couple seconds passed and the vibrations got stronger, then a little stronger, and when I didn’t think it could get any stronger the intensity was brought up even more and I doubled over in pleasure. My ass was slapped a few times and I shouted out as the faint burning became noticeable again. A set of hands grabbed my shoulders from behind and held me up. Strong clamps were brought to my nipples, making me shout again. All of the sensations were driving me wild as I squirmed and panted desperately on my knees, not being able to see how the others were responding to my state of torment.

The blindfold was removed from my eyes and I realized that the walls were covered in mirrors. I looked and saw myself- ass beet red, entire body covered in sweat, with my penis erect and clamps on my nipples. Somehow seeing myself made the whole thing even more mortifying. The only sounds in the room were me panting and the faint hum of the vibrating plug in my ass.

The three men stood closer to me. This was the first time I had time to take in their appearance. The first man was exceptionally muscular, had red hair with a big beard and tattoo sleeves covering his arms. The second one was a little taller and leaner than the first, with clean cut black hair and thick glasses. The third was bald, a little shorter and huskier than the others, and had dark, nearly completely black skin.

The redhead roughly lifted me up and placed me on my feet. When he spoke I recognized him as the one with the gravely voice. “Feeling alright, slut? Sure we’re not going to easy on you?”

I shook my head no, “This is very hard, sir.”

They all laughed. The husky bald gentleman tugged and twisted my nipple clamps a few times. The lean one with the glasses produced a sharpie from his pocket.

The lean gentleman was the one with the accent that I still could not place. He spoke as he wrote on me with his sharpie. “This,” he grabbed my cock, “Is for our pleasure, not yours. If we stroke it, it’s because we want to, not because you deserve it.” Right above my cock he wrote “TINY” in thick letters.

He stood back up and placed a hand on my cheek. “Your mouth is a vessel for cocks. Nothing more.” He slapped my cheek playfully and wrote “CUM SLUT” across my face.

His hands moved down my chest and he twisted my nipple clamps again. I groaned in response. “These are for us to play with, to torture, and remind you of who is in charge.” He roughly pulled off the nipple clamps and I felt all the blood rush to them. The pain made me shout out loud and tears were brought to my eyes again. He gave them a few more twists and I tried to pull away but he yanked me back. Across my chest he wrote, “TORMENT ME.”

The lean man walked around behind me and began to rub my sore ass. My attention was again güvenilir casino brought to the unending vibrations buzzing inside me. “The fact that you’ve never had a dick in here was the most shocking for us. But not to worry, we will ensure that it is fucked repeatedly and relentlessly over the course of your time here.” He turned off the vibrations and my muscles relaxed as the plug was finally pulled out of my ass. I looked in the mirror reflecting behind me to see him write “FILTHY WHORE” on my lower back.

“Alright, we’ve got another forty minutes, fellas” the husky black man spoke. My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe that this wasn’t over yet. He must have noticed because he laughed and said, “you didn’t think you were going to get out of your initiation with your virgin ass still in tact, did you?”

I was roughly thrown back onto my hands and knees and the blindfold was brought back over my eyes. I heard three flies unzip and took a deep breath as I prepared for the worst.

My mouth was forced open and a cock was roughly shoved inside. Hands were brought behind my head to push the cock all the way into my throat and I gagged, but was given no release as my throat was fucked ruthlessly. I wondered why they were going through my mouth and not my ass, but stopped wondering when I felt another person behind me push his cock onto my tight hole. He started slow and pushed himself all the way inside, then made slow, strong thrusts that pushed so hard they caused me to fuck the cock in my mouth.

Over time the thrusts in my ass got quicker and I moaned as the cock rubbed against my prostate. I realized that this is what I’m meant to be. A slut, used for others’ pleasure. Tears streamed down my eyes as I continued to choke on the massive dick in my mouth but I did nothing to stop it. I exist solely to be used, abused, spent, and worn out by others. This is why I am here.

Both cocks left me but were quickly replaced. This time the pounding on my ass was not a gradual buildup but a quick, powerful fuck that felt like it was going to split me in two. Again the cocks left me, and again they were replaced. This time the cock tasted terrible and I realized it was because they were rotating- this one had already been in my ass. I groaned and heard the others laugh as they saw my realization. I wanted to pull away but knew that that would mean punishment, and I wanted this to be over.

Again, the cocks left me and I laid on the ground panting in exhaustion and arousal. I was roughly rolled onto my back and the blindfold was pulled off my face again. The three men surrounded me on their knees as I looked up and saw their erect cocks. Each of them had their hands pumping up and down over their shafts. I closed my eyes and waited for them to come.

“No no, we want you to see this. Open those eyes, and that mouth too while you’re at it” the tattooed redhead growled.

I opened my eyes and mouth, then waited. They were all very close to climax. As each got close to the point of no return, they brought their cock closer to my mouth and directed their cum into me and I swallowed their three loads earnestly.

The husky black one spoke again, “Well, looks like we’ve got almost two minutes left. Let’s make this fun, shall we? If you are able to make yourself come before the end of your initiation, you have permission. If the initiation timeframe ends, you’ll just have to wait until next time permission makes its way to you. Sound fair?”

“Yes sir.”

“Well, you’ve got about fifty five seconds now. Go ahead.”

I grabbed my cock and frantically began to pump my hand up and down, more desperate to come than I have ever been in my life. The three muscular men all laughed at me and I realized again how ridiculous I looked- sweaty, cum all over my face, embarassing things written on my body, and desperately masturbating as I laid on the ground naked.

“Ten… Nine… Eight…”

I felt myself getting close but didn’t know if I’d be able to get there. I moved my hand a little faster.

“Four… Three… Two…”

I was right at the edge of the point of no return.

“One! Hands off.”

I reluctantly let go of my cock. Another three seconds and I would have come, but now I’d have to wait however long it would take for them to grant me permission again.

“Okay, recruit,” growled the redhead, “Initiation is over. Head into the next room to hear your assessment from your Master.”

I realized with some discomfort that this whole thing had obviously been watched. The three men pointed at a door that led to a little side room.

I opened the door. My Master was muscular, tall, and tan, with dirty blonde hair. He sat behind a desk and pointed at the chair in front of him, indicating that I could sit down.

“As you may have realized, this initiation was specifically designed to see how you would respond to situations you haven’t been in before. Your lack of anal experience was a concern of ours, so your ass was paid particular attention to. Our notes also indicated that you have always been the dominant one in relationships, so we wanted to ensure that you could withstand a fair amount of humiliation. You were successful on both fronts. You did nothing to resist the graduates as they penetrated you, wrote all over you, and came in your mouth.”

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